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Found 3 results

  1. Good day guys, so I've finished doing a couple of mods on my RB20DET GTS-T, got a base map put on to my Nistune ECU and now unfortunately on idle it blows smoke out like crazy. It was smoking slightly before i pulled everything apart but I had thought it was the turbo seals hence why i replaced the turbo and a few other things. 4" Straight through exhaust doesn't help either I can imagine. Symptoms include on start up generally after about 15-20 seconds she starts to smoke white clouds, as she warms up the smoke intensifies. I've done a compression test this morning and the results followed from cam cover to firewall, 150/140/145/145/150/150 PSI. I am leaning towards maybe the head gasket might have a crack in it or blown. But not enough evidence points towards this maybe?, No mixing of oil and water within the engine, I can say she's taking a bit of water not from the radiator but from the overflow tank. I don't mind pulling off the head to do a head gasket but bloody annoying since i just put the dam thing back together and thought it was ready for a dyno tune. I have ordered a leak down tester tool just waiting for that to come in, but welcome to any suggestions and theories or experience from you fellow members all input is appreciated cheers guys!
  2. Here's the story. So I had this really weird problem happen yesterday. Driving to work in the afternoon and just cruising along and suddenly the car starts to have a really odd cruising note. Sounds almost wrx like, but really faint. Car is fairly temperamental so don't think much of it, vary the throttle a bit and it goes away but then comes back a few seconds later. Get closer to work and now it really sounds like a boxer. Not only that, now I can see white smoke in the rear vision mirror and car is popping a fair bit. Almost at work and it bangs a couple times out the exhaust . I'm talking proper Bee-R loud here (tune is a bit rich I think as it pop and flames from time to time in usual driving). Park up and leave the car idling. I can see a little white smoke from the exhaust and it sounds rexy like, but I can't see anything wrong in the engine bay. Ok so start the car to leave work this very early morning and car is fine. Nothing wrong at all. No smoke, No being a fake impreza. Back to normal. Drive for around 30 mins with a couple full boost pulls to make sure everything is fine, nothing seems wrong. Right after this I am about 10 mins from home and the wrx noise comes back really bad... Leaving a set of lights like a granny, hit 4th gear and loudest bang I've ever heard from the exhaust and see the brightest flame I've ever seen the car do out the corner of my eye reflecting off the night bushes. I can see more white smoke coming out the back than earlier. Stop at the last set of lights before my house to turn onto the highway and there is white smoke billowing out the exhaust, I turn the car off while I wait at the lights as it is way too much. I'm thinking oil smoke, but I can smell fuel really bad while I sit and wait for the lights. The light changes, I start the car and take off quickly. I can see a solid cloud of smoke where my car was as I leave the lights. It only smokes a little as I drive off though. Getting onto the highway I hit a bit of boost and the misfiring goes away? What?! I change gear and boost higher and, sure enough, the misfiring is gone while in high revs and boost. I get home, park up really quick and it's smoking like at the lights so I turn it off quickly. I get out to look at the muffler and there is smoke still wafting out, but it looks really weird and I can smell fuel. I let the car cool down to see if the problem goes away again, but no go this time. I took some vid: Idling Video1 Reving. I felt and smelt the stuff on the ground and it is definitely fuel, not coolant or oil and it's clear. Video2 Engine off. Video3 This is the closest thread I can find to the same issue after searching for a while http://www.skylinesa...-of-this-before I think maybe an injector is stuck open, which is maybe why it stops misfiring while on high revs and boost? That one is really confusing. AFM voltage is in spec on the Power FC controller. I've never seen an issue like this before. I don't get why it smokes white? A little bit unusual as over fueling is usually black smoke? I guess there is that much fuel it's more like vapourising than burning. Car is an R32 RB25DET stock internals, HKS GT-RS kit, FMIC, Nismo 700cc injectors, Z32 AFM, Brand new Nissan coil packs about 6 months ago, Power FC (possibly a pro version as when I hit limiter it's like a Bee-R) Hopefully someone has some insight on this.
  3. Hey guys i have an auto R33 gtst. When i got it, it was blowing smoke and had a slight miss. Blowing smoke was due to blown turbo, so since then i've changed that. I've also changed spark plugs, coil packs, injectors and some piping. Now it's been pisisng out water, i know what that is though (Gotta change water pump) But, it's still smoking out the exhaust, like white/grey smoke. I'm not sure if it's just all the oil in the exhaust from the blown turbo or another issue? Also the miss is still there, it's not a massive miss but i'd like to fix it before it gets any worse. Do you guys have any ideas? Also, i'm located in Thomastown, Melbourne. Thanks
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