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  1. Hello guys Bough my self an rb25det neo wgnc34 to install on my a31. The engine came with an ecu and everything that is needed to get the car running. The engine is bone stock, i only have modified the exhaust, i have a 3 inch pipe all the way to the back with a magna flow muffler at the end. When the engine was installed the car ran great for 1 week then i started to notice some problems. Bad idle, loss of power, and sometimes the car will surge and would not let me pass 2.5-3 rpm. I changed the maf sensor and added new plugs, that got ride of the surging and the car is now running well, only problem is that its running super rich. The interesting part starts now. I though my car would need a tune and it should run fine. So i started to look at the ecu and the engine and doing research so i can get my self a compatible aftermarket ECU. While doing research i realized the ecu that is currently have on the car belongs to an NA stagea, is that possible? During the first week the car was getting into boost and i was feeling the turbo and hearing it spool and i can feel the car get into boost, is that possible with an NA ecu? Could my car be running rich because it has an ECU that is incorrect? The ecu number is 23713-0v711
  2. I picked up an old RB25 from a scrap dealer who sold it as a NEO. It didn't come with an engine cover (the obvious indicator) but I figured I'd be able to identify it once I started stripping it. The first thing I checked was the crankshaft oil pump collar. To my disappointment, this was the standard, short collar which made me think that I was sold a non-NEO. But as I stripped the head, I see it had solid lifters, indicating a NEO. I read that early NEO's hadn't addressed the oil pump collar issue but have the improved cylinder head. It's also meant to have GTR conrods but I'm not sure how to identify those. Anyone else know how I could identify the motor that I have? At this stage, it would be important for me to know how much the stock internals can handle
  3. Running oil temperature in turbo Skylines/Stageas? Hi, Has anyone got an oil temperature gauge in their Skyline/Stagea, eg GTT. GTR etc? Whats your normal running temperature? I just installed an R32 GTR triple gauge cluster in my RB25DET NEO Stagea. The oil temp gauge goes from 70-150 deg C. My engine already had an oil temp sender. Cheers, Brendan
  4. Hey guys, first post here so excuse any of my forum etiquette being poor or my topic being incorrect or whathaveyou. As the title goes, this year I finally started tearing down my 180’s engine after the driver side mount somehow intruded on my oil filters personal space and ejected it from my car. My current position, I miraculously snapped my exhaust cam taking the head apart; and upon inspecting the bottom end the crank seems salvageable but bearings definitely gone. At this point I would rather a stocker go in to get it moving again. I’m in search of a later Rb25det neo, also preferably around the 100k. mileage mark and not flogged like Christie mack and not my kidney. Low chances at this point I know. This projects now on the second car, and transplant and been in the works since 2013, driven it maybe 6 of those months. Both the cause and the cure to my problems.
  5. HI Guys need some help got new s13 with rb25det neo motor from some guy having problem with car poping in the exhaust hole time no mater what i do with map and car also not ideling nice what can i do checked everything dont know anymore
  6. Hey all. I've slowly been learning my way around my car and was always suspicious of the coolant piping coming from my AAC - it just looked wrong. And, it turns out it is - this picture is of my current setup. Notice the 3rd line has been blocked off. My questions are as follows: 1) Why would someone do this? 2) Where is the first line meant to go exactly? I deduced from other threads/images that the middle line goes to the throttle body (currently my first line does) and the 3rd line goes to the manifold (currently my second line does), but I can't figure out where that 1st line is meant to go to. If there isn't any obvious reason for this set up I would like to reroute the lines to their usual spot. Probably unrelated, but I stall after revving and have idle issues, and I know this coolant affects an air flow valve hence my interest.
  7. hi all I have a Series 1 Stagea that had RB25DET auto, motor died, SO ive got a RB25DET neo manual with matching Loom,ECU.(Motor is in car now) I understand that the series 1 fuse box is different and after searching have been told that ABS, Atessa and AC wont work. Has Someone wired this correctly to fix these issues, am wondering if i just have to re-pin the body plug to suit the series 1 pin out. sorry if newbie question struggling to find info on this. Thanks all.
