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Found 127 results

  1. Hey guys Sold my car and have some parts that never got a chance of using and some OEM used ones, basically a garage clean out will keep adding as i find more stuff. 1) Brand New in unopened box CST Type Vettel V36 coilovers fully adjustable with 14k front and 9k rear spring rates and 16 way damper. These are made in Japan and distributed by Tanabe. $1500 ono (pic of suspension out of box from google, i havent opened my box yet) 2) Blitz Power-sus intake panel filters also BNIB $120 3) V36 Type S and SP front lip kit ( Fibreglass sides with CF middle part, see pics) $550 ONO 4) RS-S LowDown springs BNIB $400 5) OEM Used Exhaust axle back Muffler and y-pipe $100 6) OEM Used Manifold $100 (good for anyone needing to send one into z1motorsports as core unit) 7) OEM Used rear chrome bootlip $50 8) OEM Used 18" V36 Coupe wheels made by enkei in excellent condition need tires $500 9) OEM Used 18" V36 Sedan Type SP wheels also in excellent condition (front tires good, rears need replacing) $500 10) BNIB plug and play V36 cruise control kit (comes with a little wheel knob that can be used to set/cancel and increase/decrease speed see pics) $500 ONO Thats all from the top of my head, like i said if i find more stuff ill keep adding. Offers only accepted if i have put an ONO next to the price or else its non-negotiable. PM will be the best way for enquiries and everything located Southwest of Brisbane
  2. 2006 250GT Aux/16 pin connector Hey guys, I've been using my bluetooth for music in my 2006 Skyline 250GT for months now and I'm finally over the cutting out issues, so I've taken apart my center console and had a look and see why there is no cables coming through the 3 holes used to red/yellow/white cables. I know absolutely nothing about these sorts of things but as per photos, the 3 plugs were plugged into some box with foam glued around it under the center console (so I couldn't see what it was) I'm hoping it's plugged into the massive (I think 16 pin) connector (refer to photos again) So my question is - Am I able to find a connector somewhere that turns that 16 pin connection into an aux/something for my iPhone to play music? Or am I going to have to resort going to an auto electrician so they can connect an aux. Thanks so much for the help in advance. Cheers, Rupert.
  3. I have an issue with my Nissan Skyline 250 gt 2008 with a VQ25HR engine, the knock sensor is not working. I´m trying to find the part number to buy one but there is no information about it. Can anyone help me with se part number and where can I buy it Regards, Mathias Guldman
  4. Hi guys, I've successfully paired my iPhone 6S to my 2007 V36 Skyline. It's worked well for years, although every now and then I wipe/reinstall iOS on my phone and have to do the painful pairing procedure again. It's paired, but problem is it keeps randomly disconnecting. In the past I solved this by doing a fresh iOS install on my phone and pairing it again, but this time the problem persists. I haven't noticed any pattern as to why it drops out, and I have to keep reconnected it by switching to radio then back to 'disc' (bluetooth) again. It's really annoying when I'm going on a long drive, it can happen as much as every 3-5 minutes or so. Any idea why this happens and how to fix it? Thanks!
