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Found 34 results

  1. CA powered car, original bottom end, but with fresh headgasket and ARP studs. 143ks, and still has fairly decent compression 155-160 cold (new is 172) though as with all Nissan's it likes to pressurise the sump - I run dual catch cans to help this, top and and bottom end vented to atmo separately via baffled cans. Intake and exhaust manifold gaskets also fresh, a few seals been replaced around the place also, rockers, half moons etc, but some things still leak. At the last event for the year, it blew a coolant line to the turbo and drained the radiator, no big deal as I was planning on changing out the T28 BB and going E85 on an externally gated GTX2860R and some 256 cams anyway (Just acquired the cams and already have the turbo). Still need external gate, injectors and to modify the manifold to take it all (turbo is T3 and vband rear so will need different manifold flange, dump, and intake). Given I will be removing the manifold anyway, I considered removing the engine to replace the 28yr old hoses all over the place that are difficukt to get to otherwise and tidy up some of the loom/connectors which are also a bit worse for wear (race tape holding them on etc). Engine also has minor front crank, and rear main seal leak - though I did replace the rear main when I did I the clutch, so could actually be higher up on the back of the motor as the half moons are notorious for leaking even though they are new, as are the rocker gaskets. Oh, also has a small weep from the speedo sensor on the box where the mounting surface was scored, has new extension housing seal but also appears to be maybe leaking from there, already has new upper seal around shifter etc and doesn't appear to be a breather issue. So now I'm tossing up what to do. 1: Continue with turbo swap and retune, do nothing else., drive til it dies, ignore leaks, do things after it's dead. 2: Continue with turbo swap but pull motor and put fresh hoses in, fix leaking front and rear seals, do what I can for connectors, new water pump and accessory belts and clean up anything else obvious (Car already has new timing belt). 3: Pull motor, do all of the above but also freshen up the bottom end, just a basic Spool forged kit or something, but that means new headgaset and full disassembly etc. The Nissan has been let out also. 4: Acquire decent second hand forged CA, they do turn up, freshen up anything needed (I just mean seals/belts), put back in with new turbo setup, sell old motor running. 5: Pull motor, replace with freshened up or 2nd hand forged SR (probably blacktop for the VCT and being newer sensors). Probably wouldn't bother going through the hassle of a swap for a stock SR. This would mean buying different cams, ECU swap, different radiator, wiring work, better coilpacks (I have splitfires for the CA), dick around with cluster, change bell housing, not sure about clutch etc etc. Sell current motor running and all my CA shit. The CA has been good to me and keeps me in a class I can be competitive in, but she is getting on in age and the boys and I are considering trying to do 5 rounds of a series next year, I'm thinking about what I can do in the off season to make next year easier. I am a jew on this car also (car is still 4 stud for example), the GT-R gets love and $$, The Sil makes do with second hand parts, shit from other silvia's/skylines a upgrades and DIY shenanigans Kinda leaning towards 2 or 4. Though the extra mid range torque and response of the bigger SR would be great for track work - even if they do sound like shit and that's not up for debate.
  2. New guy with couple of C's Hi new guy here with couple of C33 Laurels both of them are 1991, but they have different engines one of them have a SR20 and the other have a R33 RB25DET. I am glad to be in this forum so I can use all the information and the help from the community here. Thank you
  3. 400hp build Hey guys im building a 400whp street car, not sure exactly what turbo I want to run yet. I've done some research but mostly on garret turbos and was wondering if anyone had any better suggestions, (I bought a built motor so if cams ect are weird or something idk) Car is going to be mainly for drifting and street use I want to go responsive as possible making that power So all I currently have now is the long block with stock intake. Here are the specs je pistons scat rods arp head studs arp main studs mls head gasket tomei 260-11.50 cams tomei cam gears tomei valve springs tomei retainers tomei ras new rocker arms new timing chain ect extra capacity sump calico bearings with cas and intake manifold So currently I'm thinking GTX3071r .63 or gt30r thanks in advance
  4. Hello, I recently purchased an s15 (sr20det) that sounds like a tractor, the owner assured me that it was due to solid lifters he installed with the last rebuild. However after a wee cam inspection I suspect that his engine builder installed camtech hydraulic cams (the lobes are very broad). Has anyone got any experience with this situation? Any idea what effect it will have on the power curve or if I'm likely to break anything? Cheers
  5. Hey guys, I am about to drop my 300kw SR20 into a R32 shell and am struggling to find any technical information regarding the swap aside from the below. Use SR cross member Need custom tail shaft I really want to know what is necessary from a wiring perspective and if anyone has already done the swap any hurdles they came across. Yes i have extensively searched the interweb, and pls no comments "why no rb" lol ive heard it all already!!!! Cheers!
