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  1. Selling RB26 splitfire coilpacks from an R33 but used on my 32 for about 6 months.. Reason for sale: Upgraded Price: $250.00 Located: Western Sydney Contact: PM
  2. Ok been going through bunch of boxes I had stored in Japan which I sent to Oz. I have 3 brand new sets each of the following Splitfire Coilpacks. These are 100% genuine brand new unused Spliftire Coilpacks. SF-DIS-001 SF-DIS-005 Cost is $450 Plus post.(around $20 or less) Can be Posted anywhere in Australia
  3. Series 1 splitfire coils with igniter and loom $300 S13 5 stud hubs and std knuckles $300 Rb25 cut and shut plenum $100
  4. hey guys have up forsale my r33 just had fresh tune, new timing belt/seals/bearings done. less than 1000km ago. http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/blackstone-heights/cars/r33-s2-12k-ono-hks-turbo-power-fc/1004383872 more pics available on request, contact via 0400341730 located in tassie asking 12k ono 170xxx manual power fc hks gtrs turbo hybrid front mount 3' striagh through exhaust MBC sard injectors split fire coilpacks bilstein suspension brand new aluminium radiator + silicon hoses silicon intake
  5. Hi Guys time to clear the shed heaps of parts from my old build would prefer pick up for most items but will post out for the right price im located in Girraween NSW 2145 i have Airas pistons and eagle rods $1300 inbox me for pics Power fc d-jetro with hand control $900 Rb26 rocker covers Brand new painted in candy red with new fittings $400 Rb26 tomei cams gears $220 Rb26 NITTO oil pump $800 R32 GTR wire loom $220 R32 GTR injectors $300 with fuel rail R33 rear wiper + motor $50 R32 rear wiper + motor $50 Exedy twin plate clutch $1100 Rb26 water pump $60 Rb26 head with kelford 272 cams head has done 10xxxkm since built $1800 Rb26 twin turbo pipes Wrinkle black $100 normal $60 R32 GTR power steering pump with bracket $150 R32 GTR starter motor with wiring $120 R32 GTR ignitor module and coils $180 can separate if needed Rb26 intake manifold with throttles $600 Rb25 coil cover $50 splitfire coils $380 R32 GTR air flow meters $80
  6. Got my set of splitfires from my sold car, these were only used in my car for a little bit to test. They were purchased for GTST R33 Series 1 So they are very brand new condition. Looking for $350. Postage anywhere in Australia is $15 Pictures: http://imgur.com/a/oP5lg
  7. As new been in the car for 2 months $450 Pickup Brisbane or Ipswich, postage at buyers expense Australia wide
  8. We are proud to offer Skylines Australia the worlds best priced performance coil packs. With thousands of sets sold worldwide, these are proving to be very popular and have been on the market for around 8 years now with some very impressive results. Here is what one of our happy customers had to say about them: I've been running these Yellow Jackets now for 3 months in my R33 GTR. Still no problem with spark blowout as I previously did with the old coils, and still plenty of power! Done 2 HARD track days with no problems at all. Even added extra timing. Now at 28deg at 8000rpm WOT! Over 320+kw now! I have now bought a second set of Yellow Jackets for a mates R32 GTR which had a constantly changing misfire, even after gapping