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Found 33 results

  1. [SUCC] + HSCCV SandownStorm @ Sandown Raceway Aug 27th Next track day is up: SandownStorm @ Sandown Raceway. SUCC Motorsport is teaming up with HSCCV to deliver one of the best quality circuit days this year! Sandown Raceway full track featuring timed and untimed sessions to cater to both those who wish to push their cars to the limits and compete for the best times possible, as well as a come and try session for those who want an introduction to circuit driving! $220 - Timed session including Dorian Hire $205 - Come and try session - No timing (Max 20 Entries) There will be trophies for best in each class. This is to be treated as a competitive event for those who are not come and try entrants! Supp regs TBA Entries will open soon, more info coming this week
  2. 2017 Track Days We plan on running 2 of our own track days in 2017, our now traditional Sandown on Grand Final day and a day at Broadford Motor Cycle Complex. The championship will be run over best of 5 rounds. So if you can't make it to two rounds, you're still in the hunt. Notes: - Round 4 may switch to the 2nd of July with WRX at Phillip Island Round Text Weekday Date Location 1 WRX CLUB - Phillip Island 75db Saturday 21/01/2017 Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit, Back Beach Rd, Phillip Island VIC 3922, Australia 2 SAU VIC - Broadford Sunday 12/3/2017 State Motorcycle Sports Complex, Broadford VIC 3658, Australia 3 WRX Club - Sandown Sunday 23/04/2017 Ladbrokes Park Sandown Racecourse, 591-659 Princes Hwy, Springvale VIC 3171, Australia 4 AROCA - Phillip Island Saturday 1/7/2017 Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit, Back Beach Rd, Phillip Island VIC 3922, Australia 5 WRX Club - Winton Thursday 12/8/2017 Winton Motor Raceway, Winton VIC 3673, Australia 6 SAU VIC - Sandown GF Day VSSC Rd6 Saturday 30/09/2017 Ladbrokes Park Sandown Racecourse, 591-659 Princes Hwy, Springvale VIC 3171, Australia 7 AROCA - Phillip Island Sunday 10/12/2017 Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit, Back Beach Rd, Phillip Island VIC 3922, Australia A full list of track days available in 2017 is here
  3. Need for Speed 2017 There's a new Need for Speed set to be announced and revealed around 11pm tonight. I actually enjoyed the most recent one more than I thought I would (despite the restriction on car ownership and customization) Also, in their teaser photo theres an R34. source:
  4. Building this thing from a rolling shell into a dedicated drag car build. - 3.4L Spool stroker kit with drag I-beams - TH400 3-speed auto - Mickey Thompson ET Pro Radial tyres (275/60/15) - Goal is 7.xx seconds @ 175-ish.
  5. Round 1 Phillip Island Saturday 21-1-17 Entries open at $220 (using our affiliate code) 05Q08ET8 Late entries will be $245 after the 15th of January Entries close 18th Jan Spectators free. enter affilite code 05Q08ET8 note: this is a 75db day, so if you don't pass sound test at Sandown, you won't pass this one.
