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Found 26 results

  1. Hey SAU, Thought it was about time that I started a thread for my build which has been happening over the last 3-4 years I think. There have been some set backs and some highs/lows as pretty much every person has probably experienced. THE BEGINNING I purchased the car with the help of Iron Chef Imports. Fresh from Japan and the exact colour that I wanted. The car is a R34 GTT Series 2 (2000 model), it was imported with just over 90,000km on the clock and a few little imperfections. I was pretty happy because the price was reasonable and it also came with a complete set of SE37 rims, which can fetch a good penny. The ownership didn't get off to a great start, as the car was imported and took roughly 9 months until it was finally in my hands. It sat at the compliance shop for around 6-7 months of that time as I waited and waited. This was probably the most stressful part of the ownership of this car. To know that the car was only a few hours away from me and just sitting locked up for so long was a killer. Iron Chef did as much as they could but unfortunately there was some sticky situation going on at compliance which meant it couldn't be released to me. So there it sat gather dust. Finally the day came and I was told to go and pick the car up and pretty much GTFO, I had my Aunty and Uncle pick the car up for me and they had an argument with the owner at the shop as the car was received with bald tyres and headlights that didn't work. They had been audited during that 6-7 months and blamed it on me because they thought I was complaining with the compliance registry place. I went up to Sydney and picked the car up and finally it was at home. Just in time for me to head off to NZ for 4 months for work haha. Took a snap before putting it in the garage and packing her away for another 4 months. Met some awesome people over in NZ and managed to meet up with a SAU member Adam. He was nice enough to drive over and pick me up from the hotel and we went on a cruise with some like-minded people. Everyone was very welcoming, took a fair few photos. Below are a couple. After returning from NZ, the build and collection of parts begins. Creating a new post for that part.
  2. Custom gauge fit R34 GTT only! Hey guys, I've been requested to do a DIY on the gauge install in my GTT. ill try to include as much info as possible!! BTW i don't take any responsibility for anyone's attempts and if you damage anything you have no one but yourself to blame. Now, We've all seen setups when the aftermarket gauges are just jammed in, honestly that would drive me up the wall. To remove the factory gauge cover holder - pop out center vents located under factory gauges, use a plastic popping tool not a screwdriver. unplug hazard light - two screws hold the gauge pod in, after undoing these you can lift the unit and you'll find one connector for all three gauges - on the inside, two screws hold the gauges inside the pod Once separated this is what you're left with - Remove the 6 screws on the front to take off the plastic cover - I cant remember how many screws hold the actual gauges, remove them all - Now that its separated, this is whats left. - Next step is to pull the aftermarket gauges apart. These are shadow (defi copy) 60mm - Using a tiny flat blade, had to bend out the bezel edge so the face could be removed Bezel, Glass and gauge pulled apart 60mm gauges are a snug fit, all i did was align, pressure fit all three and hot glue holds it all together Power, Earth, ACC and Illumination all can be tapped from original harness from memory To finish it off, i ordered a new plastic face from Nissan. think it was about $40 AUD Final Assembly! Enjoy!
  3. R32 actutor on R34 with gnd solenoid Hi guys, I've spent a few hours searching for this exact setup and haven't really found anything. I have a R34gtt with a full 3" exhaust. I have fitted the r32 gtst actuator. My question is, if I ground the original dual stage solenoid an have it connected what boost should I see? Has anyone done this? I have a afc neo and wideband to smoothen out flat/rich spots etc. Cheers for any info!
