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Found 22 results

  1. hi, need help on my tuning. besides data logic, any other software i use to tune PFC with map sensors? version 8.0D thanks in advance for your input. Shaune
  2. whiteblack334door

    Hey guys anybody in Perth that can tune Wolf ECU’s. I have one in my RB25DET manual R33 4 door
  3. AC34GTT

    Tuners in Melbourne Hey guys I'm looking to get my GTT nistuned, and I've more or less settled on going to Chasers Motorworks in West Melbourne. They've been a great help and very informative with all my questions via emails. Just looking get a second opinion before I make my final decision, so if anyone has brought their car there please let me know your personal experiences! Cheers
  4. HKS F-CON Software Need HKS F-CON Silver v2.0 software. Thanks.
  5. Newbie !! Whats the go with radio? 1 station?!! Hey All 😊 First time Skyline owner. Just bought a 350GT V35x 2006 model. Has a great sounding BOSE stereo system but can only tune into 1 station !! Choice of either FM1 or FM2 & both of them will only tune between 70 to 90 bandwidth. Most of the stations I listen to in Melbourne are 101.9 or 105.3 etc. Anyone else with an import had this problem? Is there any way to fix it without putting in new stereo ?
  6. Bolt ons and tuning Did a search and found nothing on this, so I apologize if I'm asking questions that have already been answered. I want to know if tuning is required, and when I mean required I mean not to damage the engine by running too lean, when doing bolt ons. I am referring to downpipes, which I think you guys call them front pipes, straight pipe or cat delete, catback exhaust and replacing the stock intake boxes with pod filters. I know I won't be getting max power out of these mods without tuning, I just want to let the engine breathe better. Appreciate your input, and again, sorry if this question has already been asked and answered.
  7. I've recently fitted some RC 720cc Injectors and had to do a bit of a re-map on my RB20det. So far things are fine at WOT as per normal. However the idle hunts a bit, but too be expected with 720 low impedance injectors. I have Nistune by the way. However when adjusting the injector latency I began to think about what the correct latency should be and if there is horsepower (kilowatts for you guys) and reliability (Knock resistance) by having the fuel spray early (which may result in pooling at valve) or late (which could be incomplete burn/ reduced atomization). But when is the factory injection time @ 14v and rated injector impedance? Perhaps I am getting to far into this? Is there power to be made?
  8. ls_stag

    Hey all, With a couple mods on my Stag, I'm thinking I could be doing better fuel economy/power if I did some fuel tuning. Originally I was thinking a Nistune, but looking into it, I think this is probably a little premature. Honestly, not going to upgrade much more mechanically for a while - current have a catback, K&N drop in air filter, BOV, EBC. it's gonna be a while before I look at FMIC/turbo/injectors/fuel pump. That lot would need a Nistune, in my opinion, but for now I'd like to run a good clean setup at around 10/12psi. Have done some searching and reading and it seems like some folks are using SAFC for fuel maps. But I'm wondering how people actually tune their maps? Doing it DIY on the road? On a dyno? Using a datalogger? Laptop connection? Really interested, as I can see units on ebay for under $250 but keen to know what the best course would be for tuning it. I've read about folks pulling up to -35% off the top end of the map but I'd be concerned to hit a knock at that level, without seeing an AFR data log. Cheers
  9. So I'm about to buy an old Nissan 300zx for 1500 and put a rb26 in it. It will be my dd(dont ask why I need a 450hp dd) and it will need to be reliable. here are the mods I plan to put in it. Just a disclaimer im a huuuge noobie with cars. on the list the ones that dont have specific parts I havent decided what part. turbo - garret 2560r OR hks gtss fuel pump intercooler - garret core cooler(not sure which one) ecu - power f clutch cams - tomei pon cams Here's some tuff i might get: flywheel, head gasket, air flow meter, exhaust, transmission, and intake So my actual questions, are these necessary? do I need more? where do I find these parts? should I get them used? Should I try to do the work my self? Is there a better car or engine I could use? could I find a shaker hood scoop to go with this? Also i havent bought anything so if your thinking "why is he getting that?" please correct me. So like i said im a noob so car people will bitch at me thats fine just correct me as well.
  10. Anyone have used Benchmark Evolution Solutions to tune their RB26? Hows the experience?
  11. Hello everyone, Just wondering if there are any haltech users on the forum? if so, what items are you guys logging? I have recently installed mine and have it running on the VE map pretty smoothly but I want to make sure I am looking at all the data.
  12. Hey Guys, I've had a search around the forum, and excuse me if i missed it. I have a R32 GTR and its fitted with the Power FC unit, does anyone know/Recommend a Tuner (In Melbourne) who could tune the car for me as this is the first GTR i have owned im alittle in the deep for this stuff. Much Appreciated
  13. Im looking for a rb20det powerfc tuning guru. Ive just finished build and moved to a place with no tuning companies. Stage 2-3 Mild mods. Will supply specs if you can help
  14. I'm looking for a guru with rb20det powerfc tuning experience. I've just finished my project car and moved to a place with no tuning companies. None anywhere close. I will supply specs if anyone can help. Probably stage 2-3 Mild modifications.
  15. I've had the skyline a while now and I've been tuning the powerfc myself with fc edit/datalogit over the seasons to keep the AFRs where I want them. I've recently overhauled the fuelling as I wasn't using the throttle position vs injectors functionality. Supposedly a lot of amateur tuners will set the TPSvINJ to 1.0 and directly place values into the inj adjustments tab, which I believe is all you can do if you're using the commander. Anyhow, I've set up my throttle position curve and I've now been using the recalc base and have now got a much more accurate tune across the power band as I no longer have to add enrichment to areas that were once overly rich as the area would be touched when coming onto boost as well as cruising. Something I've never really got right though is the air conditioning! It's a right pain, my fuel map is perfect for what I want. I'm sitting at 14,7 on cruise and 14,3 at idle as my cams are 264s and don't seem to like sitting at stoichiometric. I come onto boost with AFRs of 12,5 and sit around 11,8 on max boost. The problem is if I'm just driving around normally at stoichiometric and then decide to turn air conditioning on, everything goes nuts! The AFR jumps to 15-16.. It seems calmer when in driving at steady throttle at high rpm, I,e, 100km/h / 62mph but still a lot leaner than I would like. So, with that said, and apologies for the wall of text above, can anyone help with the following: - 1. I've been led to believe that air conditioning is temporarily disabled when on boost, true or false 2. Is there any sensor value that I can use to determine when air conditioning is on and add enrichment to the mixture? I've looked at battery voltage, temperature, etc and just cannot seem to get it right. 3. Is this just a limitation of power fc and is the air con a problem for most people? Most tuned cars I see have had the air conditioning removed
  16. Hey, I need to get my 1998 R34 skyline tuned and was wondering if there was many good places to take her in Perth?
  17. Hey guys I'm looking into getting a V35 350-GT Coupe (manual)! I'm looking for a bolt on supercharger kit and what tuning options I would have? Im looking for something preferably in Sydney? Thanks in advance for any advice If anyone knows someone who has this kit in Australia that would be helpful
  18. Andrewbarry04