  5. V36 Bonnets I have a brand new bonnet in box to suit V36 coupe $400.00 also a V36 sedan bonnet new, modified with a XR-8 bonnet bulge moulded on $600.00
  6. Welp, when driving the car home last weekend not long after i left New Plymouth i started to notice the blower fan was blowing a rather unpleasant smell. It got so bad that i had to stop and get an air freshener (it was hot so i had the fan on high). The other day i purchased a new cabin filter, on the premise that it was probably stuffed. After reading plenty of LHD US G35 DIY guides for the filter i decided to rip into it today. I have written this as i had some trouble finding a step by step DIY guide for RHD Skylines as they are slightly different. Step one is to remove the little panel under the glovebox. Just grab it at the front edge and pull down. It is held in by two hooks towards the front of the car, it needs to be gently pulled towards the rear of the car to release it. Once that is off, open the glovebox grab the top edge and pull up towards the roof of the car. You should feel it pop out of the clips at the bottom edge. You then need to wiggle and twist to get the side pegs out of their slots. I found it was easiest to push the LH side of the glovebox towards the windscreen and then pull the RH side out towards the rear. There is also the little retractable cord that needs to be removed. I gently wiggled and pulled and it came free. Once that is out, i also removed the little side panel in order to see the panel clips for the next step. This just pulls off. Ok, so now you have the covering panel In order to remove this, there are two screws in the lower corners, and four along the top edge. Interestingly, there was a sticker that indicated that the filter was last replaced in December 2014 at 52356KM (which it cant have been as the car is at 141000 now). Anyway, with that panel removed, you are greeted by the blower fan and filter housing. The covering panel is right in the middle and comes free quite easily. A clip on the LH side and then the panel is moved to the left to release it from its slots. Once removed, this is what greeted me. A black filter that was certainly not correctly fitted. Removed, it was clear why i had bad smells and bad airflow And compared to the new filter This is the new filter, Slap the foam on the sides as per the instructions with the filter (they go on the two sides. The front is where "UP" is written). Gently slot it into the housing. It will go up on rails and sit at the top of the housing. It should sit flat, other than the front. The front will be lifted and supported by the front cover which has raised ridges to hold it. Stick it all back together, which is reverse of disassembly, and away you go. My fan now blows more air, is quieter, and best of all, actually smells fresh and clean. Mine also had the side effect of no longer having a misplaced filter blocking one of the vent flaps.
  7. 1. Pair of Greddy cast manifolds from their VQ35DE 350z kit as seen here https://www.z1motorsports.com/forced-induction/greddy/greddy-twin-turbo-kit-350z-intercooler-p-6566.html $500 2. Cusco OS front strut brace part number 288 540 a as seen here https://conceptzperformance.com/cusco-type-os-front-strut-tower-bar-brace-infiniti-g25-g35-g37-q40-q50-q60-ex35-288-540-a_p_9888.php has been used $150 3. ATS Carbon 1.5 way diff centre suit Z33/Z34/V36 diff according to Japanese seller. Part number CNRB109130. Purchased second hand from Japan, never used in Australia $800 4. Z34 vq37 HKS oil cooler kit part number 15004-AN024. Purchased second hand from Japan, never used in Australia $650 5. Greddy easy camshafts to suit VQ35HR brand new. Direct replacement for standard $800 6. V36 sedan late model factory front lip used $250 7. M35 Stagea tail light covers. Used, Factory silver minor damage to bottom one (inside corner chipped). $100 All prices are negotiable for quick and easy sales. Located in Adelaide, shipping at buyers expense. Plenty more pics available on request.
  8. Brand new, never installed. Located in SA Make an offer
  9. Hi all, I have a couple of V36 parts for sale. 1. PV36 OEM ECU - $300. Hitachi made, test working. 2. V36 OEM Steering wheel control switches + shroud - $120. USED test working, no scratches.
  10. Hi everyone. Have been talking to a guy at the gym re the Nissan Skyline Mass Air Flow sensor on our cars after we have found that he is getting about 700km's around town whereas i am getting about 520km's around town. Same vehicle (2008 350GT S), roughly same area times of driving and similar driving styles. i've have noticed that my car is idling quite roughly and he mentioned the Mass Flow Air sensor may be stuffed and this could be causing both the economy difference and the idling problems (as per this listing on TradeMe. http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=937190669) Wondering if anyone out there can let me know if this could be an issue (have taken the AFM's out and they 'appear' to be ok - my car has just clicked over 50000km's) and worth me replacing them. I can see that there are plenty of other places online overseas selling these a whole lot cheaper than this guy. Cheers for any advise guys.
  11. Hi all, I'm sure this has been asked before on here but I cant seem to find much about it but, I've a v36 370gt coupe with the non sport non Akebono brakes and they are fine but they look boring. I've only gotten the car on the road for a few week after getting it imported over from Japan to Scotland.. So what's my options USA g37 Akebono calipers maybe? if so what all do I need to make them fit the non sport model..? Thanks for any info..