  4. Just bought an r34gtt & have some spare parts from it that i dont need Make an offer if you need anything Can dropoff parts locally or post them,pickups from Mt.Gravatt Brisbane Stock r34 gtt tail lights,no damage at all,no bulbs I will sell them seperately $150 ono Deep dish steering wheel & boss kit from r34gtt,Suede style material fairly new Might also fit r32/r33/Silvias im not sure $60 ono HKS[copy]Sequential atmo BOV with rb25det adapter,might fit rb20det's i'm not sure though Cost $100 new,sell for $60 Gearshifter fits skyline and silvias $30 ono I also have a stock black[Nismo?? spec] wing from bootlid up for grabs I'll add a pic of it asap
  5. just wondering if anyone know the nissan part numbers for the altia kit looking for the numbers for the side skirts and rear bumper
  6. So, I may have bought a R34GTT (automatic, but has R33 RB25DET) , but I also own a S15 spec R, and S13 with KA-T (forever project) and a 65 Newport. I hope not to noob it out too much. I do want to say I'm not happy that the admin of this site didn't preserve the pictures for the 'Diy R34 Manual conversion Using R33 Parts'. Whenever you find good writeups and technical documentation, its always best to take those pictures, and host them with the website server so they will last for years and years. Hot links fail over time.
  7. All serious offer's via PM will be considered. Genuine Tomei 2way diff.Bought second hand & looks to be in very good condition.I think it's in a r33gtst housing but the centre can be fitted to suit other skylines & possibly Silvias. Pickups at Sunnybank South Brisbane. Asking $750 ono
  8. R34 gtt screamer dump divider Divider in screamer dump? Hey guys and girls, new to sau and wanting to pick some brains about a question i havnt been able to find the answer to (or maybe just havnt looked in the right places). i just installed a screamer dump pipe to my 34 gtt but when i was installing it i found that the divider that came with it needed a bit of machining to fit into place inside. So i just took it off and am now running the screamer without the divider piece, other than being louder 24/7, will it harm my turbo in anyway? Any info or knowledge will be awesome cheers
  9. Clutch bite point suddenly changed. Hey Guys and Girls. So i drove my car home from work and was working perfectly fine. got in the car a couple hours later to go for a drive, and all of a sudden the clutch bite had gone to the very bottom of the pedal. with the clutch fully pressed it if i left my foot out what feels about 1-2 cm the clutch is biting. i checked were the pedal is on the push rod and it is as far back as possible. The master cylinder looks full. any ideas on what it could be ?? is my clutch screwed ?? or the something wrong with the master cylinder ? since I've owned the car if you sit in neutral with the clutch pedal out there is a slight spinning noise from the gearbox but goes away when the pedal is pressed in, not sure if that has something to do with it. Cheers in advance
  10. just wondering which transmissions are a good swap option? i have been hearing about using the trans from a 350/370z as well as the 5 speed swap and the getrag swap. all im looking for is to change from my auto trans to a manual. what do you guys have for options if they are not listed here?
  11. Hello fellow skylines enthusiasts. I am an international student living in melbourne and absolutely love the skyline R34 GTT. Can anyone tell me the barriers i will face if i want to buy one? thanks in advance !!!
  12. Pair of near new DBA Stagea front slotted 4000 Series rotors from series 2 turbo Stagea Won't fit r33gtst calipers,might fit r34gtt i'm not 100% sure Measure 280mm x 30mm The monkey who removed them hit one side of the inside face with a ballpein hammer to loosen rotor Which left a few tiny dents so all sides have been professionally machined smooth at Bridgestone Select Service centre Less then a millimetre was machined off each rotor Pickups from Mt.Gravatt Brisbane,can dropoff locally or send with courier at buyer's expense Cost about $400 new,i'm asking $300 ono
  13. WTB:R34GT-4 willing to swap with RB25/30 R34GTT Willing to buy an R34GT-4 coupe manual. I have a fully built R34GTT with a healthy 25/30 motor and immaculate body. Willing to swap for that with reasonable cash adjustments. Otherwise, im willing to buy the car outright. Vehicle must be AWD can be auto or manual. Give me a txt on 0417764194 OR PM here
  14. Hi Ive recently had a starting issue. tried changing the plugs and testing for spark. Tested the CAS by spinning it. Checked for fuel after the rail. got the car started by spraying start aid to the intake. It started straight away. but when throttle is applied it seem to die or drop revs till it dies. ive recently started using united e85 so im thinking maybe dirty injectors. But when the car started it ran for 10mins without a problem. but dies when revs applied. The first time this issue occured the car died in the middle of the road, lost all power but the revs were still present. As soon i applied more throttle it died. Thereafter never managed to start it till now. any help is appreciated as im trying to to waste money on something that isnt broke. R3GTT, VIPEC PLUGIN
