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  1. hi all, this is my sil80 Thought I would get a build thread going here as NS has died a slow death and i am lurking here alot. Bought this in August 2007 and what started as a neat 180sx with a rb25 has turned into a bottomless money pit it has gone through a lot of changes over the years from a neat daily to "pig" daily to hard parker to very tidy daily to a flaming BBQ and now to weekend racer and garage ornament due to my job i haven't had much time or motivation to enjoy it or fix it over the years but got stuck back into it around 2015 the aim was to get it all running properly take it to track days and the odd weekend cruise. Which I did for about 2 years until mid this year. I moved back to Townsville early 2016 and got back into local sprint days, hill climb and drift days once a month but have taken a break this year when i bought it, it had rb25, 3inch exhaust, rsr springs & jap shocks, 32 gtr front brakes, bov, 17's and completely stock interior-it still had a factory cassette & cd player. this is how i bought it Aug '07 in late '08 fitted up a gt3076r, link g4 ecu, fmic, greddy plenum and went 5 stud. made 230kw and was petty happy how it went. also went sil80 at the same time. how it was before respray dec '09 December 09 i decided to do a quisck respray and freshen up the suspension. well that got a bit out of hand and i ended up seam welding the engine bay & inside, full colour change, replaced most suspension componets & bushes and given the car in general a freshen up(new body rubbers, seals) august '10 2012 bought a built long motor from another forum member, went 6boost high mount and bigger rear housing. December 2015 local hill climb May 2017 engine: rb25 s2 mahle pistons, spool rods balanced & grub screwed crank grout filled nitto oil pump ross metal jacket balancer n1 water pump oil restricters head to sump oil drain Plazmaman plenum w/ Bosch 74mm DBW gt3076r ex/w .82- ceramic coated silver and black Modified standard exhaust manifold Turbosmart wastegate 50mm gen 4 tomei poncams tomei valve springs heavily ported head rb26 engine covers- powder coated silica breath metallic mines cam cover baffles link ecu G4+ Xtreme xspurt 1000cc top feeds Aeroflow fuel rail nismo fuel reg Walbro 460L e85 pump splitfire coil packs 3inch stainless exhaust 40mm radiator air/water seperator setrab oil cooler with themostat blitz fmic lots of braided hose driveline: rb25 g/box r33 master cyclinder exedy ceramic button clutch 1 piece 3inch tailshaft r33 gtr diff r33 gtr axels HEL braided clutch line suspension & brakes: MCA X-R coilovers GKtech castor arms, rear camber, traction & toe arms R33 GTR Brembo brakes with modified abs bm57 dba400 front rotors, project mu pads & rear rotors Whiteline adjustable front & rear sway bars all bushes replaced with whiteline solid rubber S15 front lca and knuckles Slip on lock washers PBM steering rack bushes braced rear cradle & castor boxes wheels: 18x8 +18 work meister s1 18x9 +22 work meister s1 17x9 +30 R33 GTR 255/40 hankook rs3 17x9 +22 Volk TE37 255/40 Advan a050 exterior: silvia front type x tail lights aero front bar and skirts gtr grill bomex bonneville rear lip hand flared guards electric veilside mirrors respray in custom grey interior: R33 gtr seats nismo gear knob performance through out the years: [email protected] (sep '07) [email protected] (sept 08) [email protected] (nov 08) [email protected] (Nov '13) [email protected] (jun '14) 310kw pump98 @20psi (dec '15) 365kw e85 flex @24psi (dec '15) So its currently off the road to refit aircon using a mix of skyline, silvia and triton bits, tidy up the wiring, remake exhaust and go back to a low mount setup using a hks cast manifold. Plan is to make it back into a decent daily that I can enjoy more often and still be semi competitive at the local events in North Queensland.