  6. For Sale! Advan Racing RS-D 18x8.5+51, 5x114 Advan Racing RS-DSIZE: 18x8.5+51PCD: 5x114COLOUR: Matte BlackDESCRIPTION: Brand new set of Advan Racing RS-D's for sale, not much to say, matte black, brand new, perfect condition. includes all valves etc. PRICE: $3,410.00PAYMENT: Price does NOT include GST. Customers using card as a method of payment will incur a further 10% to cover GST. Contact us today for all product sales 17-19 Terracotta Drive, Blackburn, VIC 3130 (03) 9877 7736
  7. Advan Racing GT rims For Sale: 19" Advan Racing GT 19x8.5 +38 and 19x9.5 +30 rims in Advan Racing Semi Gloss Black, with Advan Racing centre caps. These have the 'Standard' 39mm lip for the fronts and 'Medium' 51.5mm lip for the rear. 5x114.3 There is a tiny bit of gutter rash on just one of the 19x8.5 rims (As shown in pictures), but other than that are in great condition. Only reason I am selling these, is that they won't fit my new widebody kit, otherwise I would not let these go!!! They are amazing in person and so light!!! $2200 (my loss is your gain) Pickup Geelong, Victoria or will post if buyer organises and pays for postage
  8. Getting into it. I need a cheap laptop for tuning in the field. Lots of fun, its a lot like a computer game, especially when your good enough to zoom between the trees. All the configuration tools are PC based, some things work on Mac or Linux, but mostly its for Windows. These guys do good work Lots of wires to solder........ Two very fast quads, i think the one on the right could get a very good time at Wakefield. Yes im serious. 160kph+ The old basher stuck in a bush
  9. Would you like the opportunity to drive real FORMULA FORD RACE CAR? Driving a single-seater Formula Ford racing car is unlike anything else. These are real race cars!!! You'll be strapped into the open cockpit by a six-point racing harness with the quick release steering wheel in front of you. You'll have the gear stick on your right connected to a 4-speed close ratio, purpose-built racing gearbox. You're seated only a couple of inches off the ground and you'll know it -- you can feel every bump and vibration as your super-responsive car reacts to every tiny adjustment you make. We also have the world’s first purpose built Formula Ford 2-Seater with over 200hp and less then 1000kg in weight. Jump on board with our professional race driver for a edge of your seat experience. Our drive days are available at Sydney Motorsport Park & Wakefield Park . Check us out on – or call us on 1300 121886
  10. There's a 285 page Tarmac Rally thread which I have to admit was a great help and also a great motivational tool for me to get into doing Tarmac Rallies. I found out things in that thread which I didn't know about which helped me make the decision to get involved in the first place. Personally after 4 years of doing Tarmac Rallies I've decided to look at Circuit Racing mostly because of a desire to one day race at Bathurst. So I thought I'd start up this thread as a place for people to talk about circuit racing - both in what they are going to do or if they are like me and are thinking about getting involved what they need to do or even what they CAN do in a certain car. There are a number of guys on these forums who have done plenty of racing before so it would be great if they could pop in here with both thoughts, answers and events they have up-coming. My plan is to get involved in the Sports Car series with the hopeful aim of running at the Bathurst Motor Festival @ Easter next year. The R35 GT-R was recently added to the eligible cars in Group 2B/2F Sports Cars and the fact was it was almost nothing different regs wise to run an R35 in Sports Cars as to what it is under Tarmac Rally regs (I can do a lot MORE under 2B regs than we can under Tarmac Rally regs). But I could run in Sports Cars under fully Tarmac Rally specs with just the addition of a window net and slicks. I'm not 100% sure on what else Skylines / GT-R's can run under - hopefully some other experts come in and let us all know. I think they can run with the AASA Super TT's and in Improved Prpoduction but with restrictors. Personally I think the Sport Car regs are great for all GT-R's - as it should also be noted that even though R32-R34's are not on the 2B/2F eligibility list all of the Victorian, QLD and NSW Sports Car series are now allowing older GT-R's to run (as well as all models of BMW M3's and the Holden Monaro) if they are built to 2B regs. But an RB28 powered, sequential gearboxed light-weight GT-R on slicks can run in this class. And would be some fun! Anyways - my car is now 2B log booked and I've just received my PC license in the mail. It should also be noted now that getting your PC license is easier if you've been doing any form of club sprints / tarmac rallies. If you have done 2x tarmac rallies or 5 x club sprints in the previous 2 years you no longer need to complete an OLT to get your license. Also the lecture is now available on-line so getting my PC was a piece of cake personally. My plan now is to run a few more track days over the next 2 months to get the set-up done on the car (ran on slicks for the first time last month which is taking some getting used to) with the aim of running in my first event at Rnd 3 of the VSCRC at Sandown on July 20-21. What else are people up to?
  11. Hey guys, I thought I would start a dedicated thread for this question instead of hijacking my own build thread. We are building a Sports Sedan and have an RB power plant we are building for 500+rwkw. Question is...... Haltech or Motec? Already have The Haltech PS2000 and Racepak Dash. But some people have been saying go Motec at this stage. Thoughts?
