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  1. Hi all As per topic title, I am after Rb26 aftermarket front pipe with 90mm main outlet. Thanks
  2. Going Single turbo Sale, The following items came off my BNR34 running twin -5’s 350 kw on pump and are all in good nick. happy to post at buyers expense. All items located in parramatta area NSW pick up welcome. greddy suction kit - some minor Wear and rub marks mostly out of sight, has all the silicon joiners, and original mounting brackets, high quality murray hose clamps, Z32 adapter harnesses. Comes with the HKS Z32 size mafless pipes. all the pipes are still nicely polished and clean. Supplied with Brand new filter elements. Ive ordered the filter elements from japan and will have them in week or so just fyi. $1100 ono HKS RB26 front pipes to suit stock framed turbos -5’s etc. good polish and they will come up new $450 ono tomei expreme stainless dumps Excellent quality has provisions for stock EGT found on vspec 34’s. A good polish will bring them up shiny. $500 ono Injector Dynamics ID 1000CC - set of 6 always ran on pump all seals and o-rings in good condition. These are the real deal purchased through high octane racing with receipts. Never clogged or had any issues idled perfect. $500 ono tomei poncam type B drop in Cams - intake and exhaust -9.15 lift 260 duration. good condition all the lobes are nice and i have the original cam card If its needed but being drop you should be good. $500 Ono
  3. Hi all! *** 2K for the lot ***Garage Clearance TimeIf no photos of what I have described, just ask.Just sick of timewasters so take the lot for 2k!6 x Denso 195500-2240 Injectors1 x JR Pod Filter4 x Jecs A46-00 Injectors1 x Nissan RB26 block1 x Universal Catalytic Converter 2 & 3 way – 5.9L / 6000LBS – 4” Round / 11” Long / 3” Ends5 x New CP Piston Rings CPN-340650 x Oil Filters1 x Microtech LT-8s Sequential Fire Ver. 10 ECU2 x Garrett Turbo 466071-6C (stock off an R33)1 x Power Distribution Block 1x0GA into 4x4GA1 x Jecs MAF Mass Air Flow Meter A36-000 N62 / 22680 30P001 x Malpassi Fuel Injection Regulator1 x R33 Twin Turbo Pipe1 x SX Performance Fuel Regulator 154041 x Nissan ECU A11-000 RG3 - S131 x Nissan ECU A11-000 G90 - S131 x Set of 6 CP Carrillo forged Pistons suit RB30/261 x SR20 Crank Shaft 60J401 x SR20 Red Top Block1 x SR20 Black Top Block (non VCT)1 x 52F SR20 BlockBrisbane Location - FREE delivery
  4. Hi guys, I have a problem. First of all I do have a Twin plate clitch in my r33 gtr. When pressing the clutch pedal it make some rattling noise, after reading and gathering some info this is considered as normal with those type of clutches? The bigger problem is that my gearbox sometimes gets stuck in 1st gear when im stopping with the clutch fully pressed it still wants to go forward. Also its really hard to change gears sometimes. I ve done an gear box oil change and bleeded the clutch line (both damper and slave cylinder). Nothing helped. I would need some advice where too look at next. Could it be that my clutch pedal needs to be adjusted? (clutch feels heavy but normal and the point where it grabs is late) Please give me some advice :) BR
  5. After the following; (NZ OR AUS) Top 2 cam covers Front timing cover Will buy either or seperately please PM me directly on here. Alternatively my email is : [email protected] or failing that my Facebook is https://m.facebook.com/mitchthomasismean
  6. Hey guys, looking for a set of rb26 valve covers for a reasonable price. As for the condition, dont care for the paint since I'll be painting it anyway. As long as the parts arent broken or cracked its fine. And if you couldn't tell from my broken english, I'm from the netherlands. So the seller must be willing to ship worldwide.
