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Found 98 results

  1. R35 GTR powered Patrol is awesome Hubba hubba.
  2. Would love to see everyone's GTR's So i'll start it off. hrere's mine "99 BNR34 in Bayside Blue
  3. 2012 GTR for sale Selling my GTR due to going overseas soon Car is in Sydney, 2012 GTR, 24000KM on the clock, 1 owner & weekend use only, service twice a year, never tracked. A lot of quality carbon fiber parts ordered from Japan, mod spending over $60,000 All stock parts are kept and they are given to new owner for free. price reduced for a quick sell, this car can be restored back to stock car. For more infomation please contact me on 0422 428 967 (Gerard) Mod details: Exterior: HKS Kansai Service Carbon Front Lip Type 2 HKS Kansai Service Carbon Front Canards Mines Carbon front grill Varis Carbon Cooling Bonnet TommyKaira front illuminated emblem Varis Carbon Side Diffuser Agency Power Carbon Front Fender Grill Vents Agency Power Carbon Front Fender Emblem Cover Carbon Fiber Side Mirror Cover Varis Carbon rear fenders Prodrive GC-05N British Pearl Red EXCLUSIVE MODEL Front: 2010+35 Rear: 2011.0+15 (New rims, fitted early 2016) TommyKaira Carbon Rear Under Spoiler TommyKaira Carbon Rear Racing Diffuser Varis R35 GTR Carbon GT-Wing Hyper Narrow 1520mm & Wing Base Spoiler Interior: Jonny Cocker Racing' Carbon Racing shift paddles Customized racing steering wheel (Carbon & Alcantara) Revozport Carbon shift knob Carbon interior trim COBB GT-R 1000cc Fuel Injectors COBB GT-R Big SF Intake System HKS SUPER SQV4 BLOW OFF VALVE (CAR SPECIFIC KIT) Denso 265lph Fuel Pump (ready for a E85 tune) Agency Power catless downpipe Professionally tuned by Silverwater Automotive Services (Max 390KW & 761NM on wheel )
  4. R35s in Melbourne Trying to make a call on whether I want to sell/swap my 34 for a 35 and would like to get behind the wheel of one first, but I don't want to waste a potential sellers time, Is there anyone around the Essendon fields area that would be happy to take me for a spin/let me go for a basic drive (with you in the car) - I';ll be in Melbourne on the weekend of the 8th of next month. . I'm happy to flick you some cash for fuel etc, I just can't think of a better way to do this other than hiring one or pretending to be a buyer and I hate tyre kickers. PM me, many thanks.
  5. 1989 Built R32 GTR NO RUSH TO AT ALL TO SELL. Add is of Interest. Im parting ways with my R32 GTR. Will sell for the right price only. This car has had no expense spared and is the 2nd GTR ive owned. Recently completed a full comprenhensive build, including built motor, resprayed engine bay etc Below are full specs.Car has been tuned at 353KW @ 21psi on a Run in tuneONLY! (straight e85 Fuel) Motor Built to handle 500-550KW Safely. I have all the build photos of the progress of the car if anoyone is interested.Motor Built by Myself @ RaceEquippedTuned By EMS E TunerMechanical, Dyno Prep, Trouble Shooting by MotorlabI have a file with approx $12,000 Of reciepts and more unaccounted for or invoices i lost!Close to $15,000 -$16,000 Spent in total.NO TEST PILOTSBODY : 62xxxKM have JOC papers & Original Cluster. Body sprayed a few year ago by previous owner, paint is 99% immaculate. Freshly Sprayed Bay during the build also.Very few if any scratches. Factory bonnet and panels. Sills have the standard jackstand dints. I am yet to see a GTR or any Nissan from that era that doesnt have this issue.INTERIOR- Very clean, no rips or tears in the seats or doortrims- No dash Bubble- E boost 2 Controller- Oil Pressure Gauge- Double Din Headunit with Aftermarket Speakers (unsure never checked)BLOCK (less then 1000kms)- Ross Forged 86.5MM Pistons & H Beam Rods (HPC coated piston skirts)- Grub Screwed Crank and full balanced rotating assembly- ACL Race bearings- All Machining ($3900 worth of Machining, Cleaning etc for Block and Head)- Reimax Billet oil pump Gear- Tomei Sump baffle & drilled returns- New water Pump- New Timing Belt