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Found 118 results

  1. Hi guys, sorry I know parts of this have been covered and it has been a massive help!! Although I have an issue: i have an rb20det in my s13, there are no looms in the car apart from the engine loom & fuel pump wires. All plugged in and I have 3 power wires into the ecu & 6 ground wires out of the ecu; the car turns over and has injectors tick and fuel spray when fuel relay activated but I have NO SPARK. i have power, earth and signal continuity from the ecu going to all the coils, cas and injectors; ami missing something from the ecu to tell coils to spark? i swapped the igniter for a working one(same issue), should I try swapping cas and ecu? thank you guys and sorry if I can’t find the info. regards, kev 👌
  2. Hey guys, i have a 92 GTSt Type M that ive been having some starting issues and after some talking between myself a another mechanic we came to the thought that it may have a stuck open purge valve, alas information is short in english. So why might i have raw gas in this line here? Its not a lot of gas but enough to be of concern, especially since its infront of the throttlebody?
  3. Hi I’m new to this site I’m from Melbourne and I have a Nissan Cefiro a31 for sale. Was given to me by a close mate who owned it for years it has a lot or work done to it. It was in mint condition until it got left at a farm for 6 years no cover shelter nothing. So once it came home had to puke the tank it was completely rusted out a fuel cell In changed the Lines and put a 044 pump in changed the all the oil and water and now it’s waiting to get painted. its got hks air intake frontmount intercooler gtr injectors splitfire coilpacks tein coilovers gtst gearbox apexi avcr boost controler short shifter tomie fpr highflowed rb25 turbo bigger dump pipe and exhaust New radiator body kit blitz boost gauge the engine got pulled apart roughly 5k km ago and has a bigger headgasket pistons and machined. The car has been registered previously but was a drift car until it got put in storage the car had been tuned that’s all I can really remember aslo has a viper alarm in it anyways once it’s been painted (white) I will be selling it and I’m having trouble pricing it as there’s not many around ? If anyone could help with a price or has an offer either money or swaps let me know would be much appreciated thanks.
  4. So I just bought a used rb20, and I am about to install it into my car. The only problem is when I went to bolt the trans to the engine I noticed my block does not have the two holes to mount the "pig ears" or "bellhousing to engine brackets". I am kinda stummed and don't know where to go from here... any help is appreciated.
  5. Hi all I’m new to this forum just trying to get some info on my Nissan Cefiro 1989 model. it was in storage for 6 years and givin to me by a friend. It was registered years ago but was also a drift car has hks intake gtr injectors front mount gtst gearbox twin plate clutch Apexi avcr boost controler rb25 turbo high flowed dump pipes and exhaust are bigger shortshifter tein coilovers engine was pulled apart about 5k km ago and has new pistons and bigger head gasket has a fuel cell with a 044 pump abit more that I’ve forgotten has been tuned... anyways I’m in the process of getting it painted and then I’m selling it and I’m not sure what they are worth or how to price it as there’s not many out there! Any help would be good or offers to swap or cash let me know what you think. cheers
  6. Hi Guys, Ive recently moved over from NZ and have purchased a R32 gts-t coupe. Looking forward to getting to know the car community here! specially around Melbourne. Look forward to seeing you guys soon for car meets and so on! Cheers, Simar
  7. have no spark, new cas tried several ignitors, ultraspark coils ecu keeps fault code 2-1 received_-247391185.mp4
  8. For sale is a very low mileage Nissan Cefiro turbo. This is possibly one of the lowest mileage Ceffy's in Australia, I'm selling it on behalf of my 68 year old mum who has owned it for the last 15 years so it's probably the least thrashed Cefiro in Australia as well. Mileage is 70,000km with paperwork to back it up. The interior and mechanicals are that of a car that has averaged under 2,500km per year, the body however has some hail damage and the price has been adjusted accordingly, otherwise the asking amount would be close to double. It's surprisingly fast, aside from keyless entry and a CD stacker it's completely standard. Vehicle is a 1988 Nissan Cefiro (A31) SE turbo auto in Melbourne. Sale price is $4,900. Please call 0410 334 407, I am unlikely to respond here or to direct messages.
  9. ThatGreyRBS13

    Hey joined to gain some knowledge on the Rb20det I'm familiar with nissans been working on them for years mostly our USDM KA24DE. Anyway here's my turd
  10. ScottyM

