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Found 15 results

  1. *** New Genuine Japanese Endless Brake Pads for Evo, GTR, Chaser, V35, Skyline, 350 & WRX *** Selling premium genuine unopened Japanese Endless brake pads for Evo, GTR, Chaser, V35, Skyline, 350Z & WRX. Get the pads you won't look back and breath-taking longevity. There's a reason they are called Endless! Prices from $599, which includes both front and rear for premium Jap pads! We are a new business in SA called Ninja Imports and promoting Endless pads at near cost prices! Available for various setups such as decent street upgrade over OEM with low dust (SS-M) , street and track purpose (MXRS) or a weekend track warrior that still drives home safelty even when cold (CC-Rg). Details below: SS-M | 0 -530 degrees C http://www.endless-sport.global/au/products/pad_1a/3 MXRS | 50-700 degrees C http://www.endlessusa.com/#!__brake-pads/mxrs CC-Rg | 50 - 800 degrees C http://www.endless-sport.global/au/products/pad_1a/117 NOTE: The less the graph is coloured in yellow, the more aggressive the pad. Choose which pad is most suitable! Check reviews on these and you will know they are the real deal. FREE postage Australia wide. Any questions, you can reply, PM or email us on [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Find us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/ninjaimportssa/ Stock and prices are below (NOTE the pads sets RRP between $670 and $799 depending on caliper type and compound): EP400 SSM V35 350Z V35 Brembo Front $560.00 EP408 SSM V35 350Z V35 Brembo rear EP400 MXRS V35 350Z V35 Brembo Front $600.00 EP408 MXRS V35 350Z V35 Brembo rear EP400 CCRG V35 350Z V35 Brembo Front $660.00 EP408 CCRG V35 350Z V35 Brembo rear EP357 SSM V-X, Evo V-X, STi Brembo front $560.00 EP291 SSM V-IX, Evo V-IX, STi, R33/R34 Brembo rear EP357 MXRS V-X, Evo V-X, STi Brembo front $600.00 EP291 MXRS V-IX, Evo V-IX, STi, R33/R34 Brembo rear EP357 CCRG V-X, Evo V-X, STi Brembo front $660.00 EP291 CCRG V-IX, Evo V-IX, STi, R33/R34 Brembo rear EP290 SSM R33/R34, Nissan R33/R34, 350Z Brembo front $540.00 EP291 SSM R33/R34 or EVO, Evo V-IX, STi, R33/R34 Brembo rear EP290 MXRS R33/R34, Nissan R33/R34, 350Z Brembofront $560.00 EP291 MXRS R33/R34 or EVO, Evo V-IX, STi, R33/R34 Brembo rear EP290 CCRG R33/R34, Nissan R33/R34 Brembo, 350Z front $600.00 EP291 CCRG R33/R34 or EVO, Evo V-IX, STi, R33/R34 Brembo rear EP351 SSM WRX Subaru WRX Front DB1170 $560.00 EP231 SSM WRX Subaru WRX rear DB1220 EP351 MXRS WRX, Subaru WRX, Nissan R32,S14 Front $600.00 EP231 MXRS WRX Subaru WRX rear DB1220 EP351 CCRG WRX, Subaru WRX, Nissan R32,S14 Front $660.00 EP231 CCRG WRX Subaru WRX rear DB1220 EP292 SSM JZX100 Chaser JZX100 Front $560.00 EP352 SSM JZX100 Chaser JZX100 Rear
  2. Rear brake pads Brand new Skyline rear brake pads to suit "nissan" calipers, not for brembo, brand = Firepower. $25 I'm located in Sydney/NSW
  3. selling a set of front (296mm) and rear slotted rotors. EBC red pads for front and green rear for R33gtst rear rotors and pads will also fit on R32 front slotted $220 rear slotted $130 front pads $170 rear pads $120 located in melbourne west for pick up can post at buyers cost $25 for the lot
  4. Hi all, For sale are a few parts from my R34 GT-R which are: 1) Pair of factory R34 GT-R front Brembo calipers with DBA 5000 Series Clubspec 2 Piece T3 slotted rotors (324mm) and Project Mu H16-03 brake pads. Wheel spacers in the pictures are NOT included. Price - $1500 2) Factory R34 GT-R passenger seat. In excellent condition. Price - $1000 (prefer pickup if possible) All parts are located in the ACT and can arrange postage but at buyers expense. Please PM or contact me on 0424 056 507 or email to: [email protected] for any more info. Thanks. Glen 0424 056 507
  5. Hey all, up for sale front & rear Rda slotted rotors and front EBC red pads for R33 GTST Front slotted pair (also fit R34GT) 296mm $230 Rear slotted pair (also fit R32, R34 & z32) 297mm $100 Front EBC Red pads (sumitomo calipers) $145 buy the lot and can work a better deal located in melbourne west for pick up can post at buyers expense sms 0403008970 or pm me
  6. Hi All, I'm in the process of buying my 1st v35! Very exciting times, and it will be quite a step up from my R31. The car is currently undergoing its RWC and one of the items needed is new brakes all round. Any suggestions on what work well with the skyline? Any personal preferences? I'm only using the car as a daily so I dont need anything stupid or excessive or expensive. Cheers
  7. Endless SSM Brembo Front Pads R32 R33 R4 Hi All, I have a brand new set of Endless SSM front brake pads to suit the R32, R33 and R34 GTR with Brembo callipers. I purchased these a couple of year back but never fitted them to the car. They are still in their original box. These are a street pad with very low dust but superior braking performance. I am asking $250 which is significantly below cost. Pick up from Glebe/Forest Lodge in Sydney. I will also consider posting them at the buyers expense.