the plugs to 7mm and replacing them. He wanted to upgrade the turbo's for higher boost, so I said he would have to change the coilpacks. He was dubious that this would fix ALL his problems, so the turbo's were fitted. No improvement of the misfire after installing the turbos, running them in and resetting the ECU. So I fitted the coils, gapped the plugs to 1.1, and reset the ECU. He didn't believe me that this was going to work, but low and behold, smooth idle, acceleration, and cruise! He couldn't believe the difference in the 'seat of your pants' feel in acceleration (stock boost). Going to do a dyno run soon to see what the difference at stock boost is compared to original figures. Then a re-tune and add a boost controller. Bang for buck, these Yellow Jackets cant be beat! Unfortunately, out doing a "road test" in the R33 GTR, with the street tires, and now with bucket loads of extra torque, managed to break second gear. Same sort of use/abuse with the old coils packs couldn't produce the same 4 wheel power slides, just under heavy acceleration! Luckily I had a spare gearbox, so I could make it to the track days. BENEFITS: - Increase in torque. - No spark blowout at higher boost. - Improved throttle response and smoothness. - Increased Ignition Performance. - Improved Combustion. - Direct Fit. - 2 Year Warranty. - Solid Construction. - Cost effective. SATISFACTION GAURANTEED Manufactured with Components from GE (USA), BASF (Germany) and Epoxy Resins from Switzerland. EXCLUSIVE ONLY TO PERFORMANCE-WISE --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- YELLOW JACKETS COIL PACKS PRODUCT RANGE: YELLOW JACKETS COIL PACK SET - YJ-RB202526-S1 - AU$400.00 delivered within 2-3 business days - - COMES IN A SET OF 6. - DIRECT REPLACEMENT FOR THE FOLLOWING NISSAN RB MODELS: SKYLINE R32 GTS-YHR31/HCR32/HR32-RB20DE (1989>94) SKYLINE R32 GTST/4-HCR32/HNR32-RB20DET (1989>94) SKYLINE R32 GTS25-ECR32/ER32-RB25DE (1991>93) SKYLINE R33 GTS Series 1-ENR33/ER33-RB25DE (1993>95) SKYLINE R33 GTSTSeries 1-ECR33/ER33 RB25DET (1993>95) SKYLINE R32 GTR-BNR32-RB26DETT (1989>94) SKYLINE R33 GTR-BCNR33-RB26DETT (1995>98.) STAGEA WGNC34 (AUTECH)-RB26DETT (1997) CEFIRO A31/CA31-RB20DE (1990>92) CEFIRO A31/CA31-RB20DET (1990>92) CEFIRO LA31-RB20DE (1990>94) CEFIRO LA31-RB20DET (1990>94) CEFIRO LCA31/LNA31/NA31-RB20DET (1990>94) CEFIRO EA31/ECA31-RB25DE (1992>94) LAUREL HC33/HCC33-RB20DE (1991>93) LAUREL HC33/HCC33-RB20DET (1991>93) LAUREL HC34-RB20DE (1993>94) LAUREL EC33/ECC33-RB25DE (1991>93) LAUREL GC34-RB25DE (1993>94) LAUREL GC34-RB25DET (1994) LAUREL GCC34-RB25DE (1993>94) LAUREL GCC34-RB25DET (1994>) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- YELLOW JACKETS COIL PACK SET - YJ-RB2526-S2 - AU$400.00 delivered within 2-3 business days - - COMES IN A SET OF 6. - DIRECT REPLACEMENT FOR THE FOLLOWING NISSAN RB MODELS: SKYLINE R33 GTS Series 2-ENR33/ER33-RB25DE (1995>98 ) SKYLINE R33 GTST Series 2-ECR33/ER33-RB25DET (1995>98 ) SKYLINE R34 GTR-BNR34 - RB26DETT (1999+) STAGEA WGC34 (2WD)-RB25DE (1996>97) STAGEA WGNC34 (4WD)-RB25DE (1996>97) STAGEA WGNC34 (4WD)-RB25DET (1996>98 ) CEDRIC/GROLIA ENY33-RB25DET (1997>99) LAUREL GC34-RB25DE (1994>97) LAUREL GC34-RB25DET (1994>97) LAUREL GNC34-RB25DE (1994>97) LAUREL GCC34-RB25DET (1994>97) LEOPARD JENY33-RB25DET (1997) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- YELLOW JACKETS COIL PACK SET - YJ-RB2025-N - AU$400.00 delivered within 2-3 business days - - COMES IN A SET OF 6. - DIRECT REPLACEMENT FOR THE FOLLOWING RB NEO MODELS: SKYLINE R34 GT ER34/ENR34 - RB25DE NEO (1998+) SKYLINE R34 GTT ER34 - RB25DET NEO (1998+) STAGEA WHC34 - RB20DE NEO (1997-1998) STAGEA WGC34 (2WD) - RB25DE NEO (1997+) STAGEA WGC34 (2WD) - RB25DET NEO (1998+) STAGEA WGNC34 (4WD) - RB25DE NEO (1997+) STAGEA WGNC34 (4WD) - RB25DET NEO (1998+) CEDRIC/GROLIA ENY34 - RB25DET NEO (1999+) LAUREL HC35 - RB20DE NEO (1997-1998) LAUREL GC35/GNC35 - RB25DE NEO (1997+) LAUREL GC35/GCC35 - RB25DET NEO (1997+) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- YELLOW JACKETS COIL PACK SET - YJ-RB20313233 - AU$420.00 delivered within 2-3 business days - - COMES IN A SET OF 6. (NO HARNESS ADAPTORS REQUIRED). - DIRECT REPLACEMENT FOR THE FOLLOWING RB20 MODELS: SKYLINE HR31-RB20DE (1985>89) SKYLINE HR31-RB20DET (1985>89) SKYLINE YHR31/HCR32/HR32-RB20DE (1985>89) CEFIRO A31/CA31-RB20DE (1988>90) CEFIRO A31 CA31-RB20DET (1998>90) FAIRLADY Z PZ31/PGZ31-RB20DET (1985>89) LAUREL HC32-RB20DET (1986>91) LAUREL HC33/HCC33-RB20DE (1988>91) LAUREL HC33/HCC33-RB20DET (1988>91) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- YELLOW JACKETS COIL PACK SET - YJ-SR20-S1 - AU$310.00 delivered within 2-3 business days - - COMES IN A SET OF 4. - DIRECT REPLACEMENT FOR THE FOLLOWING SR20 MODELS: SILVIA/200SX - PS13/KPS13 - SR20DET - (1991-1993) SILVIA/200SX - S14/CS14 - SR20DET - (1993-1999) 180SX - RPS13/KRPS13 - SR20DET - (1991+) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- YELLOW JACKETS COIL PACK SET - YJ-SR20-S2 - AU$310.00 delivered within 2-3 business days - - COMES IN A SET OF 4. - DIRECT REPLACEMENT FOR THE FOLLOWING SR20 MODELS: SILVIA - S15 - SR20DET - 1999-2002 X-TRAIL GT(Jap Spec) - SR20VET - 2002-2007 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- YELLOW JACKETS COIL PACK SET - YJ-CA18 - AU$310.00 delivered within 2-3 business days - - COMES IN A SET OF 4. (NO HARNESS ADAPTORS REQUIRED) - DIRECT REPLACEMENT FOR THE FOLLOWING CA18 MODELS: BLUEBIRD U13-CA18DE BLUEBIRD U13-CA18DET EXA N13-CA18DE (1987>91) EXA N13-CA18DET (1987>91) SILVIA S13/KS13-CA18DE (1988>91) SILVIA S13/KS13-CA18DET (1988>91) 180SX RS13/KRS13-CA18DET (1989>91) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- YELLOW JACKETS COIL PACK SET - YJ-VQ35-S1 - AU$400.00 delivered within 2-3 business days - - COMES IN A SET OF 6. DIRECT REPLACEMENT FOR THE FOLLOWING NISSAN MODELS: SKYLINE PV35/CPV35 (03-06) SKYLINE V35 250GT/300GT VQ25DD/VQ30DD SKYLINE V36 SEDAN (up to 2009) SKYLINE ©PV35 350GT (VQ35DE, 06/2001 - 09/2007) STAGEA NM35 250T / AR-X FOUR (VQ25DET, 10/2001 - 08/2004) STAGEA : PM35/PNM35 (01-07) INFINITI FX35 (03-08) INFINITI G35 COUPE/SEDAN (03-07) INFINITI M35 (06-08) M35 VQ25DET (06-07) FAIRLADY Z / 350Z Z33/HZ33 (Includes roadster) - (03-06) 350Z Z33 Touring Series 1 (VQ35DE, 12/2002 - 01/2007) 350Z Z33 Track, Series 1 (VQ35DE, 12/2002 - 01/2007) FUGA : PY50/PNY50/Y50 CEFIRO A33 (99-02) LEOPARD Y33 (97-99) CEDRIC Y34 (99-04) GLORIA Y34 (99-04) MAXIMA (02-08) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- YELLOW