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Found 59 results

  1. hey everyone, long time reader first time poster. before i start ill just let you know I'm no mechanic or car wiz! trying to learn though so i bought my first car (1993 r33 gts) when i was 17 and it is still my current car to this day being the third owner since imported. as the laws in my state don't allow high powered vehicles on P plates i opted for the NA version as I've always loved skylines and i found one for a good deal. over these 4 years I've done a fair bit of work to the car because i wanted it to be the best version of itself, the main things being brand new turbo gearbox with short shifter, heavy duty clutch, full body kit, new wheels, bc racing coilovers, moulded fenders, interior work and much more, fair to say this car is in way better shape now than when i bought it. i spent a while trying to make this car easy to swap a new engine into when I'm on my full license but I've read forums saying "no point" or "just sell it and buy a turbo its not worth the effort" so i guess my question is do you guys think it can be a reliable enough swap that's worth doing if done right or just f**k it off and buy a new car? ps. every time people look up my rego at car stores, mechanics etc. it comes back as a gtst so i think it was possibly imported as a gtst and has been swapped out prior to me owning it, as I've been told i also have all the gtst badges on my car.
  2. Long Story Short. I have for straight swap an R34 GTT HKS Exhaust, its in awesome condition, I am after the stock exhaust as I got defected and have to have the car checked over on Monday, fair warning if you get a pr*ck of a cop like I did they may get you for it, its a fantastic sounding exhaust and this trade is a wrought in my case but a win for whoever can get to me first. Ill even do the swap right there and then for free. Your exhaust has to be standard for the R34 GTT Coupe, and it has to be in decent condition, I wont take something full of holes or damaged etc, I am located in Thornton NSW and will need this done this weekend (long shot I know) Possibly during the week if someone is really serious and I can organise it. My loss is your gain. Cheers
  3. Hey guys, So I was cleaning my R34 GTR the other day and thought I'd do a check on all the lights and discovered that the rear registration light had one blown bulb. I think they're stock halogen ones and I've never bothered to check them as I rarely drive this at night. So replacing them is a must but this begs the question should I leave them stockish halogen yellow or upgrade to LED bright white? I front lights are LED globes so are relatively brighter white (not a fan of HIDs) so rear LEDs would suit but I've seen a few cars with them on and it looks like a midnight disco ball which attracts a lot of attention and looks a bit flashy then again the stock lights on cars like the Mercs have LEDs on the rear but they look nice and more tame. What do you guys think and what have you done on yours? Photos would be great. Cheers, Alex
  4. Hi everyone, I just bought a Nissan Skyline R34 GT that has a Rb25de NA motor which they turbo it with an ebay turbo. So the previous guy blew the block due to high compression and I bought it from him. I recently took the motor out and swapped a Rb25det Neo. I had to rewire all the harness to fit because of the previous NA motor which it doesnt have the same connectors as the neo. Now the I dont have a oil temp wire to connect. I was wondering if anyone had an extra oil temp wire and oil pressure sensor. I want to know if anyone has done a swap from a N/A into a Neo turbo. Please tell me about your experience and how you made it work. Thanks!
  5. Hi my name is Tyson I want to ask a few questions about manual to auto swaps. So I am planing on buying a series 1 r33 that is manual turbo. Since I am on my p’s I have a series 2 r33 that really clean but it’s auto (N/A) and wanted to know if it would possible to just swap the auto from my series 2 to the series 1 am i able to switch the looms for both cars. or are the transmission looms to different between series 1 and 2?
  6. Hey all. Been a while since I've been on here but I thought I'd make a build thread for my latest build. I never kept memories of building my last drift car so I'll just do this one. Currently in the process of throwing a LSA crate motor from Holden into a R32 gtst. I have a L98 and both T56 and TR6060 on hand also so not sure which box to go with just yet. I'll be making having mounts and exhaust done custom and will be using the GM engine controller kit and accessory drive kit. Plans currently for the common oil starvation issue with the LS series in high G forces are Moroso baffled and trapdoor sump and 4L accusump. Don't have many photos for now as everything is in pieces. Will update as things progress.
