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Found 12 results

  1. Has anyone got any Tomei throttle coat that I could use for 5 mins to reseal my itbs? Closer to central coast nsw the better. Need ASAP or is there an alternative to use that will do the same job
  2. Plazmaman RB26 Intake Plenum and 90mm Throttle Body Hi Guys, I bought this for my build but it didn't end up being used so it now has to go. Both plenum and throttle body are brand new in box with everything that comes from Plazmaman. Wasn't even test fitted so its in perfect condition. Package consists of the plenum in raw finish and throttle body to suit in silver finish. https://plazmaman.com/shop_itemdetail.php?itemid=375&cate=71 https://plazmaman.com/shop_itemdetail.php?itemid=162&cate=36 Retail is 2400. Price is 2200 but is negotiable to a certain degree. Item is located in Rouse Hill, NSW and pickup is preferred over post but seeing it's already in the box it came in shouldn't be too difficult to post. PM me or sms/call 0403858714. Thanks, Bret
  3. Someone please help me, I'm dumb but like nice cars lol. I own a 2001 m35 nissan stagea, it's auto. Has electronic throttle body. Accelerator isn't working and it won't rev, it idles fine but tiny bit low, believe it's in limp mode as when I last had the car is was shutting down loosing power and wouldn't drive over approx 12kms, if you press the accelerator the bit inside the throttle body doesn't move. Wire that lead to throttle body and pedal both have voltage. I had in scanned by a mobile mechanic and no codes came up which i thought was strange but the guy said it was a good sign. My brother who doesn't know much about imports thinks it could be the accelerator pedal sensor and took a photo of it for me and told me to locate someone selling that part, the number on the part is 18919-6N201 but when I search it nothing to do with a stagea comes up. Basically I'm after a part number so I can see if that's the issue and I'm also very very open to any other ideas to what my problem could be. My car was stolen and since having it recovered it's been this way.
  4. Apexi Smart Accel Controller? Found this bad boy online http://www.apexi-usa.com/store/smart-accel-controller.html Can't seem to find anyone who's put one in a Stagea. Reviews on other forums have been nothing but extreme praise in how it changes throttle response and acceleration, saying "it feels like a whole new car". Also for $200 delivered with an M35 Stagea-specific loom adapter, it seems like a good upgrade. The fact I can't find any info on them here is just making me a bit skeptical. Anyone have any experience with this, or other throttle controllers in general?
  5. Rb26 Naprec 49mm oversized ITB , with oem plenum port matched to suit, nitto gaskets, hypertune intake, plazmaman fuel rail (no injectors included) awesome bit of gear, a must for someone chasing max airflow with wanting independent throttle bodies near new used condition can post at buyers expense $3,500 sydney Anthony 0404444555
  6. Rb26 hypertune intake manifold and throttle body Hi guys, Selling my hypertune intake manifold and 100mm throttle body. Selling due to parted rest of car out. Its in good condition. Has a few scratches underneath due to a few removals when it was on the engine and was on a 26/30 so made it a tight fit. Does not come with injectors or fuel rail. Asking $1800 ono Located Melbourne vic. Christian 0423 756 123
  7. Disclaimer: There's a lot of people recommending to do this mod, but I haven't seen any idiotproof guides on how to do it. I'm not saying this is the best way to do this mod, it's just how i've done it - and hopefully this will help others, even if they don't follow my way 100%. Brief overview: The general consensus is that from Factory, M35 Stageas limit throttle to 30% for up to 3 seconds after releasing the brake pedal. This can prevent good launches/coming out of corners faster. By cutting the signal wire to the ECU, we can maintain full throttle immediately after releasing the brake. It is OK to cut this wire, however you will get a Check Engine Light after some time. By rigging it up to a switch, you are able to disable/enable the mod freely. Behind the glovebox is the ECU. You will need to dissemble the passenger side interior to access this, there's other guides online on how to do this - so I will assume you have your glovebox out and are looking at the ECU. Pull the plastic off guard off the ECU connector, it clicks off the 4 tabs on each corner. Find the VIOLET wire with the BLUE stripe - you can see it in pictures 1 + 4 of this post. I cut this wire, and attached either side to a terminal block. You can pick these up from JayCar very cheaply - I used a terminal block because I don't trust myself to solder wires coming directly off the ECU. I then picked up a small, discrete ON/OFF toggle switch (also from JayCar), which I mounted in my Glovebox - see pictures 2 + 3. Lastly just attach these wires to the remaining spots on the terminal block. Test the switch while everything is apart - This way you can fix any problems before reassembling. Done! Picture 4 of this post explains the above if anyone is unclear. Some people have hooked this up to the reverse switch in the car, so they don't have to touch the switch ever - however I like the idea of a toggle, so I can limit throttle power when a family member/friend drives the car.