  6. good morning all, i understand this is not the usual RB question but i value the opinions of people on here more than some other forums, my questions are in some ways general, so if you can help i always appreciate it. Ok so to give you the back ground, a mate has come to me with the fun idea of buying a 1600 datto as a sunny day daily/ weekend street car. after looking at some engine options we seem to have landed on an SR20det. originally thinking 2jz rb25 or even an rb30/26 we released that its just not going to fit "easily" and we don't really want to have relocated radiators or custom fabrication. at this point i should mention were keen to take a mostly "do it yourself learning curve" approach with the engine build. we will be seeking paid professional help for the fiddly stuff or things we can easily botch but its going to stay relatively un-ground breaking and simple. the plans are datto 1600 rebuilt s15 gearbox *internals built to handle whatever power we end up going for* s15 SR20det *vct* were hoping for as much horsepower we can drive on the street without being stupid with lag. were aiming for ≤ 300 RWKW we need input on what to use to achieve this such as cams and turbos ect. we are not turbo specialists and dont know our way around the models. what would you recommend? our brief so far: - Nitto 2.2 stroker kit - Forged internals - rebuilt head ported and polished - decent sized turbo - cams to match - E85 - haltech management (tuned by a professional.... not us knuckleheads) what turbo/ cams would you recommend? what head work will we need to look at for a high boost sr will we need to have the block sleeved for strength? keep in mind if we could make it 400rwkw on the street without too much dramas we would. also keep in mind its going in a datto money will not be tight but were estimating a $15k engine? we are not set in our ways with any of this *apart from the 1600 datto* so if there is a much better path to take please suggest it.
  7. Hi all, I've just recently bought a Series 1 WGNC34 1996 Stagea which is registered and running well, but needs some love to get back in good shape (shocks, springs, aircon, audio improvements, paint is peeling and there are dents/scratched but I don't really care as much for aesthetics as I do mechanics). And I've just recently sold a 1991 redtop sr20 180SX. I guess the reason I never joined when I bought that car 5 years ago was that I didn't have much interest in getting more power out of it. Realistically I should have worked with it more, but I just kind of had different priorities then I guess. I had an AE86 before that which was hands down the easiest car to work on and a lot of fun even on a low budget. Anyway, the plan for the Stagea is to take it from Sydney to the snow a lot during winter! Love snowboarding. And to use it as a functional daily, which is certainly more practical than a 180. Who knows, maybe one day it'll be a tow car for something I wanna smash around the track (if I get a proper garage and funds for a project) but I have no plans to work more power out of the stagea (yet). I've lurked these forums before, and it seems like a fairly active user base and a friendly bunch overall Happy to be a part of it. Thanks for reading! Nye
  8. Hi guys, I am fitting an RB25DET 3 pin pink label AFM to an SR20DET. The plug I have for the RB AFM is not an original RB25 plug and so the colours are different. Therefore I can't distinguish which is ground, signal and power as all topics online state wire type based on colours. I need to know in which position they are so I can determine how to wire it up on SR loom. Can someone please show me a photo of an RB25 3 pin AFM plug showing which colour is in which position coming out of the plug please? I could not find a clear image anywhere Cheers Ads
  9. Hi all Been Meaning to join since one of you lot left a card on my car at a mighty car mods meet Well this is my car and this is the build so far. I bought my s14 in December 2011. It had a few mods already done to it * body kit (hated that) * wheels (18" by 8.5" +35 I think they were) * FMIC * Boost bleed valve * 3" exhaust with centre muffler It had a few rough points i.e broken side skirt, rough as fark front bar. But was in otherwise good condition. My General goal for this car was to do Targa Tasmania due to spending alot of time down there and falling in love with the race. But to also have a fun streeter that I could smash out track days in. Car has now gone full time attack toeing the legal line for road use mods Since I've owned the car complete Re bushing