  2. Price: $18,500 ~ FOR SALE - NO TRADES / SWAPS ~ Location: Adelaide, SA Name: Mike Contact #: 0409-501-883 ~ REASON FOR SELLING ~ I just accepted a new position back in the US so I'm moving. That's it. I drive her every day to work. No mechanical issues. Just had 4-wheel alignment <6 months. All receipts from previous owners included. Rego good till 17FEB. I literally JUST had the new front bumper installed too (16JAN2017). 1998 Nissan Skyline R34 GT-T RB25DET Neo Engine 122,XXX km's NISMO Z-Tune Style Front Bumper NISMO Style Side-Skirts NISMO Style Rear Bumper NISMO Clear Front Turn Indicators Clear Fender Turn Indicators GTR Style Rear Spoiler GTR OEM Xenon Headlights 18x9.5 +20 Work Emotion 11R's 235/40/18 tires >75% Tread ***OPTIONAL: 18x9.5/18x10.5 +35 Rota Grids ($500) ***INCLUDED: Stock Rims & Tires (FREE) Custom FMIC Intake Pod Filter Custom 3" Exhaust HKS SQV Blow-Off Valve (Authentic) Deceptor Blow-Off Valve w/ Recirc Controller Manual Boost Controller OEM GT-R Suspension (Struts/Shocks) Cube Speed Short Shifter NISMO Shift Knob Turbo Timer Kenwood DDX5015DAB Stereo Kenwood KCA-100 - HDMI/HML Wifi Screen Mirroring Bluetooth Handsfree Microphone Back-Up Camera Pioneer TS-A1685S 350w Front Speakers Kicker CS65 300w Rear Speakers
  3. Anybody have any recommendations of gear oil to use for break in period? I heard of people using Redline MT-90 but curious if people have any other opinions. The transmission is brand new from Nissan. Cheers.
  4. Hi everyone, just bought a r33 gtst with an rb25 NEO swap off marketplace with about 60k miles. My main issue is that the all cylinders are 5-10psi below spec. Highest is 150, lowest is 138. Didn't get any service records from the previous owner. Any ideas as to what might be the issue? The car idles and runs pretty rough and I've never pushed it past 4 psi, if that helps.
  5. Rb25 Bearing Clearance Recommendation Currently Building a rb25 NEO for my stagea. At the stage of checking my clearances but have a few questions for some more experienced engine builders or hobbyists than myself. My over all goal for the build is a RELIABLE 600-700HP within a street application. Key word is reliable here I don’t plan on siting on limiter every time it starts im building it as a street car and plan to treat it as such, but obviously I still want to have my fun with it occasionally. Now the FSM states clearances between 0.02-0.04 mm (Big End) 0.028-0.46 (Mains). This is all well and good but as you can imagine Nissan chose these numbers based on a stock application needs. So I feel its fair to assume that using aftermarket race bearings, double the HP and a slightly higher rev limit would require a slightly different clearance. I’ve done some looking online surprisingly hard to find much info on recommended clearances. Even when I did they contradicted each other so here I am. If anyone has any advice, recommendations, stories and or numbers I would greatly appreciate it.
  6. hello guy, i bought Hypergear turbo and Tomei turbo elbow for stock turbo position. now, i don't want to spend more on changing the setup. So, i m wondering if there's any good low mount exhaust brand. Enlighten me with ur knowledge fellows. i want the best out of it. ty guys
  7. Hi everyone! I have had battery charging issues before which have been resolved using this wonderful forum and well... here I am again! Yay... So, from the beginning. I've been driving my car for about 2 months now and my dash-lights went out about a week ago. Then yesterday, I'm leaving school and the car decides it doesn't have enough charge to start. I replaced my battery thinking it was just old (4 years) and got a nice fresh yellow-top. That made me curious to look at my voltage gauge and it displayed 13.88v. As I drove the car, I noticed it dropped to 12.88 and stayed there. When the car is off: battery is 12.42v. When the car is on, battery is 12.42v. When the car is on the road, 12v-12.88v. I have driven the car for about 3 days and its consistently sitting around 12v-12.88 but doesn't go up to 14v. My voltage gauge shows 12.88v max voltage when driving. I checked the alternator stud and it showed 13.53.v charge. I checked the 75A fuse, and it showed 13.48v. I started the car and disconnected the terminals from the battery to measure the charge to the battery and it read 12.41v (I did this quickly as I know the battery acts as a buffer). So, the battery is being charged at 12.41v, the alternator is producing 13.53 volts, all fuses are good, I don't have a charge light but my dash board lights did go out before I started noticing this problem. I tested the exciter wire (off the alternator) when the car is off: 0v, when the car is on: 0v (red/white wire off alternator) I tested the big wire (off the alternator) when the car is on: 0v, when the car is on: 0v (big white wire off the connection) The way I tested the wires was by taking off the plug and measuring the pins while the car is running off the alternator. I replaced the alternator in 2020, so I believe it should be good. But I do have an oem sitting around that was tested good before. Do you guys have any suggestions?