  8. The correct brake rotors/pads for WGNC34 Series 1/1.5 RB25 non turbo Hi all, TL;DR for all you people who cbf reading lol --------------------------------------------------------------------- Front rotor (Partstop) - DBA914 - Maxima A32/G30 Diameter: 280MM Thickness: 26/24MM Rear rotor (Partstop) - DBA11003 - R32 (Probably 20e 4dr) Diameter: 267MM Thickness: 16/14MM? Front pads (Repco) - D81305RCT Rear pads (Repco) - D81144RCT --------------------------------------------------------------------- There isn't much info on 25DE Neo 4WD stageas as you aussies don't get them, but here across the ditch in NZ we do. So I super struggled with what rotors to get. So i've gone to get new rotors (front and rear). The rears they couldn't help me at all and said they would call a supplier and get back to me. I have a 1998 25DE Series 1.5 stagea. As you do, you go to repco, I gave them my rego, they searched up the car and bought up all of the listings for the DE 4WD and I made sure it was the correct one, they said yup and gave me all the different rotors (all the same in size). The rotor they ended up giving me was a S14 200SX Turbo/300ZX Twin Turbo rotor, I didn't notice what it was for until I tried to fit the caliper over and then looked at the box. So I went back the following day and they confirmed that it was correct for stagea, the only thing I can think of now that could have been the issue is that because mine is a 1998 where they had both S1 and S2 released it was bringing up S2 listings which have bigger brakes at the front (for turbo 4WD anyway) It makes me wonder whether if I suggested a 1996/1997 model it would give the correct rotor size.. almost makes me want to go in and find out. Here is the difference between the incorrect rotor and my old rotor, you can see the height is onl off by 4 or so MM. So I returned the incorrect rotors and got my money back, they were roughly $250 on sale (30% off). Repco provided me with the correct part number DBA914, but they had none in stock. I cant remember how we got to that part number but other than that they couldn't help me any more than that. Although they did have slotted ones at $450 a pair (I obviously declined lol). They then suggested going to Autostop with that part number, luckily Autostop had both in stock for $54.10 each. I then tried my luck and asked if they had rear rotors and to my disbelief they had some that was listed for the stagea and yes, yes they fitted For the fronts, its super easy, i'm sure if you are looking for the parts yourself then you will most likely be doing the brakes so you probably already know how, but, if you dont I highly suggest watching ChrisFix video here on how to do your brakes. The incorrect rotors repco gave me was 30/28, thus being too thick for the caliper and new pads to fit over. Every other dimension was fine, just the thickness was incorrect. The new front rotors fit on perfectly, but the front right was making a clunking noise when I let off the brake pedal, this went away after probably 5 quick brakes. Doing the rear brakes is exactly the same as the front. Just make sure that your hand brake is off and the car wont be able to move before you go trying to hit off the old rotor and could potentially damage the drum brake. If you're lucky like I was, you may have screw holes where you can screw a screw in which helps remove the rotor if its rusted on like mine were lol. The new rear rotors do NOT have these screw holes, but the fronts DO. Had the same weird clunking sound coming from the rear right after fitting the new rotors and pads (could have been left as well for front and rear times) but from the drivers seat with the window down it sounded rear right, so while I still had the car in reverse I just went on the brakes/off the brakes about 10 times again and the clunking sound stopped, it did get quiter the more I did it too. So I'm not too sure whats causing that to be honest. I'm unsure of the thickness on the rear rotors, but by the looks of it, if you're asking for this rotor its gonna fit. Right, so, you should be careful when you're going to Repco looking for brake rotors as they don't have correct listings (for me anyway) But if you want 100% certainty go to Partstop as they have both rear and front rotors. So, here are the parts that worked for my stagea. These are also just your standard rotors, not slotted or drilled. Front rotor (Partstop) - DBA914 - Maxima A32/G30 Diameter: 280MM Thickness: 26/24MM Rear rotor (Partstop) - DBA11003 - R32 (Probably 20e 4dr) Diameter: 267MM Thickness: 16/14MM? Front pads (Repco) - D81305RCT Rear pads (Repco) - D1144RCT So hopefully if you're looking this post will pop up and these will be correct for you and save all the hassle of getting wrong items!