Kit- Extended Sump- ARP 2000 Headstuds- Tomei Block Head Restrictor- Tomei Headgasket- New NPC Ceramic Button Clutch (Rated to 450KW, will hold more)HEAD (R34 Head) (Less then 1000kms)- Hks 272 Step 2 10.8mm lift Cam Shafts (head machined to suit higher lift)- Tomei Buckets- Tomei Valve Springs- Tomei Retainers- Tomei Metal Intake Gaskets- Head Drain- Supertech Intake Valves- New Valve guides- Adjustable Cam gears- 3 Angle valve job- Reshimmed HeadEXHAUST & COOLING- Top Mount Steam pipe TOG manifold (lifetime warranty)- 45 MM Turbosmart Hypergate- Custom Garrett GT35 (66MM billet compreesor wheel, .50 front, 1.06 rear housing)- Full 3.5" downpipe- RacePace 3.5' cat back- RacePace Aluminium Radiator- 100MM intercooler- Full custom stainless steel intercooler piping kit- 3" Turbo IntakeFUEL & ECU- 044 Intank- 2Lt Surge tank with twin 044 external Pumps + Inline Filters- 1400CC Delphi Injectors (1650CC at max duty cycle)- Tomei Fuel reg + Gauge- Power FC + Hand Controller (D Jetro MAFLESS Tune)SUSPENSION, WHEELS & BRAKES- HKS Coilovers- BMC Stopper- 17 x 9 P1 Buddy CLubs- Federal RS-RR Semi Slicks (less then 1000KM old)- All HEL Braided lines- EBC Red stuff- Slotted Discs
  6. Nismo R35 Fuel Rail for RB26 Hi folks, I was researching adapter kit to use R35 factory injectors on RB26 and I found this. Appears Nismo has made a fuel rail for the RB26 to directly fit R35 factory injectors. However, other than being mentioned as a part of Nismo's complete engine package, I can't find that fuel rail anywhere else, not even a part number. Would you folks know anything about it?
  7. R35 MAF Adapter for R32 Hi folks, I am looking for a R35 MAF adapter that will bolt onto factory R32 GTR airbox and piping. As far as I know HPI makes a set: As I was shopping around for the HPI set, I came across an Apexi adapter that is considerably cheaper: The listing says this adapter works with Power FC for RB26, but there is no information about physical fitment. Would you folks know if this Apexi adapter can fit in R32's factory location? Thanks in advance!
  8. MAF R35 card type Anyone using this kit or similar?
  9. R35 GTRs for wedding march 25th Looking for 2-3 r35 GTRs for my mates wedding march 25th let me know if interested can give more details thanks Nick
  10. R35JET Plates for sale G'day guys, after owning these plates for 8 years I thought it was finally time to see them out on the road. The plates speak for themselves. I have a figure in my head as to what I'm wanting but keen to see what people will offer. Fire away, thanks.
  11. Leaking R35 GTR Front Differential Hey guys, Ive recently purchased my first GTR, its a 2010 model and my mechanic has found a small leak from the front diff...normally this wouldn't be a huge issue but we cant for the life of us find out where its coming from. The parts diagram I have attached shows where the leak originates from, none of the areas of the diff that have any kind of gasket or seal are wet, it seems to simply start out of nowhere and then run towards the diff snout, its been cleaned a couple of times and the leak comes back. If it was a crack or a break it would have demolished the diff case by now surely? Is it possible the aluminium housing has become porous? Any ideas/thoughts/experiences are appreciated
  12. R-Spec Tyres for R35 What are people running these days on 20" rims in terms of r-spec tyres for circuit? with the rotor size increased (390mm?) are people still running 18" or 19" rims
  13. R35 GTR Brakes onto at R34 GTR. Who's done it? Hey Guys, I'm looking to upgrade the factory 34 GTR brakes. Currently i'm looking at fitting a full set of R35 brakes and i wanted to know; *If anyone on SAU has done it? *Did they have issues with the brake bias between the front and rear and if so how was it solved? *Is any modification required to make factory handbrake work with the R35 brakes? *Who did they get they get to make the mounting brackets (preferably in NSW)? thanks in advance.