  8. Recently done a plus t conversion and now car won’t start have checked timing have replaced coils and plugs is getting spark . Fuel pump primes and getting fuel into cylinders have tried starting with the chipped ecu and stock de ecu still nothing car sounds like it wants to fire but it’s just not getting there afm doesn’t seem to be the issue either. Anybody have any ideas
  9. Out of ignorance and laziness i have found myself in a predicament where I cannot remove the shifter for the life of me I had already removed my shifter and wanted to put the car in gear, so i tried to quickly reassemble by just pushing the nylon shifter bushing into its hole without any collars or circlips etc, not realizing the bushing can come out of the bottom of the hole if pushed too deep, and of course, it did. Now the bushing is pivoting freely under the hole it operates in and ive spent hours trying to slide it back through without any luck or any sign that I am close. Can anybody tell me if its even possible to slide back through, or should I be going about this a different way?
  10. Hello, names Kyle long time reader of these forums as ive been looking for a r32 for a while now and I am finally a happy owner so thought id make an account haha ! Here is my 89” R32 gts-t (RB25det NEO) Few basic modifications/upgrades coil over suspension, exhaust, fmic, injectors, coils, TD06-20G Kinugawa turbo w/ external gate, powerFC having car tuned in the next week as it is running slightly rich and will have some numbers to share?
  11. Hello all, I don't see any PDF online of this service manual being in OCR, so I'm posting a link of one I made. OCR makes it so much easier to find things, being able to search the document with Adobe Reader. (old link removed). new link - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B495mmNsnU6uYzAwLV9fVW9WREk/view?resourcekey=0-Qa9Lfekqc5AnkoecCkM5xg It's 489 pages long.
  12. Gents, I have a series 2 rb25det for sale. Complete longmotor with: R34 Thottle body Starter motor. Cas, harmonic balancer etc. No Coils. Also comes with a new set of ACL Racing bearings(full kit) as the engine needs a rebuild. No accessories unless mentioned. $400. also have a brand new RB25 Exedy clutch. includes bearing and cleaning lube. paid $420 and is still in the box so looking for $400. all located in the Sutherland Shire Josh 0420 971 976. MSG or PM during business hours please.
  13. hi there, i have a "00 rsfour stagea with the rb25NEO and i am trying to figure out wether i've blown my piston rings or turbo. i've searched but havent been able to find anything about this so if theres a thread about this please just send me a link or tell me where to look. now, i was driving along the freeway at around 130km/h and doing a few pulls and playing around with the gears and spooling the turbo up as it's my first turbo car and had only driven it from where i bought it so far. as i pulled of the freeway and stopped at an intersection without any warning the car just starts blowing smoke and ran rough as anything and just felt like it was stalling and starting up again so i limped it downhill to a carpark and shut it off. when i started it i held the revs around 3,000rpm and it blew smoke like crazy but didnt feel like it was misfiring at all, but as soon as the revs dropped below 2,500rpm it would completely drop like it was stalling and starting again and i couldnt bring the revs back up. i have the turbo off and just played around with it and there is a bit of play in the shaft and when i spin the the blades i can see oil coming down the blades from inside the turbo. so i really need help with this before i fork out money for a turbo or rings. any help is appreciated
