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Found 117 results

  1. I have for sale parts which came off our R33 GTR/400R replica Targa car. All parts were in good working prior to removal and only removed due to upgrade. Apexi Power FC to suit R33 GTR current tune was running a single GTX3582 on twin z32 AFM's $1,000 ono Greddy RB26 Power Intake Pipe inc 2x Z32 AFM $500 ono Nismo Super Coppermix Competition Spec Twin Plate Clutch & Flywheel Used Nismo twin plate clutch and flywheel to suit Late model R32 GTR/R33 GTR or GTSt in good condition, this is the top spec model with uprated pressure plate.These sell for over $2600 new. Would recommend replacing the clutch plates which can be purchased elsewhere for approx $300 ea (two required). $1,000 ono Can freight Australia wide at buyers expense.
  2. Hi Guys, Selling my Apexi Power FC for the R34 GTT (Manual Models Only) Pretty sure these work for the rb25 neo stageas too. Perfect condition plug and play computer. Any decent tuner workshop will know this computer inside out. Comes with the new, rare and expensive EL (Organic Display) Hand Controller. I recommend you check out this fantastic site for all power fc details. click here What you see in the pics is what you get. Located in Sydney but will post nation wide. $750 postage included. Firm PM me.
  3. OK so need some help please people just turbod my na r34 and am checking if what it's doing is OK before my tune on Thursday OK so I'll start with parts I'm running... And post problem last Rb25de neo R33 5speed gearbox conversion Was using rb25 one but think was near dead New rb25turbo hasn't arrived yet R33 turbo manifold Gtt injectors R32gtst4det fuel pump Power FC ecu stock gtt base tune atm Big front mount cooler Turbo smart bleed valve New 3"pipe decat and r32 custom dump R34na 02sensor R32gtst4det afm I wired in also tried 34 na one OK so my problem is it misses bad under boost only.. disconnect turbo runs sweet can this be my ign timing when boosting? Just want it all good and ready for my first tune as never had one what should I get done in the tune and what boost 5? And just get fuel/air and some timing pulled/retard etc...also haven't tried yet as my new turbo is on its way but the one I was using was blowing smoke and whining and no matter what it was stuck on 7-8 psi my hand controller wouldn't turn it down so waste gate? Over boost could've been the problem?
  4. Hi just bought a power fc code Ecr 010 000 its got no controller. so i unplugged batery plugged in power fc .its kicking but not starting. air con works fans heater stereo ect so i was under the impression everything goes through ecu so if they work does that mean ecu works and just needs to be tuned . ive got 555 injectors z32 map waiting to go in and high flowed turbo with dumppipe.At the moment its got 3 inch exhaust , pod filter , boost controller, stealth intercooler, does it need to be remapped, thats why its not starting cause might have a previous owners maps. any advice would be appreciated thankyou.
  5. Hey fellas. I'm looking at getting an ecu in the near future and was wondering if the power fc is still a good option. I know haltech link etc are the go nowdays due to e85 and map sensors. But I'm just after a plug and play unit and am not looking at e85. To the guys with them what are the pros and cons also how is fuel consumption vs stock. Car is a series 2 gtst with intercooler, exhaust, gcg highflow, GFB electronic boost controller, spitfires, coilovers. Thanks in advance
  6. Hey guys, I have a bunch of bits and pieces for sale to suit R32 gtr's that are no longer needed. Located in Adelaide, but more than happy to post ifeel free to pm me or message my mobile on 0412 618 558 f you have any questions. Open to reasonable offers as well guys. APEXi Power FC D-Jetro to suit R32/R33 GTR $1250 - Brand new , just not needed now that I've decided to go in a different direction. Includes complete D-jetro wiring kit (harness, sensors, and nipples). HKS AFM Replacement pipes $250 - Brand new, was to be used with the d-jetro ecu above. Will do the above two for $1400 if sold together GReddy twin 60mm A pillar guage holder $100 - To suit R32s Genuine R32 GTR N1 boot lip $300 - Primed and ready to paint, the original threads to bolt it down are still there as well. Nismo G-MAX Spec 1 twin plate clutch $250 - Pull type, to suit late model R32 & R33 GTRs. Still 3.3mm of meat left on the plates (limit is 2.7mm according to nismo) so still a bit of meat but may be better suited to just rebuild it anyway. Any Questions don't hesitate to message me
  7. For Sale: Apexi Power FC ECU (L-Jetro) with hand controller to suit R34 GTR. In perfect working order. Removed due to upgrade. Location: Lansvale Sydney. Price: $600.
