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Found 32 results

  1. Hi guys, hoping someone can help I have an R33 GTR and I’m trying to workout what the interior trim code K on the chassis plate stands for??
  2. Hey guy, need some HELP here!! So i was redoing the interior on my R33 GT-R. Took everything out from the carpet to the dash. Fast forward, put everything back and now the car isn’t getting any power. No fuel pump priming or any lights on the cluster. No lights on ignition or when i turn the key. Only things working are the interior lights and the headlights. I have already checked all the relays and the fuses in the boot, under the hood, close to the steering wheel and close to the ECU. When i turn the key i do hear the relay close to the steering wheel click. The car has a PANTHERA alarm/immobiliser. Checked some wires on the ECU and its not getting any positive power but it is getting ground. One thing i suck at is the wiring, the electrical side. Will go over the wires again now and will update on the wires i have checked. Also if anyone knows anything about this PANTHERA alarm that came with the car or if it is possible to change it to english as its in Japanese would help alot. One last thing, dont think it made a difference but wanted to mention it, i did unplug the ECU after disconnecting the battery. Any help you guys can offer would mean alot. Thank you!
  3. Chasing working good condition R33GTR Digital Climate Control Unit. If you have one you want to sell, let me know
  4. Currently has a tune for 300 kw R33 Gtst - hypergear high flow turbo, nismo 740cc injectors, walbro 255, front mount intercooler and full 3" intercooler. So if you have similar mods you can run the ecu but a full tune for your car is recommended. I have bought another ecu to suit my needs, so want this gone asap (negotiable on $$ within reason). Features: Built in 4-bar MAP sensor to replace the factory airflow meter. VE tuning to simplify injector upgrades and simplify staging Easy to use software Plugs into factory wiring Compatible with many third party dashes and devices Full closed loop operation Flex fuel capable Launch control, antilag, flat shift and boost by gear all standard Semi sequential injection and wasted spark ignition Spare 0-5V analogue input On the GTR / R32, VVT output can be reassigned to a different function One additional spare aux output 3 spare digital inputs Spare temperature input Compatible with single and multi throttle body (for GTiR) tuning modes SPECIAL FEATURES This ECU also supports all the functions of the 440 ECU, however for advanced functions such as traction control, additional wiring and/or sensors will be necessary: Flex fuel function – fill it up with gas/petrol or any ethanol concentration Adaptive fuel control (self tuning) – reduces dyno time Traction control function Serial input for wideband O2 sensors (we recommend the MTXL) Serial output for communication with dashes and dataloggers (we recommend the Race Technology units) Headphone port for listening to the knock sensor while tuning Basic closed loop ignition control Closed loop fuel, idle, boost, 2 x variable valve timing control Easy to use software Dual maps (both maps required for GTiR for combined TPS / MAP tuning)
  5. Hi Guys I have a series 1 r33gtr. The original problem was a valve guides broke and went ontop of a piston so while I had the motor out I replaced main bearings rings freshened up pistons replaced all gaskets replaced oil and water pump, I had the head rebuilt with stronger springs installed. Now I have reassembled the engine and installed it again but for some reason I have lost all boost (turbos spool up as usual) and also noticed that I have lost water from the radiator. I have checked all water lines and no mixture but when I removed the oil it was milky and found my water. It's not mixing in the water lines tho. Could anybody point me in the right direction please.. Thanks in advance..
