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Found 82 results

  1. Hi guys can someone tell the the specs of this Injectors r34 skyline 2000cc bosch fuel injectors x6 - 2F1E-A7A-200..and are these anygood
  2. Hi all, I've finally got a brand new Nismo combination cluster for R34 GTT. - Did anyone manage to transfer odometer readings from the old cluster onto the new one? - Does anyone know a workshop in Sydney area that can do the job? - Is it possible to register odometer change with RMS (RTA) without transferring the odometer readings from the old cluster onto the new one? All help is appreciated.
  3. Wanting to buy a r34 gtt altia front bar. Same as one in photo, snapped mine a couple weekends ago in a hill climb. Happy to pay postage. also chasing Xenon headlight (drivers side) gtr style rear bumper Send me a message if you have any of these Thanks shaun
  4. R34 GTT Parts - Blitz Return Flow FMIC, CES Split Dump, Nismo Arms All parts are off an R34 GTT Blitz return flow FMIC anodised black - $350 - SOLD CES split dump front pipe black ceramic coated with flex section and wideband port - $300 Nismo front upper arm set - $250 - SOLD All parts located in the Canterbury area of Sydney.
  5. Hello everyone so I have a question about the rb25 engine. So in my skyline r34 gtt I have the rb25de neo engine but I want to get it turbocharged. What parts will I need to get for it to work properly?
  6. I have an R34GTT project that I brought many years ago. Has original Rb25det engine and manual gearbox with HD clutch to go with it. Car had been modified and previous owner stripped aftermarket turbo and performance parts to sell car and never put back together. So engine needs stock injectors and turbo put back on (pretty sure I have all of this) and engine and box put back into car. Pretty sure almost everything is complete to reassemble, clean mostly complete interior car had 145,000km at the time it was taken off the road. Needs front and rear bars painted(lower Altia kit) , has been stored for at least 6 years that I have owned. Fully complied and clear title. Being sold as Is where is. Will be getting some pics in the next few days. From memory it had tanabe coil overs, nismo sway bars and a few other bits and pieces that I would have forget about. Probably missing a few bits and bobs from being stored in pieces for so long. Want $7K on Stockies or $8k with a set of genuine 19" volk CE28 19" gold rims but open to offers. car is located in Deniliqun NSW 3hrs from Melbourne, 7.5hours from Sydney, 6hours from Adelaide. Strictly pick up only, no delivery. Not interested in organising freight as parts are bulky. Judging by recent 34 prices if someone is prepared to put in the work could end up with a nice cheap genuine turbo manual GTT These will be the next generation of collectable car like the genuine mx7 plated vl Calais turbo I don't come on here much but pm me I'll check it over the next few weeks
  7. i bought r34 gtt and I would like to upgrade my car with turbo and i want to reach some where around 300 hp so i want to know what do you recommend me guy for the turbo and the other things? And how much it will cost? And where to go in Melbourne? I’m happy to buy up to $4000
  8. Hi guys I got a issue with my R34 GT-Turbo 1998, Semi Automatic for Months now but manged.. Regardless when the car is cold or warmed up, when I shift into Reverse or Drive.. the rpm drops and will stall. It starts back up again perfectly fine. Now the only way I can manage to bypass this is to give it a little gas right after I shift into gear so the revs won't drop and stall out on me. And also when I come to a full stop at a red light for example, the car revs would drop and sometimes stall too. The only way I can stop this is manually use the TipTronic and shift it into Gear 1 before I fully get to a Stop and it won't stall out. I forgot to mention most importantly that the A/T light flashes before I start the car up. it flashes 16 times. Now it also gets WORSE, lets say I attempted to "Drift" which I never have even done, but lets say I wanted to, for example. When I get to a Roundabout and start turning while giving abit of gas, the revs somehow holds back and the A/T light then comes on after I turn and the car will start going into LIMP Mode. So I would have to shut it off and start the car back up again and it runs fine and the A/T light is gone. The only way I can bypass this that when I get to a corner or a sharp turn.., I can't accelerate while turning at the same time all else the A/t Light comes back on, As I straighten the wheel back straight the Revs pick up again as if the car didn't allow me to go fast on a corner... I can't even have a joy ride anymore My power Steering fluid is full too so hmmm Now I just got my Throttle Position Sensor changed and cleaned the Throttle, I have also checked for any vacuum leaks carefully but nothing. I changed my Coil packs/spark plugs recently too, Cleaned my O2 Sensor, Cleaned the Air flow meter and checked for any leaks, cleaned the Idler Air Valve, Checked my Automatic fluid and its nice and red and on Full (also got it serviced for new transmission filter and fluid changed) tried a lot but still no good Now I can only think of Solenoids A & B or some sort of Sensor The R34 GT-T features : Stock BOV, Aftermarket Pod Filter, 3" Turbo dump pipe, Stock Intercooler, Splitfire Coils, Ngk Iridium Spark plugs. I'm thinking of getting rid of it after spending so much on it but still no mechanic can diagnose this for me. What do you guys think ? Thanks !