  14. Hope this is in the right place, but let me first tell you about me, I actually live in the US but most of you guys on here seem pretty smart and I have a few questions. First though my car is 1990 240sx (s13), has 215,xxx on it and runs real strong few moths ago converted to 5 speed and now i want more power. I want to run an rb25 mostly because its cheaper than the rb26 and will eventually get an rb30 bottom end. swap parts are simple engine mount/driveshaft kit, intercooler, freddy intake, and want to get external oil pump. Thats where you guys come in, I want to run a similar setup to this guy, sorry its upside down now it looks so simple, i know that the pump is moroso 22596, and is just drilling and tapping the oil pump and taking out the internals? I work at a machine shop and can get mounts made easily and know how about the belting crap because i have dealt with it in school, i know the oil pressure will be a little different and later he says he blew it up cause of too much oil in the head, so i figured an rear head drain and it should be good, have about 2k for this, would like to know what you guys think. heres that page
  15. Im selling my bran new unused and fitted extreme 6 puck solid button clutch with a extra heavy duty pressure plate. Reason for sale is I have upgraded my turbo and the clutch wont be able to handle 300+ kw, the clutch is suited to someone looking at making 250kw or even a little more. Comes with what's in the picture clutch plate, pressure plate and a new bearing (not the braided hose and fittings) I will get a better picture soon. Suits rb20/25 push type gearboxs. $500 ono Pm me or reply here
  16. 98 mod series 2 rb25 engine and box out of my 40th ann R33 to suit s chassis engine and transmission still in car and can be seen running, comes with everything from one piece tailshaft to fmic (minus thermo"s) includes ceffy engine crossmember etc, Engine, 98 series 2 highly modified Hks gtrs turbo Hks cams 256/264 with adjust cam gear (sounds lumpy) Hks metal head gaskett Hks 555 injectors Hks V pro ecu (tuned using map sensor) Hks ssqv bov Hks EVC 5 boost controller Hks intake pipe with Apexi air filter Hks oil cooler large Hks fuel pressure regulator Hks gauges x 5 3d chrono type, exh temp,oil temp,oil press,fuel press & coolant temp including senders,wiring etc to operate Hks turbo timer also monitors battery voltage High flow intercooler Alloy radiator Nismo thermostate Gates racing timing belt,pullies and water pump Splitfire coil packs ngk iridium plugs Transmission R33 box and shifter Os giken super single clutch Custom one piece tailshaft 3 inch with v8 spicer uni's Car alsways well maintained with the best lubricants probly forgot some stuff so contact me on 0417696770 with any questions during reasonable hours please $6750 ono
  17. Selling a Greddy profec B dual stage boost controller. Simple install and set up. Can provide instructions on disc. Free post Aus wide. Hi and Lo boost settings. All parts to install and get boosting. Can send Pics upon request Call or text 0419 856 391
  18. Hello, My pcv valve is hissing, I have acquired a new valve and grommet. My question is do I have to remove the cam cover to replace the grommet or does it push in from the outside? Thanks Part No. Valve control 11810-21U00 Insulator-pcv 11812-41B00
  19. all items located in blakeview SA - RB25DET motor that has been previously opened as I intended to forged rebuild it, I had to move interstate so I loosely bolted it back together as the moving company wouldn't move an engine but they would move the car with or without it. the engine does need to be rebuilt and will come with new rings and bearings, the intake manifold, throttle body, nismo 555cc injectors, a tomei cam gear on the exhaust side, gates racing timing belt. the motor was on 107xxxKM before it was stripped. the motor DOES need to be re built $700 ONO or 800 with crane and stand I also have a few other parts as well: -extreme 6 puck solid button clutch with a extra heavy duty pressure plate, used but in near new condition - $300 ONO -SPOOL H beam forged conrods to suit RB25 and 26. - $500 ONO - SCA engine crane and stand, for both $250 ONO -standard RB25 coil packs. $50 ONO - R33 RB25 engine loom. $50 ONO - all off RB25: starter motor power steering pump alternator aircon pump flywheel R32 engine mount brackets STD AFM cam angle sensor clutch fan ↑ all $20 each or make an offer I am open to offers but please don't waste my time with ridiculous offers, feel free to ask any questions PM me on here to get in touch
