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Found 18 results

  1. Hey guys, Anyone know what needs to happen (if anything) regarding rego etc after an engine swap? I blew up original 25DET Neo, replaced it with 25DE Neo I purchased from engine importer, and bolted all my turbo stuff on resulting in a Rb25DE+T Neo. What will happen if i decide to sell the car? The engine number is now different (not to mention its a DE) Its my understanding that if you turbo a shit spec VL for example, you'll need the associated vl turbo parts such as brakes etc in order for you to be able to rego it..
  2. Hi all, I finally have to transfer rego for my R34 GT-R over to the ACT (from Sydney) and so I have to get the car inspected/passed. The only mods I have on the car is a surprisingly quite cat back Apexi N1 Evolution exhaust and (my biggest worry) a Trust Oil Cooler Kit with Oil Filter Re-locator. Are those oil coolers (with the Re-locator & braided Teflon lines) able to pass rego or will I have to get an engineering certificate to pass? Cheers,
  3. HI people Up for sale is my swift, i dont need it anymore as i have got a new car recently. It drives good, has almost new tyres, its a very cheap run around. it has 259000km, rego runs out feb 2014 all inspections welcome. Contact me via pm or 0416766449 thanks Roy
  4. 92 Nissan 180sx. Black 2door coupe km’s 125 000 2.0L 4cyl 5 speed manual. Engine sr20det redtop. Blitz boost gauge. Turbo smart manual boost controller. HKS air filter. HKS turbo timer. Front mount intercooler. 16inch Advanti Racing wheels. Momo steering wheel. Sony mp3 head unit. 1200watt kenwood sub in box. 500watt car audio 4 channel Amp. 300 watt 6inch kenwood front speakers. 300 watt Cadence 6x9inch speakers. Thumping stereo sounds awesome. Fast reliable car. Stock rims to go with car. 12 months registration New South Wales Location
  5. I sold my n/a R34 back in 2009 with left hand side damage. It was unregistered for over a year from 2008-2009. I kept the plates and still have them in my possession. I have done another check and the person i have sold the vehicle to (without the plates) now has those plates registered to the car. I was planning to change those plates over to my current R34 but looks as though that might not happen. Would it be worth chasing up as i still have the plates in possession but didn't put them on hold? I was 17 at the time and thought that if i kept the plates i would just get a notice in the mail saying to either surrender the plates or to pay for a holding fee.
  6. Hey Selling/swapping the Z 2003 Track edition 6 speed manual Brembo brakes all round Heated seats Bose Audio Cruise control Service history and books Daily driven (190,000ks) Runs and drives great, very reliable car Has a slight exhaust leak somewhere which I plan to get fixed. Rego till June Can Supply RWC. Might swap for a car cash my way or yours. Prefer sale $13,000
  7. 2004 Nissan Stagea M35 for sale in West End, Brisbane, QLD.Imported and complied from Japan in October 2017 via Jspec (condition 4.5/5).72000 km 5 speed automaticRWC + Rego (October 2020)Detailed photos from 2017 in Japan.Comes with everything in photos, ie stock springs, stock shocks, stock grille, Nissan emblems, Bose stereo, Momo factory option steering wheel.Also installed:- Kenwood DMX8018S (Apple Carplay / Android auto) with rear view camera.- Custom heavy boot matLeaving the country. Need to sell ASAP. Negotiable. I rather sell to someone that will use it and enjoy it than a dealership. Kind regards Casper+61423457110
  8. Hi all, Want to buy - R32 or R33 manual GTST coupe or sedan (Prefer with rego) Location: Newcastle, NSW or Brisbane, QLD (close to either is fine) Budget - $10,000 with room to wiggle if needed for the right car. Doesn't need to have a huge mod list or anything, just needs to be running, register-able and not haggard. Just looking for something fun to drive on the weekends. Thanks.
  9. Hi guys. not sure is I should post this here but seems no better places for this topic... So I am moving to Tas next month from Vic with my R33 registered in Vic. After a quick research I found that I have to pass AIS inspection to get Tas rego&plate. So can anyone here explain a bit about AIS inspection? Is it similar to Vic's rwc test? How hard&strict is it ? My modifications includes freddy plenum,fmic, bov, ebc, coilovers and something not so obvious. Any other suggestions ? Thank you all in advance.
  10. https://www.nsw.gov.au/news-and-events/news/free-rego-for-eligible-nsw-drivers/ First thing I did was check it wasn't April 1. If you spend over $1300 per year on tolls, you get free rego.