  9. my goal is to break 500whp yet still be a weekend driver What i have greedy FMIC Apexi power intake kit Tein coilovers and dampener kit 52mill radiator Parts list. Q45 Airflow meter $100-150 Plenum , fuel rail, throttle body $1000 (for engine clean up only minimal performance increase) Walbro 400LPH $200 ECU I have a haltech platinum Pro ecu kit, let me know if I should upgrade this to make 500hp (370rwkw) Injectors 1000cc $1000-$1100 Carbon clutch twin plate with flywheel $2500 (for $300-500 more but can handle upto 800 hp, if anyone gets a gtt to 800 please fill out your will) Camsharft poncam type b $700 Cam pullys $350 And the big one GT35R turbo kit $4200 Whiteline sway bars $700 any tips or advice or different products i should buy?
  10. Hi all. Due to a recent incident where I dropped 2 of my splitfire coil packs off my bench and broke them I have had to replace my coil packs. In doing so I have the 4 remaining splitfire coil packs from my engine that have less than 5000 km on them for sale. Pick up from Southside of Brisbane. Can post at your expense. Still have the original box they came in. $65 each or i will do all 4 for $220.
  11. Hey guys, Just found an issue today, stuck what to do. I have the R34 GTT, all has been fine and so on for ages... Not driven car since last weekend. Went out today, just found out the Brake Lights don't work.... I can turn on the lights as normal, but when I press Brake pedal, whether in ' no lights', 'side lights' or full lights' mode, I get no Brake Lights I changed the 10A Red fuse from the Fuse box in the engine Bay, which is labelled as 'TAIL' which is between 'TCS' and 'HORN' , but still no lights, and not sure the 'TAIL' fuse relates to brake lights... The fuse panel down by the pedals = in Jap (so cant read which fuse is for what!) Not even sure its a fuse problem. Not sure what to check, or where, etc. Any help, i would be very grateful
  12. Iv a r34 gtt series 1. I picked up a turbochargerbut not sure if its for the r34 gtt. Its a 45v1 with 3 stamped on the oustide and 2 stamped inside and has op6 stamped with 717b and a letter 4 also stamped on it.. the actuator is 29 0724A and Asn7. Any help on detils about this would be great. Could it be from a stagea?
  13. Clearing out garage, got a few parts that I've replaced over the last year. All parts are from an R34 GT-T Auto 1998. R34 GTT Seats. Fairly good condition. They are bubble wrapped since I took them out of the car. $100 the pair. R34 GTT Factory Auto Diff. Auto ratio, but theres 1kmh difference in ratios. Should be viscous, definitely single spins, otherwise no clunks and drives fine. I took it out to put a Kaaz in. $50 R34 GTT Factory Auto Exhaust and Dump pipe. $100. R34 GTT Wheels. Full tread but old tyres (hiflo/dunlop). 3 center caps, missing one. Average condition, think a couple have light rash. $100 Pickup only for this stuff, too large to post, Preston / Reservoir. Anything still available in a week I'll open up to offers, need the space.
  14. Hi guys, I'm after a manual cluster/tachometer for my R34 GTT, since mine poofed its self. Was looking at going for a nismo but waaayy to expensive and would rather use the cash for engine mods. Even just the PCD cluster board would be amazing. Thanks
  15. Hi all I am chasing 2 R34 GTT RB25 Neo Spitfire coil packs. Brisbane Cash waiting Pm me or leave details on this post please. Thank you
  16. MGR777


    WTB: Manual gear surround cover and centre triple gauge cover matching in colour. Where can I buy or does anyone have some for sale?