  8. For sale in perfect working condition, tested and can demonstrate working on the running engine: Power FC for RB20DET with hand controller, price $800 Power FC for RB26DETT R32/R33 GTR33L L-jetro, PFC only, price $400, can be modified to run on RB25DET for just $50 with base tune included, already tested on a few setups like this and running perfect. HKS F Con-V Pro ver. 3.24 universal type aftermarket ECU, can be set as L-jetro or D-jetro, price $800 Will help to install, set it up and tune For more information PM or call / email John Sobon, ph. 08 93022085 john.sobon@gmail.com
  9. I’m going to be building my neo up soon with a top mounted gtx3076 gen2, 6 boost etc. Don’t intend to push for lots of power, just a nice road setup. On 98 Ron I have what I believe to be a r35 gtr afm already, came with the power F.C., although I currently am tuned on the stock afm if I want to use this gtr afm, I have read I need it in a 4” tube, is that accurate ? Or how have others mounted them. Also, is there much to tuning the power F.C. using the r35 afm or is it easy enough, will it limit my tune much or will it be a good job. Some tuners I have spoke to are trying to get me to go for a link ecu, but for now I have the pfc.
  10. Everything removed from R33 GTR for upgradesMost parts should fit R32/R33/R34 GTR -HKS Front pipe, stainless steel, has dent/scrapes but works fine $400-HKS Dump pipes x2, stainless steel $300-OEM manifolds x2 $150-OEM heat shields x2 $40-Turbo support brackets $20-Turbo hard lines (water/oil feed, oil return) $30 -Garrett GT2560R -5 Turbo with HKS actuator (normal shaft play) $550 -R33 GTR custom oil catch can w/washer reservoir and hosesCan be plumbed back or vented. $350-Full HKS hard pipe intake kit (excluding MAFs) $500 -R33 GTR Vspec ALSD diff and shafts $500 -RB26 OEM MAF x2 $100-R33 GTR OEM Fan $50-R33 GTR OEM radiator $120 -R33 GTR Clutch line $20-SARD 700cc Injectors $300-Apexi Power FC for R32/R33 GTR(no controller) $400 Pickup from Lilydale 3140
  11. Have been playing around in the last weeks with stuff like the intake cam gear and the tail section of the hks exhaust to see any difference in low down torque and sound of exhaust. Each time i change anything it seems to make the power fc react, idle goes all wacky. How does it know about such a small change such as that , eg 2degrees or a subtle change to exhaust? Does it adjust itself or does it need retune for a small change?
  12. Hi I have a power fc with a z32 afm and fc hako cable for sale. I have the controller but screen is broken and the afm had a crack in the case so the sensor was removed and put into another case everything was working when I removed it from my car. $1000 Ono
  13. Power FC Installation - Ignition not turning off? Hey guys, I recently installed an Apexi Power FC on my R34 GTR and I eventually got it to self calibrate to a stable idle although when I go to turn off the ignition, the engine continues to run for another ~10-15 seconds (stalls itself) and the dashboard lights remain permanently on. The only way I can turn the ignition off is to disconnect the battery. If I remove the Power FC and re install the stock ECU everything is fine and the car's ignition turns off like normal. Anyone have any experience with this problem or know a possible fix? Cheers, Nick.
  14. Power FC Installation - Ignition not turning off? Hey guys, I recently installed an Apexi Power FC on my R34 GTR and I eventually got it to self calibrate to a stable idle although when I go to turn off the ignition, the engine continues to run for another ~30 seconds and the dashboard lights remain permanently on. The only way I can turn the ignition off is to disconnect the battery. If I remove the Power FC and re install the stock ECU everything is fine and the car's ignition turns off like normal. Anyone have any experience with this problem or know a possible fix? Cheers, Nick.