  12. Check out the Nissan Micra Cup cars in Canada. Nismo suspension, roll cage, seat, brakes and tyres etc, $20k Canadian. I love this thing! I wonder how well it would make a daily... Maybe this is similar to the cup that Duncan used to race in (Mirages, right?) From the source article; So Awesome. What do you think? I reckon it'd be a blast! I wonder if you can buy one to use privately and not as part of the cup?
  13. I couldn't find the answer on Google or their website. Has anyone seen someone on their P's racing on a Wednesday night at eastern creek dragway?
  14. Up for sale Volk Racing Emu multi stud 4/5 x 114.3 Set of 17" White in colour 235's all round, 235/45/17 achilles fronts are 1-2mm from indicators 235/45/17 nexon n6000 rears are 2weeks old f: 17x8 +35 r: 17x9 +40 couple grazes here n there nothing too obvious tho. come up nicely with a good clean. might be able to throw in a couple extra tyres. Price: $900 sms me on 0409 022 02 three
  16. Hey all i've got a couple of cat back exhausts up for sale off my R34: FS Genuine Stainless Steel Kakimoto Racing Exhaust 3inch cat-back (3inch pipes, 3.5inch resonator to 4-4.5 inch cannon) good condition no leaks or cracks, was fitted to a R34 n/a. $250 ono. FS EPA approved 2inch mild steel exhaust (off a R34 n/a) with unknown size muffler, no cracks or leaks. $75 ono. PICK UP South East Melb. Pm me or give me a buzz on 0432 916 704. Cheers, Abz
  17. The 2 Days of Thunder at Queensland Raceway will feature Historic Touring Cars, big American V8's, Trans-Am Race cars as well as the roar of V8 Muscle Cars. With track highlights including Black Trucks/Tranzmile Historic Group N, Cobra & GT40's, there will be plenty to get your pulse racing. And the fun doesn't stop there... The event will boast a relaxed 'access all areas' atmosphere allowing families and enthusiasts a rare chance to see some of the world's most exciting cars up close. The Shannons Show and Shine will bring some of the country's most prestigious cars to South East Queensland, featuring the Mustang 50th Anniversary! When: Saturday 21st-Sunday 22nd June, 2014 Where: Queensland Raceway, Willowbank How much: Spectators $20pp Saturday, $30pp Sunday or $40pp for a weekend pass. Kids 12 and under FREE! Racing from 8.30am both days! Event website:
  18. Have two 5 litre containers of motul Chrono 300v 10w40 for sale at $85.00 per five litres, Cheapest I can see these on e-bay is $105.00, The best oil for your Nissan. In Sydney, prefer pick up, Ron 0408 886 436
  19. Antilag RaceWars 2014 dates have been released today, it will be held on the 12th and 13th of April once again at Wyalkatchem Airport. Last year was ridiculously fun and I can't wait to wind some boost up, drop some kilos and better last years efforts. Anyone else planning on going?
  20. 8x 18" 9x18" V Racing Wheels / Rims and Tyres 5x114.3 Hub For Sale is a full set of Black V-Racing 18" wheels with machined Lip. Split width, 18x8" Front, 18x9" Rear on a 5x114.3 mm Hub, +35 Offset frt & rr. Tyres are : Front - Achilles 225/40R18, 70% Tread Rear - Achilles & ATR Sport 235/40R18, 45% Tread Paint is in fairly good condition, I just gave them a quick wash - a polish would have them looking ace. Some Gutter Rash on the very outer-edge of the LHF Rim, and in a couple of spots on the LHR. Price is $800 Negotiable, reasonable offers or swaps with 5x114.3 hub rims & HIGH OFFSET considered. (i.e. +40 to +48 offset). Selling these because they don't quite fit under the guards on MkIII Supra narrow-body. Will suit Toyota Supra, Chaser, Soarer, Nissan Skyline, 300ZX, 350Z, etc. _ _ _ _ _ _ All questions, and reasonable offers welcome. - Nathan.