  17. Hi I'm new here and hope to post a bit. I'm from the UK but not many active forums there currently have a 4 door r34 gtt but have had 5 skylines previously in r33 and 34 form. Also many silvias etc My current car, a factory manual car bought stock. Now has a few bits, hks exhaust, intercooler, r35 570cc injectors, walbro pump, hks evc 6, hks intake, hks 2530 turbo, apexi power fc, front mount intercooler, tein coilovers 17" 9j rims (getting changed), fully serviced and a timing belt kit and oils etc. Fairly basic spec cheers all
  18. Clean qm1 r34 gtt coupe, manual Hey guys, Up for sale is my 98 gtt Car was imported in 2002, and has 214,000 Despite the kms this car runs perfectly, my focus of the build was cosmetics with performance in mind later. Due to circumstances changing i now have to sell. Im asking 21k, due to seeing standard ones selling for the 15-17 mark. Im not desperate for sale so don't bother low balling, no swaps Exterior East bear front Lip Nismo front and side indicators East bear rear bumper with seperate pods V spec side extensions Gtr rep wing, with genuine blade Gtr rear foglight and brand new nissan badge East bear bonnet attachment R33 gtr intercooler mesh bonnet has had extensive modifying to replicate gtr one All paint is fresh except roof, guards and doors but is still in excellent condition Interior Drift seats and jjr rails Double din pioneer. Bt, usb, dvd Alpine type r coax front and rear Custom fit shadow defi style gauges, recess in the factoy location with brand new nissan glass V spec 2 cluster bezel V spec 2 gear surround, ash tray and stereo surround. All brand new from nissan ($700 worth) Ac, gauge cover, window switches all painted in satin black Gtr door valet lights Brand new oem gearknob Wheels and suspension Freshly painted Volk te37s, 18x9.5 +12 Semi slicks all round Nismo shocks and springs (insanely comfortable Performance Blitz return flow intercooler, pipes painted black Turbosmart boost tee Drift pod filter (airbox also supplied) Turbosmart dual port (comes with bung to make it legal) Hks 3" catback Superspark coilpacks Roughly 3-4 months nsw rego Plates come with Better to text me 0432 232 767
  19. R34 gtt tiptronic transmision upgrade parts/kits tricks Hi can any 1 help ?point me in right direction? i have a r34 gtt tiptronic that is in need of a stronger transmission to handle more boost does any1 know of any kits or upgrade parts to make it stronger must stay a auto as I'm a paraplegic (wheelchair user) and can only drive on a automatic license the transmission is totally stock and has started to slip any information or help be massively appreciated thanks Ryan👍🏻
  20. Modified r34 gtt part out due to repair damage quote being a lot more then planned. i will be parting out my r34 gtt car has all parts at the moment except front bumper passenger side skirt and passenger rear pod, both tail lights. car is located in geelong and still drives on its own. engine has 226,xxxkm all mods are less then 60k km runs fine no damage to anything mechanical just quater and end damage quick mod list: walbro 460lph fuel pump: $160splitfire coilpacks: $300tomei poncams type b: $600bosch 100amp alternator: $120ev14 725cc injectors: $500 turbosmart hypergate 45mm external wastegate: $300apexi avcr boost controller: $400plazmaman intercooler with cusom pipework (done by havoc fab will bolt onto standard pipework): $800hypergear atr43ss2 turbo changed to V band external gate (2014 model and journal bearing ~50k km old): $900nistune with flex fuel tune: $700z32 afm: $150full custom turbo back v band 3.5" stainless steal exhaust with magnaflow highflow cat (done by havoc fab) $1200custom external wastegate off standard turbo manifold (done by havoc fab): $300BC coilovers (no knocks or leaks): $800npc 10" sprung button clutch: $500hicas lockout bar: $70work xd9 18x9 +30(front) 18x10 +38 (rear): $1400 (will no split set)nismo clear indicators front and side: F: $100 S:$50boost, oil temp, water temp gauges: $150 for lot and all other parts avalible buyer pays shipping on parts. pick up is fine also first in first servered. no holds without deposit will provide photos app on request. prices are negotiable. happy to split parts (except wheels) or do deals on multiple parts. if parts are not stated as sold, they could still avalible please feel free to ask. please message me on 0431394082 or reply here or pm. wont always be able to answer calls.