of the car (every bush was replaced) Tien mono flex coils cusco rear strut bar nismo front strut bar DBA 3000 s14 discs NISMO power brace NISMO GT 1.5 way Pro LSD Carbon center dash surround (car came with broken ones) NISMO Extended wheel nuts (wank Factor) Nismo extended wheel studs Bride Euro max seats Z32 AFM (no longer run this) Current wheels (24/03/13) drift techs 17" by 9.5 + 20 rear with 275's 17" by 9" +15 fronts with 245's Haltech PS1000 Apexi Power Intake (don't recommend this had to do alot of work to it to make it work like it was supposed to) Oil Cooler with back mounted 6" thermo fan 52mm radiator with 2 12" thermo fans (no longer run clutch fan so much more space) GK Tech oil relocation kit Gk Tech deep dish wheel Gk Tech brake stopper R33 GTR front discs Gk Teck caliper extender Gk teck Bash Plate Gk Teck adjustable arms (all of them) Braided lines Defi water temp gauge Drift boost gauge drift oil temp gauge drift oil pressure gauge pos air fuel gauge car came with project Mu club racer pads all round (bendex ultimates while having good initial bite ended up de laminating on the track bit of an o f**k moment) behrman d1 gp pro spec full aero body kit -technora-type Full 6 point weld in cage RPM 6 point harnesses H.I.D's Gk Tech extended diff cover big arse GT wing (only for track days) R33 GTR Brembo's ATL Well cell for the e85 dash 8 lines front to back Bride Gardis III seats GK tech copper core rad I.D 1000cc injectors GTX3071r pon cams greddy intake plenum Enkei P01 EVO's Car was just Tuned by matty spry at pits 22psi and makes 415HP Heres some pics Parts still to go in Haltech dash new oil catch can set up
  10. R33 Nissan Skyline It's got rego till November No roadworthy 175xxxkms Auto Rb25de I've had this car for 2 years it's always been looked after It's just had its major service... so I've just had done new coil packs (spitfire) Fuel filter/oil filter Water pump Power steering belt, timing belt Spark plugs And new breaks. all fluids and good tyres Everything's literally up to scratch! The car's pretty much stock only things is a CD player/wiring for a sub, alarm and an exhaust, it currently has a stock exhaust on! ***will come with 3" exhaust if wanted... also have a color coded spoiler. It will need a new drivers side seat belt as it doesnt retact anymore, which I can supply! and does have a bad earthing wire.. Which does cause the car to randomly cut out when it hits bumps it always starts again first shot, it'd be an easy fix if you know what your doing! I CAN FIX THIS FOR THE RIGHT OFFER! Engine is perfect runs great! Interiors in good nick and body's not to bad a couple little marks here and there on rear bumper. Reason for sale is I've just lost interest in it... I want an s13,180sx or R32 text or call any time for more info Woodend, Vic Jessica - 0478671773
  11. Hi All, I decided to make a bit of a build thread for my 180sx. I sort of figured I'd tag it onto the end of my Stagea one, but nothing much gets done to the stagea these days, except carting a baby round and it seems a bit silly. So a dedicated build thread it is! This is primarily a track car. While still rego'd, it pretty much only gets driven to and from the track, and around the block occasionally. So, I'm going to copy some stuff out of my Stagea thread, cause I've got about a year and a half to catch up on. Well, I've been wanting something to have a bit of a crack at some motorsport in for a little while. Even though I had a ball in the stagea at the CAMS come and try day, it was clear to me that tracking this car regularly wasn't going to be possible. I was after something cheap, with plentiful parts, at I could tinker and work on in my spare time. Best of all, it meant if I broke it, I wouldn't be driving the Mrs around because we were down a car. So I started the hunt. I intially thought I wanted a HCR32, that suited the bill. I looked through lots of adverts and still didn't find something that was in my price range, with the condition and mods I wanted. It was then when a long time member of SAU NSW made a passing comment in a chat thread about selling a car. I was interested. The car was proven in motorsport events, had a lot of work done to it, and was at the top end of my price range. I went and drove it. It went like stink. Scared the shit out of me. There were a couple of little things I got the owner to fix up, but after agreeing to that, I put a deposit down. The deal was done. I drove it back home and garaged it. I have been working on it since, fixing up little niggles here and there. So here's the teaser.