  9. Hey guys, Some stuff for sale since I don't own a skyline anymore. This is the only remaining parts so don't ask if I have this or that part lying around please. 1. Full R33 GTS-T brake kit. Includes 5 stud hubs, all calipers, all brake lines, all pads (rears are good, fronts are a little low), and stock disc rotors (need machining before use). The front hubs still have knuckles attached for ease of fitment. Asking $500 ono. I paid a lot more! 2. R33 Dash with passenger airbag. Dash is in mint condition, and included is the passenger airbag module and control unit. Asking $100 ono. Again, I paid more. Located inner west Sydney 2041, but can be located near Castle Hill area on weekends. I may be able to help with delivery within reason. Contact me via PM or text (as I don't always have my phone on me) O425 O93 384 Cheers, Mitch
  10. Hey Sau I want to detail my paint, It's not to bad but has a few scratches/swirls and stuff. I don't want to fork out for a Concours DA polisher just yet, So I'm thinking of giving a random orbital sander a go. I need some assistance in picking the right one, Not sure what I need. Here is One at Bunnings <CLICK What type of polishing pad would you recommend? And what products should I use? Prefer they're available from local auto stores. This is what I was thinking: WASH - Bowden's own CLAY - Bowdens own COMPOUND - Meguiars ultimate POLISH - Meguiars ultimate SEALANT/WAX -??? Also I have no idea, So any help will be appreciated Thanks
  11. Sorry for the complete noob question but I wanted to be sure before I ordered them and can't find an answer on the site. I have a 2003 m35 250t rs4, are these the right model numbers for the QFM A1RM brake pads: Front: http://gslrallysport.com/au/qfm-db1232a1rm-brake-pads.html Rear: http://gslrallysport.com/au/brakes/brake-pads/db1509a1rm-qfm-a1rm-brake-pads.html thanks!
  12. Hi there, Up forsale is a set of Project Mu NS400 brake pads I had in my Gtr. Pads were bought new from hi octane and only used for less than 1000kms. Only selling as I upgraded to a bigger brake kit. Price $80 Located in Sydney
  13. R32 Parts for sale Hey SAU Community!!! Spring Cleaning APEXi - Pod Filter Kit - Suit R32 GTR Skyline - $400 C's - Short Shifter - Suit HCR32 & HR31 GTS - $250 Dixcel 'SD type' - Front Rotors 'Street Performance' Suit BNR32 GTR V Spec - $397 http://www.dixcelaustralia.com.au/rotor/street-performance/sd-type Dixcel 'M type' - Rear Pads 'Street Performance' suit R32 (type m, gts4, GTR) also ER33, ECR33, ER34 & Z32 - $229 http://www.dixcelaustralia.com.au/pad/street-performance/m-type Dixcel 'Z type' - Front Pads 'Street/Circuit Performance' suit R32, R33, R34, S14/15 Turbo - $298 http://www.dixcelaustralia.com.au/pad/street-performance-circuit/z-type Dixcel 'Z type' - Rear Pads 'Street/Circuit Performance' suit GTR 32/33/34, Z33 - $275 Pick-Up from Chasers Motorworks , 4/440 Dynon Road, West Melbourne Post, contact for delivery quote. Call/text Jah: 0415 908 110 or Glenn: 0438 268 611
  14. R32 GTR Pads, Rotors, Lines? I have done most of the maintenance to my "new to me" R32 GTR. This weekend I would Like to attack the stopping power. Cant pull off a BBK yet. • Pads: Hawk SPS, I have experience with them in other cars, open to suggestions • Rotors: Please Suggest!! • SS Brake Lines: Please Suggest!! TIA!
  15. Brand new RDA Grooved & Dimple rotors with corrosion resistant coating and Front EBC red ceramic pads for R33 GTST Front slotted pair (also fit R34GT) 296mm $240 Rear slotted pair (also fit R32, R34 & z32) 297mm $130 Front EBC Red pads (sumitomo calipers) $150 located in melbourne west for pick up can post at buyers expense sms 0403008970 or pm me
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