  6. Thought I would throw up a build of my R33 GTR. I managed to find a nice tidy example which had a few basic mods done. It had a set of Rota Grid 18x10 +15, and BC coil overs (which were wound down stupidly low). The exhaust was an aftermaket Y pipe and unbranded 3.5 system that was beaten to death thanks to the low ride height. Engine wise it is sock other than a set of Apexi filters and a Power FC. The car came with a dyno chart saying it made around 240KW on 12ish PSI. I wanted to change a few things on the car to suit my taste and looks wise then chase a little more power. I started with the wheels as the Rotas were a bit tired and weren't for me. I ordered a set of Work D9Rs from Work NZ in gloss black, 18x10.5 +15. A test fit showed fitment was solid which was good. For tyres i went with Achilles 123S 265x35, the internet told me they were OK and it knows whats up. I also raised the height up on the BCs as it was dumb low. The exhaust that came with the car has seen much better days... I fitted a new HKS 3.5" (sadly necking down to 3") cat back setup along with a new front pipe and made up a decat pipe with O2 bung for wideband. Unfortunately the new front pipe (random China brand) sat pretty low and the exhaust was too quiet for my liking. So I made up a new straight through center pipe in 3.5" and modified the front pipe so that it sat higher for better clearance.
  7. R32 GTR vs R33 GTR Speed Sensor Hi Guys, Purchased a R32gtr gearbox with osgiken gearset and upgraded transfer case clutch plate, going to be installed onto a R33 gtr. The speed sensor from R33 is electric (which I need to retain) whereas the R32 is cable. When I pulled both off the gearbox, R32 red cog/pinion has 20 teeth and the R33 white cog/pinion has 19 teeth. Read somewhere that you can straight swap them, though the pinion being smaller in the R33, as the shaft is offset and can still mesh correctly? Can someone verify? TIA
  8. R33 GTR - Daily for 7 years and counting I recently started to read through a lot of the project threads on here, and I wanted to add my own as it's a great way to keep track of everything, and a lot of the information I've found in the project threads had been invaluable for my own build. I've been lurking around these forums since I got my first car, a 1994 R33 GTS4. Back then I had zero mechanical knowledge, but I planned to just dive in and learn as much as I could, which has led me to where I'm at now with a 1995 R33 GTR, doing all mechanical work myself (aside from one clutch change), and not planning on ever parting ways with it I picked the car up back in 2010 with a few mods, such as the Enkei wheels, and a HKS catback with an unknown high flow cat, but it was otherwise completely stock. Looking back, it was a good find as I didn't really know exactly what to look out for at the time I've collected a whole bunch of pictures I've taken over the years, and my plan is to go through and post them in order until I get to where it's at now, so there's a lot more to come if anyone is interested in reading along. For now, I'll start off with a picture of how it was the day I got it home, back when phone cameras were a lot worse than they are now
  9. Apexi N1 stainless steel catback exhaust built for R32 GTR but has had one section added to fit my 260rs Stagea. 3 inch exhaust in good condition but sits a little low for my liking. A few minor scrapes. Rear cannon in great condition, always polished. Would suit 260rs or 32/33 GTR with minor modifications. May suit other stageas with some modification. $350 pickup in southern suburbs of Adelaide. Price negotiable for a quick sale.
  10. Hi, I'm new to the sau community and hope someone on here can help. I have an R32 GTR that I am swapping the hydraulic hicas system for the electronic hicas system out of an R33 GTR. I have the hicas ECU and rack assembly but I was unable to get the wiring harness/plugs and hicas motor relay and am in need of these parts to make it easier to integrate. Hoping someone on here has the bits or might know where to get them. I haven't found any info on anyone else doing this swap but if anyone has info on it or any tips it would be appreciated. Thanks,
  11. Hi All, Trying to locate a pinout diagram for the R33 GTR Attesa system, I can find the R32 one easily which shows the plugs and pinouts but really struggling to find the R33 GTR one. Any help or pointers would be great, main 2 wires/pins I'm trying to find out the TPS and the RPM input.