  15. Hey guys, i have a 34 Gtt with a built neo, ross 8.5:1 forged pistons, arp head studs etc, I have a set of r35 injectors,z32 and Walbro,power fc, basically all supporting mods but a standard op6 turbo i have the opportunity to buy a new 3076 with .82 rear for 1600 + turbo smart 45 mm gate for 450, I would still have to fab a dump pipe and I would be stuck with my cast manifold. A friend from Finland who is fabbing a ti exhaust for my bnr34, has offered to make me a kit comprising of a custom twin scroll dual gate t3 manifold, a 'fullrace' water cooled hx35 with 14cm rear and a v band 3.5" dump pipe for $2100 delivered. My understanding is that the 14cm housing will behave like like a .97 open.. Seems to be a better bang for buck option than the gt3076 route, with a properly designed manifold & dump pipe My goal is 350rwkw and full boost by 4000rpm on 98 Do you think this is achievable with the twin scroll holset setup? anyone with experience with the holset's / twin scroll setup's please chime in. thanks for your time gents
  16. Hey guys I'm new to this forum let alone any forum so if I did something wrong already let me know lol. Anyway I'm getting off my provisional licence soon and just finally keen to get my R34gtt. I have a few questions though. Firstly, I have a 1 and a half year old child, I know that a two door car isn't convenient but it's my dream and my Mrs agreed so it's a done deal, although I've heard that baby seats will be an issue. If anyone has a baby seat in the back of there r34 please upload pictures and let me know what model seat it is. Done with that point, I'm looking to get a manual so when I go r34 shopping what are some serious things I should keep an eye on. Not an expert with cars so I will bring someone with more knowledge but is there some things in particular that I should be aware of? Anyway thanks and drive responsibly 😉
  17. Need help deciding. Evo 6 vs fully worked R34 GTT Hi guys! Geez its been a long time since ive logged on. Ill cut the long story short. I have the option of choosing a midnight blue evo 6 with a power fc, heavy duty clutch and all the necessary mods to make it around 200kw at the wheels. Very clean and looks great. The other option is a fully worked R34 GTT stroked to a 2.8. Big ass gtx turbo on it. Fully forged internals, GTR gear box. Its had about 40k of work done to it. 450hp at 13psi or 750hp at 19psi. If you guys were in my shoes, what would be the better car? If only the R34 was a GTR then obviously my mind would be made up lol
  18. Both are in very good condition,also fits r34 GTR apparently. I might sell them separately,pickups at Mt.Gravatt Brisbane,can dropoff locally or post them. Asking $170 for the pair
  19. Hey guys, Anyone around the Sydney/Wollongong area selling an R34 GTT coupe bootlid in white? Doesn't need to have a spoiler as I have one already but needs to be in good condition (no dings, scratches, rust etc). Cheers!
  20. Hi All! I'm replacing my battery in my R34 GTT and decided I would check to see if there was any excess drain on my battery whilst it was off. Noticed a pull of about 630mAh. Now from what I've read most cars should only be pulling up to a maximum of 50mah. I've identified the culprit to be one of the 60A Main Fuses as see attached. I've been searching the internet to find out what is used by this 60A Main fuse but I have been unsuccessful so far.. If anyone has any information onto what parts of the car uses this circuit that would be great! .... Whilst we're at it, does anyone know what the standard amp pull is whilst the ignition is switched on? (with no accessories connected) I suspect the main issue is that some of the battery cells (as to why I am replacing it) are dead but the battery drains completely after 5-10 minutes whilst on ignition and needs a jump start.
  21. r34 GTT brake upgrade Hi Guys, I have set of EBC 310 grooved and dimpled on my r34GTT I installed it with ebc red stuff and I have to say brake performance is fu***ing sh*t I think my kia picanto 1 liter is better than the skyline. I also changed the fluid to dot4 racing from castrol. My hope is that I need to bleed the system and brake is ok. I have been lazy to do it as have hardly drived the car but I am using it frequently now. I almost crashed it another day by failing to stop. it gets very soft and goes further down when braking hard . Anyways, whilst I am going to do the bleeding , I thought I also change the caliper and rear discs to groved/dimpled. It is the standard size of 310 at front and 295mm at back. would you invest £600 on pair of GTR brembo or change the disc to 350mm and get evo10 caliper and disc? I spent in excess of £400 on the disc and the pads last time.
