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Found 87 results

  1. Looking for a 1987 r31 gts-r as my next purchase, if you have one your looking to sell or are selling and have a rough gauge as to how much you want please feel free to reply. If not I might have to source from overseas!
  2. RB30 R31 VL Turbo Parts Hey got a few things for sale, Factory VL T03 Turbo - $150 wasn't making boost so pulled it apart and put new bearings through it, still struggled to spin up so not sure if it's due to the crack around the wastegate flap or the core is just cooked. Can come with another pair of bearings unused VL dump pipe with O2 sensor - $120 Fuel rail to suit turbo plenum with FPR outside the runners - $80 VL turbo crossover pipe with hose to AAC - $120
  3. WTB: R31 Roof Turret with Braces Hello, I am looking for a R31 roof turret with braces I am located in Ballarat, VIC
  4. Rb30 tcs and icd tips. R31 auto box tips Hi all. just looking for some info on how to fix/ install the tcs for r31 rb30 skyline and any good info I can get on how to trouble shoot wiring loom problems. Top loom. Fuel rail, thermostat, tcs and such. And auto box issues with kickdown and gear descions. She's fluttering a bit. And I can't seem to sort out the box. It runs good sometimes but other times feels like it wants to cut out or can't get power from exceleration. Cheers heaps for your time
  5. R31 VL Turbo RB30 turbo bits Let me know what you have thanks!
  6. Chasing front and rear HR31 GTS-X bumpers, Please pm me if you have for sale, thank you.
  7. Thought since im new to oz let alone skylines australia looking to see who else in the area is round and keen on a meet up one night possibly. got my 34, seen heaps of other skylines round. Well lets see how i get on.
  8. GTS-R R31 Exhaust Manifold I know it's a long shot, but I'm looking for the exhaust manifold for the gts-r r31 skyline. Thank you!
  9. Hey guys I would like to get a manual conversion for a r31 or even a cheap manual car. Located in melbs Cheers from joel
  10. hi guys I have for sale a HKS GT3037 turbo kit for GTR RB26dett! HKS 3037 Ceramic turbo kit, rebuilt at 5000KMS by Per4manz Turbochargers in Perth . Kit as seen above, complete with 1 x Ceramic coated airbox 2 x HKS 3037s ceramic coated turbo's 2 x HKS ceramic coated tubular top mount manifolds 2 x HKS ceramic coated 50mm external wastegates with screamers 2 x ceramic coated Down pipes 1 x cermamic coated Piping kit 2 x HKS heat shields Kit suitable for applications up to 1000hp at the flywheel PLEASE CONTACT ME IF INTRESTED danny@garage101.com.au 0403065666
  11. Hey guys, i recently changed the transmission on my r31. since doing this the car wont start at first i thought something wasnt plugged in so i dropped the trans and double checked and made sure of everything being plugged in. still no luck so i though it was the fuel, i added fuel and yet again no luck. the car had been on jack stands sitting at a funny angle with the engine being the lowest point of the car. before the trans got changes the car started first kick and never failed, i have no idea what the problem could be.
  12. Hey guys, been lurking here for awhile! Basically I'm looking at getting a custom one piece tailshaft made up, the guys done some work for r32's etc but I'd be the first for an r31! I don't know much about the nitz and gritz in terms of measurements etc when it comes specifically to tailshafts, spline counts and other things relating. Basically I am going with a company called Gibsons, located up in New Castle NSW - fabricated from scratch. I have a forum to fill out online that I need to email to him but I have no idea if I've filled it correctly. If someone is able to fact check me please, I would be greatly appreciative! Hell, I'll buy ya a pizza via paypal haha! The forum is located below, this is what I've filled out so far! http://www.gibsondriveshaft.com.au/assets/gds-mg-1-4-1-piece-new-slip-yoke-rear-flange-type-pinion.pdf RB30e gearbox to an automatic diff, stock rb30 motor. (just finished my manual conversion, needing the tailshaft to move her now :P) Thanks in advanced!!
  13. It's about time to make an account.. I find myself constantly on these forums. I figured I may as well create an account so I can get a little more involved. About me: I'm an importer over in the USA, I'm mainly here because I have an HR31 Skyline I've been dumping my time, effort, & energy into. I daily drive a Nissan Pao. Anyways, Hello.
  14. HELP! I've spent the past week trying to nut this shit out, but I'm getting no where. To skip over a lot of details and cut RIGHT to the chase. I am trying to complete my stereo install on my 1989 R31 GXE. I have re-run speaker wiring to doors/parcel shelf etc. I cannot for the LIFE of me (Without fear frying my head-unit) figure out which is 12V constant. And Which is 12v Accessories/Ignition. After looking on multiple pages/sites/forums, I now know that BLUE/BLACK are the Accessories/Ignition & WHITE/GREEN is 12V Constant. However, I have 2 white/green and 2 black/blue wires: Also I was told investing in a Voltage Tester would help. I have uploaded a picture of the one I have which works on 240V accessories but will not register ANY current on any of the wires on my car. Is this perhaps due to the type of Tester I have, as it doesn't have a "ground lead"? So ultimately, buying the tester has gotten me no further along with something that should be so simple. If anyone at ALL can help me with nutting out these last 2 wires, it'd mean the world.
  15. hi all, I HAVE A HKS GT3037 TURBO KIT FOR A RB26DETT FOR SALE IT IS $4400 IF INTERESTED PLEASE CONTACT ME ON email - danny@garage101.com.au phone - 0403 065 666
  16. pkiss01