    G’day! First post after my intro. Have done a search to find which parts for a31 Cefiro are common to r32 and s13 and I didn’t find much. I know it’s such a broad question however, which parts from cefiro are common with r32 and s13 and which are purely cefiro. Front and rear suspension, knuckles, ball joints, control arms, powersteering, brake pads and rotors, radiator (rb20) and anything else would be great. I pretty much have to fix everything and trying to do it on the cheap.
  11. Hi new here from the US and lack knowledge on if there is a non hicas pump I can use for my RB20DET as I tried capping the 2nd port and removing the splines inside the pump and even welding it shut still leaking. I used the search on here all I could find was hicas delete kits for the rear of the vehicle not the pump I could be searching wrong. Any help would be appreciated or a specific part number for the pump I would need. Thank you in advance
  12. Hello, I recently installed some gauges into my car and have noticed that the coolant temp will not break above 140*F (60*C) when im moving and will only get up to about 180*F(82*C) if im standing still for a few minutes. Im pretty sure the car has a stock thermostat and it does have electric fans that are wired to turn on at about 190*F(88*C). The fans have a probe sensor that is put into the rad ,which Im not a huge fan of. I also have noticed a few times the fans have turned on well before the car has gotten up to 190, and when im driving when its cold out, around 0*C the temp will rise and then actually fall way down to almost 110*F. Any input on this? Bad thermostat? Thanks for any help.
  13. I have a C33 Laurel with an RB20DET, and the car runs normally, but there's been an issue bugging me since I bought it. Whenever I go full throttle(or close to full throttle) and start making boost, there's a noticeable burning smell coming from the engine bay. There isn't any smoke, and the turbo spools up just fine. I've checked the oil level often, and over the 4 or so months that I've owned it, it hasn't dropped noticeably at all. Is this likely a blow-by issue? It does have a pod filter, straight pipe exhaust, and external wastegate. I would think that a bad turbo would consume a lot more oil.
  14. Looking for a RB20 auto radiator. Must be in good condition. Let me know if you have one. Thanks
  15. Would like to buy R32 GTS-t green label AFM in non working condition for cheap. Cheers Mike.
  16. For sale in perfect working condition, tested and can demonstrate working on the running engine: Power FC for RB20DET with hand controller, price $800 Power FC for RB26DETT R32/R33 GTR33L L-jetro, PFC only, price $400, can be modified to run on RB25DET for just $50 with base tune included, already tested on a few setups like this and running perfect. HKS F Con-V Pro ver. 3.24 universal type aftermarket ECU, can be set as L-jetro or D-jetro, price $800 Will help to install, set it up and tune For more information PM or call / email John Sobon, ph. 08 93022085
  17. c33matt

    Hey guys, I have a C33 Laurel with an RB20DET out of an R32 Skyline GTS-T, and I'm having a problem that has me stumped. 2 weeks ago my car randomly stopped cranking when i turned the key, I figured it was the starter so I've replaced it and still nothing. When I turn the key I hear the fuel pump, and a relay click from inside the dash. The dash still lights up, and the radio still turns on, but the starter doesn't turn at all. Any help would be much appreciated!
  18. big-stag

    WTB: RB20DET MOTOR ASAP I need an rb20det motor asap as mine let go on the dyno yesterday. I am just wanting the motor alone but am happy to purchase a complete set up if need be. 0432832497
  19. From the album: TurboX's Pix - Orig SAUVIC #55

    Gregs Nissan HR32 Skyline GT-S4 AWD Automatic RB20DET Turbo MODS -Home built Air Bleed for Coolant aeration relief