  20. RB25 CLEAR TIMING COVER Condition : Used, but in very good condition with no cracks, only the occasional wear and tear marks here and there, nothing major. Price : $250 This item is quite rare as you can hardy find them for sale anymore. A rare and discontinued japanese item. A great addition to any engine bay that has a RB25 in it, especially if you have aftermarket adjustable cam gears or timing belt, this cover allows you to see inside that part of the engine, and lets you stand out from the crowd. RB25 ROCKER COVERS Condition : Used, a bit dirty, needs a clean, a few normal wear and tear marks Price : $50 Comes with standard oil cap. image hosting websites image hosting 20mb RB25 ROCKER COVERS (RED) Condition : Used, a bit dirty, needs a clean, a few normal wear and tear marks, paint peeling in some areas (pictures show all) Price : $50 Comes with aftermarket oil cap. RB25 CLUTCH AND FLYWHEEL Condition : Used, in great condition, has quite a lot of meat left on the clutch. Price : $120 Came out of my running RB25det, and never had any problems with it. RB25 INTAKE MANIFOLD/PLENUM WITH THROTTLE BODY, INTERCOOLER CROSS-OVER PIPE,FUEL RAIL AND INJECTORS Condition : Used Price : $60 It comes with a standard throttle body, some vacuum lines, most of the sensors (if not all of them), and the standard fuel rail with standard injectors. Also throwing in the intercooler cross-over pipe, the one that says 'ceramic turbo' on it. I believe this is from a series 2 RB25. All the pictures show what it comes with and what you see is what you get. free screenshot tool JDM WHEELS 17x8 ET35 MADE BY ENKEI AME, MADE IN JAPAN Condition : Used, hardly any gutter rush, could do with some paint, but for track use, might not need to be painted. Price : $800 Stud Pattern : 5x114.3 Tyres : YES, 2 x Federal Super Steel 595 235/45R17 93V and 2 x Fortuna Sport F2000 235/45R17 97W, which all tyres have around 70% tread A set of JDM rims and tyres, which i think are made or engineered by ENKEI AME of JAPAN. The centre cap says TRACER on it, which is a product of ENKEI AME. These are Made in Japan, and are a great wheel for drift/track use or to represent the JDM scene. They are 17x8's and the offset is +35. Comes with all centre caps. CLEARS BREMBO BRAKES !!!!!!!!!!! print screen image hosting no account I am negotiable on all prices, but wont respond to any stupid offers. Everything is located in Bundall, on the Gold Coast, pick up only, can post at buyers expense. MSG or call me on 0422455444 for more info.
  21. I have a heap of stock rb20 and rb25 engine parts mostly stock but some aftermarket stuff... rb25det neo turbo is vgc only run on 10 psi - $ 350 turbo with outlet elbow only good rb25det head - $300 complete r32 manual conversion - $900 (everything included) rb20det turbo vgc run stock boost only - $120 rb20/25 exhaust manifold - $50 alloy intake pipe suit 20/25 - $30 rb20det aac valve - $40 rb20det tps - $40 rb20det engine loom mint cond - $150 rb25det flywheel in vgc - $90 rb20det actuator - $50 hold 10 psi solid rb20det oil filter mount - $50 rb turbo lines (oil and coolant) - $20 each with bolts rb20/rb25 stock bov's - $50 each r32/r33 gtst manual ecu's - $120 each igniters I have each type of rb igniter (a31/c33, r32, r33 s1) - $80 each rb26/rb20 cas - $80 good rb20det injectors - $60 good rb25det injectors - $60 rb25det rocker covers - $70 rb20det coilpack cover - $60 rb25det coilpack cover - $60 rb20 timing belt cover - $20 each rb20 rocker covers - $50 rb20det p/s pump - $80 rb25/rb20 alternators - $80 all types of engine brackets (cas bracket, ps pump bracket ac pump bracket etc) - $20 - $30 each r32 gtst catback exhaust, stainless steel with jasma cannon - $350 r33 gtst catback exhaust mild steel with jasma cannon - $250 stock r33 gtst cooler - $50 I have lost more available far too much to list...I have stripped a few r32s/r33s so have heaps of stuff located in springwood 4127 but I will post anything I have listed contact 0420 767 957 or by pm (sms preferred)