  8. I have a 92/93 R32 gts-t manual. The throttle isn't 100% smooth or consent. When I am cruising the engine seems to drop or hesitate as if a coil failing. When I slightly press the accelerator, it will pick up faster then it should. These issues seem to be only when I am at the first 5% of the throttle, when I am cruising and it does not seem to be temp orientated; however, it is slightly worse when the car is cold. Along with these issues the car starts like a pig first thing in the morning or after an extended period. It requires turning over several times before idling up other wise it idles out as if its not getting fuel. Prior to a year ago the car was very easy to start. I have already purchased with in the past 6 months several parts, these include: New Splitfire Coils New ignition harness Platinum plugs An ignition module Several second hand IAC valves A temp sensor MAF New fuel regulator I have checked all the vacuum hoses and replaced one. The car is for the most part stock. It does have a 6in HKS pod and a custom turbo back stainless steel exhaust. I am some what at an end to what I can check without out-laying lots of money for new and expensive parts. Other then the said issues the car runs great, there are no misfires, it idles perfectly and accelerates hard to the red line. It may seem like a small issue/s but driving it as an every day car, this gets very frustrating!
  9. Hi, I've been playing around with tuning my car for a while on top of the base map that I have and it's been quite successful. Full throttle is perfect, but of course, the problem is part throttle. From what I have been told, the PFC d-jetro is incapable of ever getting good results for part throttle on a GTR due to the multiple throttle bodies plennum. I've been told that the problem can be solved, using TPS/INJ corrections and although this will never get perfect results, it will, at least, give drivable ones. Currently, at about 5000rpm+ the AFRs drop into the low 10s and then into 9, at which point, I just have to give up or risk flooding. My question is, what should the curve of the TPS graph look like? I'm guessing it's more complex than just a linear line but I wonder if there is any calculations I can do that will allow me to get an accurate 'estimation' Furthermore, how do ECUs like LINK/SYVECS allow a better tune? (like I appreciate they have more tables for fuelling, but what are these?)
  10. Hi guys, Selling my RB26 Hypertune intake manifold and 100mm throttle body. Was on a 26/30 and was removed a few times so has scratches on side. Not really visible when in car but priced accordingly. Selling due to parted out vehicle. Single throttle body setup, does not come with injectors or fuel rail, just manifold and throttle body. Asking $1600 ono Located in Melbourne Vic. Christian 0423756123
  11. R34 GTR MFD - Throttle Percentage Unstable/Erratic Hey Guys, I have noticed during the last few weeks that the MFD throttle percentage display has been noticeably erratic in which the readout is jumping +/- 3 or so percent (flashing almost) while the throttle is steady. I replaced the TPS and the problem continues. While the car is not running but in 'On'/'Accessory' Mode the readout is smooth and steady with no fluctuations at all. Does anyone know of a fix/solution? Any help is appreciated, Cheers Nick.
  12. complete rb26 cold side. Plenum, ITB's, fuel rail etc only asking 300$ located brisbane nick 0421883199
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