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Found 85 results

  1. Hey guys, first post so make sure if its incorrect, etc. drop a comment down below showing my how to fix in the future. Got a no start on my RB20DET R31. Information prior to the no start condition: Car was idling, has been running for weeks fine, recently fixed a leaking o-ring at the fuel rail, and while it was idling after the repair i was attempting to get the cluster temp guage working from an RB30e temp sender to the single spade connector on the factory 20det harness. Accidentaly tapped/bumped the spade (connected to the harness) against the block / thermostat plumbing and the engine just cut out and died instantly. No sputtering, etc. died as if the key had been turned off, very strange and could only imagine its some voltage serge situation. Information relating to my diagnosis that may or may not be relevant but i thought id include: - Fuel pump can be heard running on "ignition ON", FPR reads 0kg/cm fuel pressure, but increases to around 1-2 (30-40 or so psi) when the hose is squeezed. - Secondary ECU has been trialed that is believed to be healthy but haven't tested for myself, only word of mouth. ECU Pins: 50/60 - Closed circuit 10/20 - Closed circuit 107/108/116 - Closed circuit 26 - Closed circuit 58/49/59 - 12v + (ONLY WHEN PIN 16 IS MANUALLY GROUNDED) 109 - 12v + 45 - Believed to be possible open circuit, will be re-checking and updating asap. Extra notes: ENGINE CRANKS FINE. - Pin 16 has 12v to the ECU harness but does not activate ECCS relay when "ignition ON". BUT when manually grounded to chassis (bypassing ECU) ECCS relay activates and pins 49/59 recieve 12v+ to the ecu harness. - CAS has ground and 12v+, when spun by hand 1 degree wire cuts 5v respectively (per 1 degree), but the 180 degree seems to be all over the place, more like 20 degrees separation. Also when spun by hand, injectors and coils CAN NOT be heard firing. - Injector 6 has been tested with a noid light on crank and revealed NO pulsing, entire rail has also been tested out of manifold with no injectors visibly firing on crank. - Coil 6 has been tested with a plug in the boot, out of the head and no spark was seen. P.S Ignore the scribbles on the photos, most are there when i've gone on tangents and probably reveal nothing about the problem, just me trying to clear the diagrams in my head, I included them simply for reference in the event they are incorrect / outdated, etc. Any help is appreciated at this point, it's probably really obvious but i'm driving myself crazy over the past couple weeks with this and as im beginning to take on more work i have less time to goose chase and need to regain a sense of direction for what i should be investigating, thanks! - Sam
  2. Adz2332

    Does anyone know if a pintara manual clutch pedal is the same as a r31 clutch pedal? Or better yet have an r31 clutch pedal for sale!
  3. Hi all. I'm currently wiring up a Haltech E6X to my 1988 R31 TI. The last two wires I need to connect are the CAS trigger and home wires. I cannot for the life of me find anywhere stating which one is which. You can see pin 17 and pin 8 are the two that I need to distinguish. Thanks in advance
  4. Hey I’m looking at buying an r31 skyline and I was wondering, what are some things that I should look for when going to inspect an r31
  5. Hey guys. I was advised by a member to post here. and have enjoyed checking out this great site while here ... For sale is my 1988 Skyline R31. Perfect resto oppurtunity. Starts and run well. Automatic. Motor is good, still sounds awesome !!!!! 188k on clock which stopped before little use locally for last 5 years. Has been off road for two years while awaiting a restoration to restore her to former glory that never happened,. Then had small accident which bent bonnet and smashed windscreen. No structural damage , straight chassis. Still runs like the " red rocket " it was. Comes with 4 mag rims + spare ( spare currently on as in pics ) Is at Avalon 2107. Needs to be sold ASAP to get it off the road. Asking $3000 ? ONO Inspections and questions welcomed. Call or txt Lucas on 0405915525
  6. Joel0201

    Hey guys i have a r31 skyline and i have just started to get into drifting. I have done one skid pan event with it which i enjoyed. i have coil overs all round and a locked diff I need some questions from you guys about general stuff Ok so i need some Tyre tips: Wheres a good place where to get a good front Tyre in Vic and what tires are a good base for a entry level setup, i was thinking the federal 595? im not to sure. as for the rears where do you guys get your cheaper rear tires? also where do you guys buy your drift components in Australia like (hydro handbrakes, lock kits and other fun stuff)
  7. Hi I am looking for a bolt in roll cage and harnesses as well as a hydro hand break for my r31 skyline vic cheers
  8. S3 silhouette

