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Found 8 results

  1. Hey All, Hope everyone is well. Long story short, Bought a 2001 Mazda 121 Metro (Small Size Little Japanese Demon) with the most underpowered motor and feel, but still at a minimum a fun car, which makes a 60 zone feel like a space shuttle launch. The few questions I have are, one, got two oil leaks. One is coming from the sump plug (probably incorrect terminology), and another further behind. I was wondering since it is FWD if this could be trans or something else but got no clue, been underneath but a new oil leak started today but could be aircon or something i don't understand. I know one is defo engine oil, but the other, i didn't have time to check. If anyone is from Perth and has some time or interested (which i doubt anyone is) I'd owe them a life debt to look at the nugget. Two, I am deciding if I am going to be a dickhead as per usual and cut the exhaust just before the muffler on the final 90 degree bend and stick it under the car and point it towards the underside of the side-skirt. The internal questions inside this are, one, if the pipe doesn't stick down or though the side skirt will it cause exhaust gases to pool underneath the car (close to fuel tank) and do i keep the muffler to f**k the cops off or do i just send it? Three, my final stupid question. Now i know all of you hate pod filters and they are useless, but the pod filter i've added is definitely better than the stock 30mm pipe of airflow that the air-box was connected to. I have absolutely sketched the daylights out of this by finding out that adding a pod involves attaching pod to maf, and then i discovered an air temp sensor which i may or may not have drilled into my stock intake pipe and just plugged and walked away (yes i know it is bad and it is my first car sooo, sketchy is all i've got). To resolve this, I have got 3 inch tubing which will connect all fine (i've tested it) and made sure it plugs all together with the OEM parts, instead of the 2 inch tube. This new tubing is mainly stainless steel with silicon joining pieces and a somehow very well non-sketchy hole with a rubber seal for the air temp sensor ( i know, how advanced!). Anyway, back to the problem, the connection pipe i have made doesn't fit in the car.. , so does anyone have any ideas about how to go about keeping the pod, with new piping? Anyway sorry for the headache that is this nugget, but, have to learn on a trash car to do something bigger... Thanks all Billy
  2. Hi Everyone, Everything started when I was doing 110 on Hume highway and the water temp. went up so I lifted up and cruised until it came back to normal. Then I felt like I'm losing power (my oil temp gauge doesn't work) and as it got worse I rolled the window down and heard clicking noise from engine. I tried to pull over and engine died immediately before I turn it off. There was huge amount of smoke coming from engine bay from all around engine which looked like burning oil. whole process since I felt loss of power till engine died took about 3-4 minutes. Long story short, I towed the car home and next day I went to see what's wrong and a water hose behind engine was exploded and engine was completely dry and engine didn't start at all. I pulled intake out and there's oil every where. once I got to turbo, compressor is floating in oil. Please help me with your knowledge or similar experience. I'm ready for everything being engine complete rebuild with new turbo. please leave your suggestion if I should rebuild, get new rb25 or any other engine and rough estimate for cost I should expect. It's a 99 R34 gtt rb25det neo and I would like to repair and keep the car.