    I've have recently bought a 2009 Premium GTR. As with most, after the initial excitement of the performance wore off, I found myself looking at aftermarket upgrades. So last week I purchased the following, which are being installed shortly. Kakimoto Cat Back exhuast system Titanium Mid pipe 3" Cobb Intakes BOV's I also bought a Cobb accessport with TCM. Now I just need some advice as to where is best to take it in the Perth area. A friend recommended I take it to XSpeed but I have since heard that they have gone into liquidation. Is this true? Also, is there anyone in Perth that has any recommendations or advice on where to go? Thanks
  19. ThePimp

    Dear Seniors I just got my R33 GTST and am intending to convert it from AT to MT by December. I am also going to tune up the car to a Drift Ready state maintaining street drivability. I have the intention to do the following in due course after my MT and Exhaust initial mod and am looking at advice on Viability and availability: 1. Handling - the standard stuff like Coil over, Tower Bars and ARB. Looking for recommendations. Plus Advice if member braces are required? 2. Handling - Looking for advice if it is advicable to remove HICAS. I am looking to change my steering to one with quick release BOSS but can give that up if HICAS is more recommended. 3. Turbo - I am thinking of a Garette GT0376 or similar (Prefer Ball Bearing so the IHI comparable might be a good alternative) Looking at 1.2bar Boost Max... Any Engine mods required or recommended? Stut bolts? Pistons and Con Rods? Actually I might lower the boost if i need to take the engine apart. 4. Intercooler - the natural thing with Turbo would be a totally trick FMIC... Please recommend... 5. Auxillary parts - Fuel Injectors, Surge Tanks, External Pumps... 6. Most important part - The Brains!!! What ECU is popular here? Where can I get competent and affordable tuners? Where is a good hub dyno that wun cost me an arm or a leg? I am familiar with most modern ECUs like MoTec, Power FC, and F Con V Pro... I am unable to touch Motec and F Con due to the large amount of wiring works, Power FC due to computer connector... So I'll probably need someone to install and tune... Glad to receive any advice... Cheers
  20. I am looking for a tuning map for a R33 GTR running a Apexi Power FC. Will be using a laptop for the tunning. My GTR has had the following installed: Garret 2860-7 with HKS Actuators 9:1 CP Pistons 4 inch exaust from the Cat Its running stock injectors, fuel pump ect. I am just looking for a map that has the correct details to work from, obviously every car is different and needs fine tuning. I have searched SAU and while there are some great tips (Looking at you Paul), I haven't found any actual map files. Any help would be appriciated.
  21. Hi all. Ethanol composition sensor - who's running one? What ECU? How effective has it proven to be? I'm excited about the prospect and have been speaking to Morpowa about it... Flex fuel 300+rwkw Skylines... nice.
  22. Crazy Xav

    Hey all, did a search and couldn't find anything. I bought a WOLF 3d V4 Rev. 7 for R33 RB25DET I'm trying to hunt down the software without buying the latest version ($90!!) Hope you can help Cheers.