  15. FS- Power FC R33 GTST, z32 afm with pod Hi guys just a couple things for sale off my r33 gtst. -Power FC with hand controller r33 gtst, was in the car since 2007. Only changeddue to going haltech - $800ono -z32afm with pod, only changing due to no longer required and going 4' -200 Located greystanes 2145 message here or 0434 293 235 cheers
  16. Power FC problems (sr20) Hello guys, I am new to this forum. I am just your average 21 year old dude who bought a Nissan 200sx S13 with a SR20DET and I did some modifications. I assume this is gonna be a long post, but please bear with me. So I started my car after 1.5 years and during those months I bought several parts. (Apexi Power FC Djetro, S15 turbo, 555cc nismo injectors and different things but that wont matter) Anyway, 2 days ago I started her up and it went great, except for getting the car to idle. It just WON'T idle at all. I found out that my injectors had the wrong latency. I did 66% and 0.72ms and it should've been 66% and 0.10ms? So I changed that and after a few resets and start ups it went great. First 10 minutes idle, amazing. 800-900rpm, car not shaking. Then I had to turn on the A/C which I dont have. I thought using the climate control and do some cold air would do the trick. Well I guess not. Car was doing weird things. 480rpm-900rpm over and over, here is a video; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZXVeiSi1y0 I don't know what to do. My map sensor and IAT are working fine. The car was idling fine but I had to complete te self-learning process. My defroster doesn't work either because some cables are missing. (I found some cables so I am gonna try it out tomorrow, it might work) Other things that you guys might find interesting; My O2 sensor stays at 0.0v, even at idle. I found out today that there is a fat O2 sensor in the elbow, and the redtop ECU uses a Skinny O2. (I had a black top ecu, so this is why there is a fat o2 in there. Black top = fat o2 || redtop = skinny o2) Can it be because of this? How much influence does the O2 sensor have when it comes to the self-learning process? Also, the car starts with boost control on. And I don't even have a boost controller. (I turned it off) My mod list: 555cc nismo gt28 turbo Apexi Power FC D-jetro Apexi powerfilter aftermarket IC HKS wastegate Mishimoto rad AEM Wideband (haven't hooked it up yet, I don't know much about this thing. But it was necessarry for tuners?)
  17. R33 GTR Power FC D-Jetro For sale. R33 GTR Power FC D-Jetro edition No hand controller $600 obo
  18. ITEMS LOCATED IN EASTERN SUBURBS MELBOURNE ITEM: Custom dump and front pipes to suit RB26. These were taken off -5s so it should fit most applications. Bell mouth dump pipes into custom front pipe which measures 3" into a 3.5" Y-pipe into a 3" flange. These came off a 320kw GTR. CONDITION: As seen in photos. REASON FOR SALE: Bought these on a whim, never bothered to have them installed because I'm not making that much power anyhow. PRICE: $250 for both ITEM: Power FC L-Jetro (PFC GTR33L 020-0992) with hand controller CONDITION: Good; been bubblewrapped and stored away. Have not had it installed/tuned since I bought it. REASON FOR SALE: Not chasing any more power, not being used. Came off a 320kw R32. PRICE: $850 Please PM if interested. Thanks.
  19. My build is almost there ! Just need your help please ! alright guys I am new to sau. I am the new guy from the u.s I posted in the n00b section . Anywho .. So my car 96' bcnr33 , is running rich as f-word i am running a step up on the turbos .. i am told by pureturbos.com when I sent them there to be rebuilt thinking it had garret 2860's that I actually had a set of journal bearing nismo/garret turbos that will flow ~375hp each so when I got them back I ported stock exhaust manifolds and bolted it all together. The car was originally map sensor on a fcon pro 2.1 with a atmosphere bov i couldn't find anyone in the u.s to tune it so I bought a power fc and afm's because it's a more accurate way to measure for my power goals . 400-500whp whatever it makes it makes problem is that right now I want to know if I should recirculate for engine/turbine health and longevity or if the power fc can adjust for when the bov dumps the boost?? my specs are ati balancer forged pistons Hks 3 row intercooler 3" intercooler pipes and Aeromotive fuel reg stock inj stock cams as far as I know turbos mentioned above hks evc boost controller triple plate clutch aem wide band needs to be put in not sure the model fuel pump but I know it's bigger too i have rc 750cc injectors with clips that I need to put in what kind of WHP would I be looking at? my filters and intake piping might be holding me up ? What do you recommend there ? I want to replace the rubber tube I have my chrome intake tube into if I can Also the tach and speedo are not functioning but fuel and engine temp and oil pressure are .. basically I want my car to be clean I have already done a lot im closing in I just need a little more help to re cap Can a power fc with pro software be tuned to minimize harm from atmosphere bov? Wht kind of power is possible with my upgrades? How can I adjust stiffness of hyper max 3 coilovers ? what should I do about my intake/filter setup ? the rubber intake ripped so a shop just chopped it back and gave me that . How can I fix my tach and speedo ? Or good deal on another one . Car is on stock ecu and fuel pressure dialed back down and running running pig rich before I put my new power fc in since the old one broke. Also, anything I should know before going to a dyno as far as the motor goes? I have a fresh set of Ngk iridium plugs for right before I don't trust the shop it was at they screwed me so I have to comb back over everything before it goes to the tuner Thanks Chris i will upload load more pics if you want let me know