  12. I have a 2008 370gt needing its windscreen wipers replaced. Having followed the G37 US forum figured the sizing was 26" and 17" length wipers. Has anyone found any wipers that fit the coupe locally instead of buying online, reluctant to ship a set of Bosch Icon's from the states as it will cost close to $100 AUD unless there is nothing I can buy locally.
  13. I have a 2008 nissan v36 with bose sound system, and the boofer it is not conected. the amp an the wires that conect the inside car speakers, but the boofer it is not. I wold like to know the wiring so I can realize what wires are missing Also the components of the sysmtem if there is anything missin too. Regards
  14. Selling due to getting work vehicle. Imported by Heartbeat Cars in Sydney last year then brought over to Adelaide. - Second owner (First in Australia) - Excellent condition inside and out - Regularly serviced - 56,000kms - Full leather interior with heated front seats - Bose Sound System - Sunroof - Front and Rear Parking Sensors - Reversing and Side Mirror Cameras - Full service history and import papers available Looking for $16,000 ono
  15. Selling brand new Whiteline Rear 24mm 3 point adjustable swaybar - BNR37Z. Not used as the adjustable front made the car stiff enough for my purpose - family car Whiteline BNR37Z Suits the following cars: INFINITI G37(2008-ON) NISSAN 370Z Z34(2008-ON) NISSAN FAIRLADY Z34(2008-ON) NISSAN SKYLINE V36 RWD(11/2006-ON) $250 Located at Sefton or West Pennant Hills
  16. Hi has anybody looked into remapping the ECU to run on a lower pump gas (maybe to switch hi/low depending on petrol prices!) SYD is hitting $1.80L for 98 now so its becoming an issue. Also just ho much power would we really lose ? 20kw? drop the 0-100 by a few hundredth of a second? (do you have any references to the impacts here?) I looked on the web and read in the USA that the SpecialityZ shop with the Guru Seb tunner (a Guy) does make many maps using Uprev Pro Tuner. On their home page SAS is shown as the NSW dealer (David - He helped with my 200sx mapping years ago) http://uprev.com/secure/dealers I might ping him and see if its possible. Might also see if a E98 map could also be added for a bit more than 245 Kw hehehe
  17. Thought I would share details as well as insurance (NRMA) My wifes 2010 premium crossover got a somewhat minor hit in the drivers side. Minor because no side airbags were deployed. She and daughter had some whiplash though. See pic for damage on both side doors. However if you look inside doors some dents were made in the sills - and this triggered the write off. Sills are structural and need to be ordered new. Nissan OZ can get lots of non structural components like doors and windows etc but not the sills. Ok so we switched to 3rd part suppliers like partsour and nengen https://partsouq.com/en/catalog/genuine/filter?c=Nissan&ssd=%24WFQ5BQ%24&model=Japan&f_model=SKYLINE+CROSSOVER&f_frame=&f_year=2010&f_door=&f_transmission=&f_bed=&f_chassis=&f_cabin=&f_engine=&f_power=&f_roof=&f_wheel-base=&f_grade=&f_wheel-drive=&f_area=&f_load=&f_battery=&f_seat-type=&f_suspension=&f_bed-size=&f_body= If they did have parts, the cost of shipping large items + Import + GST was expensive. Also the delays quoted were 4 months. NRMA need to factor this in along with the hire car we got (accident not our fault) So why the issue with structural spares? Nissan discontinued this car in japan in 2016. Seem structural spare parts are becoming pretty rare already (if they ever did make many structural spare parts). Of interest is the bigger brother FX/QX70 was also discontinued, so even though its sold locally, good luck getting structural spares for it also. Sedans/Coupes sold in greater volumes so structural spares may be easier? (hope, i have one of those also) So what to buy next ? I have looked at some electric SUVs coming in 2019 - Hyuandu Kona, KIa e-Niro but they are smaller (and not here yet!). I looked at QX70 locally but its too dear. Nissan Xtrail is cheap but read lots of bad things about the CVT going early and costing a fortune to fix. In the end, Im still coming back to importing another crossover - abet with sunroof Speak up if you can suggest alternatives (she wants luxury/leather/sunroof however). The infiniti convertible is nice - but local 2015 stock on car sales want 50K - ouch
  18. Hi guys I've seen a couple of threads on this subject but none that answered my specific question. I've had my 2009 370GT (7 speed auto) sedan for over 3 years and 20,000km now and ever since I bought her I've only ever used 91 petrol (the same as I did for my V35 300GT) because I never did any investigating. I have never had any problems running on 91 - she runs smoothly and perfectly, does 0-100 in 5.5 sec, no pinging, rough running etc, and I can consistently get over 600km on a tank with a motorway, city, cruisy and wheel spinning mix of driving. It was only researching about doing an oil change myself (and downloading a US Infiniti G37 manual) that I came upon the concerns about using the wrong fuel. Is it okay to keep on going as is or do I really run the risk of damaging the car? Cheers
  19. Anyone keen on Buying a Prime example of - the V36 ? Pelase PM me.. We're moving to OZ..so sadly she has to go.. Regards.