  14. Nissan Nismo GT-R Is the standard Nissan GT-R too civilized for you? Maybe you feel like it’s lacking power or excitement. Fear not, the Nismo edition is here to solve all your worries. It offers more power, better handling, and greater overall performance, but that comes at a rather hefty premium. The GT-R is no longer the budget hypercar beating sportscar it once was. It’s now a full on supercar, with the price of the Nismo version exceeding that of Porsche’s Turbo S and even the 911 GT3 RS. Is it worth it? Well, it depends on what you want from a car. Nismo is short for Nissan Motorsports, the company’s caring division. They’re in charge of the hottest and most exciting models Nissan makes, and they eventually even deliver their own specially-tuned model like the R35 GT-R Nismo. It’s a hardcore, enthusiast car, so in that regard, it’s not a Porsche Turbo S rival. Then again, it has so much raw potential and outright speed that you can’t compare it to the GT3 RS, which is more of a driver’s car offering enjoyment. So what is the Nismo then? Well, for starters, it’s a lot more powerful than the standard GT-R. The 3.8 liter twin-turbo V6 located at the front has been tweaked to a rather large extent. The entire turbochargers have been swapped out for larger ones, offering higher air flow (they’re actually lifted from the GT3 car). The result is nothing short of astonishing, because the relatively light and compact unit is capable of delivering 600 horsepower and 481 pound-feet of torque. European models get 8 less horsepower, but it’s not really noticeable unless you’re a racing driver. The engine is still mated to a six-speed dual-clutch gearbox, but Nissan say it’s better than ever. The shifts are faster still, and it works great in conjunction with the new turbochargers. Elsewhere, there’s new shock absorbers, springs, stabilizers and a unique Bilstein DampTronic system which transfers power to the wheels more efficiently and is completely driver adjustable. A lot of emphasis has been put on aerodynamics. The Nismo version looks identical to the new 2017 GT-R, styling wise. It’s got the same tweaked front grille and the updated rear end, but a host of other changes as well. For instance, the aggressive bumper gets several layers of carbon-fiber sheets to improve the stiffness, the canards have been redesigned to improve overall airflow and the rear wing has been optimized to provide more downforce. The new Nismo GT-R manages to produce more downforce than any other Nissan ever built, apart from the racing cars of course. We have to get back to the elephant in the room, and that’s the price of the Nismo. It’s some $38,000 over the 2017 premium GT-R, raising the figure to a whopping $227,000. In other words, you can have a premium GT-R and a Golf GTI for the price of one Nismo. Would you, however? No, we wouldn’t either.
  15. Where do I run my coolant return line? I've made a quick little sketch that shows what I'm planning on doing with my coolant feed and return line on my Rb25det. There are 2 positions where coolant can go back: 1 and 3. Number 2 is my coolant feed line. I'm planning on blocking my front coolant return line #1 and using the return on the block #3. So the coolant feed will go to the turbo and then it will flow downwards into the block. Is this okay to do? Will it cause overhearing or am I good to go?
  16. GTR carbon fiber wallet GTR wallet with carbon fiber inlay released 2008 as part of a GTR collection ,brand new never used. after $500 what i paid for it
  17. HKS GT1000 spec intercooler for R35 for sell Brand new HKS Gt1000 Spec intercooler for sell Great for track day users and power seekersm, can be installed with OEM air guide( air guide need some cutting work), save the air guide money, great value. Price online: 1. Speed for Sale: $4000 US dollar+shipping= $5284 AUD + shipping 2. JDM accessories: $5060 AUD + shipping Bought for $5000 AUD now sell for $4500 I have a set of CRD titanium cat less mid pipe as well, bought for $1300, now sell for $700, less than 1000 km on it then I change to a louder set. It is good for R35 owners that want good exhaust note but no drone. Daniel Cheers
  18. A few questions for you 35 owners. - I know sound is subjective and also hard to really rate via youtube clips and the like, but is it just me or does the 35 sound really underwhelming even with an exhaust? - For those of you with a MY11 onwards, what sort of gearbox issues are you seeing, if any? - For people with at least an exhaust, intakes, tune etc, what sort of power are you seeing and how does that fair against similarly powered earlier model GT-Rs - does the gearbox really make up for the extra kerb weight? - For anyone who's had a 34 and a 35, what are the pros and cons of each in your eyes.