  7. For Sale, Rb26 front 4.11 diff ratio's in mint condition, bought this for my 34 GTR but decided to stick with the stock 3.54's. 500 ono happy to post as buyers expense. Pick up in paramatta area NSW
  8. Well my build has begun...GTR life Bought a brand new coolant bottle, bonnet cowl and rubber, new clips for the front grill. Also got a new GTR badge for the boot, original GTR key and a nice little Nismo key ring Will start fitting things this weekend, also going to wire in my sub and amp and tune the stereo. I've also changed the steering wheel to my mono 'race' wheel. When I got time I'll post my list of things I have decided to do. Love this car, love driving it, love playing with it,
  9. Has anyone got any Tomei throttle coat that I could use for 5 mins to reseal my itbs? Closer to central coast nsw the better. Need ASAP or is there an alternative to use that will do the same job
  10. Rocker Cover Breather Dash -10 and -12 size, they replace the stock breathers by push-fitting them, instead going to the hassle of welding breathers or AN adaptors to rocker covers. Made from CNC Aluminium, and replace the standard rocker cover breathers so you can use a screw on fitting like Speedflow/Earls/PFE etc These are a tight fit so they will never leak and won't come loose once installed. Suits RB20, RB25 and RB26. RB26 size available in -10 or -12 RB20 and RB25 -10 size only available -10 size are $50 a pair - including postage. -12 RB26 are $55 a pair - including postage. PM if interested! pics.... -10 on RB25 rocker covers -10 RB25 and RB20 -12 RB26 fitted -10 RB26 fitted -10 on RB20 -10 RB26 -12 RB26
  11. Willing to post at buyers expense RB20 Silver top Valve/Cam covers + Coil Cover - $130 ono RB25 Turbo 45V1 with factory lines $250 ono 2x RB20/25 Dump Pipe $50 ono Denso 550cc Top Feed injectors with plugs $350 ono Genuine Nissan Intake Manifold Gasket to suit Nissan Skyline GTR - RB26DETT - NIS-14035-05U10 - New $40 ono Tomei Metal Intake Manifold Gasket - Nissan GTR & Stagea 260RS (RB26DETT) - New $80 ono Factory Valve Spring Retainers - used $50 ono Performance Springs RB26 - Used $120 ono Brian Crower RB26 valve springs - Opened, Never Fitted $220 ono Genuine Nissan Intake Manifold Gasket to suit Nissan Skyline R32 GTS / GTS-4 / GTS-t - RB20DE & RB20DET - NIS-14035-72L11 - $20 Exedy Heavy Duty Clutch Kit (NSK-7056HD) to suit Nissan Skyline HR31 (JDM), R32 GTS-4 / GTS-t & R33 GTS25-t - RB20DET & RB25DET - New $380 ono Exedy Lightweight Flywheel (NF01) to suit Nissan Skyline R32 GTR / GTS-4 / GTS-t, R33 GTR / GTS25 / GTS25-t / GTS-4, R34 25GT / 25GT-4 / 25GT-t & Stagea WGNC34 260RS / RS-Four S - New $540 ono RB26 Fuel rail with NISMO Adjustable fuel reg $150 RB20 Ruel Rail $20
  12. Hi Guys I am removing my oil filter housing and installing a taarks kit. I have purchased a oil pressure relief valve but due to my surprise it seems like there is no bung to drill tap and pull out. i have a photo attached can anyone tell me what I have to do please. I Don’t want to drill if I’m not supposed to.. thanks in Advance..
  13. After the following; (NZ OR AUS) Top 2 cam covers Front timing cover Will buy either or seperately please PM me directly on here. Alternatively my email is : [email protected] or failing that my Facebook is https://m.facebook.com/mitchthomasismean
  14. I got sick of my oil pressure reading very low when warm (0 to .5 on the factory guage) so i decided to replace the sensor. You will need an open ended 17 mm spanner and you will need to undo a hose clamp (mine was a small socket to undo) this side of the engine bay. undo the bottom fuel line hose clamp and slide it off (it is the return line so there is no pressure in this line but some fuel will dribble out so be careful) this is the fuel pressure sensor about 20 cm below the fuel line hopefully you can see it in focus down there with a rubber gromet over the plug on the left hand end of it. this is what the plug looks like with the grommet pulled back. fairly easy to remove. you need to get a 17mm open ended spanner on the sensor to undo it. this is the new sensor i bought off ebay from nissan of chesapeake in usa. it cost me $95 delivered here. and this is the end result. a good oil pressure reading in the cluster guage. may not be highly accurate but it would certainly be able to warn you of a problem before it does too much damage.
  15. Hi team, I have just recently picked up my R33 Skyline GTR V Spec from the tuners. The actual driving experience is awesome and the car made exactly what power I wanted it to etc. The car made 409kw at the hubs on 24 psi but was eventually turned down to 377kw at the hubs on 20 psi (high boost) and 335kw at the hubs on 16psi (low boost) which is enough to scare my passengers lol. The tuner and myself were impressed and I was not expecting anything more considering it still has the stock block with twin turbos on pump 98 gas. However I am experiencing a few issues: 1. The vehicle has a brand new clutch installed which is a 230mm Organic Extreme twin plate clutch (converted from push to pull). When driving and shifting through the gears it feels great but taking off is not the same experience, the car seems to judder/ shake when releasing the clutch. Is this normal? Do I need new engine/ transmission mounts? Or do I just need to wait it out and bed the clutch in? 2. The car seems to drop revs on idle after a warm start and eventually switch off, cold starts are perfectly fine. 3. The tuner mentioned the vehicle dropped some oil near the gearbox when left over night at his shop. The car previously did not drop any oil before I sent it into the workshop. I now have the car at home which has been parked off for a few days so I could see where the oil is coming from and it hasn't dropped any oil? Could this just be a one off? Note: The car has traveled 80xxxkms (body and motor). Below are some images plus mods done to the vehicle for anyone intereseted: - HKS GT2530 Twin Turbos - HKS Straight Through Exhaust - Haltech Platinum Pro Plugin ECU - Custom Pod Filters - Hi Octane Oil Catch Can - Kelford 272 Cams - 1000cc Injectors - 350LPH Fuel Pump - Fuel Pressure Regulator - Full Cam and Crank Trigger Setup - Hicas Lock Bar - Extreme Twin Plate Clutch Organic Pull to Push Along with a fresh service top to bottom.