  22. For sale: reliable turn key drift/street car. R32 reg till April. 25det freshened up all new gaskets including 3 layer metal cometic head gasket. Freshly recod 25 box work all carried out at forced motorworx. Custom 1 piece tail shaft (professianly made) brand new excedy 5 puk heavy heavy heavy duty clutch with fresh machined fly wheel. Front mount hybrid cooler. weldy, good condition hsd coilovers all round. Gtr front brakes. Jdi street knuckles with 33 lcas. Fenix 52mm rad. Jdi extended rear arms to correct camber/toe. Full interior, Cams bolt in half cage. 17x9 +5 work stitch i think up front with new n6000s, work rezak rears 18x10 +24 with 25mm metal flared guards. Gtr copy fibre glass bar (cracked) type m skirts car is satin black (2pac not rattle canned) standard turbo, standard boost. Brand new oem coil packs. Brand new alt and power steering belts. Have a bunch of spares like arms and panels that can go with it. Selling because im geniually just over it and want a 4wd. Have spent a fair bit getting all driveline freshened up for reliability. Bad points: dump pipe is welded to turbo i have a stainless split dump to go with the car and i can organise another turbo.the bracket for the top pipe of the cooler piping snapped so its zip tied up. Can organise roady if need be. 8k or 7k no wheels. 0430505810. Can send photos via text
  23. hey everyone, love the site. allright well, i have a vs calais that i am putting an rb25det into, bought my donor skyline (r33) last week, was thinking ill take the engine out and sell the stuff off the skyline to hopefully make the money i spent back on it. just had a couple questions, 1# what is everyones opinions on a quality aftermarket ecu, the car is a manual, has 290rwkw for now. it still has stock nissan ecu. 2# would 1000cc injectors be good for around 300-350kw?? or would an upgrade be in order and if so at what power would it be worth changing them over. 3# what would the problem be if when i start the skyline it starts blowing out light smoke from the oil catch can? 4# and would anyone know if i could use a vl manual front half of the tailshaft and have the original vs rear part? anyone that has done this to a vs would love to talk, or even if someone could send me a link to someone thats done it would be a great help. and by the way i dont need anyone telling me to ditch the commodore and keep the skyline, have alot of love for my calais and its very neat to. cheers guys...
  24. Selling our project Nissan Skyline R34, Giving it away for $4400ono. ( front end parts with driveline worth this) 1998 Nissan Skyline R34 GT-T turbo coupe rolling shell. 101kms Cannot be registered in Australia, it is a statutory write off was a stolen and recovered vehicle in N.S.W. has 300zx wide turbo wheels on the front r32 gtst rear wheels Original Turbo Manual model Body complete front bonnet bumper XENON Headlights guards reo doors boot tail lights rear bar etc all in good condition Driveline has LSD Full Brakes in great working order big brakes in front and rear. has original cross member still in place with power steering untouched, full great interior with original airbags, steering wheel, gauges, cluster Seats front and rear in great condition, all interior is complete, barrel has been damaged when it was stolen previously. Car has been bought back outright from the insurance company. its listed as a statutory write off so it cannot be ever registered in AUS. An absolute great parts car you can build two cars from all these parts, but even better would be great with an engine put in it a v8 1uz conversion or an sr20det manual thrown into it, would make agreat drift car, just throw a half cut into it or a motor and box, some work and bits and pieces and you have yourself a unique track animal, alot better and unique compared to a s13 or r32 skyline at the track. The 34 is missing the engine, ecu and loom, exhaust and its also missing the manual gearbox kit (tail shaft, pedals, slave and clutch master cylinders) everything else is all there and hooked up, also has a complete aircon kit with compressor lines and condenser left in it. just the engine and manual conversion parts have been taken out of it, the car is complete otherwise and rolling. hasnt been sitting for long at all, we also have a rb25det neo + ECU + loom with a suspected blown headgasket, missing a turbo we can supply with the car for an extra $900.
  25. I'm selling my rb25 neo head with Tomei rb26 poncams type B. Cams are brand new and head has some port work done also I have a set of Tomei cam gears. Tomei poncams $650 Neo Head $500 Tomei cam gears $180 Located in cairns pick up only NO Delivery Contact me if u have any questions.
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