    From the album: my 31 skyline

    not the best shot of the front.
  17. would an r31 carpet fit into my Hr31, or at least be close to anyway?
  18. Hey guys. I'm on the hunt for a HR31 GTSX or GTSR. I don't want something over the top, or something that needs major work if you're considering selling your HR31 coupe, inbox me please. It'll be going to a good home, that I can promise
  19. Hello guys, first time poster here. I am looking to get a bit more noise out of my 31. Previous owner fitted a GTS2 2.25" exhaust from catback after upgrading the exhaust in their GTS2. I want to get a bit more noise out of it, but also not insanely loud. The current setup is like so: [Headers]======<CAT>======[Muffler]===========[Muffler/Tip]= I was thinking of adding a Magnaflow rear muffler with dual tips on to the current system. https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/0H0AAOSwrklVJVNc/s-l500.jpg Or would it be better to do a centre muffler delete and replace the rear muffler with the Magnaflow. [Headers]======<CAT>=================[Muffler/Tip] Current rear tailpipe/muffler is like so: http://i.imgur.com/foSPz6Lh.jpg
  20. G'day guys, Unique Cars magazine is working on an upcoming issue centred around Japanese cars, and their increasing provenance and desirability in the secondhand market (RIP me who missed the boat on 20K BNR32's 5 or so years ago and has been looking for the right car for the past year). We're seeking an ADM R31 GTS (series 1/2 or 3 at this stage) to be involved in the magazine. Again, must be Australian delivered, and as close to stock as possible. If you or anyone you know happens to own one, and would like to get involved, please get in touch with me here so we can chat further Cheers, Alex, UCM
  21. located in avondale heights melbourne $25
  22. I have a couple of R31 to sell. I have moved to New Zealand and have no where to store them anymore. Hoping they will go to a good home and continue where I left off with drifting. Both cars run sweet but the GTS-X needs a windscreen and a good tidy up. It seems a shame to strip the GTS-X but realistically it will make an excellent donor for the TI which is already set up for drifting. Im looking at about $2000 for the pair or will sell seperately for the right price. PM me for more info and offers. 1989 R31 TI details: RB30E Surge tank and external Walbro fuel pump. S13 Strut conversion with Tein coilovers R33 N/A front brakes (stock wheels fit over them) Manual conversion. Brass button friction plate. Mini spool. Electronic line locker. Nitros Oxide wet kit. Solenoids removed but lines and brackets still installed. Pacemaker extractors with 2.5" straight through exhaust. Heaps of rims. Heaps of spares. Much more that I have forgotten. 1989 R31 GTS-X details: RB20DET Front mount intercooler. S13 Strut conversion with 5 stud rotors. 4 pot front brakes All new suspension. Sway bars. Strut braces. Nissan Patrol pressure plate with brass button friction plate. Also more that's been forgotten. PM me for more info, offers, etc
  23. R31 rb30 carbon vacume hose diagram Hi if anyone can help me out. I'm after a diagram or good pic/ list of where all the vacume hoses run too and from. On R31 RB30 skyline. 1987. Or any info I can get my hands on. cheers all
  24. After doing some digging (and pulling) I've managed to undo the damage done to the R32 and I discovered I had and R31 ECU powering the car. That's all good and great and wonderful except the engine harness for the R31 is different from the R32, dramatically so lol. I've recently finished swapping out the chassis harness, engine harness and transmission harness over to the R32 one. Thank god that's done lol. Now the challenge becomes what to do with the old harnesses and ECU. Don't suppose anyone needs anything? I've posted on eBay however looking to see if anyone wants to take off my hands. MEC-R43 23710 80S11 That being said, still on the hunt for an R32 ECU, has to be A/T which has proven to be difficult (and expensive) to find as of late.
  25. Newbie to SAU Hi new to forum but have had 2 r31s in the past, one with a warm NA 110rwkw and the other was a s1 silo which did the rounds with all my mates before i got it and clocked up nearly 400,000 kms good motor ! came to a sad end on the Moanash freeway bald tyres + wet road + 100kph + 720 spin + barrier = aids but i am buying another r31 which I am going to club reg because i rarely drive during the week anyway only my truck for work Hence why i have joined this lovely community So if anyone has done this or has any hints and tips that would be great Cheers Phil
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