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  1. Pair of near new DBA 4909 "4000 series" slotted rotors Fits front of s14/s15/r32 gtst/300zx z32 280mm x 29mm have been professionally machined on all sides They were 30mm wide when brand new Pickups from Mount Gravatt Brisbane or can send with a Courier $200 ono
  2. hey guys bought a set of r34 brembo for the 32 I know I'll most likely need to drill the hubs out but choosing rotors picking the right ones can I purchase the r32 vspec rotors or do I have to get r34 rotors because the hubs have been drilled bigger? needing to know before I purchase at the checkout of rhd Japan
  3. Anyone in Melb have an old pair lying around? **not warped Cheers in advance
  4. Hey everyone I am having trouble trying to find rear brake rotors for my R34 GT non turbo, everywhere I have called and looked list the turbo brake rotors (297mm diameter) but the ones on my car are 265mm. I understand that the GT-V model came out with the turbo brakes and I’m guessing that’s why they list the NA’s with a 297mm rear rotor. if anyone has an idea as to where I can get a pair or even some part numbers it would be much appreciated thanks.
  5. FS: R34 GTT & GT brake boosters, BM50 & BM44 BMC, DBA T3 310mm rotors, AN10 Hoses, R34/R33 transmission parts [MEL] Replacing my previous for sale thread with this updated one, here goes. For sale: 1. R34 GTT brake booster with BM50 master cylinder – $100 2. R34 GT brake booster with BM44 master cylinder – $100 3. DBA T3 4000 310mm rotors x2 for R34 GTT front, worn – $80 for the pair 3. Leaky Driftworks braided oil cooler hoses with crimped AN10 fittings, for spares – $30 4. R34/R33 transmission parts – $80 See below for details. All parts in Melbourne near Essendon, pick up only. PM if interested. --- 1. R34 GTT brake booster with BM50 master cylinder – $100 I was going to replace mine with this but my issue was elsewhere. Was sent to me as a working unit but I haven't tested it, you're welcome to inspect in detail The plastic fork collar is cracked on one side (see photos) but this shouldn't affect operation The master cylinder doesn't have BM50 stamped on it, however the outer diameter is the same as the BM50 on my GTT so I trust it's the same unit --- 2. R34 GT brake booster with BM44 master cylinder – $100 This was sent to me by mistake when I was after the GTT booster+master. Was sent to me as a working unit but I haven't tested it, you're welcome to inspect in detail This is in slightly cleaner condition than the GTT BM50 The BM44 BMC outer diameter is slightly smaller than the BM50 --- 3. DBA T3 310mm rotors – $80 Rotor are about 2 years and 20,000 old, with several track days on them I believe one of the rotors is slightly warped, it's fine for street use but does vibrate in hard braking (runouts are 0.10mm and 0.04mm) No visible cracks or significant heat stress marks on the surface Rotor thickness 29.1mm (new 30mm, minimum 28mm) --- 4. Leaky Driftworks braided oil cooler hoses with crimped AN10 fittings, for spares – $30 Hose lengths are 115cm and 135cm This is heavy duty braided hose about ~25mm outer diameter The AN10 hose fittings for each hose are 90 degree elbow at one end and a straight one at the other. The fittings need a good clean. Caveat emptor: These hoses leak at the straight end, so you'll need to replace those two crimped hose end fittings. Standard Speedflow etc. AN10 fittings won't do because this hose OD is larger than the Speedflow AN10 hose. --- 5. R34/R33 transmission parts – $80 RB25DET manual transmission parts: $50 - R33 Series 2 fuse box to gearbox wiring loom $40 - R33 GTS-t manual coupe tail shaft rear part $20 - R34 turbo gearbox clutch fork (pull type) RB25DET automatic transmission parts: $25 - R34 GTT auto brake pedal $40 - R34 GTT auto sedan tail shaft front part Or $80 for the lot of trans parts. --- Notes: All prices ono and all parts in Melbourne near Essendon, pick up only. Only items specifically listed above are available, there are some in the photos that are gone
