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Found 17 results

  1. hi everyone, Just recently joined up after reading forums for past 12 months, I have a s2 R33 gtst auto, (no choice have snapped verterbra so auto only option) Slowly building it up, give me a yell if you see it around Redcliffe, no pics yet but easy to spot, big gtr wing on the back with stock rims LOL
  2. r33gtst nismo catback 80mm with carbon covered tip pickup Samford ( northside) Brisbane 0404481222 $250
  3. I'm looking to modify my headlights I simply cant (or at least cant find anywhere on the internet or modification shops) modify my ichikoh 1535 headlights as they have a ribbed lenses and its not legal to do anything in NZ with headlights without doing the whole lot to suit said change. long story short i want to know if 1533 clear headlights fit in the place of 1535 headlights
  4. Hey guys, I am new to the car scene and have just bought my first race car on Saturday. I got an R33 GTST and I am so stoked with her. On the point that I am new, I am open to suggestions and advice as to what I can do to ensure my car gets the best care possible. Also future upgrades and parts. Cheers,
  5. I finally got a friends r33 gtst on the dyno today and he was telling me it lacks power in the top end. Rb25det fair. Hks pod. Z32 AFM apexi power FC. Upgraded turbo not sure on size smaller than a gt3582r. For facing plenum 80mm tb e85 1000cc injury 15psi boost 3" Full system including dump pipe. Was tuned by a shop and gave a dyno sheet that showed 313rwkw. No today on the dyno it pulled 205rwkw. Haven't investigated yet but any ideas what might have happened timing not advancing or some stupid little think before I go full surgical on the car.
  6. Hi, i was wondering if there is a website or something similar that show you the parts that can be used across various models. E.g. Can i use s14 cat in a r33 gtst(ECR33) RB25DET?
  7. Hello! I just recently had my Timing belt done and all the accesories, tensioners/pulleys etc. The shop who did the job is very reputable and have done many jobs like this before. So when I got my car back I didn't notice anything, the car sounded fine. Drove it home, (3 hour journey) and just as im arriving when I do a pull from 1st gear in the parking space I hear a whinning noise from the engine? Was pretty tired so decided to look it up the next day. I read through some forum posts with people who experienced similar problems. That their belt would make squeaky noises, when warmed up mostly and around idle. In my case this is what i've discovered so far: Noise is there both when the engine is cold and warmed up and only seems to be apparent from 1000--1500rpm. Anyone have any ideas what this noise can be?!? More frustrating than anything! The timing belt kit installed is a Blueprint oem replacement. Video how it sounds: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=OEsFwTc3Rp0
  8. R33 miss firing problem Hello guys My r33gtst has been running rough the last week or so Have a adaptronic ecu,1400cc xspurt injectors/custom rail aeroflow,walbro 460,turbosmart fuel pressure regulator and all e85 lines The problem im having is it just misses makes a similar sound from exhaust toof toof toof missing and when cold is all over the place Once warmed up it starts to clear up abit better And smoothen out more when driving it I have just also noticed when im in first gear clutch in and rev it say to 1500rpm it sounds realy rough but when i engage the clutch to say stress point hold it there it all smoothens out perfect until clutch in again and runs rough misses all through from 800rpm - 4000rpm idle I have changed plugs,checked all coil packs,all injectors ,changed all fuel hoses (e85) Checked replaced all vacuum hoses and checked all cooler pipe hoses Im leaning towards ecu,maybe blocked injector or vct Any ideas
  9. WTB fiberglass/carbon hood and trunk and fenders for 33gtst S2 WTB fiberglass/carbon hood and trunk and fenders for 33gtst S2. Preferred in VIC Pm or msg 0456598888
  10. Hi guys this might be a waist of time but i have to ask... Does anyone know where i can get or have a quiet 3 inch exhaust for a R33 GTS~t Is it under the Db limit or close. Otherwise i may have to do a sneaky sneaky system like pic
  11. 1996 R33 Gtst series 2! NEAR NEW REGO!! 8.5k or near offers Car is mostly stock, 169k kms, always been run on BP98 or Shell V-Power. Serviced religiously every 5000 kms. selling as I am looking to upgrade to a geedeeahh . Full 100k service was done by Top secret imports in 2014 with 146k kms on the clock. Done as a precaution when I purchased the car. straight chassis, no accident damage, never written off and no financial interest owing on the car. Modifications: Blitz return flow intercooler Fujitsubo exhaust R33 GTR genuine rear wing factory airbox and snorkel - good for 300+kws yellow jacket coil packs 3 inch dump pipe all the way Walbro 255 fuel pump Pedders shock and spring combo Go Fast Bits boost controller Defi style oil temprature gauge Defi style oil pressure gauge Upgraded R34 GTT op6 turbo Heat wrapped intercooler and intake pipe Custom Heavy duty clutch from st Mary's clutches installed can handle power up to 280 kw Rear main seal done when transmission was out New spigot bearing installed OEM gear knob Alpine head unit 5star rated mongoose alarm installed, other security mods which can be discussed with the new owner. New bcp7res spark plugs. RDA slotted and dimpled front and rear rotors Near new Intima SR brake pads (good crossover for street and track) factory 16" wheels with bob jane xenon tyres - legal tread All fluids recently changed Nulon fullly synthetic 10w40 engine oil Gearbox uses Redline light weight shockproof Diff uses Nulon fluid Motul RBF 600 brake fluid Bad points about the car: Car could use a respray if you are overly pedantic- the roof is loosing its clear coat. Sunroof has rust on the inside - Can be fixed or simply replaced with a second hand sunroof from wreckers. Boot has some rust which is usual in all r33's due to leaking water. Water leak has been fixed by resealing the tail lights and boot gutter using silicone. Drivers seat has bolster wear. I am negotiable on price within reason. Low ball offers will be ignored, you can test drive the car when I have been given 8.5k cash in hand.