  20. HI There, i just purchased a slightly damaged 370Gt as bit of a project. First foray into anything like this but i guess i got bored. i'm after some wheels for now so if anyone has any feel free to let me know. Based in SA. Thanks.
  21. Asking price : 12,500 ONO URGENT SALE - Will be sold Skyline 350GT V36 / Infiniti G35 Very reliable vehicle. This is the second Skyline V36 I have owned. Absolutely brilliant to drive and 0 issues compared to the BMW 3 series E46. European performance, Japanese reliability Bulletproof VQ36-HR Engine. The VQ engine series has been on Wards worlds 10 best engine for 17 years! Proof of Rock Solid Japanese Engineering. Well maintained, only original spares from City Nissan for brakes etc. Come test drive and understand how well maintained this car is. Super smooth engine. Arguably the best color combination - Pearl white exterior and Full black Leather interior. Owned from 70,000 KM 0 to 100 km/h in 5.4s Super roadholding, drives like its on rails Only the best treatment - Always Garaged. Near new Premium Hankook Ventus S1 Noble 2 tyres Always fuelled with 98 Ron fuel only. Spare interior carpet (near new) White lights - Door, Boot and Plates 2 x keys This is my pride and Joy. Super sad to see it go, only selling as I'm moving to OZ Steering wheel paddle shift controls with rev matched downshifts 18 inch Factory mags (225 front and 245 rear) ABS brakes Stability and traction control Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD) Braking Assist (BA) Sunroof VDC (stability control) Smart keyless entry Push Button START Well maintained Leather interior HDD / navigation system Heated seats Auto Seat and Steering clearance on exit - Seat and Steering moves out of your way for easy exit Bluetooth Audio and Phone connectivity Reversing and side parking cameras Super safe car - 5 STAR Emergency brake operated pre-crash seatbelt tensioners Dual xenon headlights - Active Adaptive AFS (Active Front lighting System) - follows your turn in those tight bendy roads Heated door mirrors 8 way power seats with driver memory Dual zone climate control LED tail lights Auto Shut side mirrors on remote lock Auto Angle side mirrors on Reverse Electric Steering Tilt and adjust Number plate JYE256 Kilometres 126,000km Body White, 4 door, Sedan Seats 5 Fuel type Petrol Engine 6 cylinder, 3498cc Transmission Automatic History 1 owner, Imported Registration expires Dec 2018 WoF expires This month Stereo description Factory Standard Bluetooth 9.5GB HDD - records your CDs into memory automatically ! Model detail 350GT Type SP
  22. Hi everyone, I'm a proud owner of Dragon, my '07 Nissan Skyline 370GT V36. Had this car for over 2 years now and I've been a casual lurker on this site since then. I have finally made the decision to join. I live in the Southern Brisbane area and I'm looking for places where I can take my car to receive some good loving. I love my car to bits, I take care of it really well, but I'd like to start exploring and giving it some extra care and attention by starting on some upgrades, but would like to sort out a place I can take it to with confidence. If anyone can recommend some good mechanics, tuning and detailing shops around my area, it would be highly appreciated (I have tried searching around the forums, but I'm having trouble finding any recent entries regarding this - unless I'm blind :P) Any help and/or tips would be wonderful. Thanks in advance and looking forward to conversing with the lot of you! -AC
