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Found 63 results

  1. Hi guys, My coolant levels are dropping for some reason (no visible leak) and I've recently found some odd coloured gunk under the radiator cap. Not blowing smoke. No rough idle. No funny smells. I did overheat (once) due to low coolant levels but stopped and topped up the coolant (no warning lights came on, I just noticed the temp rising to "H"). Any ideas of a) why I'm losing fluid and b) what the gunk is? I've only done 85,000 kms and it's been running fine otherwise. Many thanks, Gee 2008 Skyline 370GT SP
  2. Hey guys I made tutorial video on draining and replacing the coolant on a RB25DET aswell as changing the thermostat: I did it according to what the Nissan R34 Service Manual says. My first tutorial, so let me know what you guys think.
  3. so i need to remove the radiator from my 250t rs four which has been converted into a 6 speed manual out of a 350z. it is still using the stock radiator so it has lines going into the radiator for cooling the transmission from when it was an auto. So, are the transmission lines connected at the bottom to the two brass fittings? (photo attached for reference) these have nothing attached to them so i am not sure what they are for, other than that. i think i may be mistaking the transmission fluid lines for something else as the lines I want to remove are on the passengers side of the radiator and coming off the side of it. this photo shows the lines i need to remove. Any help would be appreciated. cheers
  4. I just found out the reason that previous owner modified the A/C high pressure hose from the A/C pump is because the steering pump higher pressure hose interferes with my Greddy aftermarket radiator. The A/C high pressure hose has been leaking forever due to poor welding, now I just want to replace with a new OEM piece. How do you guys deal with the interference between steering pump hose and radiator? Note: I already have twin SPAL electric fans, I think I can play around the position and get away.
  5. I have an 8yo Cooling Pro 40mm triple core from Justjap, which has been recently cleaned by Natrad, but the car quickly overheated on a 23 degree track day. I was going to get a Racepace triple core, but they have stopped doing them as they cant find a decent core supplier. What can i upgrade to that will do the job?
  6. Looking for a RB20 auto radiator. Must be in good condition. Let me know if you have one. Thanks
  7. Hi, I know the R33 radiator Shroud is rather slimline. I'm wondering if anyone knows if the fit on an S14 Silvia Radiator? There are no Shrouds near where I live, so don't want to buy one to find it doesn't fit. Needing a slim line as I've put the FMIC where the radiator sits, so the clutch fan now hits the stock S14 radiator shroud. Thanks in advance Rob
  8. moving radiator back Hi all, I noticed there is around 45mm (give or take 5mm) gap between the back of the radiator and the fan and I'm wondering if I can pull back the radiator closer to the fan so I can have some room for intercooler pipes. Does anyone have ideas what effect that will have on 1) cooling efficiency and 2) whether there will be interference when the fan is spinning at max rev and 3) any other issues? It's an R32 GTS25 but I suppose the idea is the same for any car in general. Cheers
  9. M35 thermostat for $40 Hey all, Just an FYI for cooling improvements for your Stag. The V35 thermostat 21200-4W01B which suits VQ series is only $40 from Kudos Motorsports. Figured this would be good info as it's a good medium between the stock 82 and Nismo/Mishimoto 65 @ 76.5 Happy cooling, JB.
  10. Want To Buy A BNR34 GTR Nismo Radiator Hello all, I know that BNR34 GTR Nismo Radiators are a discontinued item, however I am seeking to purchase one, preferably in brand new condition and not damaged. I believe the part number for the BNR34 GTR Nismo Radiator is 21410-RSR45. If anyone has one that they are willing to sell, or knows of someone who to contact to source the item, please let me know and send me a message. Kind regards, Mathew.
  11. OEM radiator for R33 GTR - second hand price Hello, What is the price for second hand used radiator with fan for r33 GTR in Australia?
