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Found 42 results

  1. Hello everyone. my names Shanny.🙋‍♀️ I am new to this page and I am Im super duper in need of HELP on my build.😄 I have a R34 GTT neo6. I am wanting to get about 600hp or so out of this stock motor. I am thinking with my budget of $4000.(for now) 455 fuel pump kit? 1000 or 1300cc injectors? Borg warner s362 SXE A/R .90 turbo? (any thoughts) maybe Garrett turbo? front facing plenum, manifold? PLEASE HELP!🙏😊 Any thoughts?
  2. Rb26 Naprec 49mm oversized ITB , with oem plenum port matched to suit, nitto gaskets, hypertune intake, plazmaman fuel rail (no injectors included) awesome bit of gear, a must for someone chasing max airflow with wanting independent throttle bodies near new used condition can post at buyers expense $3,500 sydney Anthony 0404444555
  3. Looking to sell my Hypertune plenum and 102mm throttle body to suit RB26 as it is surplus to my needs. Has been used for less than 1000km so is in almost new condition. Looking for $2500 or will swap for R34 GTT front brakes + $2100.
  4. Hey guys, hope you’re all good. I have an obnoxious sounding vacuum leak somewhere under my throttle body. It’s very bad and throws out the car terribly, so it’s off the road and I’m addressing ASAP. There is no issue around the TB itself and I don’t see any kind of issue around the fuel rail or injector seats, so I’m assuming it may actually be either the upper plenum gasket, the lower inlet manifold gasket, or perhaps an idle control hose underneath the manifold somewhere. To the point of my thread - if I can not locate any obvious leak, I will be pulling off the intake to replace the gaskets. Should I get so far as to pulling off the lower intake, I was just wondering if anyone had tips or advice to share? Specifically regarding how and what to disconnect in regards to coolant hoses, vacuum hoses, etc, and if there are any tricks to any of the bolts? Ive searched extensively on this topic but most threads only cover the upper plenum and I’m looking for any general helpful tips to removing the whole thing. So far my plan is to remove the TB, the fuel rail, then upper plenum - raise the front of the car up and just see what I can attack from the bottom. Assume that’s the best method? Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi i have a otaku garage rb25 plenum with throttle body and fuel rail also all bolt and lines, comes with adapter incase you have a r34 neo engine. The plenum is unused brand new. Reason for sale is i had to wait 4 weeks for it to be made and sent and in that time i went a different way. I payed around $1200 and am asking $950 firm.. located in geelong Victoria and i can post at your expense with tracking ect ect.. grab a bargain and have no wait time to receive.. Cheers
  6. Hi all. I have for sale a plazmaman plenum with a 66mm throttle body and plazmaman b.o.v. fits the rb neo, all in black, no scratches or marks still in perfect near new condition, $1500 for the lot. Also i have a genuine sard fuel rail and a set of sard 740cc injectors, in great condition $450.. Can do the lot in a package for $1800.. prices are firm.. located in geelong Victoria and i can post at your expensive. Plenum currently all taped up so it dont get marks when fitting...
  7. Is Greddy Intake Plenum worth the trouble? Have one for sale locally at a good price, thats why Im considering .Anyone have experience with it? Seems like the intake runner length and width different from stock. I have HKS GT-SS now but hoping to reach a responsive 800hp with 2.8 Stroker and of course different / bigger turbo setup.
  8. Okay so ive got an issue with putting these injector inserts into my freddy plenum and need help with what to do, basically the rubber seal is too big to fit (i did use bosch rubber grease to try and get them in)but the actual inserts themselves fit perfectly! What other options would i have to seal the inserts, i was thinking of using rvt gasket maker but am unsure if this will be okay?
  9. Has anyone painted/clear coated/poweder coated their RB26 inlet plenum and ITB's? Just wondering what the finish came up like on them and how durable they are. Obviously depends on the paint used but just after some general pics and if you are happy with how it came out. I do like the stock colour it's just that with oily hands they get dirty very quickly and are difficult to keep clean. Thanks
  10. Series 1 splitfire coils with igniter and loom $300 S13 5 stud hubs and std knuckles $300 Rb25 cut and shut plenum $100
  11. Just a few more bits for sale. RB26 plenum. Pink in colour (of all things) could use a respray. Nothing wrong with the paint, except that its pink. $200 ono RB26 Throttle bodies. $300 ono RB26 Intake manifold sandwich plate with balance tube $500 ono RB26 Twin turbo pipe $150 ono All items are located in Wollongong NSW, and prices are plus postage, or pick up. We all know what they look like, but if you want pics, PM me your number and ill send some to your mobile. Cheers Damo.