JACKETS COIL PACK SET - YJ-VQ36-S2 - AU$400.00 delivered within 2-3 business days - - COMES IN A SET OF 6. - FACTORY RUBBER BOOTS AND INTERNAL SPRINGS REQUIRED. DIRECT REPLACEMENT FOR THE FOLLOWING NISSAN MODELS: VQ35HR & VQ35DE 3.5L V6 / VQ37VHR 3.7L V6 / VR38DETT 3.8L V6 : R35 GTR VR38DETT (08-12) SKYLINE PV36/V36/NV36 SKYLINE V36 sedans PV36/KV36 (06-08)INFINITI G35 COUPE/SEDAN (03-07) INFINITI EX35 (08-Up) INFINITI G37 TEANA PJ32/J32 MURANO PZ51/PNZ51 FAIRLADY Z Z33/HZ33 350Z (Includes Roadster) - (07-08) Z34 (370Z) VQ37VHRFUGA PY50/PNY50/Y50 FX35 (09-Up) M35 (08-09) ALTIMA SEDAN (07-12) ALTIMA COUPE (08-12) MAXIMA (09-Up) MURANO (09-Up). V36 VQ37VHR (2008-Up) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- YELLOW JACKETS COIL PACK SET - YJ-VG30-S1 - AU$450.00 delivered within 2-3 business days - - COMES IN A SET OF 6. - DIRECT REPLACEMENT FOR THE FOLLOWING NISSAN MODELS: VQ Fairlady Z (300ZX) Z32/GZ32/GCZ32 - VG30DE & VG30DETT --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- YELLOW JACKETS T-SHIRT (Mens & womens) - AU$30.00 delivered - Front print - Plain back. 100% pre-shrunk cotton. Available in White or Grey only. Sizes - Small / Medium / Large / Extra Large / Extra Extra Large --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - The link next to each item will take you to our site where you can view pics & details and where you can purchase & pay via Paypal with our secure online checkout system. We also take direct deposit, bank check or postal money order. Please PM me for details. Please PM or contact us if you have any questions regarding these items. Cheers, Paul. www.performance-wise.com www.performance-wise.net www.yellowjacketscoilpacks.com
  9. New Z32 and plug $250 posted New Bosch 040 $150 posted New Gates racing timing belt and NSK idler and tensioner bearings $150 posted (RB25DET) New Nissan Rb25 Thermostat $25 posted New Gates Racing 4PK965R, 4PK925R and 4PK835R Ancillary Belts $25 posted New Tuneagent SS highmount turbo manifold $50 pickup Splitfire Coilpacks SF-DIS-005 Used some were sparking although should be a few good spares $50? SS Dump pipe 3" RB25DET Flange unsure what it was off $25 Plus postage Alloy Airbox/Filter heatshield unsure what it fits maybe R33 GTS-T? $25 Plus postage Stock Bits R33 GTS-T S2 Offers? or going to scrap RB25det Stock Turbo blown seals washer bottle frontpipe + Gutted cat Intake Plenum Crossover pipe with BOV Intake snorkel Throttlebody Located Canberra PM/SMS/call Cameron O418 687 94O
  10. Hey as the topic says i have complete r33 rolling shell complete minus motor and box, it has tein coilovers all round, adjustable castor rods, complete with brakes, it has a gtr dash cluster, interior is complete and pretty clean, the out side could do with a paint job though. next is a r33 turbo, no shaft play good condition and comes with a split dump pipe. splitfire coil packs, i have 2 brand new sets still in box one set is sf-dis-001 which covers all r32's inc. GTR and s1 r33 and r33 gtr and the next is sf-dis-005 which is for r33 s2 and r34 gtr but maybe check up and see which one covers your application i also have an r33 s1 standard ecu and i also have an r33 clutch fan r33 s1 rolling shell - $1600 r33 turbo with split dump - $300 brand new split fire coil packs sf-dis-001 - $450 sf-dis-005 - $450 r33 s1 standard ecu - $50 r33 clutch fan - $50 i only have photos of some parts at the moment sorry I'M LOCATED IN CASTLE HILL (not too keen on posting) Tim - 0422085902 cheers