  20. R33 GTR power fc and hand controller Great condition $650 Inc postage
  21. WTB apexi power fc BNR32 hi guys, im looking for a power fc for my bnr32. are there any for sale? thanks! Shaune
  22. As per post looking for a r33 rb25det power fc. What you got?
  23. SHED CLEAN OUT!!! Pics attached! I sold my R32 over a year ago and have just cleared out my shed of all the parts I 'planned' to put on it but never did as i'm just too damn lazy. I can post smaller items very cheap but larger ones will be pick-up or buyer can arrange shipping. For Sale: * RARE Power FC APEXi R32 RB20 AP Engineering WITH Hand Controller - Never Used only taken out of box. Factory map installed to use straight from box, plug and play. $1200 * Greddy style Bodykit. Front and Rear bar. Already prepped for painting from shop (some slight scratches from storage) $800 * R32 GTS-t / GTS4 Carbon Fiber Hood. Seibon TT style. Never fitted only a few very light scuffs from storage which would probably buff off easily. $800 * Blitz SBC i-color Boost Controller Spec S in silver. Never fitted only opened box. $750 * Lambo Door Kit. Direct bolt-on kit for R32. Never fitted only opened box. RRP: $1299 $900 * SARD adjustable fuel pressure regulator in silver. Never fitted. Lowest price on ebay $42.50 $40 **AUTOMETER PACKAGE** ALL ITEMS AS NEW, NEVER FITTED. * Autometer Ultra-Lite II 5" Shift Light Tachometer #4999. Lowest price on ebay = $351.51 * Autometer Ultra-Lite Pro Comp 2-5/8" Water Temp Gauge #4437. Lowest price on ebay = $112.36 * Autometer Ultra-Lite Pro Comp 2-5/8" Boost Vacuum Gauge #4401. Lowest price on ebay = $120.00 (Not in original box as it was thrown away) * Autometer Ultra-Lite Pro Comp 2-5/8" Oil Pressure Gauge #4427. Lowest price on ebay = $136.75 * Autometer Chrome Mounting Cup for 2-5/8" Gauges #3201. Lowest price on ebay = $55.00 * Autometer Chrome Mounting Cup for 2-5/8" Gauges #3201. Lowest price on ebay = $55.00 * Autometer Chrome Mounting Cup for 2-5/8" Gauges #3203. Lowest price on ebay = $55.00 (boost gauge mounting cup) LOWEST COLLECTIVE PRICE ON EBAY = $885.62 PACKAGE PRICE ONLY = $750.00 I work around the country a lot so I may or may not be able to post things straight away. The best way to contact me is via mobile 0434603426. All items located in the Maitland/Newcastle area. Free pick-up or cheap postage on smaller items. Large items pick-up only or buyer arranges postage. Cheers,
  24. Have a few Rb26 parts for sale: R32 / R33 Rb26 Power FC PRO + hand controller + boost sensor + 2 x New z32 AFM $1250 Ono Apexi Z32 AFM super induction kit for R32 GTR new in box (run z32 afm and new cool piping on your twins) new in box $350 R32 NISMO GTR twin turbos + split dumps, part numbers match nismo turbo specs but housing stamps match lemans turbo specs $900 I'm willing to work a deal out if you buy a few items or the lot Located in Perth W.A im willing to post items at buyers expense Txt me on 0409910186
  25. Hi for sale is a hardly used Apexi Power FC commander version FCC3 part 415-X001. Suits most Power FC units. Original packaging and serial card. $330 express posted.
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