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Found 24 results

  1. Hi, see items below for sale - all items are used All items are negotiable - can freight at the buyers expense or pickup Located in Griffith NSW 2680 Photos Attached Standard R33 GTR Turbo set - includes manifolds and heatsheilds, only has 1 stainless down pipe. Minimal shaft play Manifolds do have holes in them due to EGT sensors being fitted previously - one hole per manifold Looking for $120.00 for the pair R32 GTR Drivers side A/C Vent - was removed to fit a gauge $25.00 Standard RB26 Valve Springs with Retainers Came out of a Nissan reproduction engine so not many KM's on them $40.00 Standrad RB26 Camshafts intake and exhaust Came out of a nissan reproduction engine so not many KM's on them No Picture Looking for $80.00 for the pair R32 GTR A/C Condesnor Fan Tested Still in working order $65.00 CUSCO Radiator Cooling Panel R32 GTR Like New , has a few minor scratches and a rub mark in the RH corner $45.00 R32 GTR Speedo Cluster 340KM Bad Points - KM Count has gone crazy/ Not reading correctly , speedo works fine and Front Torque gauge dosent Work $70.00
  2. Hey guys, I recently installed a new cluster and when i went for the first drive everything seems to work fine except for the speedo. i cant seem to work out whats wrong with it, all the other gauges work fine, i just cant see the speed im travelling. any help would be great
  3. OK need some help gurus so riped everything out of my r34 and put in my Chrysler as 34 going ls track but ive ran into a problem runs drives great but I cant get speedo working r34 loom dashcluster the lot in so the wires from r33 elec box speedo White and orange where do they go gbox cluster then ecu? Seems I've cut something or not plugged in somthing so I've managed to get speed hooked up to my power FC controller but it won't work in cluster or go through cluster speed input to speed output for ecu only works with wire straight from gear box to ecu speed signal any ideas? Is it just one of the box wires that goes to cluster pin 19 or? Not sure what ive done wrong it was all working n my r34 witch was auto na then converted to Manuel det with original loom but when I put in the Chrysler only lot I really cut was all the wiring going down the center of car n heater n clock etc but just want to direct wire it to speedometer please help me haha
  4. Hey guys! So I have a GTV that has an auto loom. It's been converted to manual with an R33 GTST gearbox (working great) but no speedo! Stock R33 Speedo drive on the gearbox - How do I go about getting a working speedo with this loom? Now - the ECU is an R34 GTT Nistune as the car is DE+T Any ideas?
  5. Hi everyone. I know there's a thread for speedo cable problems for the 32. But I removed the cluster to take a globe out. Then replaced the cluster and speedo was inop. Cable has been previously replaced under 500km ago. I've also put the globe back in and tested and it's still not working. I pulled the cluster out and drove the car a little and the cable still spins inside its sleeve. Many ideas? Cheers
  6. Speedo is out after gearbox change My r33 Speedo is out, displays about 10kms more than the actual speed, it has an r34 gearbox and five stud conversion. Would a Speedo corrector help?
  7. Nismo Old Logo Oil Pressure gauge NEW in BOX 1990 Recently opened. totally new Nismo Oil Pressure gauge from 1990 with all needed fittings. Not a spot on it, perfect 10/10 condition! Price 450 USD Shipping to Australia 30 USD Paypal 4%
  8. BNR32 Speedo showing exaggerated speed Having an issue where my Speedo is showing that I'm going a lot faster than I'm actually going. For example if I'm doing around 70km/h it will read that I'm doing about 170km/h or sometimes it will read completely off the clock. This issue has been around for a while now where it was initially happening maybe 60% of the time and it is now occurring around 98% of the time. I've been having to rely on my PowerFC hand controller ever since.... Checked the Speedo cable at both ends and they appear to be fine and since it is clearly spinning still I'm wondering if there was something up with the actual dash cluster? I'm looking to replace it with another dash cluster for a test but could this issue relate more with the cable itself? Thanks!
  9. white faced nismo BNR32 cluster and DIN gauges Hi guys, I'm looking for a set (or just one) of the white faced Nismo cluster and DIN gauges for the BNR32. Here is a picture of them: Just offer what you've got, thanks.