  11. Hi all, Up for sale is my 1993 Nissan Skyline R32 GTST Sedan ⁄ 4 Door. It is a 5 speed manual (converted), Registered until November 2015, Will be sold WITH a Roadworthy Certificate (can be sold without) There's 24x xxx km on the odometer Modifications include: 2860 'disco potato' turbo 3" turbo back⁄full exhaust Turnflow intercooler kit ( NO HOLES IN BATTERY TRAY) HICAS completely removed Immobiliser Car is stock otherwise, unmolested example. NO rust, stock airbox, stock suspension. Factory side skirts and rear pod. Paint on this 22 year old car is in very good condition for the most part, front end, side skirts and rear bar could do with a respray. Undamaged dash, no bubbes, cracks, etc. Steering wheel could do with a cover. Interior is quite clean otherwise. Car is in very good nick for a 22 year old car. Take a look at the photos, inspect and see for yourself. It has been a great daily. Selling due to having too many cars and recently being made redundant. No urgency to sell so only reasonable offers will be considered. Located in Melbourne, south east. I am after $7,990 ONO. NO swaps. Thanks, Adam
  12. Rectifying non-captive springs in Zeal coilovers Hello all, So, I've taken my new R33 GT-R through its rego inspection (in the ACT you have to go through the government pits. It's worth just going and seeing what they find as if you return with everything rectified within a month you only pay an additional $16 or so). Mostly all stuff I anticipated that's easy enough to fix, like the exhaust being too loud. The one surprise has been that the springs in the coilovers aren't captive under full droop, such as when the car is jacked up. For background the car is on Zeal coilovers (sub brand of Endless), unsure if they're function x or something else as I haven't had a chance to properly get under the car myself. I've taken it to my suspension guy (Ian at Revell in Fyshwick), who's said if I don't want to lower the car further the fix is helper/tender springs (people don't seem to be able to agree which name goes with which thing - here we mean the super low rate springs that coil bind as soon as the car sits on the suspension and only extend to pin the springs in place under droop) which will cost almost a grand after parts and labour. Before I drop that kind of money I want to be sure it's the way to go, so I've been doing my research. So firstly I'd like to check I've understood the problem properly. As I understand it the issue goes like this. With coilovers unless they have independent height adjustment ride height changes are made by winding the seat of the spring up and down, adjusting the preload and how much it's squished by. Non-captive springs happen when the seat isn't wound up enough, allowing the spring to fully extend under droop and rattle around. Is that correct? What I don't understand is why a kit that I assume was designed for this model of car would have such a problem within its range of adjustment. Is it just operating at a ride height higher than the manufacturer intended? Secondly, I obviously need to work out the best way to fix this. Again as I understand it the possible solutions worth exploring are: Lower the car more. It's not crazy low but clearance at the front is marginal already in a lot of environments including the ramp to my apartment complex parking. The current front splitter is already scraped underneath but I don't want to break anything, and ultimately I'm planning to put a carbon fibre item on and would like to avoid destroying it. Helper/tender springs. A decent chunk of money but will properly fix the problem, retain the current ride height and not mess with the properties of the suspension under driving conditions. Can also potentially be reused on other coilovers I might fit in the future. Replace springs with longer springs. Replace coilovers with different coilovers that don't have this issue at the desired height or with a separate spring and damper combo. Whilst I'm thinking I might eventually replace the coilovers with Ohlins ones down the track, I had planned for that to be in several years after doing a bunch of other work on the car, as it seems the current Zeal coilovers are reasonably well regarded. Is that the case? I'm leaning towards just getting the helper/tender springs, but want to make sure I'm not just throwing good money after a bad setup. I'm planning to keep this car until they put me in a box, so want to do it right. TLDR - Zeal coilover springs aren't captive under droop, should I fix with tender springs or are these coilovers junk and I should replace with a new system instead of spending money fixing them?