  11. Heya, i've got a few R33 & general performance parts for sale here in Sydney: Pickup is fine or I can post them anywhere ! 1. Apexi PowerFC & hand controller, suit R33 Skyline Gts-t - $950 ono 2. Set of 6x Splitfire SF-DIS-001 coilpacks - $400 ono Suits Series 1 R33 Gts-t, R32 Gts-t , R32 & R33 GTR 3. Genuine Z32 Air flow meter & Tomei plug. - $200 ono AFM is in great condition, both mesh sides have no damage. The plug has a small piece chipped off one side but still connects up just fine 4. 60mm HKS boost gauge, includes mounting bracket - $60 ono 5. Hybrid Electronic Boost controller, includes all wiring & the boost sensor - $150 ono 6. Apexi pod filter, great condition. Bolts up to most/all Nissan air flow meters. Includes gasket - $40 ono 7. Auto meter Pro comp air fuel ratio gauge (narrowband) - $50 ono 8. 52mm Alloy / aluminium radiator to suit R32 Gts-t - $100 PM me or reply here if you're keen on anything.
  12. Exedy heavy duty ceramic puk clutch in good condition these clutchs are good for 300+ kw suit Push type RB20 RB25 RB26 RB30 R31 R32 R33 $350 Set of 6 Splitfire coilpacks in great condition still in near new condition done approx 8000km only reason for sale is i cant use them in my new motor. RB20DET, RB26DETT, RB25DE, RB20DE R31 R32 R33 $500 RB20DET 5speed gearbox out of a r32 skyline in good condition. only selling as iv upgraded to a rb25 gearbox $550 Parts Are Located In South Australia (can post at buyers expense) Nathan 0431048440
  13. Splitfire Coilpacks - SF-DIS-001 to suite R32 GTS-T, R33 GTS-T, R32 GTR, R33 GTR Looking to purchase a set of splitfire coilpacks for my 32. Version: SF-DIS-001 Compatible with R32 GTS-T R33 GTS-T series 1 R32 GTR R33 GTR Brand new or second hand as long as they are in good nic. Cheers.
  14. still in the box never opened Marrickville 2204 suit rb with seperate igniter
  15. Parts Forsale: x6 SplitFire Coil Packs SF-DIS-001 Price: $400.00 (In good Condition) Apexi Power FC ECU from my R33 GTR with Near New Hand Controller - Price: $650.00 (ECU cover has some scratches but ECU and hand controller are in good working order) Brand New In Box - Tomei Adjustable Cam Gears to suit RB26 Intake & Exhaust - Price: $300.00 Nismo Center Gauge to suit R33 GTR - Price $ 220.00 (Near New Condition) Apexi Air Filters & Z32 Airflow Meters - Price $ 250.00 ( Z32 Airflow meters were bought from kudos motorsports & have only been used for about 4000 km - Still in good working order) Greddy Profec B Electronic Boost Controller - Price $ 320.00 (In working order & was only used on the car for about 6000 km) x6 Aftermarket Injectors Unknown Brand - Price: 500.00 ( I bought these injectors from Willall Racing, The injectors were off their ex drag car. One person said they were 700cc and the other person said they are 1000cc injectors. Used them for about 5000 km on E85 pushing 314awkw with no problems. All Prices include postage to you. Pm me if you are interested. P.S If you do not like the prices then don't even bother messaging me. !!!!!!
