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Found 23 results

  1. Hello all! Recently decided to de-badge my old car and tried to make the paint a little better as I plan on selling it soon. First I removed paint transfer from door dings as well as a scuff on the front bumper. I used WD40 and a magic eraser. I then de-badged the entire car with some wire and hairdryer on heat which worked a charm. Used a bit of WD40 to get rid of the glue residue as well, which worked. Both steps left behind some hazing from the WD40 as well as an outline of where the badges had been. I then compound/ polished/waxed the entire car. And although not perfect, I was happy with the results. Now for the problems. After about 2 weeks all the scratches came back. The haze also came back where the scuff marks were. It looks a whole lot worse than before because the paint got darker from the detail and the scratches/haze is more obvious. I went through the whole detail process a second time and it all came back again! I don't know what I'm doing wrong and advice would be much appreciated! Products I used: Meguiar's Polish, Compund and Wax Did everything by hand
  2. Hi, The engine bay of my 32 GTR always had this dull and dirt-like colour to it since I bought it. I shrugged it off but its been a while so I figured its time to fix it. The car is in its factory colour (KL0 - Spark Silver Metallic) but the engine bay looks "dirty" and I have seen on other 32's which are this colour which have a sort of whitish-grey engine bay. I'm pretty sure the car hasn't been resprayed and the VIN matches that of a KL0 car so I think it just needs a clean. If this is the case, how should I best go about it because I don't want to damage the original paint underneath and just clean away the top layer given that's what needs to be done. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  3. Hi all, Basically I'm looking for a good place to get the paintwork on my 34 corrected, fairly extensively (not just basic polish job). The paint has some swirls and holograms that I'd really like to remove asap, before taking the car up to time attack. If you have had any good or bad experiences with any local business I'd like to hear about it. PM for bad experiences as to not spreading bad rumors over the forums. Or, If any of you are whizzes with car detailing and you have all the appropriate equipment, maybe we can work something out there Post pics of your previous work. (Yes I used the search function, looking for up to date info) Cheers
  4. After 7 years of driving with no scrapes or accidents (i've caused) i've finally done some damage to my car Happened while leaving works car park, The wall i touched is a really rough textured wall which did a great job at taking off A LOT of paint. Seeing the damage makes me feel sick and i want to get it repaired asap, i don't have too much time getting multiple quotes and would like some help with a ballpark figure in what a repair should cost me as i don't want to get ripped off. My mate thinks it would be around the $300 mark but i have no idea... if anyone is able to help with a price range it would be great. The car is: 2000 R34 GTT, 2 door, Paint is QM1 (Cloud White i believe?), ~86,000km's Photo's below...
  5. hey all i just got my boot on my r34 resprayed it came out ok but real glossy compared to the rest of the car is that cuz new paint or? is there a way i can get rid of the shine was sprayed about 3weeks to a month
  6. 1. How much does it cost on average if I want to change my silver R33 into white? (New paint) 2. How much does it cost on average if I want to change my Auto R33 into a manual one. (Anybody sells gear box?)
  7. Two questions: 1. How much does it cost on average if I want to change my silver R33 into white? (New paint) 2. How much does it cost on average if I want to change my Auto R33 into a manual one. (Anybody sells gear box?)
  8. Just wondering if someone can recommend a good painter/panel beater in Brisbane. I have a Red V35 with dings on both sides from (hopefully) inadvertent door openings, and a more significant scratch on the front bumper where a truck that was left in neutral rolled back onto me. As the car is now getting onto 10 years, I'm also considering just doing a closed door respray. If anyone has any suggestions, that would be fantastic. Cheers.
  9. G'day guys, i have finally spent enough money on the engine (for the moment) and am starting to look more into the cosmetic side of things. Living in brisbane and working on an island off gladstone for 28 days at a time leaves me with alot of time to do research and hunt for places but it is hard to pick a good one. Does anyone have a place that they would recommend in brisbane or close to there that does resprays and would be able to fix the scratches on the body kit? Cheers Mitch
  10. I m just wondering how much would it cost for full matte paint job.. i tried looking thru the forum but couldnt find any answers i saw this post about wrapping .. which is better ?? matter paintjob or wrapping ?? how durable is wrapping the car ?? thanks in advance
  11. Hey guys, Got a set of 17inch gmax drift 6's, 8 inch front, 9 inch rear, which are currently off the car, the tyres, and have been sanded, fixed, and nearly ready to be painted. I was just going to paint them the same colour, but seeing as of late ive been going for a black and white theme to my car, im thinking of painting the rims a black, rather than gun metal again. Was just wondering what other people thought, and would like some opinions or ideas of other colours that may suit. Am also in the market for some black wheel nuts. Heres a few pictures. If someone could photoshop the rims black/a few other colours that would be much appreciated
  12. Thanks Rob, for helping out, you got some nice shots. So, its taken 6 months to put over 200 hours into it. So for me the effort justifies the music. I could crap on for ages about it.... fk that here it is. Put it on full screen, and enjoy.