  21. 1998 manual r34 gtt 324kw Hey guys. ive been thinking about selling my r34 gtt so this is more of an expression of interest but if the right price is offered then we can come to an agreement. the car has been my daily driver for the past 4 years and has been garaged warmed up and maintained as much as possible. regular services done at 5k intervals and 1 major service during my ownership. the car has been resprayed by previous owner and was close to stock with only an exhaust and a nismo 1.5 way diff. currently the car has 224,xxx km on the clock and is mostly highway kms (engine and chassis) but is running perfectly fine can and will provide compression test if desired. since owning i have done several mods to it and its become a fun daily driver and as a bit more potential if desired. it also has a brand new battery the timing belt waterpump and oil pump were all replaced at 200k km with the transmission oil and dif. the interior is clean and tidy with no stains in the seats only has 1 light tear in the rear seat, has factory floor mats that are a little worn in the drivers side and being a non smoker there is no smoke smell. steering wheel is showing its age but its nothing serious. currently the car as is has the following extras: walbro 460lph fuel pump splitfire coilpacks tomei poncams type b bosch 100amp alternator ev14 725cc injectors turbosmart hypergate 45mm external wastegate apexi avcr boost controller plazmaman intercooler with cusom pipework (done by havoc fab) hypergear atr43ss2 turbo (2014 model and journal bearing) nistune with flex fuel z32 afm full custom turbo back 3.5" ss exhaust with magnaflow highflow cat (done by havoc fab) custom external wastegate off turbo manifold (done by havoc fab) BC coilovers npc 10" sprung button clutch with lighten flywheel nismo 1.5 diff hicas lockout bar z-tune front bar, side skirts and rear pods work xd9 18x9 +30(front) 18x10 +38 (rear) nismo clear indicators front and side boost, oil temp, water temp gauges pioneer headunit with front and rear, speakers, amp and 12" sub car makes 286kw on pump fuel at 18psi and 324kw on e70 at 18 psi. due to maxing out injectors we did not get a full e85 tune and could not use more boost. car was tuned by trent at chequred tuning. its been running on this tune for the past 3 years and never had any mechanical issues. so with larger injectors and a full e85 tune could see much more. cons: paint has seen better days, theres a few minor surface rust spots and theres a bit of rust near the boot brake light as well as stone chips on the front bumper. as well as the engine is getting older so it may be a put off for some people but it is not showing signs of age. there are also a few tiny dents. as stated its currently only expression of interest so not in a rush to sell it. will come with RWC and rego till sept and a whole year from then. also have a few spare parts that will come with the car for free including, 4 standard wheels and tyres (varying wear on tread) standard gauge cluster, standard rear pods, standard replacement clutch. and a full set of brand new tyres on the work wheels. probably forgotten a thing or two but thats most of it. car needs tyres and to fix the hicas light before passing rwc but will sort that out. reason for expression of sale is. i had built a 900hp built 25/30 literally ready to go into it but someone offered me a price for the engine package and then i lost interest in the car and now would like something cheaper to run. no test drives (without deposit), tyre kickers or time wasters. looking for $16,500 ono any questions contact me on 0431394082 via text, i work allot so wont always be able to answer calls or post on here located in Geelong cheers
  22. Changing/cleaning coolant sensors rb25det neo Location for both ecu and dash gauge coolant sensor. How to change or clean them. Take both sensors out and clean them with 600 grit sandpaper. Only the metal parts. Not the thread!!! Clean with clean rag put some high temp thread tape on sensor thread and re install.
  23. Exemption for high power vehicle Hey guys, not really sure if I'm posting in the right spot. But whatever, hopefully get a response. Im aware this topic has been talked about numerous amounts of times, however nothing really relates to my situation. I have bought an R34 GTT off my dad for super cheap, without really thinking of the turbo restrictions for P-platers. I'm aware there is a high power vehicle exemption and I was inquiring if my situation could be valid for it or if I can obtain some sort of exemption. I live in Townsville QLD, I am currently in the ARMY. It is the only vehicle I have, and I can't really afford to be buying random cars here and there to suit my p- plates, regardless of whether it was 500$ or $5000. It's merely to get me back and forth from work and I can't afford another car. I live 20km away from the base and there is no public transport whatsoever. Taxis and ubers are costing me a tone as well. I already have bills to pay as well as support my family (Mrs) and this is creating extreme financial hardship. Driving would be so much easier however I believe my car is restricted because it has a turbo and 132kw to the tone. I also have to work irregular hours, and I get called in literally around the clock for rehursal and so on etc.. Hopefully there is a solution to my problem? Cheers fellas.
  24. Nissan Skyline R34 GTT Stock Wing with Wing Risers/Pillars - Red Nissan Skyline R34 GTT Stock Wing with Wing Risers/Pillars - Red $200onoGood ConditionPickup rydalmere nsw
  25. My R34 GTT with new exhaust Just got the new exhaust to my GTT, sounds muuch better
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