  12. Gaskets and Hoses Under Plenum Q's So my intake gasket is leaking like crazy on the #3 runner so I'm going to do the replacement with metal gaskets. I'm wondering though, since I'm in there what other gaskets and hoses should I replace while I'm in there since it's not a quick job? Also what other gaskets will I need since I know I have to remove stuff from the plenum? I'd like to have a list so I can have everything I get this done in a day
  13. WTB precision 6466 t4 ts and RB25 ffp Hey guys, as the title states, I'm after a precision 6466 turbo with a twinscroll t4 flange with preferably 1.0 rear housing. Also after a forward facing plenum manifold to suit rb25 or possibly even a plenum that bolts to the standard runners. Just seeing if there's anything out there before I buy new in the next couple of weeks. If you or any of your mates have shelved their project and have the gear, contact me on here. WTB precision 6466 t4 ts and RB25 ffp
  14. Help finding alternative piping ? for Plenum upgrade? Alright so im about to do a front facing plenum upgrade but I dont have a hole to put a mini pipe were the piping goes down to the intercooler? I have an HPI aftermarket intercooler and was wondering if theres a pipe I could buy that has this mini pipe on it already because I dont have access to a welder to put a mini pipe on my excisiting pipe for the AAC air input(pic so you know what im trying to say).
  15. Plazmaman RB26 Intake Plenum and 90mm Throttle Body Hi Guys, I bought this for my build but it didn't end up being used so it now has to go. Both plenum and throttle body are brand new in box with everything that comes from Plazmaman. Wasn't even test fitted so its in perfect condition. Package consists of the plenum in raw finish and throttle body to suit in silver finish. https://plazmaman.com/shop_itemdetail.php?itemid=375&cate=71 https://plazmaman.com/shop_itemdetail.php?itemid=162&cate=36 Retail is 2400. Price is 2200 but is negotiable to a certain degree. Item is located in Rouse Hill, NSW and pickup is preferred over post but seeing it's already in the box it came in shouldn't be too difficult to post. PM me or sms/call 0403858714. Thanks, Bret
  16. rb25det plazmaman V std intake Results Since this has been a very common question over the years of people actually wanting a proper back to back comparison of plenums on rb25 I thought I would post my results as I have done a back to back with no other changes. Car Setup: std rb25det tomei 256 cams hypergear ss2 turbo e85 4inch straight pipe exhaust PFC z32afm takashi 600x300x100 cooler xpsurt 1000 injectors Plazmaman Plenum 22PSI As you can see from the results there is very little change with a few kw up top gained but generally the curve has remained fairly similar with a few spots slightly better and some slightly down. Boost response also remained the same. (Orange curve is plazma and red is std intake)
  17. What are these fittings on the clutch cylinder and plenum for (BCNR33)? Hi all, Thank you very much for your ongoing patience with my questions as I get to know my new car. So, over the weekend I got my first proper chance to work on the car, and whilst doing some stuff in the engine bay (trying to make my breather tank pass rego, but that'll have to wait until I have photos) I noticed a couple of unused fittings. One is on the plenum near the number 6 cylinder (firewall end), and is blanked off, the other is on the clutch cylinder and appears to be just open. Car runs fine, no sign of any leaks. Should I be worried? Are these meant to me hooked up and are important? Sorry if the answer to this is super obvious, I have tried searching both these forums and the web generally but maybe I just didn't try the right search terms. Thanks in advance!
  18. Hey guys, I made up an adaptor plate kit for my personal car and had a few extras cut at the same time, limited supply Flange/Adaptor kit to attach an R34 NEO AACV Idle air/water temp control unit to an R33 intake/inlet manifold/plenum Necessary when installing the majority of after-market RB25 manifolds ie GReddy/freddy onto a NEO to retain factory idle control Kit comes with bolts and gaskets for both sides (one of which passes over two of the bolt heads, these spots need to be sealed with liquid gasket) $60 posted Australia wide Cheers
  19. For Sale 19x9.5 +22 Volk Le37 Top Secret Gold with Pirelli P1 zeros, 80% tread $3000 Nitto Oil pump $1300 RB26 Hypertune V1 102mm plenum $2500 Aftermarket Industries 5l surge tank + 2 walbro 460, New $1300 RB26 Camtech cams, 280, 10.5. New $700 Located in Tasmania, postage no worries, Contact via PM
  20. Nismo Plenum Group Buy #2 Following Sinista32’s successful Nismo plenum GB last year, I’ve decided I would start another for those that missed out. Time frame: Group buy run’s from now until the 14th April. This end date is subject to change Price: TBC closer to the closing date due to fluctuations in the exchange rate – estimated to be ~$1650 delivered. A quick Google will tell you this is a very good price. Supplier: TBC shortly No of people: 5 is the magic number Details of the Plenum: ~ Nismo plenum as discussed on SAU. If you have a comment or technical question, put it in that thread please. - Group buy #1 – info from the first GB plus results - Nismo information – from this link. (It's the sales speak) FEATURES: To find the most suitable shape for tuning engines (400ps to 600ps), the diameter and the length of the intake pipe, and the cross section shape of the intake collector was redesigned. The distribution of air to each tube was improved to