  6. Hey, Just selling a few unwanted bits and pieces off my 32R gts4 as I am reverting it to stock as much as possible. 1. GAB Sports Super R front coilovers to suit r32 gtr/gts4. Damper adjustable (dont know how many settings, bought off and tuned by Nismo performance tomastown) Very low and stiff but not too harsh. Dust boots still good. $150 2. KYB Super Special Street rear damper adjustable coilovers. 4 settings. HKS blue springs. suit r32 gtr/gtst $150 NOTE: I used these as a set and the front were tuned to match rears. 3. SPATS front adjustable strut brace. r32. $80 4. FET Sports rear adjustable strut brace multifit r32/s13/c33/a31/180. $80 5. Used Rotors to suit gtst/gtst4/gtr sumimoto calipers. rears still 18mm and fronts 27mm thick. $20 Located in Melbourne sth east PM me Thanks
  7. Item: R33 GTR Brembo Front brake setup Includes: - Brand New 2-piece hat & rotor/discs - Ferrodo DS3000 pads - 2x Brembo front GTR Calipers Condition: Rotors/Disc & hats - are brand new in box. Pads have only seen around 3000kms use if that. Calipers are used. Price: $1150 ONO Happy to ship @ buyers expense Can also supply an extra set of 2-piece rotor/hats for an additional $500 Selling as i no longer have need for them. Contact via PM.
  8. Hi all, For sale are a few parts from my R34 GT-R which are: 1) Pair of factory R34 GT-R front Brembo calipers with DBA 5000 Series Clubspec 2 Piece T3 slotted rotors (324mm) and Project Mu H16-03 brake pads. Wheel spacers in the pictures are NOT included. Price - $1500 2) Factory R34 GT-R passenger seat. In excellent condition. Price - $1000 (prefer pickup if possible) All parts are located in the ACT and can arrange postage but at buyers expense. Please PM or contact me on 0424 056 507 or email to: [email protected] for any more info. Thanks. Glen 0424 056 507
  9. There's a question that needs answering, anyone know if the Infiniti G35 rotors will slide onto the R32 GTS-T? The reason I ask is because I had a 2004 G35 and I ordered a set of rotors for it in 2014 which I never installed. Long story short I'm hoping that someone who's familiar with the 350Z Brembo swap and other brake swaps can glance at this and confidently say "yeah that'll work" or "No, you idiot, it's a waste of time. The specs are: Front/Rear Bolt Size: 12.90 mm/12.70 mm Front/Rear OD: 295.70 mm (296 mm?)/291.80 mm (292 mm?) Front/Rear Thickness: 24.00 mm/16.00 mm Front/Rear Height: 49.20 mm/62mm Front/Rear Hub Hole: 68mm/68mm The below chart is just something I figured wouldn't hurt to have on the forum of disc sizes for OEM spec stuff in case anyone had questions. Can't get help without giving it too.
  10. Hi guys, I've got stock R33 GTR suspension for sale in great condition. $100. Also have stock brake rotors. $100. Located in Melbourne
  11. Quick question for anyone that knows, what are the biggest DBA rotors you can fit onto a 34 GTR, front and back??
  12. Hey all, up for sale front & rear Rda slotted rotors and front EBC red pads for R33 GTST Front slotted pair (also fit R34GT) 296mm $230 Rear slotted pair (also fit R32, R34 & z32) 297mm $100 Front EBC Red pads (sumitomo calipers) $145 buy the lot and can work a better deal located in melbourne west for pick up can post at buyers expense sms 0403008970 or pm me
  13. Complete bolt on R32 GTR Brake upgrade for S13/S14/S15/R32/R33/C34. 296x32mm rotor with calipers which I rebuilt 1500km ago with genuine Nissan seals. Held up fine at Winton and Sandown with 230rwkw behind them on semi-slicks. The best bang-for-buck brake upgrade you'll find. Rotors are near-new (~31.7mm) slotted RDAs and ADR-approved braided brake lines. Come with a set of Project Mu MAX900i racing pads with ~70% left. Cost $300 just for the pads. $500ono for the lot. PM me or SMS 0423 eight-hundred 325.