  7. Hi guys, I have tinted side (door) windows on my r33 but want to swap them for non tinted ones. Darkest legal tint when i had them done a few years back. Located in Sydney. Cheers Chris
  8. V35 VQ25DD manual trans swap So I'm new to here, and I hope people still monitor this forum. I am posting for a buddy. He just partially swapped the 25DD to manual 6 speed (from the 350z). After the swap, he is having crazy ABS problems. He will be driving, then all the sudden the ABS will kick in out of the blue and the breaks pulsate as if you are depressing the brakes even though your not. He took he ABS fuse and removed the two slated in the engine bay as for the abs. Problem still exists. This happens at random times and if you stop and shut off the car, it will reset. Btw, this was the same issue we saw on a VQ35 on a manual way, but the ECU in the 35 was less straight forward, and it was assumed the problem resided in one of the couple ECUs on the VQ35. If you know someone who did a 25 manual trans conversion, or know the answer please help me
  9. WTB:R34GT-4 willing to swap with RB25/30 R34GTT Willing to buy an R34GT-4 coupe manual. I have a fully built R34GTT with a healthy 25/30 motor and immaculate body. Willing to swap for that with reasonable cash adjustments. Otherwise, im willing to buy the car outright. Vehicle must be AWD can be auto or manual. Give me a txt on 0417764194 OR PM here
  10. Eoi: swap/selling Concave Concept 5x114.3 18x9 +20 set Hey guys, Expression of interest I have a set of flat black Concaves 18x9 +20 which are brand new in the box with Hub Rings/Center Caps/Wheel Nuts coming sometime over the next week. Just seeing if anyone would be keen to straight swap or swap with a cash adjustment for a set of jap wheels in a similar size & offset. Also very keen to sell/swap (with cash if need be) just a pair of the Concaves for a pair of dished wheels on the rear of my car. Pair price $730 neg. Will come with 2 Hub rings & 2 Concave rims with caps. Located Melb/Central Vic Looking for Work/Volk/SSR/BBS or similar branded/style wheels etc. If you have something to swap let me know. Thanks, Picture is with the same spec Concave CC03R which were on my 33 previously. Photos of the new wheels will be added once they arrive
  11. R32 GTR gearbox into R32 GTS4 compatible? Hey guys, I had some issues with my r32 gts4 gearbox, so decided to get a r32 gtr box. Just after some advice in regards to compatibility. Some people say it's a bolt on job others say may need an adapter. If anyone could grace me with some knowledge it would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Late rb25det s2 (s3?) swap no start :( So i have an 1990 r32 gtst at the end of a very late rb25det s2 swap, the 25 came with a neo style CAS. I kept my rb20 gear box, and ecu (nistune type 2 board with rb25)for some reason my check engine light does not come on at all, and i can not put the ecu in dignostic mode. I am using my 20 loom, using my 20 coils, ignitor and harness, on the cas i have swap the wiring to match the neo style pin out and i have strong spark on 1, 2, and 3 but starts to die after that almost to almost nothing. Im getting fuel and pump primes when get is turn to "ON" injector pulse i can hear and feel it when i turn the cas by hand. It cranks but does not run. Still using the rb25 s2 TPS. I am out of ideas at this point. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Stagea owner from Vancouver island, Canada Hello, I have a 97 stagea Rs4 that im looking to convert to manual, tracking down the a couple of the parts have led me here! Looking for information aswell as parts. Looking for everything at the moment The things im most conerned about: What clutch pedal i should be looking for- R34 gtt seems to be the "perfect fit" but r33 gtr and gtst can work aswell. Thanks everyone!
  14. r34 GT to GTT conversion looking at putting a factory auto rb25det neo into my auto r34 gt, then new engine is out of a gtt, can anyone give me advise on what problems i'm likely to run into? i have read that there's an issue with the auto trans and possibly with traction control is anyone able to confirm this please?