  8. Before anyone asks, yes i've done the usual searches but I couldnt find anything definitive Background: Stock Rb25det NEO. standard intake, exhaust, boost and ecu. Engine shuddering or hitting fuel cut whenever WOT and high boost (bucking like a mechanical bull), other than that, it ran fine. boosted down low ok, seems to run smooth(ish). didnt run rich, was getting on average about 450k's per tank Replaced spark plugs with NGK coppers (1.1mm). Car then had absolutely no torque down low, would backfire constantly when cold or after WOT (which was necessary to get the friggin thing to move) and wouldn't rev over 5000rpm. It felt like it hit Rich and Retard. No codes were thrown I noticed that the boost gauge was reading a little high after the plug change, and found a vacuum line from the charcoal canister had frayed and cracked causing a vacuum leak. Replaced this and boost reading went back to normal. I then replaced the Airflow sensor (2nd hand from wreckers), Coilpacks (splitfires), Coilpack lead (Genuine) and Sparkplugs (NGK BKR6EIX-11). This made a HUGE difference. the old coilpacks were likely from the factory and were just producing a weak spark. Reset the ECU, still ran rich when cold (but not as rich), low-down torque came back but still cant rev over 5000rpm (feels like the engine just goes back to the R&R state) It does backfire a little when cold or after WOT (more like a few pops instead of a full blown backfire). Still no codes thrown Does the ECU lock out the top 2000 RPM when its 'learning'? or is it something else? What should I be looking at next? O2 Sensor? Replace/check all Vacuum and Intake lines? Cam angle sensor? Really running out of ideas here
  9. Anyone know what could be causing this problem on my r34 rb25det neo - when the car is just idling the revs are really low however it doesn't stall. When you put alot of load on the accelarator and then suddenly step on the break the car will stall/almost stall. I have checked; Vaccum lines Serviced the car 10000ks ago Checked and cleaned AFM Wondering what it could be? Im thinking a sensor issue... Any ideas would be really helpful.
  10. Hi, I recently purchased a Rb25det neo 2wd from a local engine importer. Got it fired up today and it sounds like this.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2OPOKP1BBgA Open downpipe. Any ideas?
  11. hi so i have a 2001 rs four stagea and was driving and the car over heated and blow the radiator iv had the car towed to a work shop so can fix it and went and brought a new radiator and was going to fix it tomorrow the owner of the work shop has done it for me and has rang me and said its done the head due to it just bubbling over and spitting every where they also said that they found some red liquid in there that they said was seal tight? how do i go about making sure it is the head/head gasket? how much am i looking at to fix it rad.xspf
  12. Changing/cleaning coolant sensors rb25det neo Location for both ecu and dash gauge coolant sensor. How to change or clean them. Take both sensors out and clean them with 600 grit sandpaper. Only the metal parts. Not the thread!!! Clean with clean rag put some high temp thread tape on sensor thread and re install.
  13. FS [Syd]: Stock NEO Cams, Stock NEO Studs, Stock NEO Valve Springs & Retainers - Cheaper than a few smashed avos on toast Howdy! Have some parts from my shit box build's shit box motor. Stock RB25DET NEO Cams (IN/EX) Stock RB25DET NEO Valve Springs & Retainers Stock RB25DET NEO Head Bolts (aka head studs) Take the lot for $100 or I am happy to swap for a bottle of either: Hibiki Master's Select Hibiki Harmony Hakashu (no age) Chinta NIkka Coffey 2x Nikka from the barrel or any Japanese Whiskey of higher value than those mentioned I'm located in Canley Vale, NSW 2166 Cheers, Johnny
  14. R32 Gtst neo rb25det swap help Hey guys I know this might be a annoying question, so I'm doing a rb25det neo swap and the issue is that I can't find anything clear enough on the internet on what color or number wires I need to connect to my inside harness in order to start the engine. Like for s13 rb swaps or sr there are good diy write up showing the wiring diagram one which one to connect to your dash Harnes but for a r32 skyline Gtst to swap in a rb25det neo I can't find anything so I need help on that so I can finish my swap please i need pictures or atleast a pin out diagram the picture is my old Rb20det
  15. R32 Gtst neo rb25det swap help Hey guys I know this might be a annoying question, so I'm doing a rb25det neo swap and the issue is that I can't find anything clear enough on the internet on what color or number wires I need to connect to my inside harness in order to start the engine. Like for s13 rb swaps or sr there are good diy write up showing the wiring diagram one which one to connect to your dash Harnes but for a r32 skyline Gtst to swap in a rb25det neo I can't find anything so I need help on that so I can finish my swap please i need pictures or atleast a pin out diagram the picture is my old Rb20det
  16. $2000 2001 Nissan Stagea Wagon UNFINISHED PROJECT $2000 01 Nissan stagea, Turbo 4wd 5 speed tipronic auto. Car is an unfinished project has been sitting for a while, has never been in an accident, not a repairable write off. Doors and tailgate had dents in them have been replaced but unpainted.Engine has Arp headstuds, Cometic head gasket, all seals, water pump and water pump replaced 10,000 kms before coming off road. Turbo is not available. Vehicle had brembo calipers but have been removed. Rotors to suit the brembo are still on vehicle. Has a 600x300x125 inter cooler kit with stainless piping. Original xenon headlamps. 18inch alloy wheelsWILL HAVE AT THIS PRICE FOR THE COUPLE DAYS ONLY, AS I NEED THE MONEY. CAN ARRANGE FOR IT TO BE TOWED TO BRISBANE IF REQUIRED. CALL ME 0468698581 before 12PM TODAY
  17. RB25DET NEO 6 Rocker Cover Fitting Size? Just wondering, what AN size fitting fits into RB25DET Neo 6 rocker covers? can't seem to find any neo fittings or much information on them.