  20. AlphaWolf32

    From the album: R32 GTS-4 4 Door

    Purchased some autocool warehouse radiator *ebay*, after reading a few reviews. Decent build quality for the price, looks good. Bought some bottom radiator rubbers and slid the radiator straight in. Nice Fit. Decided the radiator hoses could do with an upgrade too. Just a nice clean set of red hoses should do the job nicely. A start to the red and purple theme, sexy yet aggressive.
  21. The time has come to sell my r32 and i still have a gates rb20det timing belt kit laying around that was never fitted. The kit is brand spanking new. I am after $150 for it pickup is in the southern suburbs of Adelaide ( Happy Valley ) Contact me on either here or mobile ( 0420278922 ). I would prefer mobile but either one is fine.
  22. Located VIC 3978. $9500. Price negotiable. Selling due to need for 4x4 for work related reasons and to be completely honest, all the car needs is a financially stable owner. Due to a string of bad luck I've been unable to maintain employment for more than ~ 4 months at a time since purchasing the vehicle. More pics @ 1993 Series 2 GTS4 sedan, white. Engine: 152xxx K's (speedo swapped out, original one f**ked). Fairly stock RB20DET Turbosmart boost controller. Remapped stock ECU. 42mm Alloy Radiator. Custom FMIC w/ Ford core, shorter piping, more spool w/ brand new Proflow joiners + brand new hose clamps. No BOV, can plumb one in with silicone T piece for RWC. New water pump less than 7k's old. Full 3" turbo back w/ 3" dump/front pipe, stainless steel exhaust w/ high-flow cat & rear oval muffler. Note is 1hunnid. Brand new genuine Nissan oil filter, less than 1000k's ago. Brand new Motul Chrono Ether 300V 10W40 motor oil, doesn't need to be replaced for 9,000k's. Brand new BCPR6ES plugs, less than 1000k's ago. Interior: Brand new R34 V-Spec Aluminium Pedal set. Brand new Superior Auto Creative Carbon shift & handbrake boots. Brand new Nissan shift knob. Factory Series 2 GTST/GTS4 seats in very good condition. Factory GTST/GTS4 steering wheel. Exterior: Brand new R32 GTR N1 front bar w/ eBay FRP vents. Brand new R32 GTR N1 front reo. Brand new Bosch Aerotwin Flat Wiper Blades. VGC genuine R32 GTR front lip, could use respray but otherwise perfect cond.Average condition R32 GTR wing FRP, minor hole one side. Driveline: R32 GTR rear shocks. R32 GTS4 factory shocks. HICAS lock bar / eliminator kit. NISMO strut brace. Brand new Exedy HD Organic clutch, freshly machined stock flywheel, less than 1000k's old. Penrite full synth in box atm. ATF in transfer case/ATTESSA. Custom 4WD/RWD toggle switch for sliding fun, don't use it often to be honest. Car stays in 4WD most of time. Brand new Nismo R32 GTR slave cylinder. Brand new HFM R32 master cylinder. 40% RWC tyres on R33 stockies. Misc: $1000 alarm system. Remote central locking, immobilizer + alarm. Receipts from myself + last two owners. High level brake light fitted to clear RWC fault as GTR wing is aftermarket. Headlight loom completely rewired, no f**k arounds. H1/H3 combo w/ T10 parkers. $3000 worth of sound gear, including Dynamat throughout. Can remove/include for adaptive pricing. Bad: Needs respray imho. White is 326 Crystal White but rough on quarter panels (in touch up paint atm, still very nice looking). Bonnet clear is well, peeling. 2nd gear very minor crunch. Could benefit from Redline treatment. Input shaft bearing noise when clutch not pressed, goes away after 5 min drive. Very common issue that does not affect performance. More pics @ Reply here and/or email: Mobile outta order atm, changing carrier. No swaps, unless you have a dope D22 Nav w/ 150k's or less (friend's selling me his for $9k).
  23. Hi I'm new to this forum so I may not be posting this in the right section.. basically one of my injectors on my rb20det is leaking fuel everywhere. I got a bit carried away and ordered 6 new 370cc bosch injectors (side-feed), without doing my research. From what I understand rb20's are top-feed injectors, and the rb25s are side-feed. Will I be able to mount a standard r33 rb25det fuel rail with the new injectors onto my rb20? Or will that open up a can of worms?
  24. As the title suggests i am looking for a either stock or aftermarket exhaust camshaft for a r32 rb20det engine, needs to have the locator pin intact in the end of camshaft for alignment to the CAS, I am located up in Darwin Northern Territory so will need someone willing to post, Of course i will cover postage costs. Otherwise if needed i will buy a set of 262degree 9.5mm lift camshafts if someone is selling a set cheap.
  25. I've recently fitted some RC 720cc Injectors and had to do a bit of a re-map on my RB20det. So far things are fine at WOT as per normal. However the idle hunts a bit, but too be expected with 720 low impedance injectors. I have Nistune by the way. However when adjusting the injector latency I began to think about what the correct latency should be and if there is horsepower (kilowatts for you guys) and reliability (Knock resistance) by having the fuel spray early (which may result in pooling at valve) or late (which could be incomplete burn/ reduced atomization). But when is the factory injection time @ 14v and rated injector impedance? Perhaps I am getting to far into this? Is there power to be made?