  19. C-West GT Wing Type II - FOR SALE Selling my C-West GT Wing Type II due to moving houses. Have loved this wing and don't want to let it go but I don't want to put it into storage (as I can't refit it to the car yet) and could use the extra money. - Full carbon fibre apart from the mounts (even with the mounts on it weighs less than a stock R34 spoiler) - 1450mm across, mounts are 22cm high - angle is fully adjustable - slight damage (most has been fixed, refer to pics) - just needs a new clear coat on the top and a bit of patching/sanding on a small section of the bottom to make it smooth again Chasing $500 firm IF gone by the end of next weekend (otherwise It will go back up to $550 firm) Located Sydney and more than happy to post if the buyer organises freight. ***damage has been considered in the price and I'm non-negotiable as this is a genuine carbon fibre wing and retails for $1800 so please do not attempt to offer me anything less than the asking price***
  20. Used R35 exhaust parts for sale Hi everyone, I have a few exhaust parts for sale on an R35 GTR 1, Meisterschaft SUS GT racing exhaust ($1999) This exhaust is made of 304 Stainless steel, TIG welded, OEM fitment, Tail pipe size: 4*130mm 2, COBB catted mid pipe, 200 cell count ($800) & Password JDM catless midpipe ($400) 304 stainless steel construction, Dual 3'' to single 3.5'' Merge, TIG welded, direct OEM replacement, large gains in HP&TQ I bought all them from US in 2015 and have done only 200KM with PasswordJDM catless midpipe & meisterschaft rear section, then change midpipe to COBB catted one, because whole catless setup produces too much soot. (I have done 1500KM with the new setup) Items are all in excellent condition and they are located in Sydney CBD. I can do free delivery to anywhere in Sydney. Any inquiry please contact me on [email protected] or 0422 428 967 Cheers Gerard
  21. WTB GTR R35 Hi, I'm currently in the market to purchase a early model r35 gtr, must be australian delivered. Would prefer low mileage premium white or black, but will consider any color. Must have full service history. I'm in Sydney, but willing to travel interstate. Please contact me with vehicle detail, genuine seller only
  22. NSW 2009 GTR black Pickles Auction 26.9.16 Anyone with spare $$$$ just saw this coming up for auction in Belmore NSW Pickles. Black, 75000kms looks pretty good not damaged, maybe repo.
  23. Spotted a black R35 @ Pyrmont on Monday, had flowers in the passenger seat, number plate was "R35 God" Sexy sexy car
  24. Hi Guys and Girls just got a brainwave on how to share the love and interests of skyline related pages and groups that are on the net. As most things are on Facebook would be good idea to post hear to find new pages, groups and websites that you follow or know of. Ill hit it off with just some of mine..... have to work out how to do FB pages. might have to do the whole http:// address as there is like 6 different ( "GT-R life" ) pages... facebook related Groupes (separated by commas) ; GTR's And GTR Parts For Sale , R34 GTR Owners , SKYLIN3 R34 GTR LOVERS..... , Perth R34s , Alberta Skyline Club , Japanese car parts WA , Newcastle Skyline Club , R34/MK4/Tokyo Japan Legends , RB Owners , R32 WA (West Aus) , Nissan Skyline GTR, GTS-t, GTS , NISSAN SKYLINE GT-R , Perth WA Skyline RB25 / RB26 Parts , RB 20/25/26det Tech Torque , Japanese car parts WA (without the Nazi admin) , Nissan Skyline GTR , Skyline Spares & Parts R32 R33 R34 V35 R35 , Nissan Skyline 'スカイライン' , Skyline R32, R33, R34, V35 - Skyline Spares , Nissan SKYLINE GTR R34 V-Spec II ,The 32 Corner - Skyline R32 Specialist Selling page , Skyline R33 Thailand Club , Skyline Parts Swaps and Deals , R32 Skyline Club - Forum , RB 20/25/26 south east QLD parts for sale , JDM car parts buy and sell (WA) , R31 R32 R33 R34 R35 Skyline & GTR/ For Sale / Swap / Buy / Sell / , Nissan Skyline R31,R32,R33,R34,V35,V36 and the new R35 unite , SKYLINE GTR PARTS PAGE , Skyline R34 Owner Club , R33 Gtr Vspec , Nissan Skyline Owners Club - Malaysia ,
  25. Qld Personalised plates for sale to suit any GTR Skyline. New - Never been fitted to car. $500 firm.