  12. Radiator upgrade Ok so i have always had some problems with the cooling system in my r33 GTS-T, even before i reinstalled the turbo, but now that i have it seems the the condition has become much more frequent (note i have a massive, not my choice, front mount on the car and can only assume that it must be helping the problem, when the car overheated when N/A the front mount was still installed). the latest time has got me thinking about replacing the radiator completely so the engine has more room for error, i cannot find leaks anywhere and i have seen the water boil past the cap valve so i assume this means that the system is capable of holding atleast a little pressure (i have replaced the cap incase that was the reason aswell). So my main question is there a decent-ish aftermarket upgrade for around $300, i have seen people rave about koyos but they all seem to be out of my price range, so far i have found http://justjap.com/cooling-pro-alloy-radiator-nissan-skyline-r33-r34-stagea-rb25-rb26.html which is around $250 shipped or http://worleyautoparts.com.au/product/alloy-radiator-for-nissan-pintara-skyline-r33-r34-auto-manual-1993-2003-atmt/ for $150 basically i would just like to know your opinions on what the problem could be and/or any preferences on the brand of radiator for relatively cheap. Cheers
  13. RB26 Radiator Cowling Hi Guys Just wanted to know what is the consensus when it comes to radiator cowlings? My car (R32 GTR) has had one all along until last year when the fan cracked bent forward and brke the cowling. Since then I have been running it without one with no heating issues whatsoever. Many people believe the viscous fan and cowling setup to be far superior to the electric counterpart. What are each of you running and why? Also is the cowling really that much of a big deal. I know on the sr20det motor the cowling is shaped really well to draw in the air but on the 26 not so much. I could be wrong though. Let me know
  14. [SYD] Garage cleanout (seats, wheels, radiator, braided brake lines, turbo, ecu) Hi All Sold my R33 GTS-t now time to get rid of all the parts I still have. Prices are firm but will discount if you buy multiple items. Location is Gregory Hills (Oran Park / Narellan area). email; jim_8825@hotmail.com PWR Radiator 55m R33 GTST/GTR - never installed, still in box. Will include brand new radiator hoses too. - $300 Autotechnica seats on autotechnica rails. rails are vehicle specific rials for R33 GTST - also fits some other cars R32, some s-chassis, etc. seats are in decent condition but could use a clean as have been sitting in storage for a number of years. price based off the value of the seat rails alone. - $150 - Sold pending payment. Lenso staggered 17 inch wheels. fronts 17x8 rear 17x9. Clears the r33 brembo style brakes. Good condition, no gutter rash at all. $300
  15. FS: R33 GTR parts Standard r33 gtr cam gears $50 Standard r33 gtr injectors $180 Standard r33 gtr ecu $180 Standard r33 gtr radiator $150 All the above worked without issue when removed and were only removed due to upgrading when I upgraded turbos. The car had done 95,066kms when removed, injectors have been tested and all working perfectly. Standard r33 gtr turbos. One is absolutely dead and the other has a decent amount of shaft play, $60 for both. I can send/msg videos showing shaft play if required. BRAND NEW genuine Garrett actuators from GT2859 aka -9 turbos $75 each. HKS fuel rail $170 Pick up Blacktown NSW or I can post at buyers expense.
  16. What parts can i swap over? This year im engine swapping an RB26 into my 25gt and was wondering what parts i can keep? can i re use the cam angle sensor from my rb25 neo as well as the radiator? any help is greatly appreciated thanks.
  17. Need more radiator I currently have a Cooling Pro Triple Core 40mm from Just Jap, but I need more cooling at the track. With respect to design, here's my current set of assumptions; - Number of rows does not make a huge difference - Number of passes probably makes more difference than number of rows - Thicker core should be better So I should probably get something with ~50mm core and two or more passes Options; Blitz Racing ZS 42mm, just jap, $600 or rhdjapan $399+delivery KOYO Copper Radiator Type-S, "Num. of Layers: 2" $436+delivery TRUST GREDDY TW-R 50mm, "2-Row" rhdjapan, $436+delivery HPI Radiator Evolve STD Series, 50mm, "Wide Tube 2 Core" rhdjapan $492+delivery KOYO Type F Aluminum, 48mm, "Num. of Layers: 2" $802+delivery HPI Multi Flow Evolve, 40mm, "Multi Pitch Core (Triple Turn)" $871+delivery Does "layers" mean cores or passes? Any recommendations from this list or elsewhere?