provide more equal airflow volume, improving torque in the mid-speed range. Improved air intake volume between the pipes of the front and rear sides reduces the difference in air intake temperature on both sides of the turbine, optimizing the air-fuel ratio and ignition timing and providing increased output and fuel consumption. Simple bolt-on installation means that no additional work is required (however, the throttle linkage and throttle sensor must be adjusted). SPECIFICATIONS: - Collector volume: 4.1 liter (genuine = 3.4 liter) - Intake pipe length: 73.8mm (genuine = 48.5mm) - Intake pipe diameter: tapered from ø 43 to ø 45 (genuine = ø 45) - Material, production method: cast aluminum PRODUCT NOTES: - Intake temperature difference at the entrance of turbo chargers is improved averaging 18% in 2,400 to 7,600 rpm range. - At 4,800 to 7,600 rpm, power output is increased by an average of 1.8%, while fuel economy is improved averaging 0.4%. - This product cannot be installed with the engine mounted. - Installation of this product will change the characteristics of the engine, necessitating adjustment of the engine control unit. Failure to do so very likely will result in damage to the engine. - The engine improvement figures shown above are based on internal company testing. The actual level of improvement will depend on the engine specifications, conditions of air-fuel mixture and ignition timing, weather and the precision of measurement. - This product cannot be used with single, large-diameter throttle chambers. So who's keen? Cheers, Joel
  21. For Sale R34 GTT Plazmaman plenum with throttle body. Both items brand new was only fitted to calculate vaccum line path. The kit was going to be fitted to the car but it has been written off. So im raising cash for next project. Throttle Body is a plazmaman 72mm throttle body anozided black. Plenum has been powder coated "Kingsport Grey" gives it the stealth look but when you shine a light to it you can see the glither. This along with candy red rocker covers, which was my idea will make the engine bay look at lot better and more accessible for spark plug changes. Included in the kit are the pipes required to link the plenum to the cold side of the intercooler. Ive included all the studs and fittings and vacuum hoses required to install right away. Asking $1500 Willing to split them if there's interest. Text or call 0417764194
  22. Hi i am about to take out the standard plenum to update some old heater hoses under it. In doing so I thought it might be a good idea in replacing it. Will going to a greddy plenum improve my engine at all?
  23. complete rb26 cold side. Plenum, ITB's, fuel rail etc only asking 300$ located brisbane nick 0421883199
  24. For sale: I have a custom Nissan RB25DET intake package. It was removed from my motorsport car after I started a new build and have lost interest. Specifications: - Custom South Australian made aluminium tig welded Nissan RB25DET S1/S2 forward facing plenum utilising original inlet runners, velocity stacks and small amount of porting done to inner of runners. Includes vacuum barb fittings, provision for IAC valve and IAC valve / plumbing Inlet plenum to head face has been machined for complete seal fitment 80mm billet aluminium throttle body supplied with RB25DET TPS and IAC barb fitted for idle control Plenum has just been bead blasted and hot washed - ready for powder coating or paint Powerflow fuel rail (made in Australia) included with -6AN fittings and -4 return (suggest using larger) comes with CNC machined sidefeed to top feed injector adapters Siemens EV1 Deka 840cc high impedance fuel injectors x6 (p/n 11034) - sample image attached Breakdown of costs when purchased - Custom inlet plenum - $650, injectors - $450, t/b - $150, Rail with adapters and fittings - $330 = $1580. All quality gear for motorsport or performance street application, will include modified RB25 tps and AAC valve / piping if required at no extra cost. All in excellent condition, open to offers - no low ballers. Can post at buyers expense. PRICE: $1050 ONO PM me or call / sms on 0411 748 466
  25. North - BRISBANE - Rb25det/S13 Aftermarket Parts - Copy Forward Facing Greddy Plenum to suit rb25det -$280.00 -Stock Fuel Rail will Bolt in - Includes All Lines and Fittings including cold start etc Attached. - Well Made will clear master cyclinder on s13 etc. ALSO 80 mm Vulture MotorSport Throttle Body to Suit 180.00 - includes backing plate and gasket - BIG MOUTH 80mm intake (internal diameter) - Universal fittings, stock TPS attaches - Adjustable butterfly – allows for a pre-set opening at idle - Butterfly is made of brass to insure long term durability - Made of precision CNC machined polished 6061-T6 aluminium 6x New Denso 550CC injectors in stock rail including New O - Ring Part number - 1955002240 Only Fitted i paid $600 $420.00 OR BUY PLENUM - THROTTLE BODY AND INJECTORS For - 700 and ill throw in stainless split dump pipe ALSO have 180sx Dmax Roof Wing S13 Strut braces Front and Rear + Engine Dampner 130.00 New Tomei FPR - In box etc -125.00 Also have R33 s1 Lume and Ecu No ignitor - 120.00 Braided Gktech Brake Lines S13 - $99 Braided Rb25det Clutch Line - $45.00 R33 Brakes Calipers and Rotors lil surface rust - 220.00 S13-Rb25det Gearbox Mount $75.00 S13 - Rb Engine Cross member - $50.00 Koyo Ca18det Replacement Radiator - 180 Alloy Radiator with Thermo Suit S13/r32 Ca18det/rb20 - $70.00 S13 Roll Cage as pictured no backing plates - $580.00 Located North brisbane Contact brayden - Zero405639821
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