  12. Hi All were can I get custom made side skirts and floor to wtac specs for open class in Brisbane Cheers
  13. R33 GTR Full Length Cooling Panels Group Buy Back due to popular demand on GTR owners FB page and SAU members, I am bringing back this group buy for the R33 GTR full length cooling panel. Other small carbon parts can also be made available so please enquire below. price up to 5 people - $280 6+ people - $260 Shipping Aus wide will range from $15-$30 to most metro major cities and up $40 to other areas, all with tracking and insurance! Exact pricing can be given if you provide postcode to make your decision whether or not to join the group buy.pick up available in Sydney. some notes: does not fit S3 with Xenons so modification is required (as per photo attached from Daz's car in the link below), so buy at your discretion N1 models, a small hole needs to be drilled for oil cooler mount (Terry N1 can confirm this) Group buy ends on 16/10/17 Payment: 70% deposit, the remaining 30% + any shipping costs to be paid once the panels land and are ready to ship. Previous thread and more pics:
  14. Nismo super coppermix twin plate clutch kit for sale,complete with flywheel. To suit r32 gtr pull type. Selling due to an upgrade. These clutchs are rated at 500kws at the flywheel and are very easy to use. Lots of meat left on the plates. Pickup Camden pk nsw 2570, retail $2400 selling $1200ono. pm or call 0410993105
  15. haltech platinum pro rotational idle switch hey guys i have a haltech platinum pro plugin on my gtr and im going to wire up a switch for rot idle on/off i have the pinout and have used avi 3( pin 10 black aux plug) (analogue input) and pin 9 +5v i turned it on in ecu on haltech software but it doesnt work when i supply 5v to the avi3 input . i have set turn on 5volts and turn off 0 volts, do i need something extra to activate it ie, another aux input box ?
  16. WTB R33 GTR Bonnet Damper hey, i am looking for an set bonnet damper for my r33 gtr. used or new or an info where i can get some! Thanks!
  17. Wanted: r33 gtr non active rear diff or just housing Chasing a r33 gtr rear diff (non active ) or even just a diff housing , must be non active Anthony 0404444555
  18. R33 gtr fibreglass rear pods R33 gtr rear pods. unpainted fibreglass, have never been fitted or painted . $120obo pick up s.e suburbs
  19. R33 GTR Garage Defend Cooling Panel R33 GTR Garage Defend Cooling Panel fibreglass, used, not painted, in black gel coat some cosmetic scuff marks on both side of the latch hole, $100 firm pick up sydney or post at your expense.
  20. For Sale: RB26 R34 GTR Parts For Sale 1) R34 GTR RB26 Factory Injectors x 6 with approximately 60,000km - $200 (free express postage anywhere in Australia) 2) Top Feed Injector Extensions Short to Full Length (11mm) - $55 (free express postage anywhere in Australia)
  21. WANT TO BUY R33 GTR Currently seeking a late model R33 GTR strongly prefer stock 1997 or 1998 series 2 or 3 in midnight purple but will definitely look at every model, color and mods, but must be clean. Willing to travel to any State in Australia or NZ for the right car. $25,000 ish Will be coming to a forever home and truly cherished. 0432 538 006
  22. Gang, I have for sale a brand new Genuine Nissan ATTESA Nitrogen Accumulator Canister to fit all skyline GTR models that I no longer need. If your 4wd / Attessa system has never been refurbished then this is for you. It will revive that all active all wheel paw of your Skyline GTR Cost me $420 new will sell for $350 o.n.o Low ballers can see the backdoor as I will not tolerate them Located on the Gold Coast Happy to ship at buyer's expense Text 0404 006 580 or just pm me. Ants
  23. I have a Momo steering wheel with airbag from a Series 2 260RS for sale. Leather is perfect with absolutely no blemishes. I've seen this style of wheel on some R33 GTR's. This pic is for illustration purposes only. I'll upload pics of actual item tonight. $300. postage extra
  24. R32 GTR Parts - HKS Twin Blow Off Valve Setup - Swaps + $150 $150 — North Brisbane or Happy to Pay Post HKS Twin Blow Off Valve on Cold Side HKS Pipe - Swap +$150 Returning Car to stock so looking to swap stock down pipe and get $150 my way if anyone is keen Can get more pics arrange swap etv Thanks North bris will post or travel Brayden 0405639821
  25. if anyone is interested in these plates, please let me know as im looking to sell them urgently. price is $650 (USA BLUE Style) Plates have not yet been registered to any vehicle so its a straight sign up, no $130 additional fee is needed to transfer them
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