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  1. R35 GTR Brakes onto at R34 GTR. Who's done it? Hey Guys, I'm looking to upgrade the factory 34 GTR brakes. Currently i'm looking at fitting a full set of R35 brakes and i wanted to know; *If anyone on SAU has done it? *Did they have issues with the brake bias between the front and rear and if so how was it solved? *Is any modification required to make factory handbrake work with the R35 brakes? *Who did they get they get to make the mounting brackets (preferably in NSW)? thanks in advance.
  2. Would love to see everyone's GTR's So i'll start it off. hrere's mine "99 BNR34 in Bayside Blue
  3. WEDDING CARS REQUIRED!!! Does anyone have any R35, R34 or even tuff R32 gtrs available too do a wedding in gippsland victoria, in late januray next year?? happy too negotiate fees, or even if anyone has connections with anything jap or euro, any help would be appreciated cheers guys
  4. 2012 GTR for sale Selling my GTR due to going overseas soon Car is in Sydney, 2012 GTR, 24000KM on the clock, 1 owner & weekend use only, service twice a year, never tracked. A lot of quality carbon fiber parts ordered from Japan, mod spending over $60,000 All stock parts are kept and they are given to new owner for free. price reduced for a quick sell, this car can be restored back to stock car. For more infomation please contact me on 0422 428 967 (Gerard) Mod details: Exterior: HKS Kansai Service Carbon Front Lip Type 2 HKS Kansai Service Carbon Front Canards Mines Carbon front grill Varis Carbon Cooling Bonnet TommyKaira front illuminated emblem Varis Carbon Side Diffuser Agency Power Carbon Front Fender Grill Vents Agency Power Carbon Front Fender Emblem Cover Carbon Fiber Side Mirror Cover Varis Carbon rear fenders Prodrive GC-05N British Pearl Red EXCLUSIVE MODEL Front: 2010+35 Rear: 2011.0+15 (New rims, fitted early 2016) TommyKaira Carbon Rear Under Spoiler TommyKaira Carbon Rear Racing Diffuser Varis R35 GTR Carbon GT-Wing Hyper Narrow 1520mm & Wing Base Spoiler Interior: Jonny Cocker Racing' Carbon Racing shift paddles Customized racing steering wheel (Carbon & Alcantara) Revozport Carbon shift knob Carbon interior trim COBB GT-R 1000cc Fuel Injectors COBB GT-R Big SF Intake System HKS SUPER SQV4 BLOW OFF VALVE (CAR SPECIFIC KIT) Denso 265lph Fuel Pump (ready for a E85 tune) Agency Power catless downpipe Professionally tuned by Silverwater Automotive Services (Max 390KW & 761NM on wheel )
  5. MAF R35 card type Anyone using this kit or similar? http://www.nzefi.com/product/nissan-mass-air-flow-meter-upgrade-kit/
  6. R35JET Plates for sale G'day guys, after owning these plates for 8 years I thought it was finally time to see them out on the road. The plates speak for themselves. I have a figure in my head as to what I'm wanting but keen to see what people will offer. Fire away, thanks.
  7. Where do I run my coolant return line? I've made a quick little sketch that shows what I'm planning on doing with my coolant feed and return line on my Rb25det. There are 2 positions where coolant can go back: 1 and 3. Number 2 is my coolant feed line. I'm planning on blocking my front coolant return line #1 and using the return on the block #3. So the coolant feed will go to the turbo and then it will flow downwards into the block. Is this okay to do? Will it cause overhearing or am I good to go?
  8. From the album: Other Cars