    Hi there first skyline owner here it's a 1989 series 3 silhouette with turbod rb30. It has a high mount t3/t4 turbo at moment screamer pipe with 60 mm external waste gate, intercooler, I'm bout to install 550cc injectors and am looking around at after market ecu as only have vl turbo ecu at the moment any info on ideas of what would suit me would be good. Oh only planning on 10 to 12 psi.. for now.. cheers
  9. Hello im looking for s13 coilovers vic also looking for cheap drifter wheels for a skidpan event thank you heaps from Joel
  10. Hello im looking for s13 coilovers vic also looking for cheap drifter wheels for a skidpan event thank you heaps from Joel
  11. I’m looking to buy a first car and I found a turbo r31 CX and I’ve looked it up on the rms website and it only comes up with naturally aspirated versions. Was wondering if it was P Plate legal in NSW
  12. FOR SALE: Make / Model / Year: R31 Skyline Silhouette SVD GTS 2 #072, 1989 Location: Canberra, ACT Kilometers: 297,000 Transmission type: 5sp manual Engine: RB30e Colour: Red Modifications: 16 inch Simmons OM16 rims. Roadworthy Certificate: yes Registered: yes Accident History: None that i know of. Asking Price: $13000ono Contact Details: Call James on 0412 621 949, PM or reply to thread. Other Comments: Good points Bilsteins have been rebuilt/revalved to suit a 100kg driver (handles amazingly) New Stainless 2.25 mandrel exhaust with hi-flow cat, Nistune ecu (piggyback works and comes with), 16x7 Simmon OM16 with new tyres, 4 x gts2 rims, new battery, injectors serviced, A/C extremely well! Ive also recently replaced the fuel pump, O2 sensor, injector serviced (re-zinc'd the fuel rail,bolts etc) Bad points Paint is average (will come with a full set of replacement stickers/decals from Cazz), drivers side bolster is torn, steering wheel needs retrim. I really enjoy this car but really want a hr31 coupe and so #072 needs to move on to a new home. Price is negotiable.
  13. Hey guys I would like to get a manual conversion for a r31 or even a cheap manual car. Located in melbs Cheers from joel
  14. Anwar

    Hi all. My name is Anwar and I am new to the group and have just started a project on a R31 RB30E 1989.
  15. G'day guys, Unique Cars magazine is working on an upcoming issue centred around Japanese cars, and their increasing provenance and desirability in the secondhand market (RIP me who missed the boat on 20K BNR32's 5 or so years ago and has been looking for the right car for the past year). We're seeking an ADM R31 GTS (series 1/2 or 3 at this stage) to be involved in the magazine. Again, must be Australian delivered, and as close to stock as possible. If you or anyone you know happens to own one, and would like to get involved, please get in touch with me here so we can chat further Cheers, Alex, UCM
  16. Hello guys, first time poster here. I am looking to get a bit more noise out of my 31. Previous owner fitted a GTS2 2.25" exhaust from catback after upgrading the exhaust in their GTS2. I want to get a bit more noise out of it, but also not insanely loud. The current setup is like so: [Headers]======<CAT>======[Muffler]===========[Muffler/Tip]= I was thinking of adding a Magnaflow rear muffler with dual tips on to the current system. Or would it be better to do a centre muffler delete and replace the rear muffler with the Magnaflow. [Headers]======<CAT>=================[Muffler/Tip] Current rear tailpipe/muffler is like so:
  17. WTB: R31 Roof Turret with Braces Hello, I am looking for a R31 roof turret with braces I am located in Ballarat, VIC
  18. Rb30 tcs and icd tips. R31 auto box tips Hi all. just looking for some info on how to fix/ install the tcs for r31 rb30 skyline and any good info I can get on how to trouble shoot wiring loom problems. Top loom. Fuel rail, thermostat, tcs and such. And auto box issues with kickdown and gear descions. She's fluttering a bit. And I can't seem to sort out the box. It runs good sometimes but other times feels like it wants to cut out or can't get power from exceleration. Cheers heaps for your time
  19. R31 VL Turbo RB30 turbo bits Let me know what you have thanks!
  20. Smitherines

    Chasing front and rear HR31 GTS-X bumpers, Please pm me if you have for sale, thank you.
  21. Cyifly

    Thought since im new to oz let alone skylines australia looking to see who else in the area is round and keen on a meet up one night possibly. got my 34, seen heaps of other skylines round. Well lets see how i get on.
  22. pkiss01

    From the album: my 31 skyline

    not the best shot of the front.
  23. jlynch180

    GTS-R R31 Exhaust Manifold I know it's a long shot, but I'm looking for the exhaust manifold for the gts-r r31 skyline. Thank you!
  24. hi guys I have for sale a HKS GT3037 turbo kit for GTR RB26dett! HKS 3037 Ceramic turbo kit, rebuilt at 5000KMS by Per4manz Turbochargers in Perth . Kit as seen above, complete with 1 x Ceramic coated airbox 2 x HKS 3037s ceramic coated turbo's 2 x HKS ceramic coated tubular top mount manifolds 2 x HKS ceramic coated 50mm external wastegates with screamers 2 x ceramic coated Down pipes 1 x cermamic coated Piping kit 2 x HKS heat shields Kit suitable for applications up to 1000hp at the flywheel PLEASE CONTACT ME IF INTRESTED 0403065666
  25. Hey guys, i recently changed the transmission on my r31. since doing this the car wont start at first i thought something wasnt plugged in so i dropped the trans and double checked and made sure of everything being plugged in. still no luck so i though it was the fuel, i added fuel and yet again no luck. the car had been on jack stands sitting at a funny angle with the engine being the lowest point of the car. before the trans got changes the car started first kick and never failed, i have no idea what the problem could be.