  21. Hi Peoples. Was going to put these on my car, but circumstances have changed and I need the extra cash. What we have here is a full set of 4, lightweight, magnesium centered, 3 piece center lock racing rims. These have the rare deep centered face and can clear massive brakes. They are a staggered set. Sizes are: Front: 18" x 10" -2.5mm offset (8" inner barrel and 2" lip) Rear: 18" x 12" +1.5mm offset (9" inner barrel and 3" lip) They were originally off a Porsche 996 RSR cup car, so have a 130pcd for the drive pins. They are used, so if you want them shiny, the lips will need to be polished and the centers repainted, but they are racing rims. They have a silver face, but i was going to have them redone in BBS Gold. My personal favourite. Even when they are dirty, they still looking farking awesome!! They are all straight, without cracks and roll true. Asking $3500 plus delivery, or pick up from Wollongong NSW. These things are unreal, and would cost you almost $10,000 to buy brand new. So pick up an awesome set of rims for a fraction of the price, and best of all, being 3 piece you can change the barrels and lips to suit your needs. If you want close up pics of the rims, PM me your number and i can send them to your phone. Nothing says racecar like a genuine set of centerlock BBS racing wheels. And why centerlock???? Because RACECAR!!
  22. I have a set of 4 rims and tyres to suit a GTR for sale. I prefer to sell complete, but can separate if required. Rims: Work Emotion CR KAI 18 x 9.5 +20 offset in white No gutter rash! Very clean and hardly any marks They came off my R32 GT-R, will suit R33 and R34 GTR or GTSt (with wider fenders) They will also fit Evos as well. Tyres: Toyo R888 Semi slick tyres. 235 / 40 ZR 18 91Y I bought them brand new from Wheels World, drove home on them and then removed and never used since. So they would have about 70km I am chasing $3000 for both Rims and tyres. I'm in Western Australia but can post over east at buyers expense. Contact Tyron 040 752 4669 or Pm me
  23. Hi All. Advertising for a good friend - One full set of Genuine Rays Gram Light Wheels. - Set of 4 Wheels - 5x114.3 PCD - 17*8.5 +30 Offset. - Very good condition, owned by a professional detailer so car and wheels always well maintained. - Gram Light Decals have recently been replaced with genuine items. - Wheels are in very good condition, minimal marking, no damage or noticeable rash. - Very light wheels, great performance and designed to suit large brake setups. - Wheels sat and performed very well on a track built R32 GTR, genuine reason for sale due to changing wheel size and looks. - Wheels are half price of the amount paid brand new only recently. No tyres, after $900 ONO - Located Southern Tas (Hobart Area) Please Contact Mark on 0409169006 for genuine inquiries/offers.
  24. After the last EOI ( died I'd see if we can organise another SimWorld event! So - We (SAUWA) is thinking of holding another Social Event at Simworld in Carousel after the huge success of the previous events. Everyone had a great time at the last couple events although there have been a couple inflicted with motion sickness so its quite a ride For those who don't know what SimWorld is check it out at These are full simulators, where you get thrown about etc, nothing like anything you've done before. The general format of the event is: Group 1 - 5min Practice - Course 1 Group 2 - 5min Practice - Course 1 Group 1 - 10min Race 1 Group 2 - 10min Race 1 Group 1 - 5min Practice - Course 2 Group 2 - 5min Practice - Course 2 Group 1 - 10min Race 2 Group 2 - 10min Race 2 Group 1 - 5 min practice - course 3 Group 2 - 5 min practice - course 3 Group 1 - 10min Race 3 Group 2 - 10min Race 3 Final - 15min Race (combined results from Race 1, 2, 3 & 4 will determine who is in the finals) * Minimum race time should be about an hour ** Comes with food supplied by Nandos or we can have pizza plus we can have BYO drinks *** Group size is 9, as there are 9 Simulators Note: The costs approximately $65 if we choose nandos or pizza or $50 without food but I would imagine majority will want food so everyone will have to pay $65 The a full race simulators, not simple arcade games, so it will definately be an experience. Friday nights we will get the longest time on the machines for our money and its been convenient for most people in the past. Maybe the 13th or the 20th of September might be a go-er? Please register your interest ASAP, so we can make this event happen. Please invite family members (friends, wives, older kids etc), as all Simulators are equal, and doesn't require a drivers license We'd like to have this filled with SAUWA Members and there familys/friends, but seeing as we didn't get enough interest I'll open it up to the rest of SAU from the get go. So far * Trevz * Lachy (Hank Scorpio) * Gary * Damo (Frosty) Cheers Hank