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Found 7 results

  1. Hi I have owned Cedric hy34 300lx vq30det CVT for a 2 years now. Its a great and one of a kind car in luxury car class history with this awesome technic, it really is a driving experience one of a kind to drive this car when it works propelly. Car really drives/runs like a train, so smooth and fine that i claim that a Mercedes S-class ride feels cheap after this. =) I have had few technical issues with the car what i have solved, one by one by my self. Now i almost have beated all the problems and for now, the last one is there. With this issue im lost and having a bit hard time to understand and thats why i am asking if anyone else there, somewhere, in some country have had this kind of problems with hes/hers Gloria/Cedric. The problem has been there since the car was imported straight from the country of rising sun. Climate control buttons+radio buttons aint working at sometimes. Its even a bit hard to explain especially English aint my mother language as you have surely noticed already, hmm i try my best.. When i turn on the ignition or start a car, whatever. Buttons sometimes works and sometimes does not. When i go for drive they suddenly starts to work or suddenly stops working on drive. Because the car is strange Japanese architecture and i dont understand even a half what navigator/computer settings are i tough first that there must be some locking what disables some buttons in some speed OR SOMETHING like that. But it seems its more likely a broken climate/radio unit or something. There is also a cd track forward button thats has been broke from the beginning. A buttons is somehow very loose and feels its not attached to anything it just hangs on there, not working never either(ive also been thinking is it possible that this broke button is time by time full pushed to bottom all the time what disables all other buttons, but ive forgot the idear because shouldnt the cd change songs repeatly if that would be the problem and it aint....?!?!?!?). I can add a video later about the broke button to realise what i mean. I also added a picture from my dash/unit where i can show which buttons stops working and which works all the time.(Green spots are buttons that works always and red spots are buttons that stops working a time by time.) I marked the broke button wrong in picture with two red dots, i marked track reverse to be a broke one for a mistake, correct one is track forward button next to it! Ive already tryed to find a used replace part/unit from Japan auctions and i found a few on sale but it seems that there is propably 3 kind of these units available. It seems its manufactored by Clarion for Nissan and one model is without navigation cd slot and two with it. But which one part number part my car has, i dont know and i think that only way to even get this part number is to remove the unit to find out. Is there anyone anywhere who have had this kind of issues or could have some help for me before i have to remove half of my car interior to remove a holy center console to get this climate/ radio unit out of there for inspection. !!!?????!! HELP PLEASE!
  2. WTB: R32 GTR Radio and Rear Strut Brace Hey Guys, As the title states, I'm looking to purchase a late model radio from a R32 GTR and a OEM rear strut brace. Please message me if you have one or know of anybody who is selling one. Thanks 0449220990 Jason
  3. Nissian Skyline v36 350GT 07 Nissian Skyline 2007 350GT Hi there , i have just bought my Skyline and it was recently imported and I want to change to the language to English but I can't find anyone in Auckland , New Zealand . Just looking for help . Thank you for reading this and all advice will be helpful .
  4. Hey guys, Just bought an R33 and trying to figure out some problems its having. No constant 12v on the radio loom. I've checked the fuse and its getting power there, but no power at the plug. Its getting ACC 12v volts at the plug though ? I know it has something to do with the headlight reminder buzzer. I've jumped a constant 12v from the hazard switch and the buzzer gets louder. Trying to out what it could be. Does anyone have the electrical wiring diagram or know what it could be ? Thanks
  5. Newbie !! Whats the go with radio? 1 station?!! Hey All 😊 First time Skyline owner. Just bought a 350GT V35x 2006 model. Has a great sounding BOSE stereo system but can only tune into 1 station !! Choice of either FM1 or FM2 & both of them will only tune between 70 to 90 bandwidth. Most of the stations I listen to in Melbourne are 101.9 or 105.3 etc. Anyone else with an import had this problem? Is there any way to fix it without putting in new stereo ?
  6. sinistaGTR

    R34 Middle stereo surround, must be in mint condition with no scratches. as seen here
  7. V36 Radio/Satnav options Hi all, I'm sorry if this topic has been done to death, but I've had a bit of a look around the forum and can't see a discussion around this specific topic... I'm aware that it's a real pain to get the JDM multimedia system translated to English, and the alternative would be to install an aftermarket head unit/screen. But has anyone tried to install the multimedia system and bezel from a USDM Infiniti? They're plentiful on eBay and can be had for less than $300 but would they work? I've heard that all the electrics 'talk to each other' in these cars so would swapping the head unit cause any issues?