  15. Swap Tein or WTB Coilovers for r34 gtt Hey guys I currently have Tein Type HA Coilovers installed in my r34 gtt, I'm looking to swap for something stiffer, I think these are 6kg front 4kg rear, I'm looking for 8kg front 6kg rear or 10kg front 8kg rear, show me what you have. The coilovers are in good condition no knocks or leaks etc. Cash your way depending on what you have. Or PM me offers for these.
  16. RB25DE neo to RB25DET neo Hello, First post here. i'll be doing a engine swap soon in a r34 thats currently N/A im just wondering if i can use the RB25DE neo loom for the RB25DET neo engine or will i need to run the DET loom? thanks guys.
  17. 240z with an RB30DET, Vic roads registration issues Dear Sau Community, I am planning on swapping an RB30DET into a 240z. I was wondering if anyone can see any blatant breaches of any VicRoads or Epa laws? I have read on here a Skyline with an RB30DET is illegal due to a modern Skylines emission standards and how it is a larger engine. I see the reasons that were explained there but do they still apply to a much older 240z? I plan on getting an RB30E engine block and replacing the head with a twin cam one from an RB25 skyline. Due to the engine being newer, having EFI, possessing double the valves, crossflow design and a better spark plug position it would be much more environmentally friendly than an older carburated engine despite it being 0.6L bigger than the L24. Does anyone know if the EPA has an issue with this? Maybe some turbocharging action could come later but for now, the swap is the biggest issue. It would also be very much appreciated to hear from anyone knows someone or has done it themselves who has tried and either failed or succeeded, your knowledge on the topic would be a great help. Also, anyone who has a completely legal RB swap in an S30 would be awesome too. I wait for your replies with bated breath. Regards, JSBlueGuy
  18. just wondering which transmissions are a good swap option? i have been hearing about using the trans from a 350/370z as well as the 5 speed swap and the getrag swap. all im looking for is to change from my auto trans to a manual. what do you guys have for options if they are not listed here?
  19. Direct replacement bolt-on kit, remove your old worn coils and replace with LQ9/D585 coils. RB25 S1 or S2 Full LQ9 Conversion Kit Comes with everything pictured X6 LQ9 oem style coils X6 Coil Boots X6 Contact Springs X1 Wiring specialties S1 or S2 LQ9 Harness X1 LQ9 coil bracket Asking $830 + $20 postage anywhere in Australia Let me know what series rb25 engine you have so i can provide you with the right harness Located in the W.suburbs of Melbourne call or text me on 0476861094
  20. Hi, Vehicle is a 97 R33 GTS-4 Series 2, quite rare of a vehicle without many manufactured, basically a GTST body with GTR running gear equipped with ATTESA system, regularly serviced with all synthetic lubes from diffs to engine. Always parked under shelter and interior kept clean. Here's a short list of major engine mods carried out: 375rwkw on 20psi BP98 pump (you read correct, RWKW, it was dynoed and tuned in RWD mode, front d/shaft disconnected while it was getting built) RB25 S2 Block (Standard) RB25 NEO head Full recoed Permaseal MLSR metal head gasket 1.3mm ARP head studs Tomei 256 drop ins Tomei Exhaust cam gear K&N 4'' Pod w/ Custom made airbox by Toys Garage Garrett GTX3582R 0.82a/r VBand exhaust side GCG Highmount manifold (Black Ceramic Coated) 45mm Turbosmart hypergate Greddy plenum (Genuine, the real deal) Deatschwerks 740cc injectors (E85 compatible) Deatschwerks 300LPH fuel pump (E85 Compatible) Splitfire coilpacks Nismo fuel reg New Nissan coil pack loom Aluminium 52mm Dual core Radiator FMIC + All piping custom fabricated, all perfect welds Greddy Oil Catch can Engine Mounts replaced with OEM Nissan ones Work + Tune performed by JEM And yes that is a SHORT list, packed with many more goodies including suspension work. Looking to SWAP for either an R33 (Series 3 preferably) GTR / R34 GTR, or anything else of same / similar power level with cash adjustments going appropriate direction. As per forum rules, please PM me if you want further details.