  3. Hey everyone, My oil filter housing flange is cracked and I have a nasty oil leak as a result. I've had a look around everywhere for replacement parts and advice on what to do but haven't found exactly what I'm looking for. From my research I have the following options: 1. Weld the crack - not recommended as the housing is aluminium and oil tends to get trapped making it even harder to weld. 2. Relocate oil filter using kit - seems like a good option but then I have to relocate the oil cooler as well. Also is there any additional wiring needed for the sensors (oil temp and pressure) due to the relocation? 3. Install a sandwich plate - another seemingly good option, but also deletes the oil cooler. I guess with this one the sensors can stay where they are (just get installed into the sandwich plate)? 4. Use a housing from a different engine such as an RB30 - not too sure about this one. What are the differences between them? Ideally I'd love some advice from someone who has done this before but at this point any advice would help. I liked the idea of the sandwich plate the most but I've been told it's not as simple as just putting in a new stud, installing the sandwich plate and sensors and screwing in the filter. Any thoughts on this? Alternatively if anyone has a blown RB25DET that they are parting out please let me know! TIA
  4. Oil leak Hi guys Yesterday after 2 hours of driving when came home noticed it's losing oil. I had a look today and after the car was warm found out it's coming around balancer (ATI) ?. And little bit oil inside cam cover (clear). so am I f###d???? Or it's some seals or something?? And would it cost me arm and a leg? it's a 33 GTR , N1 block, Nitto bottom end. Thanks Bruce
  5. Rb30 25 neo cometic head gasket problem Ok everyone. Problem is a brand new engine 30 25 neo so all surfaces are machined flat fitted cometic rb30 head gasket and have a oil leak between the head and block rear passenger side. The gasket can only fit one way so thats not the problem. Engine has 1mm oil restrictors fitted and vct mod. Just pulled the covers off and checked the torque settings at 110nm i know that it's 108.49nm for arp studs. Just bumped it up to 118nm figured it couldn't hurt much. Can anyone give me any insight as to why it might leak. Thanks in advance.
  6. So I'm half way through installing a FMIC kit yesterday and decide that its a great time to check on my turbo while I have all the piping off. I take much of the piping off and find oil in some of the pipes. It isn't all the way through though thankfully. It seems to go from the turbo to only the first arm of piping, so not even to the section that dives down to the IC through the engine bay floor yet (so oil for about 40cm from turbo). I checked the turbo itself and there was a little oil on the inlet. I checked the wheel for movement and there is no real side to side movement, but a little back and forth, maybe 1mm. It feels to me like the condition of the turbo wheel/bearings etc is ok, but the oil leak suggests the rear seal is worn. Am I on the money here? The car runs factory boost (for now), has done 125,000kms, and it runs fine. So, what do we think the problem is, and importantly how long would you expect it to last? Also if I leave it as is what will be the consequences? Will it just get more and more smokey as the seals wear out more, or worse? thanks
  7. Hey guys, Recently picked up a 2001 250t RX four Stag. Got her cheap, but inherently with a few issues. Having a few problems sourcing an oil leak! If anyone has any ideas it would be an amazing help! It isn't a big enough leak to lose too much oil and never drips on the ground. It does, however drip directly onto something hot as it smokes up the engine bay and smells of oil. It seems to be coming from the turbo side of the engine. What I have worked out, is that it only seems to leak under load - It could sit and idle forever and not leak, but take her around the block and she stinks! I have recently replaced both rocker cover gaskets (as they were rock solid and pissing oil everywhere) and I had hoped this was the cause. Unfortunately not. Any help/guesses/suggestions would be amazing guys! Also, upon replacing rocker cover gaskets - what a pain in the ass that was (backyard mechanic over here lol), she now seems to miss upon acceleration. At idle, smooth as, revving in park smooth as but as soon as i drive it feels like its bogging down/missing. I have checked all vacuum lines and connectors and I have put back everything seemingly correctly. (most things will only fit in one spot!). Im stumped! Maybe I should study mechanics so I dont have these problems hahah! All learning I suppose! Any advice greatly appreciated! Cant wait to get this badboy on the road! Corey
  8. Hi guys this is so stupid but couple of weekends ago i decided to paint my rocker covers...(turned out crap).. anyway ever since i done so i have an anoying leak which is a bit more then just a couple of drops... i did go out and get a rocker cover gasket kit which included to rcg gaskets bolt seals and 2 half moon seals. Ive managed to take em off and start over and i fixed it a little but still have the leak is there any proces as to how you should tighten these up? i wana try to get an answer tonight so i can attempt atleast one more time tomorrow after work.. btw all seals were replaced by permaseal items so they are a top quality seal.... the leak seems to be comming from the front of the engine rather then the rear.
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