  23. We are proud to offer Skylines Australia the worlds best priced performance coil packs. With thousands of sets sold worldwide, these are proving to be very popular and have been on the market for around 8 years now with some very impressive results. Here is what one of our happy customers had to say about them: I've been running these Yellow Jackets now for 3 months in my R33 GTR. Still no problem with spark blowout as I previously did with the old coils, and still plenty of power! Done 2 HARD track days with no problems at all. Even added extra timing. Now at 28deg at 8000rpm WOT! Over 320+kw now! I have now bought a second set of Yellow Jackets for a mates R32 GTR which had a constantly changing misfire, even after gapping the plugs to 7mm and replacing them. He wanted to upgrade the turbo's for higher boost, so I said he would have to change the coilpacks. He was dubious that this would fix ALL his problems, so the turbo's were fitted. No improvement of the misfire after installing the turbos, running them in and resetting the ECU. So I fitted the coils, gapped the plugs to 1.1, and reset the ECU. He didn't believe me that this was going to work, but low and behold, smooth idle, acceleration, and cruise! He couldn't believe the difference in the 'seat of your pants' feel in acceleration (stock boost). Going to do a dyno run soon to see what the difference at stock boost is compared to original figures. Then a re-tune and add a boost controller. Bang for buck, these Yellow Jackets cant be beat! Unfortunately, out doing a "road test" in the R33 GTR, with the street tires, and now with bucket loads of extra torque, managed to break second gear. Same sort of use/abuse with the old coils packs couldn't produce the same 4 wheel power slides, just under heavy acceleration! Luckily I had a spare gearbox, so I could make it to the track days. BENEFITS: - Increase in torque. - No spark blowout at higher boost. - Improved throttle response and smoothness. - Increased Ignition Performance. - Improved Combustion. - Direct Fit. - 2 Year Warranty. - Solid Construction. - Cost effective. SATISFACTION GAURANTEED Manufactured with Components from GE (USA), BASF (Germany) and Epoxy Resins from Switzerland. EXCLUSIVE ONLY TO PERFORMANCE-WISE --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- YELLOW JACKETS COIL PACKS PRODUCT RANGE: YELLOW JACKETS COIL PACK SET - YJ-RB202526-S1 - AU$400.00 delivered within 2-3 business days - - COMES IN A SET OF 6. - DIRECT REPLACEMENT FOR THE FOLLOWING NISSAN RB MODELS: SKYLINE R32 GTS-YHR31/HCR32/HR32-RB20DE (1989>94) SKYLINE R32 GTST/4-HCR32/HNR32-RB20DET (1989>94) SKYLINE R32 GTS25-ECR32/ER32-RB25DE (1991>93) SKYLINE R33 GTS Series 1-ENR33/ER33-RB25DE (1993>95) SKYLINE R33 GTSTSeries 1-ECR33/ER33 