  10. Speedo Repair Places in Sydney? I need somewhere to change my 180km faceplate over to a 300km nismo item. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks
  11. - Strut brace suits all r32 models $60 or $80 freighted - 260km/h Nismo speedo dial (Can supply in early model GTR cluster if required for extra) Has 148,xxx kms Will suit any model r32 gtr. It's currently setup as an early model but I have spare parts to convert it to suit a late model if that's what you require. Year models are as follows just let me know what you have: Early: 1989 - July 1991 Late: August 1991 - onwards Located Gold Coast can ship worldwide securely tracked with insurance $220 AUD inclusive of post (auswide) Also note: Early model has beige circuit board on back of cluster late model has blue** All Located Gold Coast 0414596256
  12. I noticed there are Nismo instrument clusters for the earlier V35's, which show the speedo going up to 280km/h, as opposed to only 180km/h. (They also have the Nismo logo which looks awesome) However they apparently require the Sat/Nav package, which unfortunately the V35 I'm importing doesn't have. Does anyone know if it's absolutely essential to have the Sat/Nav package, or if there is another option for an aftermarket instrument cluster showing the speedo going above 180km/h? If not, I don't suppose it's possible to take out the Sat/Nav components from another V35, say one that is being scrapped for parts (Already seen two on gumtree which both have the Sat/Nav package) and get it working, has anyone ever tried this? I'm not planning on taking it anywhere near 180 km/h on the street, but in the future it would be cool to have the option of tracking it once or twice for fun, so it would be useful to have the option of seeing speeds above 180km/h. Plus, having the Sat/Nav package just makes the car feel more "complete", even though it's not useful in Australia. (I understand the speed is also electronically limited to 180km/h but can be removed, would this be defectable?) Sorry if these question has been answered elsewhere, couldn't find anything with the search function however. Thanks for any information! P.S. My V35 has a manual transmission
  13. Item:Nismo R32 GTR cluster, with 260km/hr speedo. Condition:51,255km on the cluster, see pictures below. Price:$400ono Location:Sunshine Coast, QLD. Contact: Terry on 0400 728 574 Item: Nismo N1 R32 GTR bonnet lip. Genuine item, not FRP copy. Condition: Captive threads are no longer on the bottom, was secured with double sided tape. Photos show condition. Painted in gunmetal I think. Price: $120 Location: Sunshine Coast, QLD. Contact: Terry on 0400 728 574
  14. Hi all I'm on the hunt for a replacement cluster for my R32 GTS-T, I want 1 that reads over 180km/h for track use. Not really fussed on kms traveled, I'm building a new RB26 engine for it anyway so kms aren't that relevant. Just want 1 with all gauges & needles working. Prefer pick up around general sydney area, I'm out near Penrith so anyone local would be awesome. Cheers
  15. Hey guys I've got an S13 with an rb0det/box, and speedo doesnt work, ive got the ca18 speed sensor though from which i heard works and is a mechanical one. Just wondering how do i connect this up as i cannot find any diagrams thanks!
  16. Hey guys after a R34 gtt Nismo 300km/h speedo. Doesnt have to be brand new but good condition is preferred
  17. Hey guys, as of late my speedo has been a bit "temporary" in the way it wants to work. Sometimes when I take off it doesn't work at all, and when I get to 60 or 80, it shoots straight up to the correct speed. Other times it sits on 0 regardless of my speed until I give the top of the dash one solid thump and then it begins to work perfectly. Faulty connection maybe?
  18. FOR SALE: R32 gtr speedo cable removed from car parted out, perfect working condition $40 + $20 posted auswide RB26Dett Nismo stainless steel front pipe and stainless steel straight through cat $150 + Postage R32 GTR rear seat $80 + Postage R32 Genuine Nardi Boos kit $40 + Postage Gunmetal R32 GTR grill, missing clips still straight and works $70 + Postage R32 Gear boot and textured surround $50 + $10 posted auswide R32 GTR ABS module perfect working condition no leaks $100 + Postage RB26Dett twin Stainless Steel force split dump pipes $200 + Postage R32 Stereo Surround textured absolutely mint condition $80 + postage R32 GTR centre gauges $50 perfect working condition + Postage R32 GTR cluster surround $80 with clock and switches complete GC + Postage Located Gold Coast 0414596256 Johnny
  19. Need help! I have recently had my r33 converted from auto to manual. And have lost speedo which means no power steering. and a few other things like oil pressure, but just put an after market one in I read alot about people loosing powersteering but no one says how they solved it! It might have something to do with series 1 and 2 looms? If anyone knows please help me out!! Thanks ^_^
  20. As tittle states, chasing a 300zx non turbo vehicle speed sensor for a manual box. I'm Located in Alice Springs 0870 NT so please keep that in mind as I will need you to post it. Cheers
  21. 1993 R33 Skyline GTS I Need Help When Im Doing 100kph my speedo reads 85kph What The F*@k do i do to fix it Someone Please Help me is there a easy fix ( Car had a Manual convertion ) not done by me Previous owner PLEASE HELP ME Iv Got no idea what to do ANY HELP WILL BE APPRICIATED
  22. Hi there, My son just bought a 97 R33 GTS, pretty good car for its age, all works well other than speedo, pulled out the transducer from the (manual) gearbox today and the shaft was bent and seized and the gear damaged. The drive gear in the box had also moved over on the shaft. Seems like the transducer has been forced in previously without being in mesh properly. Ok, just wondering where the best place would be to purchase a new transducer assembly as well as the drive gear and any retaining clips or pins needed? Cheers
  23. Mines 320km speedo cluster in awesome condition, all mounting brackets are intact etc. Everything works perfectly, was removed from Jenna's Gtr as it's up for sale. $300 delivered registered post anywhere in Oz.
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