  16. Hi guys, selling my splitfire coil packs as i upgraded to CDI ignition awhile ago. Done about 4000kms Asking $300 Also selling my 910cc injectors off my r33 GTR. 910cc Siemens injectors, they made 410awkw with plenty of duty cycle remaining. Does not fit standard rail, fits 14mm fuel rail. Approx 1,500kms on them. Asking $200 for a set of 6
  17. Heya, I've got a silver, manual series 2 R33 Skyline for wrecking here in Sydney. It's been hit at the rear, so the boot, tail lights, rear bumper are damaged. The front end and everything else is all good though, almost everything is listed up here including the mods it had I can post almost everything here to anywhere in Aus, or pickup is fine in Sydney. Just PM me or reply here if you're after any parts Aftermarket parts: Apexi Power FC & hand controller to suit R33 Gts-t rb25det, immaculate condition - $1000 firm FMIC & piping kit, suits R33 Gts-t. Good condition, includes all pipes and hose clamps - $300 - pickup only SF-DIS-005 Splitfire coil packs, suits S1.5/S2 R33 Gts-t (with no ignitor) and R34 GTR - $400 Apexi AVCR electronic boost controller - all hoses, solenoids, controller mount, etc included. - $350 Oil Catch can - $60 Z32 AFM and matching plug, as new condition - $200 Auto Meter boost and air fuel meter gauges in custom DIN mount - $150 19x8.5" and 19x9.5" HP Design wheels and tyres. Great condition all round, only a few small gutter marks on one of the wheels Fronts are 19x8.5, +38 offset, rears are 19x9.5. +38 offset, all are 5x114.3. almost 3.5 inches of dish on the rear wheels Good tyres all round, fronts are 235/35 Kuhmo approx 40-60% tread and rears are 275/30 Nankang 70-90% tread - $1200 ono for the set, can ship them anywhere Front strut brace - $75 26/27mm Nismo front swaybar - $150 ono HKS turbo timer - $50 Adjustable castor rods - $100/pair slotted/drilled rear rotors, lots of meat left - $150 k&n pod filter - $25 The car also has an aftermarket rear swaybar and bigger injectors, but i'm yet to pull these off Standard parts: The engine has 89,000k's on the clock and was running perfect. I did a compression test last week and it was all good - approx 155-160psi on all cylinders - $1000 ono for the bare engine 5sp manual Gearbox is also in lavish condition. Includes a short shifter - $1300 for the box, or I can sell as a complete manual conversion for $1600 Exterior Stuff: Series 2 headlights - $200 each Series 2 bonnet, some stone chips - $200 - pickup only Series 2 reo bar - $150 Front guards - $75 each Front bare nose cut/radiator support - $150 Front bumper, has a cracked spot near where the #plate sits, and some stone chips. Includes lower lip and indicators/foggies - $250 pickup only S2 grille - $60 Side mirrors - $40 each Trial (i think) sideskirts, good condition, no cracks - $150 ono for the pair. Pickup only Engine bay stuff: Aircon condenser - $125 S2 Rb25det engine loom - $150 R33 aircon compressor - $100 R33 power steering pump - $100 R33 alternator - $100 Engine Mounts - $75/pair Fuse box lid - $20 Radiator overflow bottle - $20 Washer bottle & motors - $25 BM44 ABS brake master cylinder - $50 Brakes/driveline: Front calipers (painted red) - $280 Rear calipers (painted red) - $140 Front rotors, used but good condition - $50/pair Rear rotors, used but good condition - $50/pair Adjustable castor rods - $120/pair Front lower control arms - $70 ea Front upper control arms - $50/pr Front 5 stud hubs - $50 each Rear lower control arms - $40 each Rear 5 stud hubs - $140 pair Handbrake drum assembly incl cables - $150 pair Manual (4.11) ABS rear diff - $250 Driveshafts $75 pair Spare space saver wheel - $50 Full