RB25DET (1993>95) SKYLINE R32 GTR-BNR32-RB26DETT (1989>94) SKYLINE R33 GTR-BCNR33-RB26DETT (1995>98.) STAGEA WGNC34 (AUTECH)-RB26DETT (1997) CEFIRO A31/CA31-RB20DE (1990>92) CEFIRO A31/CA31-RB20DET (1990>92) CEFIRO LA31-RB20DE (1990>94) CEFIRO LA31-RB20DET (1990>94) CEFIRO LCA31/LNA31/NA31-RB20DET (1990>94) CEFIRO EA31/ECA31-RB25DE (1992>94) LAUREL HC33/HCC33-RB20DE (1991>93) LAUREL HC33/HCC33-RB20DET (1991>93) LAUREL HC34-RB20DE (1993>94) LAUREL EC33/ECC33-RB25DE (1991>93) LAUREL GC34-RB25DE (1993>94) LAUREL GC34-RB25DET (1994) LAUREL GCC34-RB25DE (1993>94) LAUREL GCC34-RB25DET (1994>) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- YELLOW JACKETS COIL PACK SET - YJ-RB2526-S2 - AU$400.00 delivered within 2-3 business days - - COMES IN A SET OF 6. - DIRECT REPLACEMENT FOR THE FOLLOWING NISSAN RB MODELS: SKYLINE R33 GTS Series 2-ENR33/ER33-RB25DE (1995>98 ) SKYLINE R33 GTST Series 2-ECR33/ER33-RB25DET (1995>98 ) SKYLINE R34 GTR-BNR34 - RB26DETT (1999+) STAGEA WGC34 (2WD)-RB25DE (1996>97) STAGEA WGNC34 (4WD)-RB25DE (1996>97) STAGEA WGNC34 (4WD)-RB25DET (1996>98 ) CEDRIC/GROLIA ENY33-RB25DET (1997>99) LAUREL GC34-RB25DE (1994>97) LAUREL GC34-RB25DET (1994>97) LAUREL GNC34-RB25DE (1994>97) LAUREL GCC34-RB25DET (1994>97) LEOPARD JENY33-RB25DET (1997) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- YELLOW JACKETS COIL PACK SET - YJ-RB2025-N - AU$400.00 delivered within 2-3 business days - - COMES IN A SET OF 6. - DIRECT REPLACEMENT FOR THE FOLLOWING RB NEO MODELS: SKYLINE R34 GT ER34/ENR34 - RB25DE NEO (1998+) SKYLINE R34 GTT ER34 - RB25DET NEO (1998+) STAGEA WHC34 - RB20DE NEO (1997-1998) STAGEA WGC34 (2WD) - RB25DE NEO (1997+) STAGEA WGC34 (2WD) - RB25DET NEO (1998+) STAGEA WGNC34 (4WD) - RB25DE NEO (1997+) STAGEA WGNC34 (4WD) - RB25DET NEO (1998+) CEDRIC/GROLIA ENY34 - RB25DET NEO (1999+) LAUREL HC35 - RB20DE NEO (1997-1998) LAUREL GC35/GNC35 - RB25DE NEO (1997+) LAUREL GC35/GCC35 - RB25DET NEO (1997+) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- YELLOW JACKETS COIL PACK SET - YJ-RB20313233 - AU$420.00 delivered within 2-3 business days - - COMES IN A SET OF 6. (NO HARNESS ADAPTORS REQUIRED). - DIRECT REPLACEMENT FOR THE FOLLOWING RB20 MODELS: SKYLINE HR31-RB20DE (1985>89) SKYLINE HR31-RB20DET (1985>89) SKYLINE YHR31/HCR32/HR32-RB20DE (1985>89) CEFIRO A31/CA31-RB20DE (1988>90) CEFIRO A31 CA31-RB20DET (1998>90) FAIRLADY Z PZ31/PGZ31-RB20DET (1985>89) LAUREL HC32-RB20DET (1986>91) LAUREL HC33/HCC33-RB20DE (1988>91) LAUREL HC33/HCC33-RB20DET (1988>91) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- YELLOW JACKETS COIL PACK SET - YJ-SR20-S1 - AU$310.00 delivered within 2-3 business days - - COMES IN A SET OF 4. - DIRECT REPLACEMENT FOR THE FOLLOWING SR20 MODELS: SILVIA/200SX - PS13/KPS13 - SR20DET - (1991-1993) SILVIA/200SX - S14/CS14 - SR20DET - (1993-1999) 180SX - RPS13/KRPS13 - SR20DET - (1991+) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- YELLOW JACKETS COIL PACK SET - YJ-SR20-S2 - AU$310.00 delivered within 2-3 business days - - COMES IN A SET OF 4. - DIRECT REPLACEMENT FOR THE FOLLOWING SR20 MODELS: SILVIA - S15 - SR20DET - 1999-2002 X-TRAIL GT(Jap