  14. Hey guys, selling my brake setup from my R32 gts-t, which is a great upgrade for the s13, s14, 180sx, and a few other nissans...selling as i have upgraded to R34 GTR brembo brakes. this includes: - front brake calipers (4 pot calipers with brake pads) - front slotted brake discs - rear brake calipers (2 pot calipers with brake pads) - rear brake discs The fronts have slotted rotors which have near to no lip at all, so they have plenty of meat, and the pads have 7mm left on them which will also last a decent amount of kms. The rears have normal rotors which again have hardly any lip which will last a long time, and the rear pads have 10mm left of meat, so they will last a long time All calipers have been sprayed with metalcast heatproof anodized purple and look amazing, especially when the sun hits them. Asking $900 ono. or swaps for other parts of interest, contact me on 0422 455 444 located on the gold coast, will post aus wide, postage will be $70 sorry for the big pics
  15. Hey guys Chasing a complete 5 stud brake assembly (front and rear) with wheel bearings, calipers, rotors, handbrake assembly. It doesnt have to be all in a package. Whatever you got. I want to do a conversion and seems to be I need those parts. Please contact me on 0413 659 566
  16. R33 Parts Cleanout! Garrett Gtx3582 + turbo manifold + exh + 2 sets of rims drift tek + rotors + sway bars Hi there Doing a big shed cleanup. GOLD COAST VARSITY LAKES All parts off my R33 gtst s2 1996 Genuine Garrett GTX3582. T3 .82 ( i think) little bit of shaft play + 32mm Go Pipes Turbo manifold dual 40mm wastegate. (A few tiny pinholes need a spot weld) + full 3.5" dump pipe and 3" exhaust including cannon and resonator (and pipe with flange to replace resonator) ALL 3 $2500 will split if asked R33 s2 brake rotors set of 4, little surface rust, pretty good life left $20 R33 s2 sway bars front and rear $20 ea R33 crank needs a linish $20 18x8 silver FX motorsport wheels, hero tyres on front good tread, rear micky thompson no tread, removed from r33 $300 18" black drift tek style wheels, front 18x9.5 225 40 18 good tread, rear 18x10.5 235 40 18 no tread, removed from r33 looked awesome! Only changed wheels to get more rubber on the read, $800
  17. Our Mazda CX7 needs new front disks soon. We're driving to Jindy in January so I'd like to have new ones by then. Because I absolutely just can't replace part for part and NEED to upgrade I started looking at whether I could improve the brakes at all with some OEM items from another Mazda. And I can! The CX9 and CX7 Diesel both have 320mm disks compared to my CX7's 296mm. The only difference for the bigger disks are that the caliper brackets are larger. This means that with the larger brackets, I can run 320's. The problem is that the brackets are $270ea from a dealer and the 3 or 4 wreckers I've asked don't have them. So while I really want to do this upgrade I'm wondering whether its actually worth it. Will 24mm greater diameter with the same calipers actually make much difference? Thanks guys, Christian
  18. New front rotors up for grabs,they have only been test fitted. According the RDA website they fit r33 gtst & r34 gtt. Make an offer if you need them.Pickup's at Algester South Brisbane or I might be able to post them. $250 ono
  19. Pair of near new DBA Stagea front slotted 4000 Series rotors from series 2 turbo Stagea Won't fit r33gtst calipers,might fit r34gtt i'm not 100% sure Measure 280mm x 30mm The monkey who removed them hit one side of the inside face with a ballpein hammer to loosen rotor Which left a few tiny dents so all sides have been professionally machined smooth at Bridgestone Select Service centre Less then a millimetre was machined off each rotor Pickups from Mt.Gravatt Brisbane,can dropoff locally or send with courier at buyer's expense Cost about $400 new,i'm asking $300 ono