  18. Koyo Radiator Questions R32 GTR I received my koyo 53mm radiator, this one to be exact: http://www.rawbrokerage.com/koyo-53mm-aluminum-racing-radiator-for-nissan-skyline-gtr-r32/ Looking at it, i am slightly confused. There are three ports: 1: Small port, looks like 1/8 npt, it came with a blocking screw already in, with a ton of teflon tape, I unscrewed it to make sure it was a npt port but the sender from the autometer gauges does not fit. So whats this port for? 2: Large port, looks like it would house an adapter for a gauge sender. both adapters from the gauges do not fit. Did not come blocked off. Is this where the stock sender for the car goes? 3. That's a drain plug, I'm not that crazy. lol! Thanks in advance
  19. Top Quality Parts for GTR, clearout of all items!!! Race brakes, coolers, wastagates, etc Sell off of some of the remaining items that was going on my street/circuit GTR. Circumstances have changed so I want all this stuff gone. Prices have some room to move. I ask that you please be patient with asking for photos etc and I will do my best to get back to each enquiry as quick as I can. No paypal, bank transfer only or cash pick up. I can post anything but at buyer cost. Located in Adelaide SA, 0456969001 Trust T78-33d with 14cm housing, used $800 Trust 17cm housing, new $200 (suit T78) Trust 24cm housing, new $200 (suit T78) Bell Intercooler, top quality made in the USA, custom design 4.5" thick 28" x 12.3" with 3" inlet and outlets, tested to 50psi, new $1200 C & R Racing radiator, top quality made in the USA, custom design, this is same company that make radiators for NASCAR, very high quality new cost was insane, Denso core, twin SPAL thermo fans with shroud, Adel Wiggans clamp inlet/outlet, new $1500 Tial 44mm MVR external wastegate, x2 available, new $400ea Tial BOV, new $300 Brake Kit (will not seperate) $6000 V8 Supercar Alcon calipers, used but with complete rebuild kit supplied Pads, front and rear 25mm thick, new Alcon discs, 379x36 front and 355x36 rear, new
  20. Hey guys , Was wondering if there is any difference between a R34 GTR radiator support and a R34 GTST radiator support ? cheerz
  21. Hey guys, During the rebuild of the head on my RB20 the mechanic has discovered a leak in my radiator. I'm not exactly in a position to be dropping $500+ on a brand new shiny one so I'm looking for any good condition OEM ones people may have. Failing that, I'll look into whether it's worth repairing my existing one. I'm in Mount Gravatt, Queensland. Thank you, Aaron 0410492157
  22. Hi guys, After a couple of parts suit R33 GTSt Series 2: S2 Front bumper - cover only no lights needed Front bumper reinforcement Radiator Bonnet latch support AC Fan Located in Melbourne. Cheers, Mat. O4OO558O3O
  23. Hi guys, Hoping for some thoughts on this. i've replaced my factory radiator with a new 40mm alloy radiator and now my coolant temps don't want to go above 75 C. i've been reading up about replacing the clutch fan with electric but i'm happy with the clutch fan for simplicity (street driven car) bearing in mind its winter here in NZ, should i just not worry about this and suck up the slight increase in petrol consumption or are there any alternatives? i was thinking perhaps an R34 thermostat instead of the r33 thermostat? i'm not opposed to electric fans either. cheers
  24. Have stock: Radiator $30 AFM $50 Injectors $70 Aftermarket Solid rear diff mounts fit r33/34 (just the front ones not subframe) $20 Located brisbane QLD 0423 424 834
  25. AlphaWolf32

    Build Stage 2ii

    From the album: R32 GTS-4 4 Door

    After being in need of a new air filter, due to the K&N being 5+ years old. I started trolling the net once again, I saw an article saying that Autosalon had tested some '3A racing' pod filter so time back now with results confirming it had better airflow *cfm* than K&N and all your other expensive brands. So I purchased one a nice red one to help start the red theme.
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