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  1. Hey all! going from pink label to r35 maf when my stagea goes for a tune. Running nistune. just wondering if i should go through the extra effort of wiring the maf into cooler piping or put it in the 4 inch intake? Car will have no BOV and max flutter so not sure if thatll affect it. expanding on that! If in either location where in the piping should the sensor go?
  2. Australian delivered R35 GTR, immaculate condition, 16xxxks, always serviced through Nissan, REO run flats, standard car no modifications. 35 GTR plates available! Please call Simon on 0431388718 if you have any questions or further photos. Please no time wasters, if your not interested in buying please don't comment. Vehicle is in Adelaide price no mucking around no more no less $99,000 not negotiable
  3. Would love to see everyone's GTR's So i'll start it off. hrere's mine "99 BNR34 in Bayside Blue
  4. Thanks to the guys that helped me out with this shoot and to the guys that came, superb bunch of cars and they were a joy to shoot. Enjoy these pics and the rest can be found on my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.528340123871601.1073741825.475640879141526&type=1 Would greatly appreciate if you could like my page and share my work! Damon Generations by DL599, on Flickr Head to head by DL599, on Flickr
  5. As of last weekend, this is my new 'daily'. I previously owned a ~620rwhp R33 GT-R with a T04Z, built motor etc etc. That was a great car, but by the time I worked out how much I had spent on it, and what I still wanted to do with it, it was actually cheaper to just bite the bullet and by the R35. Specs are: 2009 Nissan R35 GT-R Dark Metal Grey 32,000kms There are quite a few mods in the pipeline, and I have already fitted a full exhaust system (Midpipe and Catback) and 15mm spacers on the front, with 20mm spacers on the rear. I have a few goals for the car: Goals: (will tick them off as they get completed) - 10.5* or less 1/4 mile pass - 54.* or less Wanneroo Short-track time - 550hp at the wheels The idea behind this car is to be able to achieve my goals for under $10,000. As such, the planned upgrades are as follows: Empire Performance Midpipe ( http://myworld.ebay....ire_performance ) Empire Performance Catback ( http://myworld.ebay....ire_performance ) COBB Accessport NIS-006 with TCM control ( http://justjap.com/s...ufacturerid=101 ) Empire Performance Intake + Intercooler kit Bosch EV14 1100cc injectors (http://www.gtrlife.c...-in-fuel-pumps/) SiR in-tank fuel pumps (http://www.gtrlife.c...-in-fuel-pumps/) SiR Stage 1 turbo upgrade (http://www.gtrlife.c...rbos-2500-core/) I'm hoping with these mods it'll do about 550rwhp on 16-18psi (may not actually need the turbos to do this, but we'll play it by ear). Some pics I've owned the car for almost 2 weeks now, so it's definitely time for mods. Here's the latest: Dyno'd it completely 100% stock to get a good baseline figure. It made 415awhp at only 11psi.... not a bad base to work with!! Right after that, we fit the new Empire Performance exhaust and mid-pipe. The weight saving in this is HUGE. I'm guessing the new midpipe is about 15kg's lighter, but I'll weigh the old one shortly. Old Midpipe: Old vs New: New midpipe and catback: Now it sounds like this:
  6. Hi guys! My 2009 R35 is now out of warranty, and I am keen to upgrade my turbo. I have been recommended the HKS GT 800, but am currently considering the HKS GT 1000. Does anybody have any experience with either of the above two turbo kits? Or would you recommend I look in another direction? In addition, I'm also due for a tyre change. Any recommendations? Cheers, Haran.
  7. The team here at Empire Performance are excited to deliver a new product to the world of R35 GT-R owners! These premium dump pipes boast a high flowing design which ensures a huge performance gain over the standard downpipes. To reduce the annoying excessive heat in the footwells of both the passenger and driver, as is a common complaint with R35's driven in hot conditions (ie. here in Australia), the dump pipes are dual-layer ceramic coated to reduce radiated heat from 170 degrees, down to only 60 degrees! This ensures that no matter what the ambient temperature is, basically no heat will be radiated through the footwell, and the temperatures in the cup-holder sections are dramatically reduced. These dump pipes have been fitted on my own personal R35 and the decrease in footwell temperatures is instantly noticeable in hot weather, especially on the drivers footrest which was previously ridiculously hot if your foot ever touched it (driving in thongs for example). We also offer ceramic coated mid-pipes, and complete cat-back systems at competitive prices to provide you with the ultimate heat-dispersion exhaust system. Price - $795 + $55 shipping Australia wide. Turnaround time is about 2 weeks from purchase to delivery as each item is made to order.