  21. I have a set of Denso/Sard 850cc fuel injectors on a standard rb25det fuel rail for sale. They were in good working order when they were removed from my car. $550 ono or may swap for vl parts. Pickup in Wollongong, NSW. Call: 0418 626 519 Thanks
  22. Well ive had the car for about 2 years and never bothered to do one but car is going thru major changes so decided id share some pics and give as much details and try to keep it in the timeline from when i got it to now Well decided to look around in japan and came across this beauty so i purchased her and proceeded to wait the 1 month wait until it reached the bahamas. Well i think it was February 6th 2012 and I got a call from a buddy at customs saying that they were offloading cars from the boat that reached and my car might be on it so i sneaked my way to customs after they were done around 12am and there she was what a ass on her be at mind i had to jump 3 fences to get this one pic haha Well two days later i was anxious to get my car so i got my cash together and papers and headed of to customs to pick up my car problem was i was in my mr2 turbo so i had to call a wrecker to carry it home my first thought on when i saw it was it needed a wash But i will admit interior was clean and smelt like a new car Later that day she was finally home and sitting next to my other love my 1995 mr2 turbo 3rd gen and i kinda broke my lip that same day on the mr2 sigh Well the next morning I was off from work so i got up and i decided to give her a good wash!! Washed the mr2 as well after felt bad for leaving her out after she got me that beautiful skyline haha p.s Mr2 is a jealous bitch but is the most fun car ive ever had the pleasure of working on Well had been driving her around for some time about a month into it and one of my best pals died he had a r33 as well and he was one of the organizer of a island wide run we used to do every month RIP CADE so i gave her a good wash and headed out to a memorial run for him where his cousin drove his car and lead the group on a island run. About 5 months into clutch went bad and i do blame my girlfriend for this lol but so is life also 2 rear shocks went bad so decided to just do a bunch of stuff at once! [/url As i was in the process of waiting for a few stuff to come about 3 weeks to a month i decided to clean some of the interior and take some more pics haha. Well finally a good amount of my parts came so i proceeded to take pics Act extreme duty kit, Walbro 255 fuel pump, KSport Control pro height and damper adjustable Coilovers, Mishimoto Gold intercooler and intercooler piping, mishimoto Radiator, NGR type s blow off Valve (remake of the Greddy type s with stronger internals), Xxr 522 Rims 19x8.5 and 19.10.5 And led taillights and tires 235/35/19 and 275/35/19!!!!
  23. Extremly rare 1999 wrx sti version 5 2 door coupe i would like to swap for a gtr gonna keep it simple he's the details 132kms full logbook history stock expect turbo back exhaust and bov white in colour extremely tidy conditon let me know what you got contact me on 0404921001 and i send some pics through to ya as i have no idea how to get pics up on here from my lappy.
  24. Hey guys, I have some speedy wheels 19's off the skyline I just bought, not really to my taste. Specs are 19x8 +35, no lipping of guards required (!) lol 225 35 Khumo's on front, almost new, I'd say 90% 245 35 no names on the back, just above wear markers. To put a SAU price i'd say $400 for the set, But preferably I'd like to swap other wheels, r33 stockies etc, maximum of 17 inch. Must have decent tread. Can do a cash adjustment if required, depending on wheels. Located between wollongong and Nowra. 0487699 zero three three
  25. Hey Selling/swapping the Z 2003 Track edition 6 speed manual Brembo brakes all round Heated seats Bose Audio Cruise control Service history and books Daily driven (190,000ks) Runs and drives great, very reliable car Has a slight exhaust leak somewhere which I plan to get fixed. Rego till June Can Supply RWC. Might swap for a car cash my way or yours. Prefer sale $13,000
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