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  1. Looking for a little electrical help. I have a hcr32 on a Nistune ecu that at first, had problems with holding connection to the software even with the key only in the on position with the engine off(so not an electical noise issue). Now, I cannot connect to the ecu at all with Nistune, or data scan software. I have tried different cables, different laptops, even re-wired a new consult port in. After that I tired the paper clip jump trick to get codes to flash and nothing worked. I have just got another oem ecu, and still have no luck. I’m quite stuck now and id appreciate any help. Thanks
  2. Good day guys, so I've finished doing a couple of mods on my RB20DET GTS-T, got a base map put on to my Nistune ECU and now unfortunately on idle it blows smoke out like crazy. It was smoking slightly before i pulled everything apart but I had thought it was the turbo seals hence why i replaced the turbo and a few other things. 4" Straight through exhaust doesn't help either I can imagine. Symptoms include on start up generally after about 15-20 seconds she starts to smoke white clouds, as she warms up the smoke intensifies. I've done a compression test this morning and the results followed from cam cover to firewall, 150/140/145/145/150/150 PSI. I am leaning towards maybe the head gasket might have a crack in it or blown. But not enough evidence points towards this maybe?, No mixing of oil and water within the engine, I can say she's taking a bit of water not from the radiator but from the overflow tank. I don't mind pulling off the head to do a head gasket but bloody annoying since i just put the dam thing back together and thought it was ready for a dyno tune. I have ordered a leak down tester tool just waiting for that to come in, but welcome to any suggestions and theories or experience from you fellow members all input is appreciated cheers guys!
  3. Hi all, I've recently been battling tuning my car(hcr32). A couple months ago I could connect to my ecu(nistune chipped) and it would sometimes lose connection (even with plms cable). This made me make some extra grounds and had no luck. Now recently, I cant even connect at all (Nistune gives me the spare com port error). Ive tried to connect with different cables, nistune software and datascan software, even tried the paperclip jump trick and got no response from the dash when I would before a couple months ago. I took out my ecu and inspected all points inside the ecu and it looks good, when i tried to turn the knob on the ecu to flash the diag led, I got absolutely nothing. I rewired the consult port with new wiring and a new port connection, still get nothing.. Does anyone have any advice? I'm leaning towards a bad ecu since the led wouldn't even light, but i'm not 100% sure. Thanks for any help in advance.
  4. Got myself an FFP recently, all good and great, took off the lower runners so that I could clean them up, get rid of the 27+ years of road grime and stuff off of it. Ran into the issue of the there being 5 vacuum lines which I cannot identify nor can I find fittings for. I've done countless searches via Google and I can't find anyone who's done a DIY on how to install this dumb thing. Am I missing something?! Even the search bar on this site spits out Google links but never lists anything on the forum. I've got the manifold bolted correctly to the lower runners now, however I don't have the dimensions of what the 5 vacuum ports are. The one at the top side I'm assuming it's going to hook up to brake booster? Check valve? Then there's 4 on the bottom side, again no dimensions to speak of anywhere. I tried fitting with 1/8 npt and those are too big. That's the smallest size I could find at the parts store.
  5. Good day guys, I'm currently working on a RB20DET that I have bought which was is in a pretty rough state. Just working on the motor and getting it all tidy. I just wanted to know if anyone has extended there injector, water temperature, CAS wiring.Reason being I've bought a front facing plenum and wanted to tuck in the wiring loom to give it a cleaner look around the intake manifold area. Also another thing is I'm going to be running 600CC Nismo injectors, ordered in some new plugs for the injectors as there different. But wanted to know if it does matter which injector plug goes where? or is there a specific order they plug in for each cylinder. My loom is currently out as I'll be extending it. Attached is some photos of the engine bay before and after, Nty to RFB. Cheers guys!
  6. So I'm looking at switching up my Intake setup due to an aftermarket turbo manifold. Here are my specs before you tell me to spend my money elsewhere or to buy a 25 Yada Yada: Hybrid Performance Turbo Manifold GCG high flowed RB25 turbo GTR Injectors (444cc I believe) Z32 AFM Nistune So, the problem I face is with the standard J Pipe, the exhaust manifold is about an inch from the J Pipe elbow (refer to picture) and this causes concern for Intake Temps. So instead of heat wrapping and shielding and all that, a buddy has a full RB26 intake setup that he said he'd give me if I want it. My main question is if I buy this OtakuGarage adapter plate, what issues will I face? My thinking is that it'll make the intercooler piping shorter, and not run over the exhaust which could heat up my Intake Temps. I'm looking for answers and solutions, not hate on RB20s. Thanks in advance!
