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Found 16 results

  1. https://www.kpmfuelsystems.com.au/product/kpm550s-6-nissan-skyline-r34-neo-rb25/ I've upgraded to 1000cc injectors so these are up for sale. KPM flow match these to within 1%, which is handy. Had just over a year of weekend use, around 5000kms all up - just gone bigger with E85 Will be suitable for a 300kw petrol setup with plenty of headroom, mine made 280kw on E85 Will need adapters to suit, they can be had cheaply on Golebys - https://www.golebysparts.com.au/collections/injector-connectors-adapters/products/golebys-parts-injector-harness-adaptor?variant=31980256395373 $300 Express Posted within Australia
  2. so basically im looking to build a 30de engine i want to go high comp na for whatever reasons that dont really matter at this point haha 1 point left cant drive turbo blah blah blah all the usual shit THE BLOCK what i want to build consists of a 30e block, crank and rods, 25de pistons shave the block 1mm to get the pistons up a bit because they sit 1mm further down the 30e pistons. THE HEAD this will be a det neo head with re lapped valves stock springs. either 250ish degree regrinds or 260 degree poncam drop ins with an adjustable exhaust cam gear and stock intake stuff to keep variable timing. im going to just skim the head this should bring the compression to somewhere around 12:1. im going to grub screw the oil gallerie in the block and run a head oil drain kit. im going to drill and tap an oil gallery in the side of the block to run a hard line up to the vct stuff pics below. and ill be porting the head myself a decent amount but i wont be going crazy. i need advice on what i should do for the intake manifold. do i a lave the stock neo intake manifold on to get the engine in and work out any bugs. B use a neo freddy plenum. or C relocate the vct solenoid and go to rb26 itbs using an adapter plate and some ram tubes on the itbs of some sort. the other thing i need to know is exactly where to put the stud for the new tensioner for the timing belt and if it differs from the standard r33 25det head conversion.. my final goal is as close to 160kw as possible on e85 and im going to be revving it as high as it wants to make power. i was thinking cap the revs at 7500 cause i reckon it will drop off before then anyway. anyone got any tips or advice on things i should change or shit i just completely overlooked. anything really cause this is all theory in my head based off other builds
  3. RB25DET Neo into a R33 Gtst with 33 box Hey Guys, My mate and I have just finished converting his R33 GTST to a RB25 Det Neo, so I thought Id doc the process and what we used of each car Block, head, sump is all Neo Inlet manifold is s1 with a cut n shut top half including throttlebody exhaust manifold is aftermarket from the s1 enginemounts, we used the R33 ones but neo are the same alternator, power steer, A/C are all s1 including the brackets thermostat housing we used the 33 s1 part so we could use the same bottom hose but if u use the neo housing then just use a neo bottom hose coilpacks we used the s1 packs as their only a few months old but they do not fit in the head valley so we made a bracket and mounted them elsewhere WIRING CHANGES vct plug needs swapping to a neo one or EV1 injector plug I beleive is the same CAS wires need to be swaped...ie 1234 becomes 4321 thats it....because we used r33 stuff everything else stayed the same pics to come
  4. Was at the track a couple days ago when my motor made horrible noises at rev limiter. Pulled the motor out and took the head off to inspect. One exhaust valve broke entirely and bent all the rest in the same cylinder (#1) for obvious reasons. I am very unsure what happened, I suspect valve float? Rev limiter is set to 7800. 10 events on a fresh rebuild, standard engine besides arp head studs, arp rod bolts, ACL race bearings, and cometic head gasket. It was running fantastic and rock solid all year. The valve spring, keeper, and retainer were all in perfect shape. I find it curious though that the valve stem was not bent, almost like it did not contact the piston at the time of breaking. Timing was dead on, and car was dyno tuned by a very good tuner at 412hp. Any ideas? would like to prevent this on the new motor.
  5. WTB: RB25DET AWD Engine Willing to Buy RB25DET AWD engine RB25DET AWD engine off a Stagea or equivalent. Preferably low kilometers but not a big issue. Compression should be good. No variances between cylinders. It would be better if I could get it with a wiring harness. Pm or Send Text to 0417764194.
  6. hey there.. new to the site enquiring if any one has recently done a sr to rb25neo conversion in a 180sx wondering how the wiring was done or if anyone could send me in the right direction cheers
  7. hey guys very new to this forum, i have a question and thought i would asked someone with proper knowledge. but, i was wondering if it would be legal to put an rb30 into a hr31 import (rb20det). would it be easily allowed by the registry office. thankyou for your help... James Richards
  8. rb25 neo turbo with nylon compressor wheel in excellent condition has no shaft play will bolt up to rb20 or rb25 $400 Nathan 0431048440 Location South Australia (can post at buyers expense)
  9. Have stock: Radiator $30 AFM $50 Injectors $70 Aftermarket Solid rear diff mounts fit r33/34 (just the front ones not subframe) $20 Located brisbane QLD 0423 424 834
  10. R34 GTT Mid-High range power loss Hey Guys, I'm new to this whole Skyline thing. Just bought myself a R34 GTT about a week ago. Runs great.. Besides getting sub 250km a tank.. Yeah.. I also feel when it comes onto boost its fine but as soon as you go over 4500 rpm it starts to splutter a bit then comes back. While that's happening its blowing a crap load of black smoke out the back. I'm assuming it has something to do with 02 Sensor? I had a look through the receipts and I saw that it has Spitfire coil packs.. Not too sure what they are but they were $600.(I mean I know what coil packs are) Previous owner must of got a CEL because he got it diagnosed and it said bad 02 Sensor. Next question is how much and where is it located... If it's even got to do with the 02 sensor.. Im not sure.. If someone could help that would greatly be appreciated.