  16. hey guys im after a rb26 water pump pulley. cheers.
  17. Hey team, I've had this stuff kicking around for awhile now. Time to move it on! Prices are nice and cheap Fujitsbo 3" catback exhaust suit FD3S - $50 Front pipes 3" suit RB26 + catalytic converter - $50 R32 GTR Standard Airbox, no piping - $30 2 x R32 Skyline doors - with windows / mirrors and door trims, gunmetal grey in ok condition, few scratches and a small dent. - $50 RB20 valley cover - no bolts - $15 R32 Skyline door scuff guards, pair - $10 4 channel amp wiring kit, used once - $40 Alpine MRP-F450 amp - $70 Fusion Powerplant 6x9 2 way speakers 280 WATTS - less then 10hrs use - $50 CBC Timing belt kit suit RB engine - $50 Calibre pod filter, never used - $20 R32 GTR Cluster - 96 xxx km's - $40 All items are located in Wattle Grove, NSW Pick up is preferred! Cheers
  18. hey guys. first post here, was just wondering what some good performance mods would be for my rb26dett in a gtst shell so rwd, it is running 222kw atw at 13 psi atm, stock computer, stock injectors, really the only things done are a large frontmount intercooler and cat back exhaust system. it has cp forged pistons and forged conrods too, didnt want to spent too much yet as 222 is still a fair upgrade from my old non turbo r33, any recommendations and advice is greatly appreciated, thanks guys!
  19. Hey guys, so I've recently picked up my new R32 GTR. I'm going to be covering everything I do to it in my youtube channel. I have already made a video show casing the new car. The link can be found here: I've attached a picture showing what the engine looks like. Apart from the solid lifters in the 26 is there any difference in the cylinder head from the rb25's?
  20. hi all im after a stock rb26 sump that's been converted for rwd application. don't need extra capacity or anything, just completely standard for use in R32 GTS-T. if anyone has 1 in western sydney, please PM me on here or msg 0407 896 339. cheers
  21. For Sale Rb26 block, 87mm bore includes crank, girdle, sump & diff. been sitting awhile so will need a tidy up and abit of a hone. $550 Rb26 Cosworth Jun Pistons & rings 87mm includes stock rods attached $600 Stock rb26 fuel rail and injectors will need a clean and flush $150 rb26 stock dumps $40 3.5 inch adjustable exhaust to suit R32 GTR all wiring and controllers included $250 also have rb30 single cam head and inlet no rocker cover $100 located western sydney 0425896150
  22. The car has developed a long flowing constant harmonic drivetrain noise. It is road speed dependant and independent of throttle input (clutch in still makes the noise). The period of the noise is about 1-2 seconds at 60kph cruise. I have an idea of what I think it is but wanted to get peoples unbiased opinions before I put ideas in your head and cloud judgement. Car has done 180,000kms. The noise was intermittent but is now constant.
  23. 2 r32 factory spoilers 1 gunmetal grey 1 purple $50 each 555cc low impedance rb26 inj $220 R32 "bugeye" projector headlights cracking on internal reflective lining , not too bad $100 Gizzmo ibc no solenoid $100 New unused front mount $200
  24. Need to get RB26 engine for GTR32 Located in Melbourne Let me know what you have and specs.... 0430024704
  25. For Sale, OSgenkin twin plate clutch (push type suit rb25 series one and rb26 32-33 or rb30 etc , rebuilt by Direct clutches in Brisbane (with receipt) , done 3000ks in a show car so other than a few dyno runs and 2nd-3rd gear pulls on the street it's done stuff all work, never seen the track. Was working perfectly when removed and had a good peddle feel and never slipped at 400rwkw Only selling due to going manualised auto Will come with the correct thrust bearing to take out all the guess work for setup 1250ono Pics available via request
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