set of standard suspension (with KYB rear shocks)- $150 Interior: Complete set of floor mats, good condition - $80 Complete boot interior, good condition - $80 (pickup only) S2 Front seats, Great condition - $150 ono Complete set of S2 door trims, immaculate condition (x4 pieces) - $100 Passenger side window motor - $50 Drivers side window motor - $100 Driver side window switch - $75 dash instrument cluster, approx 89,000km, all working - $120 S2 airbag steering wheel, Great condition - $200 Instrument cluster surround (S2) with all switches/vents - $100 Manual gear stick surround (S2)- $50 Centre console, with good lid/latch - $50 Seatbelts (full set) - $100 Ignition barrel + door barrels & key - $90
  18. I have a few parts for sale. Splitfire coil packs in excellent condition. They have done about 2000km on the street (the car has now been sold). They are in perfect working order and will suit the following: R32 GTS-T R33 GTS-T (Series 1) R32 GTR R33 GTR $450 including postage Splitfire loom conversion plugs. As new, hardly used. They convert older RB20 coil pack looms so Splitfire or R32 coil packs can easily be connected. Suit R31 Skyline, Cefiro or Laurel. $100 including postage Cefiro coil pack loom. Good condition. Some plastic has cracked off the plugs, but it still works properly with no problems. Will also fit a R31 Skyline or Laurel. $40 including postage Located in Adelaide. PM or message me on 0434 030 114. Cheers
  19. Comes with new loom. SF-DIS-001 I bought these thinking my older Splitfires had an issue. We replaced the loom and Splitfires only to find the issue somewhere else. These have only done dyno time, probably an hour tops. Practically brand new. Great upgrade. $400 Posted.
  20. As topic states i want to buy some Splitfire coilpacks to suit RB25 neo. (DIS-008). They need to be in good condition and max 4 years old. I also have some r33 S2 splitfires to sell (DIS-005) or swap for the r34 ones. (4 years and 30k old) Im located Eastern suburbs Melbourne PM me. Cheers
  21. Hey guys, I've just started wrecking a white series 2 R33 Skyline Gts-t here in Sydney. It was running great before it went for a slide on a wet night and the front corner and rear quarter licked a guard rail Chuck me a message or reply here if you're after anything - it had some dead sexy wheels and a few mods listed below: Pickup fine in Sydney or I can send most parts anywhere in Australia Aftermarket stuff: Set of 4x Enkei AME Circlar Spec R matte black wheels and tyres - $2200 ono Fronts are 18x9" +15 offset, rears are 18x10" +15 offset. Fits R33 gts-t without spacers and looks great, perfect for GTRs also Tyres are Federal SS595 all round, stretched 225/40 on the front and 235/40 on the rears. Lots of tread left - 70%+ All the rims are in immaculate condition, basically no gutter scrapes to speak of at all. No stains on the silver or scratches on the black centres Kics Racing Composite R40 - Wheel Nuts & lock nut set. Great condition, looked awesome on the above wheels - $100 ono BC BR height and damper adjustable coilover set, includes C-spanners. As new condition, weren't in the car long - $900 ono Hardrace adjustable front castor/tension rods. Great condition - $120 ono Hardrace adjustable upper camber arms. Great condition - $120 ono Nardi deep corn 350mm steering wheel + HKB bosskit (airbag/hicas compatible) & horn. $250 Immaculate condition, like new, was only used for a couple of months before the car stacked it. Have the receipt ($375 for wheel alone) and box Cooling pro stealth return flow FMIC & polished piping kit, suits R33 Gts-t & R34 GT-T Good condition, includes all pipes and