  12. Japanese Spec-R 1999 model Nissan S15 200sx bare shell for sale, as it currently sits it is pictured rolling but IS SOLD BARE NOT ROLLING WITH NO INTERIOR/ NO WHEELS / NO BRAKES/ NO DRIVELINE PARTS/ NO INTERIOR ACCESSORIES SUCH AS POWER STEERING PUMP OR BRAKE MASTER / X MEMBER/ STEERING RACK ETC. Shell DOES COME WITH bare dash (damaged passenger side slightly) fuse box random plugs bits and pieces, hard brake lines, rear boot, doors, guards, comes with door cards but bare doors no windows/regulators/switches. Car has had a accident which resulted in getting the roof cut off to make removal of items easier, Vehicle was un-insured and ISNT listed on a written off vehicle scheme, it is registrable if fixed or good for parts, front radiator support has a bit of damage but fixable could be a good buy, still has bits and pieces of parts through out, rear quarter are slightly damaged one less then the other that could be usable as well, the shell also has a bare fuel tank with fuel feed but no fuel pump. Vehicle has also been MOD PLATED in Queensland with codes; LK1 , LA3 and LB1 listing for $2500 for the shell, please give me a ring on 0431767734 , dropping off vehicle can be arranged via insured tilt tray service for a great price. PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION CAREFULLY SO WE DONT WASTE EACH OTHERS TIME, THANKS IN ADVANCE!
  13. Hi Guys, Up for sale is my 97 S14A that has been my daily for the last 8 months or so. I bought it with the intention of building into my next drift car but i'm about to get a new car so it needs to go. Currently has approx 96k km's on it and has just been serviced. No leaks and has not given me an issue since ive had it. It currently has rego until June 2014 Modifications: Genuine Volk TE37 in gloss white 18x9.5 +12 all round with new 235/40/18 front and rear BC v2 fully adjustable coilovers Ark design electronic boost controller Manual conversion with s14 5 speed (was refreshed before it went in with new seals), brand new master and slave. (has been in the car around 10k kms) Short shifter with Gktech springs which give it a very solid direct shift (also comes with standard springs if you want to change it back) Exedy cushion button ceramic clutch (has been in the car around 10k kms) Gktech alloy baffled sump Gktech eccentric throttle plate 3" turbo back exhaust Welded R200 diff Defi copy water temp, oil temp, oil pressure and boost gauges Vertex front bar and side skirts JDM rear bar (no reflectors) Nismo gearknob Cusco handbrake button Head unit with ipod/aux in and some decent speakers all round. No idea about this really but it all works pretty decently The car will come with a bunch of spares and other random parts. The body is in good overall condition with some scratches on the rear bar and a few dents on the bonnet. There is also a bit of paint fade on the centre of the boot. Interior is in good condition its complete and is pretty clean the stereo surround is the only part thats cracked as the gauges have been mounted where the climate control would normally sit. Car currently has a leaking manifold to turbo gasket which ive reflected in the price. I will probably have fixed this before sale I just havent had time as yet. Price is 10k ONO. Will do less without the wheels if you bring your own set. My number is 0403858714 or you can PM me here. Thanks, Brett
  14. Advertising for a friend. New SR20 Red top big port motor. Never used or fitted into a vehicle. Complete minus exhaust manifold. Brought in 2000 for $2000 from Nissan. Asking price - $1650 Ono Located in Townsville
  15. hey guys, Sold a few thing on here without much hassle so lets try again this is my SELLING MY SPARE CRAP TO FUND A HOIST SALE. PICS AVAILABLE ON REQUEST, too big to attach.. All located Newcastle NSW, can ship smaller items at buyers expense. Parts all functioning and in good working order etc. all parts have been taken off due to upgrading all priced to sell. this shits cheap. 1) Rb26 2.5" split dump into 3" front pipes. Turbo to cat. flows well. i was making 361kw with this exhaust setup. $250 2) Sard 550cc RB26 Injectors, in prefect working order, ran perfectly on 361kw at wheels. took out as i am running E85 now $250 3) RB26 Stock Blow off valves $80 4) SR20DET Dump Pipe with screamer pipe.. sounds insanely good on gate. $50 5) SR20DET Steampipe manifold, will never crack like the stainless china copies $180 6) Rb26 Twin Turbo Top Pipe, $30 7) 2 x rb26 Intercooler pipes, 1 x top hotpipe and 1 x lower hotpipe $30 8) 19 x 8 wheels +35ish offset from memory, 4x114.3 , with BRAND new china special tyres, these were my defect clearing tyres, still got the little rubbers on the tyre. like seriously 99% tread, $550. looked good on my S13 before i went wide body.