  18. RB25DET Neo into a R33 Gtst with 33 box Hey Guys, My mate and I have just finished converting his R33 GTST to a RB25 Det Neo, so I thought Id doc the process and what we used of each car Block, head, sump is all Neo Inlet manifold is s1 with a cut n shut top half including throttlebody exhaust manifold is aftermarket from the s1 enginemounts, we used the R33 ones but neo are the same alternator, power steer, A/C are all s1 including the brackets thermostat housing we used the 33 s1 part so we could use the same bottom hose but if u use the neo housing then just use a neo bottom hose coilpacks we used the s1 packs as their only a few months old but they do not fit in the head valley so we made a bracket and mounted them elsewhere WIRING CHANGES vct plug needs swapping to a neo one or EV1 injector plug I beleive is the same CAS wires need to be swaped...ie 1234 becomes 4321 thats it....because we used r33 stuff everything else stayed the same pics to come
  19. R32 RB25DET NEO speed sensor fault code Hi Guys, recently finished installing an RB25DET neo + box + ecu into my R32, the car runs fine but I have a warning light on the dash (14 - vehicle speed sensor) I had this fault code once before, prior to the conversion - that was due to a snapped speedo cable, and once I replaced the cable the fault code went away. I had a my speedo drive gear modified so I can use my factory R32 mechanical dash and the speedo is working correctly. just wondering if anyone has dealt with this code before and knows of a fix, I would assume someone would have experience this when converting from electronic to mechanical speedo? any help is appreciated. Carl
  20. RB25DE neo to RB25DET neo Hello, First post here. i'll be doing a engine swap soon in a r34 thats currently N/A im just wondering if i can use the RB25DE neo loom for the RB25DET neo engine or will i need to run the DET loom? thanks guys.
  21. Hey Everyone I have just put a standard RB25DET NEO into a R32 Gtst. Engine was out of an Auto r34 GTT rb25det neo) Ecu and loom is from a manual Stagea (rb25det neo) It ran perfect after i connected everything, took it for a spin and went great through all of the gears ! running 10psi now on my way back from testing i went to give it to it a bit and all it did was bog/misfire under load, so i thought maybe coilpacks/ spark plugs/ afm etc, Okay so i changed all that, bought new platinum spark plugs new conditioned afm, and another set of coilpacks, went for another drive, and again went good, THEN on the way back same thing its like as if the ecu reads something wrong and it goes into limp/safety mode??? also like to mention runs really rich too. OKAY now i have worked out when i disconnect the afm and put it back in its like as if it resets everything and when i go for a drive i get about 10 seconds of running good then it goes back to bogging/ misfiring under load. Is there something im missing that needs to be connected to the ecu ? what is causing this to happen? Also I dont have a diagnosis plug haha and wanted to also ask if i buy a power FC with hand held and connect that to a computer will that tell me what is wrong, and a friend of mine told me a power fc ecu does not have limp/safety mode so will run normal with one, is this true? Thanks kindly !!
  22. Hey guys So basically i have put a RB25DET NEO into a R32 GTST Everything mechanical is done. I have used the RB25det NEO Loom and ECU I basically need a guide/help on wiring the Rb25det Neo engine loom to the R32 gtst body loom and to basically get this thing started and running. Now i have searched everywhere for days found little bits and pieces like this : The internal wiring is the only hard part. You need to place the wires from the 34 loom into the factory 32 internal loom. This is easy if you know what every wire from the 32 and 34 ecu’s is and what thus each wire in each plug in the 32 and 34 kick panel is. It is easiest (in my opinion) to cut the internal loom plugs off the 34 loom and off the 32 loom where it went onto the main ecu loom, and attach the 32 plugs onto the 34 ecu loom. This way, if you crash your 32 or whatever and want to put the neo into a new 32 all your wiring is done basically. If you do it the other way, you will also need all the corresponding 34 internal plugs from the internal loom. I say do it the first way. It’s your choice. The only point to really note and emphasise here is this: The r32 is basic. The 34 had TCS and ABS. Each system in the 34 has it’s own computer ie for the 1. Engine 2. TCS 3. ABS Each computer works both independently, receiving the signals it needs to and consequently processing them, and together. They all talk to each other. If you remove the ABS computer (or in the 32’s case, it was never there to start with) the engine computer does not see a signal from the ABS computer, so it thinks the car has no brakes. And it won’t go. So you need to trick the ECU into thinking that the TCS and ABS computers are their, functioning properly, and sending a signal so the ecu thinks you have never locked up braking or lost traction whilst driving. The information on how to do this, along with spreadsheets of what every wire in the 32 and 34 kick panels is, the plug layouts, ecu pinouts etc is all available via application in writing Now it says what to do but not how TO DO IT ?!?! does anyone have a guide or write up for this? OR know how to do it Thanks kindly Ryan
  23. This is a walk-through for anyone who is attempting to wire a standard RB25DET Neo into an R32 4-Door Non-Turbo Skyline. The car that I have done the conversion on is a Skyline GTE - (Manual RB20E). This walk-through will work to a tee with this car but I cannot guarantee it will work with any others. Although I would not be surprised if it worked on other cars with an RB20E or RB20DE - if someone could confirm this it would be good. It is also assumed you have already removed the previous engine and wiring loom and have installed the complete engine, standard loom, and sensors from the RB25DET Neo. This is primarily a wiring guide as there are plenty of other tutorials floating around for engine and accessories installation. It will be broken into several different stages as I am still working on a couple of things. Also, if there are questions you have regarding anything else please don't hesitate to ask because I am going from memory on this one.