hose clamps/joints. Small ding/scratch on one side, does not affect anything - $350 - pickup only Splitfire coil packs (SF-DIS-005) suits Series 1.5/S2 R33 Gts-t (with no ignitor) and R34 GTR - $400 Triple gauge cluster with smoked-face Auto Gauge gauges (boost, oil temp, water temp) Looks great lit up - $150 clips/fits right into the R33 Gts-t dash into a DIN slot. Includes all wiring, hose, water temp sensor. Second photo is with the flash on so you can see the faces Monza Oil Catch can - $40 Apexi pod filter, bolts right up to most Nissan AFM - $50 ----------- The engine has approx 120,000k's on the clock and ran great. Timing belt was replaced by Unigroup at ~94,000km in 2010 I did a compression test this week and it came up great - 150-155psi on all cylinders - chasing $1k ono for the bare engine (no turbo, coils, accessories, etc) 5 speed manual gearbox was running great as well, shifted nicely. Regularly serviced along with the engine - $1300 ono with tailshaft, shifter, crossmember I can also sell it as a whole manual conversion for $1500 (with pedals, flywheel, clutch master & slave cyl, etc Exterior Stuff: headlights, front bar, reo not available s2 front bar foglights/inducators (white) - $120 pair ono Front guards - $75 each Bare nose cut/radiator support - $150 Side mirrors - $40 each Tail lights - $40 each Standard sideskirts & rear pods - $150 boot lid & s2 spoiler, immaculate condition - $150 Engine / Engine bay stuff: Aircon condenser - $150 R33 aircon compressor pump - $100 R33 power steering pump - $100 R33 alternator - $100 Series 2 (no ignitor) Rb25det engine loom - $150 S2 afm (pink sticker) - $90 Engine Mounts - $70/pair Fuse box lid - $20 Radiator overflow bottle - $20 Washer bottle & motors - $25 BM44 ABS brake master cylinder - $50 Standard fuel pump - $40 Brakes/driveline: Front calipers, with basically brand new pads - $280 Rear calipers, with basically brand new pads - $130 Front rotors, used but good condition - $50/pair Rear rotors, used but good condition - $50/pair Front lower control arms - $70 ea ono Front upper control arms - $50/pr Front 5 stud hubs - $50 each Rear lower control arms - $40 each Rear 5 stud hubs - $130 pair Handbrake drum assembly incl cables - $140 pair Rear differential (4.1) manual diff - $250 Driveshafts $75 pair Spare space saver wheel - $50 Interior: Complete set of floor mats, good condition - $80 S2 Front seats, great condition, small bit of wear on the driver's side in the usual area - $120 - pickup only Complete set of S2 door trims, great condition (x4 pieces) - $100 - pickup only Passenger side window motor - $50 Drivers side window motor - $100 Instrument cluster, approx 120,000km, all gauges working - $120 Instrument cluster dash surround - $100 Centre console, with good lid/latch - $50 Seatbelts (full set) - $75 Ignition barrel + door barrels & key - $90
  22. All work 100% they've done about 120,000 K's. Pickup's at Algester South Brisbane or i can drop them off locally or post.Paypal is ok if your interstate. Asking $350
  23. Hey folks, I bought these SF-DIS-001 splitfire coil packs mistakenly, they do not fit my engine. Never been used. I paid $550, though will sell for $450. My mistake is your gain. They're to suit: R32 Gts-t R32 GTR R33 Gts-t series 1 R33 GTR Located in Canberra
  24. WTB: rb20 or rb25 s1 coil pack loom. And rb20, rb25 s1, rb26 Splitfire coil packs Looking for a RB20 or RB25 S1 coil pack loom in good condition. Also looking for a set of Splitfire coil packs for RB20/RB25 S1/RB26 in good condition. Let me know if you have any of these available. Cheers
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