  12. tacho jumping all over the place on R33 GTST Hi, Today my tacho (standard dash) started jumping all over the place. I did a search but couldn't find anything, other than check the battery terminals, which I checked and are fine. At idle it's jumping between 4500 and redline. The car is driving normally, the speedo is working normally. Computer is an Apexi Power FC. Any ideas before I take it to my tuner? cheers Mike
  13. What's the HP limit for the 21U turbine housing? As per title what is the the HP limit for the 21U housing due to backpressure? (I'm talking about high flowed units) Thank you! Just found this, so 270RKW at best?
  14. Selling my R33 Gtst for an Evo VIII. Wise move? Hi guys cut long story short. I am selling my R33 gtst for an Evo. I have poured in so much money and effort into the R33 and it feels like once a week a new issue occurs. Just recently had it dyno tuned and was excited to finally enjoy the car....but no. 2 days later my car started sounding like tractor, exhaust note changed and would not pull hard once I got onto boost. I took it to numerous mechanics in gold coast and know one has a clue what the issue is. So I am done with Skylines and decided to buy a 2004 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII next week. Apparently the only issue is some sort of surge when you go WOT but drives ok if you gradually apply the throttle. It has high K's, I think around about 260k but I hear the engines are bullet proof. So just wanted to ask. Whats it like going from a gtst to Evo? Do the evos feel as quick? What are they like in terms of reliability? Will I regret going to an Evo? Cheers guys.
  15. After a pair of 255/50-16 mickey thompson et street in good condition located south eastern suburbs melbourne Pm me if anyone wants to sell
  16. Hey guys, Have recently had problems with excessive blow by at the track. I have an at performance catch can with 2.3l capacity and fill it up after 5 or so laps. Have been told this is normal for Rb's but seems pretty excessive. I have seen peoples setups to drain from the head back to the sump but a healthy motor shouldn't need that? Im only running 250hp with a standard high flowed turbo. Thinking i need a rebuild but want to here peoples thoughts. Do freshly rebuilt rb25det's still push oil out at the track? TIA
  17. Hey all, it's time to sell the skyline and before i put it up anywhere else i might as well put it up here on SAU to see if anyone is interested. There was a time when i was selling it, but i guess this is final now... New Oil and Oil filter changed at 152,000 kms. The timing belt, drive belts, water pump, rear tyres, standard suspension, new coolant, caster bushes, new exhaust manifold studs has been replaced at 144k kms. (receipt is somewhere) It is; a Nissan skyline 1996 r33 gtst Series 2 Km’s – 155,xxx, Transmission – Manual Colour – Black Price - $11,000 cash ono RWC – No, unless i have more time on me at the moment. REGO - Yes, till 2014 November Location - Patterson Lakes 3197 Victoria (South-East Suburbs) at the moment. Engine No: RB25164204A VIN: 6U9000ECR33110397 The R33: List of Modifications: Garrett GTX3076r (less than 15kms used) Just fitted (only driven home from fabrications) 4" intake and custom box Stainless steel custom and tucked 4' dump pipe, 3" exhaust with cat and mid resonator all the way to a cannon with a 5" tip (yes it's loud, atm) - from Havoc fabrications stock afm relocated, closer to throttle body Mines map ecu (have nistune) Bilstein shocks with king springs (lowered, but legal) Spitfire coil packs new -8 sparkplugs Jecks 550cc injectors Sard fuel regulator with gauge HDI front mount intercooler Dual core radiator X-treme heavy duty clutch G-reddy profec-b boost controller Alarm & immobiliser EBC pads all corners GTR wing 19" Lenso rims (with excellent 95+ tread all corners) fire extinguisher in passenger side Front + back strut bars (front is off due to installing turbo) The car will also be sold with the following: RB30 Block, crankshaft and crankshaft cradle from a R31 4x spare nissan stockies (2 of them new tread) stock airbox and intake nistune ecu i am also selling spare parts here. The not so bad: aircon not working, (probably no gas) and motor ticking (standard r33's)... heater not working, found out that the hose to the firewall has a whole in it, so that will need replacing needs a z32 AFM, as the one from eBay i bought awhile back was fake. a tune i was also gonna get the read quater pannels re-painted due to the previous owner doing a dodgey I really do hate selling things especially cars that are not finished. I am in the process of getting the car tuned with a z32 and aircon/heater fix, and whatever i spend will reflect the price more, so either buy it before i get it done, your choice. i know with a tune and z32 it will hit over 300rwkw, before with a stock turbo on 18psi i had 222rwkw. I haven't even enjoy this car yet, since i only just got it back a few weeks ago from getting the dump pipe and exhaust made and don't want to drive it untuned. For sale price is $11,000 cash ono. if you're interested in the car either pm, text or call me on 0423 932 035 the car is currently located in Patterson Lakes 3197 (South East Melbourne, VIC), but will be moved by next weekend since i am between moving houses. i currently work night shift at the moment but im usually free after 1-7pm Thank you for taking the time to view my ad. I hope you find what you are looking for. Be upfront, honest and clear. Im looking to sell this fast, so throw me an offer as this car won't last long!
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