  13. Hey guys, So I've recently resprayed my r32 from Acrylic green/clear to Acrylic metallic black/clear and I'm now looking at cutting it back and polishing it up to bring out a nice reflection and the metallic flecks alittle more. First off I'd like to say that this was my first time attempting painting anything that large before and also my first time using a compressor and gun for the job. The car was painted in a pop up car port so it was out of the whether, but obviously was not a booth job either. And there is a fair amount of orange peel in the paint and it probably wasn't applied the greatest due to trying to get the gun to spray correctly. I've now started sanding back the car with first 1500, then 2000 grit paper, then using an orbital polisher at around 1000 rpm with wool pad and a cut and polish compound to bring out the shine. I'm noticing this is leaving some swirl scratches and is also not quite removing all the 2000 grit scratches either and isn't quite giving me the shine that paint should. I'm wondering if anybody could help me out here in possibly giving some advice as to what products I should be using, maybe some tips and tricks as to the method and just some decent information from somebody thats worked with acrylic lacquer before. I can post up pictures of products I'm using and how the paint is looking too if need be. Any help would be appreciated fellas
  14. Hi all, The black paint on my r33 has been peeling. Can anyone please recommend a reputable paint shop in Sydney where I could get a respray. I'm not keen on doing a backyard job to fix it up. As a side note, roughly how much percentage value do you reckon the car would lose due to peeling paint such as this? Cheers
  15. hey guys, might be the right place to post, might not be.. I'm currently getting my rims off my r34 refurbished and they'll be resprayed to obviously make them look brand new, the issue i now have is i want them to retain the original silver paint, apon dropping them off and discussing the job he asked about colour and i said as close to standard as possible, he said he would do them in a similar colour to hsv silver, which at the time i thought was going to be something i invisioned in my head, apon research it wont look the same, therefore leaving me to search the internet like crazy the last few hours trying to find the paint code for my rims, if anyone could help or point me in the right direction ill be forever greatful! MAKE: RAYS MODEL: Cerumo sports C5S YEAR: 1999 ill attach a photo from google to show what they look like. Thanks, Jason
  16. Hi all, This is my first post on this forum and I'm after a little help. Like many of us, I'm respraying my interior panels, however I'm stumped as to how to pry off the climate control panel without snapping anything. I've looked at this post but can't find out exactly how to do it: Issue is that after I've lifted all the tabs on the top of the cover, there seems to be something holding it all together still near the circular dial side. Really don't want to snap it so just looking for some advice. If there is already a post explaining how to do it, please point me in the right direction Thanks fellas.
  17. Hi everyone! Ive been considering painting the silver/unpainted parts of my wheels in black (the spokes are black but the wheels themselves are silver). I have read the DIY tutorials and think ill give it a go myself. Can anyone recommend primer&paint brands/types that they've used or that worked well? Thanks!
  18. Helllo everyone I bought my R34 not long ago. I have these strange white marks on my Lenzo 19" wheels/rims. They look like scratches but it's not from curb rash. The scratches were on there from the previous owner(s). I want to get rid of them. I don't know if these are aluminium, chrome or alloy. I'm kinda new to this. I've tried cleaning/rubbing it good and wont come off, so it's not bird shit or paint lol. Could this be brake dust eating into the wheels? I've attached the pics in this post. All other 3 wheels look the same. I did sand a little area on one wheel to check if it goes away with 2000 grit sand paper. Would one suggest to sand the wheel with 2000 or 3000 grit sand paper then polish it good? Or does that look like chrome paint? and if so, should I just spray it with chrome then hit it with a clear coat? Any help or advice would be much appreciated!
  19. My Bora had a wing when I bought it (limited 'Sport' model) which looked shit so I took it off. It has also spent a bit of its time with roof racks on. Both of these things have added awful scuffs and scratches on the roof and boot. I've recently bought my first polisher (a proud moment) and was hoping I could somehow 'polish it out'. Maybe I need to hit the patches with some 1400 grit and then polish the bejesus out of it. I am 100% the paint newbie. I've always just washed my cars and thats it. I'm not learning that I can really make them look better with polish and wax as well as protecting them. Its also a car that is not worth getting a professional to do it.
  20. Your favorite R32 color Started this thread for fun and to see what ya'll favorite color is for the r32. I have limited knowledge in real life of the factory or custom color on r32's because they are quite rare where I live. I'm a huge fan of dark blue paint color, so TH1 might be my favorite but I've yet to see one in person. It's a bit of a shame that my GTR was colored changed to black by a previous owner (original factory color is TH1) but I need to admit that black does look nice. Here's a pic of my gtr cause I love my car
  21. Anyone dealt with carizma smash in Rydalmere? (yes, there was a thread in 2009 but I was after more recent info...) A long, long time ago in a panel shop far, far away, there was an excellent painter called Louie who ran Xclusive Colours. Sadly he and the business parted ways sometime after 2009 and it wasn't really the same, and I lost touch with Louie since his phone number went to the new owner with the business. As well as painting mark and my race cars, he also did a lot of work at great prices for other SAU members, and used to offer a club discount I was heading up Mary Pde in Rydalmere last week from Hi-octane and saw Louie's that very stretch ute parked at Car-izma smash repair on the same street So the question is....has anyone dealt with them? And for bonus points, is that Louie's new business?
  22. 1994 R33 GTST -5 Speed Manual Custom Painted by Icandy Customs Full bodykit 400r Rear, 400r sides, new Gtr Front (PICTURED ,FITTED NOT YET PAINTED) Genuine 18 inch Rays LMGT4s Front slotted Discs ROLIN Front mount intercooler BLITS Adr Approved Bonnet Sunroof Full Exhaust System Full Sound System Carbon Wrapped Dash Gtr Floor mats After market 2 way alarm with immobiliser 8,500 ono Located Gold Coast WANT TO SELL ASAP contact arthur 0400137388
  23. Hi fellas, Ive got a white 33 GTST and I'm getting these recurring spots which look like rust on top of my paint. Sometimes they come off from a decent scrubbing when washed but they mainly have to be polished off. They're relatively small and probably wouldn't show up on camera. Its almost like metal flakes are floating around in the air and then settling on the car. Its generally only on bonnet and boot. Any ideas on what I may be able to do to prevent this in future?
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