  8. So Nismo have confirmed that they will be doing their magic on the R35 GTR and should be on sale in 12 months time http://motoring.ninemsn.com.au/cars/news/8617381/confirmed-nismo-gt-r So who's going to be the lucky first SAU owner?
  9. Pictures first ... Now comments and questions ... Surely all that body work makes this thing HEAVY? At least along with the 2JZ rather than the (lighter?) 1JZ? The roof line over the door looks very odd but thats the only thing I'm unsure of in terms of its looks. Oh, I'm not a big fan of scissor doors either, but on a car this full on, they're not out of place. What do you think? Full article and gallery on Import Tuner.
  10. Selling a cheap set of genuine sparco wheels. they are in good condition with minor gutter rash from previous owner multi stud 4 and 5 x 114.3 fronts are 17x8 and rear 17x9 screw on center caps $200 pickup near eltham 0402 578 945
  11. Amazing 21" Strausse Forged Rims on this GTR. Gotta say, that bootlid is sensual. See more on Carbuzz.
  12. I am loving this thing. Could well be an M5 beater! Some quotes from MotorTrend; And, some pics. I love it. Would be awesome for a Japanese brand to enter the 'super sedan' class of E63's and M5's. What do you think? More on MotorTrend.
  13. Just finished up another video on a friend's immaculate R35 GTR! check it https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=245564488983647&set=vb.147161595490604&type=2&theater
  14. The other day I put on our Facebook page the interesting covered car in GT6 for the Nissan lineup. You can read about that here. Since then I've been reading about Nissan wanting to build a hybrid LM GTR which you can read about over at autoblog. Now, the car covered by the material on Autoblog is obviously an LM car, but the one under cover in GT6 looks road going. On Autoblog; In GT6; What are your thoughts? Could it be a hybrid? Like the Mclaren P1 or Porsche 918? We have 2 days before it's unveiled.
  15. Hey guys, I've started producing videos every week as a hobby on mates cars, organising some big things to make some epic quality videos. This is probably by far the biggest one i have made yet. Thanks to a bunch of mates who are SAU members on here! They made what i wanted to achieve possible!! Apologises for the facebook link as it is the only thing i have uploaded it on! Please feel free to leave me feedback along with like/sharing the video Muchly appreciated! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=241847772688652&set=vb.147161595490604&type=2&theater&notif_t=video_comment
  16. I am Looking for someone who has a R35 In the Brisbane area but I can travel but not something stupid like 4 hours. My partners 21st is in a couple of months and his DREAM car is the R35. Im wanting someone who can take 30 minutes of there time to take him for a drive ( You Drive ) and I am willing to pay for your time and fuel. It would mean the absolute world to my partner and he is a car enthusiast and he see's R35's at Queensland raceway and he just wishes he could have one lap.. But I've been to scared to ask so someone please help and make my partners Dream come true!! Im willing to travel to Goldcoast areas, Toowoomba, right through to nambour and sunny coast! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!
  17. Spotted a black R35 @ Pyrmont on Monday, had flowers in the passenger seat, number plate was "R35 God" Sexy sexy car
  18. This is nuts!! Drive a lap, record it on your USB drive, put that drive in your PS3 and watch your lap.
  19. Hi guys, I have some assorted parts from a 2011 GTR. The car was stripped down to be used in the Australian Targa series. All items are located in Moorebank (Sydney), inspections are welcome just shoot me a PM and we can organise something. Pickup is preferred but shipping can be arranged for some items at the buyers expense. I use couriers to ensure quick and reliable delivery. Super Titan Spec 1 Titanium Exhaust, weighs 8kg $1400 Factory Bilteins $1500
  20. From the album: Other Cars

  21. From the album: SAU VIC Motorsports Championship

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