  11. Hey I recently had my 25det Neo on the dyno. Won't hold boost after about 5500. Apexi ax53b70 on 16psi with standard manifold, 3in bellmouth dump into KTS dual front pipe into 3in flex pipe into 3in stainless catback which measured 2psi of pressure at the o2 bung in the dump at full noise on a power run. Worth noting it's running type b poncams, standard cam gears. We checked the bov (r33 gtr item) for leak on the dyno and the intake plumbing had 25psi plumped into it before dyno to check boost leaks etc. It seems to me the wastegate is blowing open so I'm thinking of plumbing into the turbine housing to check this as it has a bung I've got a bolt in, blocking it off. Any help or advice at this point would be greatly appreciated, will provide pics of dyno sheet upon request, if desired. edit: forgot to mention it's running a new turbosmart eboost street ebc.
  12. Hi all, I am after a set of Neo Rb25de cams. I have searched the for sale section, but nothing newer than 08/09 could be found. Maybe I'm just a little crap at searching? Anyway, if you have a set bumming around, let me know. Cheers, Jono.
  13. Hey guys so after a comp test my engine has busted rings leading to 40psi. So I’ve taken them all apart. I’m the first owner in aus from Japan. My rods don’t all line up properly in numerical order. Also my piston caps have been stamped. Does this mean this engine was rebuilt with stock parts at some point ?
  14. Would prefer it to be in SA for ease of delivery but willing to look outside of SA. Looking for a stagea engine, wiring, ecu 5MT if you have also Let me know what you have.
  15. First off, ive read a lot.... i just need some info that noone has so far shared in old posts... everyone just changes plans or has the engine done but doesnt go into detail of what they experienced. And a lot of users seem to recommend using the Neo head on RB26s but no info on what really has to be done etc. Right now i have a RB26 crank, forged rb26 rods and forged rb26 pistons, plenty of RB blocks and several Neo Heads. Hence why im trying this out. I got a RB26 head but its damaged extensively. I know they fit. Some have done it but i havent had the confirmed info about this: - CR seems to be around 11:1 - Some have gotten valve damage, others havent. Has anyone heard for sure or has confirmed information of what the CR is on this combo? Or what work was done to lower the compression? I know if i open up the head from 51.5cc to 60cc ill go down to 9.2:1 according to calculations with Deck Piston Height to zero and a 1.2 HG. Also what about the piston to valve clearance. Some seem to hit valves but Mr Bizzle removed the quench pads and had some work done which i dont know and ran this combo for some miles. I have zero experience dealing with Piston Valve clearance, but ill test with clay soon if i dont find info. A friend of mine did this same combo but with an RB25 crank w/ rb26 pistons and Neo head, i think he should have been 1 or 2 mm below deck (piston/deck height) due to the stroke difference and he ran it for a couple of miles on stock ecu and had massive detonation damage, broke ringlands and melted the quench areas but no valve hit. http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/88037-rb26-crankrodspistons-in-rb25-neo-block-crazy-compression-ratio/
  16. Wrecked R34 GTT HTA3076 twin scroll rebuilt gearbox E85 fuel setup R34 GTT wreck Car has a lot of great parts on it with very low klms HTA3076 with Sinco twin scroll manifold and two turbosmart external gates along with screamer pipes and dump - fitted may 2016 (Amazing turbo, Total cost $5000+ Had to buy the turbo then get the twin scroll housing separately from GCG then get screamer pipes and dump made up) rebuilt rb25 gearbox (have receipt for $3800 from last year - very low klms) Big fuel set up - ID1600cc injectors, 1000hp external fuel pump, surge tank - all suited for E85 (Injectors were $1200 by themselves) power fc ARP head stud kit, Nitto head gasket, Tomei type B cams, performance valve spings - fitted august 2016 Greddy radiator Wilwood big front brakes (I believe around 350mm? - require an 18" wheel minimum) RB25 Neo internally standard Those are the parts I can think of right now. My preference is to sell the whole car as is. This is due to the fact that I fractured my humerus in the crash, otherwise I would part it out. If I cannot sell it whole, I will store the car for a while until my arm gets better and take all the parts off and sell them separately. Asking $8000 which I think is a pretty good deal when you consider just the cost of the turbo kit and gearbox were actually higher than this by themselves.
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