  16. 2005 toyota corolla sportivo for sale, 142xxx kms washed twice per week and waxed every 2, serviced every 3-5k kms including gearbox oil, has tein ss coilovers, very quiet but noticeable exhaust. used as a daily driver and for trips to albany, i am second owner and have taken real good care. has few niggly carpark dings, steering wheel is wearing as most do. clutch, waterpump, ac regas, sump reseal and all fluids replaced all been performed in the last 6 months this is the *facelift* model of the corolla sportivos, kind of like a series 2 version, it has no recalls or problems that the previous had. Very nice to drive, comfortable and fuel efficient. you dont see many around anymore unfortunately, price has been reduced dramatically for a quick sale, unfortunately financial situations occur.. please dont call as i usually dont answer, message jake for more info or enquiries! 0411305514
  17. Hey guys I've purchased a S15 shell with a SR20DET that hasn't been started in a few months, and has been sitting outside as well. Any tips or words of advice before I try to turn it over? Mods, apologies if this is in the wrong section, please move to the appropriate section! Cheers
  18. Hey all, Just posting this ad for a mate of mine. I'll just copy and paste what's written on his ad. FS: 1991 Nissan Silvia S13 5sp SR20DE K's: 177*** Colour: Dark Green with Grey interior Comments: Exterior - Stock Body Kit - O.Z. 17" Rims (Unkown Model and Offset) - Aftermarket Muffler, makes a very good deep roar but doesn't attract much attention, not too loud. Interior - Blue LED Lights in HUD - Stock Seats - Professionally installed soundsystem including Soundstream speakers all round with all gold cables, Alpine monoblock and Blopunk plus one 10" Sub in the back. Mechanically everything is fine except gear synchro for 2nd gear isn't at its best so I just granny shift into second which isn't too annoying and front shocks will need to be changed. REGO till July 2014 and no RWC but passed one in June/July of this year so it shouldn't need much plus I have the documentation of the last test. All in all a very good, reliable car which works and runs fine. It's fairly unique so you know you're driving something special on the roads. Would like to sell the car quickly so if you come have a look and are ready to buy with cash we can certainly negotiate on the price. $5,500 O.N.O. Link to Carsales: Contact Charlton on his number, 0450 240 642 if you're interested! Thanks.
  19. Aftermarket Leather seats no rails $280 pair VGC R32 boot trim GC $30 (sides plastic lips also have plastic trim clips) R32 genuine nissan floor mat centre rear $10 RB20 engine mount brackets $20 RB20 power steering pump, A/C, and adjuster bracket $10ea SR20 Rocker cover painted gloss red pearl $80 12" thermo fan VGC $20 R32 "SKYLINE" sil trims $20 pair R32 Handbrake complete assy, VGC $40 R32 Number plate lights $10 R32 VGC Roof handle $10 R32 GTR Speedo Drive Cable VGC only used for 1000kms $100 (Purchased new $170) RB26DETT manifolds and dump pipes standard $20 all four RB20, 25, 26 G/box-Block spacer plate $40 R32 front guards vented, VGC very high quality from japan standard width $220 HKS super dragger exhaust cat back to suit r32, r33, r34 GC $200 RB20, 25, 26 Flywheel with clutch bolts, needs machining $40 RB20/25 turbo dump pipe std $10 R32 clutch master GC $60 R32 ecu plastic trim cover VGC $10 R32 GTR Diff gears 4.375 Crown wheel bolts and pinion VGC, $150 R32 L/H indicator, top clip broken otherwise GC excellent lens, $20, easily fixed R32/33 GTR Power FC D-Jetro, currently not working, $150 R32/S13 Hicas Lock Bar brand new $60 R32 GTR Transfer shaft and tailshaft $80ea RB20 valley cover $10 R32 bonnet stick with rubber bung $10 Alloy Air duct for front bar to brake cooling $20 will suit any car Oil catch can $20 brand new R32 clutch fan $15 SR20 clutch fan $15 brand new fire extinguisher $10 R32 gtr L/H/F axle $80 Sr20 manifold with Hyflow turbo good for 350hp, no play sideways but back and forward there is a bit, however with oil pressure runs fine, no leaks, holds pressure very well $100 Drift pod $10 RB20 'avg condition' R32 top timing cover $20 R32 window wipers front GC $60 pair Window washer bag with pump $10 Genuine nissan factory flare from R32 GTR unused very rare, $40 (sits on ecu trim) R32 GTST front horn support with horn $20 R32 Radiator top mounts $10 R32 GTST A/C unit cover plate $10 R32 GTST cluster 135xxx on the clock $20 Rb20 rear timing cover plate (behind cam gears) GC $10 (may fit 25,26) R32 interior trim piece under drivers dash $15 GC Power Fc hand controller excellent cond. barely used Fcc3 model suits all late model Pwr FC's $250 R32 GTR RB26DETT engine loom avg condition perfect working order $100 Oil cooler with relocater plate $140 speedflow fittings R32 A/C system every single part in engine bay, pipes pump condenser bracket absolutely everything to replace $250 please txt or call johnny 0414596256 Prices negotiable, feel free to ask questions, further pictures on request, located gold coast & have some other parts also!