  7. Searched and search and it seems all the links are dead for this topic. So here is a LS coils swap wiring guide
  8. selling my 1992 r32 skyline, need the cash to travel and moving to a island when i get back so no real point keeping it, although it will be missed. its had a bit of work done to it nothing internal all bolt ons but still goes alright with a super clean look to it. Just finished putting in a imported engine, still rb20 but only done 110,000 on the engine itself the car has (will put up tomorrow) but haven't had anything major happen to it other than the alternator which is now a rb25. bit of damage on drivers door from a hit and run was so devastated when i found what had happened. i'll cut it sort to what mods it has and cons. rego: KKR 430 turbo turbosmart eboost2 blitz ecu chip simens injectors billet twin feed fuel rail saed fuel reg. HD full faced clutch NPC lightened flywheel intercooler trust BOV upgraded fuel pump splitfire coil packs exhaust HID lights oil cache remote start ( gets lots of attention haha) viper car alarm and central locking k&n pod filter and body kit with pearl flec paint job sound system with dvd screen nismo interior short shifter switch to isolate BOV to switch to flutter lowered 18" rims tint list goes on but these are the mains. have a full folder full of receipts. cons: pearl flec has a little de-lamination happening mainly on the bonnet and boot drivers door from hit and run front kit is a little how you going but still looks ok needs new break pads but should be right for a while all are shown in photos great clean looking car really don't want to sell it to go to a beat up old camry haha but needs to be done ************will upload a bit more info tommorrow and day pic's ************** $6500 ono give me a call or tx for viewing or if you want any more information on 0423456426 cheers, Kieran.
  9. 1993 Nissan Skyline GTS with built BR20DET Turbo (balanced, blue printed, oil control, forged pistons, head studs, race bearings etc...) prepared for dedicated Drift and Track work. Power FC, Nismo 2-Way LSD with big shafts, Big brakes, full suspension package, race seat and harness, spare wheels, fire extinguisher, CAMS compliant with all markings. Scrutineers no worries. Lightweight chassis. Ready to go nothing to spend. With the big front brakes and 205RWkW professionally tuned, predictable handling and 2Way LSD, it is a lot of fun and slides very well! With a different wheel alignment would be an excellent (grip) track car. The car has done less than one season. Engine about 15 hours old. NO DENTS OR RUST. NEVER needed to limiter bash either. I am a qualified mechanic and am confident it will be reliable to the new owner and can do a compression test / jack it up and look under, whatever test and let you drive it no worries. Action on board footage: Reluctant sale. Being a grown up. $8K onoNeed deposit on a house. email preferred [email protected] Darwin. http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/darwin-cbd/cars-vans-utes/1993-nissan-skyline-coupe/1029010625
  10. hi, I have got some r32, r33 engine parts for sale. also some rb30. rb20det crossover pipe x 3 rb25det crossover pipe x 2 rb30 crossover pipe x 2 rb20det stock bov x3 rb25det stock bov x 2 rb25det air compressor bracket has been soda blasted rb25det hicas p/steer pump rb25det non hicas p/steer pump rb30e na camshaft gc rb30 na starter motor x2 (auto and manual are the same) rb20det starter motor rb30 stock cam gear rb25det sII stock cam gears rb25det p/steer reserviour rb25det polution canister rb25det cas bracket rb20det stock dump pipe x 2 rb25det stock dump pipe x 1 rb25det oil pump rb25det oil filter cooler sandwich plate x2 rb20/25det stock exhaust manifold x2 rb20/25det exhaust manifold heat shield holden rb30 rocker covers tridon rb30 thermostat. used for maybe a week max rb25det neo cam covers internal fuel pump r32/r33? jecs rb20/25det thermostat housing/lower hose to block pipe x 3 rb alternator slider bracket x2 rb30na heat shield factory vl turbo A8 pistons and rods x6 rb30na exhaust manifold down to cat p/steer pump brackets neo engine cover bracket rb25det neo rocker covers rb25det bare intake manifold $15 rb30 sump r33 rb25det cooler hoses stock sII rb25det injectors Stock sII rb25det coilpacks Call Jamie. 0433 559 722. pick up from rothwell, brisbane northside 4022
  11. Hey everyone, I'm after some help. Im trying to check the timing on my rb20det. Am I right in saying that number 1 cylinder is the first cylinder after the inlet and exhaust cams. I hooked my timing light up to the black loop wire at the back of the motor and my harmonic balancer degree was about 35 degree. I want to hook it up to number one plu to check that the other reading could have been possibly doubled. Also I have a autronic Eccu and a auto trans. What should the timing be set up to? Can anyone help me out? Thanks in advance
  12. Hey all.rb20det got mines computer,r33 series 1 turbo,rb25 afm,3 inch exhaust fmic,boost at 13.5 psi gtr 32 fuel pump wired for 13.8 volts.my question is can i update the ceramic wheel to steel and wind on some more boost and will my injectors keep up or am i better off getting another turbo if so what type,,,im a bit over lag but i love the hit up high..are forward plenums a waste of time for a rb20..thanks in advance..