  20. Clearing out my garage after moving and seeing how much stuff I have. Stock R34 GTT radiator - $100 **Only replaced due to upgrading to a Fenix 52mm, no leaks Stock R34 GTT Thermostat - $15 **Only replaced due to upgrading to a Nismo item Stock R34 GTT rear camber arms (pair) - $50 Stock R34 GTT rear traction arms (pair) - $40 Stock R34 GTT front upper control arms (pair) - $80 Stock R34 GTT front swaybar - $50 Stock R34 GTT rear swaybar - $50 **Only replaced due to upgrade for adjustable parts Stock R34 GTT front brake rotors (pair) - $50 DBA4000 T3 series slotted front rotors (pair) - $200 Stock R34 GTT front calipers (pair) w/ Intima SR pads- $300 Intima SR rear R34 GTT brake pads - $20 HEL R34 GTT front braided brake lines - $60 **Only replaced due to upgrade, heaps of pad left on the front and rears Ferodo GP2 rear R34 GTT pads (brand new) - $20 **To confirm fitment - Part No. DB1144GP. I was given these when I purchased the car but never used them Unknown brand front Evo 5-9 Brembo pads - $20 **Replaced after fitting up the Brembos to my car, reasonable amount of pad left Stock R34 GTT center gauge cluster - $100 **Removed for fitment of Defi gauges Stock R34 GTT transmission mount - $100 **Only removed due to being replaced with Nismo item Stock S15 rear camber arms (pair) - $50 **Removed from my old S15 and replaced with adjustables S15 rear parcel shelf speaker grills - $10 BMC pod filer - $10 **Could use a clean and also has a screw hole in the end from a bracket, was given to me when purchasing another filter setup If you want a better picture of any of the items, or of any of the items not pictured, let me know, I've been meaning to post this for a couple of weeks and have just been lazy with taking photos so just wanted to get something up. Will happily get pics if anyone is interested though. All parts are located in Bathurst NSW, willing to post at buyers expense or alternatively meet as far as Lithgow (for multiple items) or Sydney/Canberra at a convenient time as I travel these ways often.
  21. Hi all, For sale I have front sumitomo calipers and rotors from a BNR32. Calipers have been painted black in the past, and paint has started to flake a bit. Easy to spray or paint strip to original finish. In good working order having just been removed from my Stagea. Restrictors removed. Great upgrade for stageas, S chassis, or 32 gtst. Rotors are OEM nissan, cross drilled (no cracks), curved vane, and measure 30.9mm, so plenty of meat left. Pads are QFM HPX with ~8mm of material. Comes with Oem 12mm bolts, along with spacing sleeves to mount onto cars with 14mm bolts. Also has a full set of shims, and all pad retaining hardware. Will ship at buyers expense. Asking $350 Contact via PM Location Sydney, northern suburbs.
  22. G'day R34 GT-T standard brake kit for sale; Front brake calipers and lines, good condition Front standard rotors, good condition Rear brake calipers and lines, good condition No rear rotors Under 100,000 kms $200 Located Cloverdale, WA 0457 504 844 Cheers, Brendan
  23. Hey guys, Some stuff for sale since I don't own a skyline anymore. This is the only remaining parts so don't ask if I have this or that part lying around please. 1. Full R33 GTS-T brake kit. Includes 5 stud hubs, all calipers, all brake lines, all pads (rears are good, fronts are a little low), and stock disc rotors (need machining before use). The front hubs still have knuckles attached for ease of fitment. Asking $500 ono. I paid a lot more! 2. R33 Dash with passenger airbag. Dash is in mint condition, and included is the passenger airbag module and control unit. Asking $100 ono. Again, I paid more. Located inner west Sydney 2041, but can be located near Castle Hill area on weekends. I may be able to help with delivery within reason. Contact me via PM or text (as I don't always have my phone on me) O425 O93 384 Cheers, Mitch
  24. R33 4 stud rotors I have a series 1 r33 gts and was wondering where i can get 4 stud replacement brake rotors, and if I can use rotors from other nissans.
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