  13. Breather tank/catch can/oil-air separator plumbing questions Hi all, Sorry, yet more questions. So, one of the previous owners of my car fitted a breather tank. Just before I acquired it it was looked over and some of the plumbing changed by Unigroup in Sydney. Attached are photos to show how it's plumbed in. From my research on this forum (very useful as always, thank you all!) and comparing to stock engine bays, it looks like the two breathers at the back of the cam cover are as stock, and are linked on the passenger's side to one of the turbos as stock. On the driver's side it's linked to the breather tank instead of linking to a PCV valve or whatever that thing on the side of the engine is, which is now blanked off. Currently the tank vents to the atmosphere through a little filter. The first aspect of this is I need to make it legal to pass rego. It only needs to be or look legal for 30mins, doesn't need to be an elegant solution. I tried blanking off the hose to the breather tank, but that either causes massive blow by or is pulling oil in large quantities from the top of the engine, as at idle it made piles of smoke. So I'm assuming the solutions are either to find a stock PCV valve and hose to connect onto the driver's side, or to take the filter out of the tank, hook that up to the pipe into the turbo, and blank off the passanger's side. Secondly, I'm curious if this setup is actually done properly. What makes more sense and what a lot of people on threads here seem to have done is blank off the turbo inlet and hook the passanger's side vent into the breather tank after combining with the driver's side pipe. Otherwise surely the system is still going back into the inlet charge, which defeats the purpose? Thank you very much for your help and time as always!
  14. Help finding/fitting child seat restraints in an R33 GT-R for rego Hi all, Sorry for yet more questions, but I have tried searching both the web generally and SAU specifically before posting. In the quite likely event I've just not found the information I'm after my sincere apologies for being a pain. One of the items I need to rectify to pass rego is to display/fit child seat restraints. My understanding is that they should be there, as having them would have been a requirement for compliance when the car was imported. I've got my rear seats and parcel shelf out, attached are some photos of the area. So I guess my question is, with what's there what's the best solution to get a legal setup so it'll pass rego? It'd be nice if it was also usable should I want to do that down the track. Thank you very much as always in advance!
  15. For sale 1993 r32 gtst factory manual S1 r33 rb25det engine Forged Pistons Gtr rods Gtr valves R34 rb25det box Twin plate clutch of some kind Gt35⁄40 turbo low mount Vipec computer Stainless cooler piping and front mount 550cc injectors Spitfire coil packs 3 inch exhaust with high flow cat and a resonator (really deep note) Alloy custom front facing plenum Alloy radiator Bride seat Gtr door cards front and rear Bc coil overs Adjustable Camber arms front and rear Adjustable castor arms front Gtr front bar, lip and bonnet Yokohama AVS model 6 17" wheels wrapped in falken tyres Makes a bit over 400hp at the treads Super fun car, flys in a straight line and handles like its on rails Was my daily for a few years never let me down once. Regularly serviced with penrite full synthetic, usual no more than 3,000kms between oil changes. A⁄c works Paint and body in good condition overall, few dints and scratches Crease in the bottom of passenger door and a bit of fade on the roof. The car always gets compliments on how clean and straight it is for a 32 Car has around 290,000kms Engine has about 30,000 Only selling to fund rx7 project. 10,300 can supply rwc and 6 months rego May swap for a road cruiser motorbike plus cash my way give me a text or a call 0434282866
  16. Transferring rego to VIC after moving here.. no RWC needed? Just moved here from Tas with my Tas-registered Stagea. Saw this on the Vic Roads site: As-is, my car won't pass a Vic RWC (coilovers, front mount, various other things).. but it's legal/registered in Tas. Ultimately I plan on making it road-legal here just to not get pulled over constantly, but am I right that I can transfer my rego without an RWC, as-is, then spend the rest of the year slowly getting it ready for it's first "local" renewal with RWC? Or am I asking for trouble? Otherwise I guess I just run it on Tas plates as long as possible until I can get it RWC-ready? What have others done when moving here?
  17. Has anyone used the new service.nsw portal to register yet? I used to be able to easily register online at myRTA.nsw.gov.au, but this no longer exists and so was 'redirected' to: https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/transaction/renew-vehicle-registration no problem, joined up, entered my details and the rego I wanted to renew.....splat!!!! my information does not match their records.....owned the car for like 15 years, same address, same name, same everything. Car was passed for roadworthy Tuesday, green slip all paid up same day so that isn't the issue - and anyway I never got that far. Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue?
  18. help please Blue slip Hey all i just bought a R34 gtt and it requires a blueslip my car is completely stock other than coilovers that were fitted by the previous owner and running fine with no leaks of anysort, ive towed my car to 3 different workshops which would not pass it due to having the coilovers (none of the workshops put it on file that i came in for a blueslip) spending more and more money with each tow so i just decided to tow it home and try my luck if anyone could pm me and point me in the right direction to a workshop that would pass it willing to pay more if i can avoid towing it anywhere else and the hassle of changing the coilovers. im located in sydney. ps intending to keep the car for a long time thank you very much guys.
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