  24. Selling our project Nissan Skyline R34, Giving it away for $4400ono. ( front end parts with driveline worth this) 1998 Nissan Skyline R34 GT-T turbo coupe rolling shell. 101kms Cannot be registered in Australia, it is a statutory write off was a stolen and recovered vehicle in N.S.W. has 300zx wide turbo wheels on the front r32 gtst rear wheels Original Turbo Manual model Body complete front bonnet bumper XENON Headlights guards reo doors boot tail lights rear bar etc all in good condition Driveline has LSD Full Brakes in great working order big brakes in front and rear. has original cross member still in place with power steering untouched, full great interior with original airbags, steering wheel, gauges, cluster Seats front and rear in great condition, all interior is complete, barrel has been damaged when it was stolen previously. Car has been bought back outright from the insurance company. its listed as a statutory write off so it cannot be ever registered in AUS. An absolute great parts car you can build two cars from all these parts, but even better would be great with an engine put in it a v8 1uz conversion or an sr20det manual thrown into it, would make agreat drift car, just throw a half cut into it or a motor and box, some work and bits and pieces and you have yourself a unique track animal, alot better and unique compared to a s13 or r32 skyline at the track. The 34 is missing the engine, ecu and loom, exhaust and its also missing the manual gearbox kit (tail shaft, pedals, slave and clutch master cylinders) everything else is all there and hooked up, also has a complete aircon kit with compressor lines and condenser left in it. just the engine and manual conversion parts have been taken out of it, the car is complete otherwise and rolling. hasnt been sitting for long at all, we also have a rb25det neo + ECU + loom with a suspected blown headgasket, missing a turbo we can supply with the car for an extra $900.
  25. Hey Guys, Wrecking my R34 GTT rb25det NEO 5 Speed manual, in Melbourne south east sub Its a complete car so just ask me if I haven't posted something you want or need. Never thrashed well looked after car. TXT or Call Luke 0413737028 Rb25det NEO engine done 65xxxxkm + loom + nismo tuned ECU $2,500 ono Engine still in the car and running so you can check it out before you buy. Turbo Smart T boost controller boosted to 10psi Tuned at Chequered Tuning 2 Months ago making 206RWKW 5 Speed Gear box done 127xxxxkm $1,500 ono Exedy Heavy Duty Clutch (only done 2000km) $500 ono Interior: Centre console full carbon fibre with 3 Gauge cluster Smoked Auto Gauges $400 ono water temp, oil temp, oil pressure and Boost gauge in a separate cup holder. Carbon Fibre Kick Plates/Door Sill Plates $50 Front seats $150 each Back seat $200 ono Steering wheel $150 ono Door trims with no switches $100 each Exterior: White with Gold glitter pant work Tommy Kaira Full body kit (cracked front bar but reparable) $450 ono Brand new Bomex front bar that just needs spray and fit with brand new never fitted smoked indicators $450 Xenon HID light (one broken clip but has been fixed and sits perfect) $500 smoked side indicators $40 Carbon fibre eyelids $70 Nismo Carbon Fibre Pillar $40 Ray Volk look alike Mat Black Brand new put on only 2 Months ago (no scratches) $1,450 ono 18x8 Front with 235/40 ZR18 Nexen Tyres 2Months old 18x9 Back with 255/35 ZR18 Federal Tyres 2Months old 4X HSD coilovers G/C Ride well $500 Fiberglass R34 GTR wing (Black) $200 Rear tail lights $150 Performance: R32 GTR brakes $450 ono Aluminium Radiator $150 ono FMIC 300x600 with custom piping so no holes need to be made in chassey (legal) $450 R33 GTR Turbo back 3" exhaust has some corrosion but repairable $250 ono Heaps more just ask TXT or Call Luke 0413737028 if anyone needs specific photos let me know
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