  22. Hi everyone. I took my sons 25GTt fo a wheel alignment today.. Unfortunately it could not be done due to worn wheel bearings.I have new bearings on the way. Questions: Has anyone replaced front wheel bearings? Is there any literature on how to change them? Can the front bearings be regressed as a temp measure? My experience is with early ford and holden tapered bearings, these jdm cars are a whole new ballgame. Appreciate any advice and push in the right direction..
  23. hi, i know this for selling cars but i am having just as much trouble finding what i want in qld. as title says i want a r34 gtt thats manual, 2 door, 100000km max if possible, in colors bayside blue, red or dark blue, MAY consider black. the less modification the better but simple bolt ons are not a problem. if anyone knows of a car to this description in vgc please let me know. and i live in mackay, qld and its to expensive for me to travel state to state and i will not purchase without inspection. so please qld cars only unless you can convince me otherwise . cheers.
  24. 45v2 turbo on 21u rear housing Hey guys just looking over my engine bay and remember reading a thread about all the 45v turbos and what the numbers mean. i got given a spare turbo with the car when i bought it and was told it had a gtr turbo on it, (i knew next to nothing about turbos as this is my first turbo car), but i still didnt beleive him straight away as he had less teeth in his head than a toddler. but looking at the two turbos, the one on my car now is 45v2 on a 21u rear housing, and the spare is a 45v1 on the op6 rear housing. just wondering if anyone knows why it would have been swapped around (as i can gather). and should i change it back so that its running the 45v2 neo turbo on the op6 rear housing? picking your brains as im not all the smart with this stuff. cheers in advance
  25. R34 GTT - Red - Manual 118,xxx kms Asking Price, $14,000 SAU Special Ladies and Gents, Boys and Girls, up for sale is my pride and joy, the R34 GT-T in fast red The vehicle has passed its inspection and will be transferred from NSW to ACT along with 3 months registration. The new owner will not have any issues transferring it into their name as there are no modifications since passing ACT standards. The cluster does shows 140xxx however the body has travelled 118xxx I have the receipt with the replacement cluster as it is illegal to change the odometer, the true reading of the KMs have been recorded as the original cluster failed inspections. Major service was completed at 100,000km which included genuine Nissan belts, bearings and water pump. The car has since been serviced, one at 115,xxx and then 118,xxx. I bought the car with 116,000km so it's only travelled 2,000km since owning it. Below are the modifications which have passed in the ACT . Engine: Stock airbox Nistune Hypergear atr43ss2 Plumbed back bov 3 inch JJR dump pipe Nismo 3" catback muffler 3" DVS metal intake pipe Nismo fuel pump Bosch 1000cc injectors HPI evolve radiator dual core Blitz return flow front mount intercooler Z32 AFM Turbosmart boost tee Heavy duty exedy clutch Splitfire coilpacks Suspension Whiteline front and rear swaybars Stock spring and shock setup (springs are factory lowered potenza springs) Wheels 18 x8.75 matte black wheels with 2 new front tyres and the rears have passed inspection. Other Nismo front and side indicators Interior: Nismo aluminium gear knob Leather gear knob/lever accents. Double din Bluetooth head-unit Alpine splits and rears Car currently makes 240rwkw stated by previous owner with sheets. John from Trojan Motorsports has carried out all the work to have it pass ACT inspection Car doesn't leak and idles quiet. Drives smooth and is not loud and has a good service history. Car will come with 3 months ACT registration Reason for sale, wanting to purchase a family car. Time wasters and low ballers will be ignored, however price is slightly negotiable within reason. Please feel free to ask any questions and I will try and answer as quick as possible. Thank you for looking **Pics from previous owner - only travelled 2,000kms since pics taken - if require new ones, let me know**
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