  20. For sale $18000 Jdm 1999 s15 90,000kms Imacculate condition, cleanest original Turbo s15 Completely standard and original never been modified Optional sunroof Optional pop up dash with navigation and tv JapanNew tyres Optional Factory HID Lights, Advan AVS Model 5 17" wheels, New tyres New battery HID Headlight Height adjuster, Standard MD Player and CD player (comes with MD Player and Discs), Original Silvia Floor Mats, Electric Mirrors, Electric Windows, Climate Control, Oil and Oil Filter change warning lights (Oil 5000kms Filer 10000Kms), Front Windscreen Heater Tweeters in Door cards Rego until (Feb 2013), Will also include roadworthy certificate which I'm getting this weekend. Located in hoppers crossing Vic Call/sms 0409371207
  21. Selling a Greddy profec B dual stage boost controller. Simple install and set up. Can provide instructions on disc. Free post Aus wide. Hi and Lo boost settings. All parts to install and get boosting. Can send Pics upon request Call or text 0419 856 391
  22. Located in Wollongong Oil cooler to suit SR20DET $350: - 19 row cooler - oil filter relocation - screw on style sandwich plate - GKTech oil filter housing replacement plate 3" SS exhaust to suit S13/180SX - 3" front pipe - 3" decat pipe - 3" mid pipe with resonator - 3" catback with cannon The midpipe has a 1cm crack next to the hanger, would cost $20 or 2 minutes for someone with a tig to fix up. For this reason I'm selling for $300 GKTech SS exhaust manifold to suit SR20DET Bought brand new for $229 + shipping. It's sat on my shelf since then. Selling for $200 Contact here or 0415 954 550.
  23. Sparco Evo 2 Plus, Velo GP90xl Both in excellent condition, the Sparco is basically brand new, been sat in a handful of times, comes with steel mounting hardware. The Velo is an older one, seen a bit of use, but still in good shape, was recovered a couple years ago by Velo at a cost of $250, been sat in for all of about 5 days since. $450 ea. Also have a GK Tech SR20 oil block adaptor, never been used, been pulled out of the box and admired, but that's about it. As seen here; $85 shipped. Contact by pm or on 0408961657 after 4pm. Cheers, Dave.
  24. FOR SALE well prepared track 180sx. Details below SR20det-sunroof model nistuned @ 191rwkw @15psi Extreme heavy duty clutch T28 turbo bigger injectors off S15 z32 air flow meter boost tee front mount intercooler oil catch can JIC coilovers front and back velo bucket seat and passenger momo bucket seat full bolt in roll cage and harnesses front and rear strut braces steering rack spacers adjustable castor arms 3 inch turbo back exhaust into twin drift pipes mounted fire extinguisher car will come with spare gearbox and 20L jerry, car ramps full set of 16"rims a pair of 17" rims and 6 stock s13/180sx wheels most of the tyres will need replacing, bodykit side skirts and a spare bonnet has vented fibre glass one on it atm. apexi cannon1 $6500o.n.o car was defected for too low too loud so could be put back on the road if you wanted it to be! located northern suburbs (gawler) of Adelaide PM me for more details!!
  25. Hey all. Long story short, I bought the wrong injectors, seller clearly stated no returns, so I need to sell. Brand new, unused (still in packaging). Sard 850cc sidefeed injector part number 63507. This is a complete set to suit SR20. Comes with collars (part number 63521), o-rings, connectors and pins. I am asking $650. Will consider swaps for RB25 gearbox. Keep in mind that purchasing these retail will cost a lot more. Current RHDJapan sale price for the same kit is $833, plus postage. CJMotors, $710 for injectors and connectors only. No collars. Plus postage. GCG sell collars for $160 Nengun, $896USD for injectors and collars. plus postage. I feel that the asking price is good and a fair saving over retail. Please send me a PM if you are interested in purchasing. I prefer cash on pick up from bayside area, but will consider direct deposit and postage if you require. If you are a nice person and I have some spare time I may even help you fit them. Thanks, Luke