  9. Qld Personalised plates for sale to suit any GTR Skyline. New - Never been fitted to car. $500 firm.
  10. Hi Guys and Girls just got a brainwave on how to share the love and interests of skyline related pages and groups that are on the net. As most things are on Facebook would be good idea to post hear to find new pages, groups and websites that you follow or know of. Ill hit it off with just some of mine..... have to work out how to do FB pages. might have to do the whole http:// address as there is like 6 different ( "GT-R life" ) pages... www.SAU.com.au facebook related Groupes (separated by commas) ; GTR's And GTR Parts For Sale , R34 GTR Owners , SKYLIN3 R34 GTR LOVERS..... , Perth R34s , Alberta Skyline Club , Japanese car parts WA , Newcastle Skyline Club , R34/MK4/Tokyo Japan Legends , RB Owners , R32 WA (West Aus) , Nissan Skyline GTR, GTS-t, GTS , NISSAN SKYLINE GT-R , Perth WA Skyline RB25 / RB26 Parts , RB 20/25/26det Tech Torque , Japanese car parts WA (without the Nazi admin) , Nissan Skyline GTR , Skyline Spares & Parts R32 R33 R34 V35 R35 , Nissan Skyline 'スカイライン' , Skyline R32, R33, R34, V35 - Skyline Spares , Nissan SKYLINE GTR R34 V-Spec II ,The 32 Corner - Skyline R32 Specialist Selling page , Skyline R33 Thailand Club , Skyline Parts Swaps and Deals , R32 Skyline Club - Forum , RB 20/25/26 south east QLD parts for sale , JDM car parts buy and sell (WA) , R31 R32 R33 R34 R35 Skyline & GTR/ For Sale / Swap / Buy / Sell / , Nissan Skyline R31,R32,R33,R34,V35,V36 and the new R35 unite , SKYLINE GTR PARTS PAGE , Skyline R34 Owner Club , R33 Gtr Vspec , Nissan Skyline Owners Club - Malaysia ,
  11. A few questions for you 35 owners. - I know sound is subjective and also hard to really rate via youtube clips and the like, but is it just me or does the 35 sound really underwhelming even with an exhaust? - For those of you with a MY11 onwards, what sort of gearbox issues are you seeing, if any? - For people with at least an exhaust, intakes, tune etc, what sort of power are you seeing and how does that fair against similarly powered earlier model GT-Rs - does the gearbox really make up for the extra kerb weight? - For anyone who's had a 34 and a 35, what are the pros and cons of each in your eyes.
  12. NSW 2009 GTR black Pickles Auction 26.9.16 http://www.pickles.com.au/cars/item/-/details/CP-03-09--Built-02-09--Nissan--GT-R--R35-Premium-DCT-AWD--Coupe--4-Seats--2-Doors/103413108 Anyone with spare $$$$ just saw this coming up for auction in Belmore NSW Pickles. Black, 75000kms looks pretty good not damaged, maybe repo.
  13. This, boys and girls, is a Nissan Navara with a GT-R engine. It’s worth being blunt about that because, let’s face it, this is about as blunt as cars get. It’s the work of Severn Valley Motorsport (SVM), the Shropshire-based company that has previous in shoehorning the GT-R’s gizzards into the body of a Qashqai, with 230mph as its loopy target. Unlike that project, though, this one is very much in the conceptual stages. This is not a car (sorry, truck) that’s ready for sale. Rather, it’s a ‘look at what we can do’ that ought to worm its way into the dreams of hurried builders everywhere. This Navara-R comes tuned up to 800bhp, but SVM is keen to stress you can have anything from the circa-550bhp of a standard GT-R, right up to 1,500bhp. Y’know, like a Bugatti Chiron… SVM can transplant an engine tuned to your choosing straight into a Navara, accompanied by some appropriate chassis mods. Or, if your pockets are deeper, it’ll slot the pick-up’s body over an entire R35 GT-R drivetrain, clever four-wheel-drive gubbins and driver-flattering tech an’ all. More on TopGear.com
  14. As spotted on CarScoops today. An Amuse R35 GTR with crap loads of carbon (check the back 'seats'!) and 21" ADV.1 rims (21x12.5 rear, 21x10.5 front.) Seriously, this looks incredible. Incredible, or what?
  15. A recent post on Speedhunters titled How A 2,200hp GT-R Can Save The World was a good read and featured this Middle-Eastern built R35. Some quotes from the article; Some takeaways for myself; I am seriously impressed to see a car like this built, but more impressed to see it built in Qatar. I'm also impressed to see what its able to do in warm temperatures. The engine bay looks almost stock! Thats really cool. This cage looks amazing. Theres more pics of it on Speedhunters, its a work of art. I'm not too sure what I am looking at here. Can somebody tell me what this is? And some more pics from Speedhunters. Check the post and other pics on Speedhunters. So cool.
  16. Amazing 21" Strausse Forged Rims on this GTR. Gotta say, that bootlid is sensual. See more on Carbuzz.
  17. Hi guys! My 2009 R35 is now out of warranty, and I am keen to upgrade my turbo. I have been recommended the HKS GT 800, but am currently considering the HKS GT 1000. Does anybody have any experience with either of the above two turbo kits? Or would you recommend I look in another direction? In addition, I'm also due for a tyre change. Any recommendations? Cheers, Haran.
  18. As of last weekend, this is my new 'daily'. I previously owned a ~620rwhp R33 GT-R with a T04Z, built motor etc etc. That was a great car, but by the time I worked out how much I had spent on it, and what I still wanted to do with it, it was actually cheaper to just bite the bullet and by the R35. Specs are: 2009 Nissan R35 GT-R Dark Metal Grey 32,000kms There are quite a few mods in the pipeline, and I have already fitted a full exhaust system (Midpipe and Catback) and 15mm spacers on the front, with 20mm spacers on the rear. I have a few goals for the car: Goals: (will tick them off as they get completed) - 10.5* or less 1/4 mile pass - 54.* or less Wanneroo Short-track time - 550hp at the wheels The idea behind this car is to be able to achieve my goals for under $10,000. As such, the planned upgrades are as follows: Empire Performance Midpipe ( http://myworld.ebay....ire_performance ) Empire Performance Catback ( http://myworld.ebay....ire_performance ) COBB Accessport NIS-006 with TCM control ( http://justjap.com/s...ufacturerid=101 ) Empire Performance Intake + Intercooler kit Bosch EV14 1100cc injectors (http://www.gtrlife.c...-in-fuel-pumps/) SiR in-tank fuel pumps (http://www.gtrlife.c...-in-fuel-pumps/) SiR Stage 1 turbo upgrade (http://www.gtrlife.c...rbos-2500-core/) I'm hoping with these mods it'll do about 550rwhp on 16-18psi (may not actually need the turbos to do this, but we'll play it by ear). Some pics I've owned the car for almost 2 weeks now, so it's definitely time for mods. Here's the latest: Dyno'd it completely 100% stock to get a good baseline figure. It made 415awhp at only 11psi.... not a bad base to work with!! Right after that, we fit the new Empire Performance exhaust and mid-pipe. The weight saving in this is HUGE. I'm guessing the new midpipe is about 15kg's lighter, but I'll weigh the old one shortly. Old Midpipe: Old vs New: New midpipe and catback: Now it sounds like this:
  19. Spotted a black R35 @ Pyrmont on Monday, had flowers in the passenger seat, number plate was "R35 God" Sexy sexy car
  20. From the album: Al Anabi GTR

    Al Anabi GTR by Speedhunters.
  21. From the album: Al Anabi GTR

    Al Anabi GTR by Speedhunters.
  22. I may be blind but I couldn't find a media section.. anyway for those on FB here's AMS GT-R.. almost 3000 WHP
  23. Nissan donates GTR 'Predzilla' More info here - http://nissannews.com/en-US/nissan/usa/releases/one-of-a-kind-nissan-gt-r-predzilla-donated-to-nashville-predators-foundation What do you think?
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