Spec) - SR20VET - 2002-2007 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- YELLOW JACKETS COIL PACK SET - YJ-CA18 - AU$310.00 delivered within 2-3 business days - - COMES IN A SET OF 4. (NO HARNESS ADAPTORS REQUIRED) - DIRECT REPLACEMENT FOR THE FOLLOWING CA18 MODELS: BLUEBIRD U13-CA18DE BLUEBIRD U13-CA18DET EXA N13-CA18DE (1987>91) EXA N13-CA18DET (1987>91) SILVIA S13/KS13-CA18DE (1988>91) SILVIA S13/KS13-CA18DET (1988>91) 180SX RS13/KRS13-CA18DET (1989>91) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- YELLOW JACKETS COIL PACK SET - YJ-VQ35-S1 - AU$400.00 delivered within 2-3 business days - - COMES IN A SET OF 6. DIRECT REPLACEMENT FOR THE FOLLOWING NISSAN MODELS: SKYLINE PV35/CPV35 (03-06) SKYLINE V35 250GT/300GT VQ25DD/VQ30DD SKYLINE V36 SEDAN (up to 2009) SKYLINE ©PV35 350GT (VQ35DE, 06/2001 - 09/2007) STAGEA NM35 250T / AR-X FOUR (VQ25DET, 10/2001 - 08/2004) STAGEA : PM35/PNM35 (01-07) INFINITI FX35 (03-08) INFINITI G35 COUPE/SEDAN (03-07) INFINITI M35 (06-08) M35 VQ25DET (06-07) FAIRLADY Z / 350Z Z33/HZ33 (Includes roadster) - (03-06) 350Z Z33 Touring Series 1 (VQ35DE, 12/2002 - 01/2007) 350Z Z33 Track, Series 1 (VQ35DE, 12/2002 - 01/2007) FUGA : PY50/PNY50/Y50 CEFIRO A33 (99-02) LEOPARD Y33 (97-99) CEDRIC Y34 (99-04) GLORIA Y34 (99-04) MAXIMA (02-08) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- YELLOW JACKETS COIL PACK SET - YJ-VQ36-S2 - AU$400.00 delivered within 2-3 business days - - COMES IN A SET OF 6. - FACTORY RUBBER BOOTS AND INTERNAL SPRINGS REQUIRED. DIRECT REPLACEMENT FOR THE FOLLOWING NISSAN MODELS: VQ35HR & VQ35DE 3.5L V6 / VQ37VHR 3.7L V6 / VR38DETT 3.8L V6 : R35 GTR VR38DETT (08-12) SKYLINE PV36/V36/NV36 SKYLINE V36 sedans PV36/KV36 (06-08)INFINITI G35 COUPE/SEDAN (03-07) INFINITI EX35 (08-Up) INFINITI G37 TEANA PJ32/J32 MURANO PZ51/PNZ51 FAIRLADY Z Z33/HZ33 350Z (Includes Roadster) - (07-08) Z34 (370Z) VQ37VHRFUGA PY50/PNY50/Y50 FX35 (09-Up) M35 (08-09) ALTIMA SEDAN (07-12) ALTIMA COUPE (08-12) MAXIMA (09-Up) MURANO (09-Up). V36 VQ37VHR (2008-Up) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- YELLOW JACKETS COIL PACK SET - YJ-VG30-S1 - AU$450.00 delivered within 2-3 business days - - COMES IN A SET OF 6. - DIRECT REPLACEMENT FOR THE FOLLOWING NISSAN MODELS: VQ Fairlady Z (300ZX) Z32/GZ32/GCZ32 - VG30DE & VG30DETT --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- YELLOW JACKETS T-SHIRT (Mens & womens) - AU$30.00 delivered - Front print - Plain back. 100% pre-shrunk cotton. Available in White or Grey only. 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  24. Hey guys New to this forum, recently bought a V36 350gt Type SP, and it has what looks to be an antenna/parking pole, in the front bumper on the passenger side. I've spent the last hour or so looking reading through owners manuals, but no luck. Does anybody know how to retract it? Currently it's up whenever the car is on and I'm finding it a bit annoying. Attached are a couple of pics. Any help would be appreciated Cheers!
  25. Anyone replaced a windscreen? is there a local equivalent? I just coped a rock through mine
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