  13. So I am a proud owner of a 1990 Nissan R32 GTS4T 4 door RB20DET Auto just under 115,000kms and it has had the 100,000km service completed only couple of months ago (love manual but I needed a 4 door and this was the only one available that was also Turbo, the auto in this config is better than the manual imo as no loss of boost going through gears but sucks at take off but I can get it to drift, though to continue to link up drifts really need to power on and swing the car side to side to keep it loose and shift between 1st and second and ride that boost, really driving the car hard to drift a 4wd and would benefit from an increase in PSI). It has been looked over by the RWC mechanic and Pedders, somethings were found by both but Pedders found a few more. They really are the suspension specialists. So I need the following parts to complete RWC and just to bring the car to a good mechanically sound level. The links are just what I have found on ebay and am open to advise and other products. Front upper control arms with new bushes fitted was considering a pair of these http://cgi.ebay.com....#ht_3816wt_1163 I have been quoted $150 for a reconditioned pair of stock ones. These are the dimensions, are they suitable for the GTS4T? I thought $160 for pair shipping included wasn't bad. Don't want to pull off stock ones to check dimensions if I don't have too as I still need the car to get around in. Inner and Outer CV boots are worn and the grease is all gone and the joints have been damaged so are clicking I have been advise to change the complete CV shaft left and right. So both left and right front CV shafts, joints and boots required. Are these what I need? Rear tie rod end bushes (They look like a knuckle setup, they are the ones out at the wheel you can see it from looking under and behind the wheels) I will take some pictures and post. All discs need machining due to being worn, rusty & glazed but I have been told these are lipped and cannot be machined so looking to upgrade to a slotted vented pair thinking rears can stay stock style but need new discs. Front http://www.ebay.com....9#ht_632wt_1163 Rear http://www.ebay.com....9#ht_500wt_1180 not sure if slotted really needed for rears. Left hand front shock very firm near seized both front shockers advised to be changed. What is a good value for money pair? Left hand top shock mount requires replacing due to shock failure it has been taking the brunt of the absorption, should I change left and right or just the left damaged one is ok? If just left I am looking for stock one if both I saw these http://www.ebay.com....a#ht_500wt_1180 Front D Bushes worn need replacement (sway bar mount bushes) is this a set that will fix this? http://www.ebay.com....4#ht_1679wt_960 Light play in steering rack it PASSED for Pedders and RWC mechanic but they said should be looked at in the next 6 months, I think it is fine but wondering what a reco one will cost and is a 2WD rack different to a 4WD rack? Radiator hoses are hard and crunchy and need to be replaced. Found this http://www.ebay.com....#ht_1401wt_1163 are they correct ones. I need a Left dash heater air vent The CENTER GEAR CONSOLE SURROUND is cracked,pitted,melted by cigarette burn and chipped so was looking at this, seems pricey though, but the ad mentions more durable than stock one. http://www.ebay.com....#ht_1514wt_1163 Hoses behind radiator, in front of motor (oil cooler pipes) need new clamps. Hoses are slightly perished but not the cause of leaking it is the clamps that are at fault for leaking but they recommend changing hoses and clamps at same time and advised only need less than 1.5mtr of hosing to do, what is the dimension of the pipe that is required? I can pick up a length from super cheap unless there is a highly recommended alternative product. Rear under side has a little surface rust and they recommend treating it with fish oil anyone concur? Found this, is it needed? http://www.ebay.com....#ht_2406wt_1163 So supply of parts if any are for sale would be awesome but peoples advice both on parts choice, compatibility and pricing would be appreciated.
  14. WTB: RB20DET stock ecu's, preferably unopened message me with a pic of the cover ( so i can ensure it’s the correct part number) price and location 0425896150
  15. I'm selling a mint condition RB20DET AP Engineering Power FC with a controller. Also comes with a custom felt lined bracket (in picture). I made this to mount it in the factory location in an R32GTS-T. Very rare for a genuine RB20 PFC to turn up for sale + you get a quality mounting bracket if you own an R32. Perfect condition and operation - Sold my car ages ago and it has been stored in the zip look bags as you see them. $1200 Feel free to contact me anytime between 7am and 8pm on 0430 one eight nine 665
  16. My aircon compressor is almost dead and needs to be replaced soon. My mate has a rb25de aircon compressor that came off a stagea. And im wondering if the rb25de air con compressor will bolt right up to my rb20det aircon bracket. I know the aircon lines will not bolt up. I will have to make custom lines for this. I would like to use a rb25 aircon compressor as it uses r134 gas opposed to the r12 the rb20. i know few shops can do a convertion but as i know the r134 operates at a higher psi compared to the rb20 r12 and will likely stress out the old rb20 aircon compressor. If anybody has replaced their rb20 aircon compressor using a rb25 (r33 or r34 neo or stagea) kindly give me some help of information how to do this. Pictures if any would be of great help. Thanks in advance people!
  17. wanting to change my spark plugs on my 32, wondering what would be the best option, its got minor mods running 12psi
  18. hey all any ideas. bought a rb20det..opened it up and found little marks where the valves have just touched the clearance cut outs in all pistons in and ex.about 2 mm near the 1/3 circle valve clearance cut outs.each one has about 3 little hits not very deep.its had adj inlet cam gear set on 0,arp headstuds and a 1.3 mls gasket.valves on head have no marks.this is probably why it had 05 pistons put in and the head recoed at one stage.i want to install hks 264 9.1mm cams and heavy valve springs but I want to know how could these marks have happened.do I need to put a thicker headgasket..is this usually a problem.cheers
  19. Looking for a RB20 auto radiator. Must be in good condition. Let me know if you have one. Thanks
  20. rb20det oil filter housing As the title says after a rb20det oil filter housing .Good condition no cracks etc. prefer goldcoast or brisbane area for pickup but will consider interstate ones. Cheers
  21. Hi I’m new to this site I’m from Melbourne and I have a Nissan Cefiro a31 for sale. Was given to me by a close mate who owned it for years it has a lot or work done to it. It was in mint condition until it got left at a farm for 6 years no cover shelter nothing. So once it came home had to puke the tank it was completely rusted out a fuel cell In changed the Lines and put a 044 pump in changed the all the oil and water and now it’s waiting to get painted. its got hks air intake frontmount intercooler gtr injectors splitfire coilpacks tein coilovers gtst gearbox apexi avcr boost controler short shifter tomie fpr highflowed rb25 turbo bigger dump pipe and exhaust New radiator body kit blitz boost gauge the engine got pulled apart roughly 5k km ago and has a bigger headgasket pistons and machined. The car has been registered previously but was a drift car until it got put in storage the car had been tuned that’s all I can really remember aslo has a viper alarm in it anyways once it’s been painted (white) I will be selling it and I’m having trouble pricing it as there’s not many around ? If anyone could help with a price or has an offer either money or swaps let me know would be much appreciated thanks.
  22. For sale is a very low mileage Nissan Cefiro turbo. This is possibly one of the lowest mileage Ceffy's in Australia, I'm selling it on behalf of my 68 year old mum who has owned it for the last 15 years so it's probably the least thrashed Cefiro in Australia as well. Mileage is 70,000km with paperwork to back it up. The interior and mechanicals are that of a car that has averaged under 2,500km per year, the body however has some hail damage and the price has been adjusted accordingly, otherwise the asking amount would be close to double. It's surprisingly fast, aside from keyless entry and a CD stacker it's completely standard. Vehicle is a 1988 Nissan Cefiro (A31) SE turbo auto in Melbourne. Sale price is $4,900. Please call 0410 334 407, I am unlikely to respond here or to direct messages.
  23. Hey guys, looking to buy (relatively inexpensive if possible lol) an RB20DET automatic ECU. I can't locate one online and the majority that come up end up not being compatible because they're listed wrong and the serial number is for a manual. Any help is appreciated. I can't find any support in the US. I'mean certain that someone has one or even can go to a pick and pull and get their hands on one. As well need a trans harness for my car. I suspect that the Z32 NA harness will work because it's the same part number transfer though...won't leave to chance. Similarly, instead of starting a new thread, I got an R31 A/T ECU which was used on my R32 by previous owner, ugh. If anyone wants or needs I'll be happy to help out. Maybe we can do an even exchange.
  24. Ignition problems Hey guys I have a 92 r32 rb20det and the fault code 21 [ignition signal] comes up and now the car won't start changed the coil packs still the same tryed the module still nothing what else could it be?
  25. R32 GTST boost tee Installing R32 boost tee Hey so I'm trying to install my boost tee. All tutorials online show cars with the solenoid or external wastegate. The 32 GTST doesnt seem to come with a solenoid so that method doesn't work, now people say to connect tee to the line from turbo compressor to wastegate but there is no line from turbo compressor to wastegate. Only line is from wastegate to intercooler piping ( as seen in image ). Would this one be okay to use?
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