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Found 95 results

  1. V36 Bonnets I have a brand new bonnet in box to suit V36 coupe $400.00 also a V36 sedan bonnet new, modified with a XR-8 bonnet bulge moulded on $600.00
  2. 1. Pair of Greddy cast manifolds from their VQ35DE 350z kit as seen here https://www.z1motorsports.com/forced-induction/greddy/greddy-twin-turbo-kit-350z-intercooler-p-6566.html $500 2. Cusco OS front strut brace part number 288 540 a as seen here https://conceptzperformance.com/cusco-type-os-front-strut-tower-bar-brace-infiniti-g25-g35-g37-q40-q50-q60-ex35-288-540-a_p_9888.php has been used $150 3. ATS Carbon 1.5 way diff centre suit Z33/Z34/V36 diff according to Japanese seller. Part number CNRB109130. Purchased second hand from Japan, never used in Australia $800 4. Z34 vq37 HKS oil cooler kit part number 15004-AN024. Purchased second hand from Japan, never used in Australia $650 5. Greddy easy camshafts to suit VQ35HR brand new. Direct replacement for standard $800 6. V36 sedan late model factory front lip used $250 7. M35 Stagea tail light covers. Used, Factory silver minor damage to bottom one (inside corner chipped). $100 All prices are negotiable for quick and easy sales. Located in Adelaide, shipping at buyers expense. Plenty more pics available on request.
  3. Brand new, never installed. Located in SA Make an offer
  4. Hi all, I have a couple of V36 parts for sale. 1. PV36 OEM ECU - $300. Hitachi made, test working. 2. V36 OEM Steering wheel control switches + shroud - $120. USED test working, no scratches.
  5. Hi everyone. Have been talking to a guy at the gym re the Nissan Skyline Mass Air Flow sensor on our cars after we have found that he is getting about 700km's around town whereas i am getting about 520km's around town. Same vehicle (2008 350GT S), roughly same area times of driving and similar driving styles. i've have noticed that my car is idling quite roughly and he mentioned the Mass Flow Air sensor may be stuffed and this could be causing both the economy difference and the idling problems (as per this listing on TradeMe. http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=937190669) Wondering if anyone out there can let me know if this could be an issue (have taken the AFM's out and they 'appear' to be ok - my car has just clicked over 50000km's) and worth me replacing them. I can see that there are plenty of other places online overseas selling these a whole lot cheaper than this guy. Cheers for any advise guys.
  6. Hi all, I'm sure this has been asked before on here but I cant seem to find much about it but, I've a v36 370gt coupe with the non sport non Akebono brakes and they are fine but they look boring. I've only gotten the car on the road for a few week after getting it imported over from Japan to Scotland.. So what's my options USA g37 Akebono calipers maybe? if so what all do I need to make them fit the non sport model..? Thanks for any info..
  7. I have for sale some Vic number plates for sale. Plates: GT 3700 They came of my V36 370GT Skyline. Number plates can be used for 370GT G37 Infiniti V36 Four door with the 3.7ltr $1600 ono
  8. Hi all, I'm just starting to look at twin snail power or supercharging my v36 with the vq35hr and auto box. Just wondering where is a good shop to get this done??
  9. V36 Side Mirrors Hi All, So my 2008 V36 sedan has flat glass as its side mirrors. I don't really like them and am wanting to get it changed to curved glass but it seems like nobody does this in Perth. I have emailed/called several places and so far nobody can help. Does anyone know of a shop that can do this in Perth? Cheers.
  10. Hey ya Hello everyone . I got a spv36 6 months ago and I love it . I follow some of the forum infos and gave me great help so far so thanks for all this great post . Now I will start asking questions to experiment to the car !
  11. I have used the import/export functions to update the CDDB information after loading a CD into Music Box, this is a fairly simple process, but I see there are menu options for updating the CDDB data over the internet. Does anybody know how I can get the car connected to the internet? Can I create a wifi hotspot on my phone and connect via that, or can the car connect to the internet through Bluetooth? Or is the internet connection one of those proprietary things that only work in Japan in conjunction with Carwings etc? -- 2010 370GT coupe
  12. V36 Crossover Hi Guys, Not quite a Stagea or the first car that comes to mind when you think 'wagon' but technically it is one. Due to work commitments I'm having to sell my pride and joy and am hoping it can go to someone who appreciates as much as I do: https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Nissan-Skyline-2011/SSE-AD-4531881/?Cr=1 Hit me up if you have any questions, if you're interested or know somebody else who could be. Cheers Donnie
  13. Anyone replaced a windscreen? is there a local equivalent? I just coped a rock through mine
  14. hi was wondering if its possible to remove the silver spoiler with the camera attatched in a v36 skyline i think it looks alot better without it, or if its possible to remove it and place the camera somwhere else. thank you
  15. New ECU Hi guys, I have a problem with my ECU and will look to purchase a new/used one over the next week. I am aware of the NATS issue and would need to get the ECU to talk to the BCM to get keys to work. Is the procedure the same as reprogramming "new" FOBs to work with the car? Meaning I could get Nissan to just reprogram my keys to the new ECU? Thanks
  16. 2008 V36 Impul Skyline 370gt Sedan 7sp this a very clean example of a V36 370gt skyline. this car has way too many features to list but I will try. Impul Air intake in pic Impul Cat back exhaust Impul 19in wheelsBI xenon headlights with cornering technologyGlass SunroofLeather seats electric with memory and heatedBlue tooth phone and audio playing.Reverse and side cameras7sp paddle shift auto0-100km in 5.2sI'm averaging 7l per 100km atm on premium fuelI've only had the car for a few weeks from a swap. I'm looking for a quick sale to fund my next project. car will come with rwc and a professional detail. Rego til May 17 $17000onoThrow me any cash offer Located Sunshine Coast 1hr north of Brisvegas Test your luck
  17. Hey guys have the Threebond Engine Conditioner for sale [same stuff as the Subaru UEC] As most of us know the VQ's are prone to a lot of build up in the plenum chamber and cleaning it out by stripping it down is much effort of some people. with the Threebond Engine conditioner its designed to be used to clean it up without much disassembly at all. Price: 1x $13 2x $24 3x $36 can post Australia wide for $7.50 max 3 cans Pick up Brisbane South Contact: Spencer 040070098one Some details of the Threebond Engine cleaner: Motatec Threebond Engine Conditioner (Petrol) cleans the induction system & combustion chamber on your petrol engine by removing carbon, varnish, sludge & gum all without dismantling major parts of the engine. IMPROVES PERFORMANCE REDUCES PINGING IMPROVES FUEL ECONOMY HELPS SMOOTH ROUGH IDLE REDUCES POLLUTION HELPS COMPRESSION RATIO Use every 15 000km service or 6 monthly. Suitable for vehicles with catalytic converters O2 sensor safe Use only on cable-operated throttle, if electronic throttle consult your dealer BEFORE using. NOT TO BE USED ON DIESEL ENGINES - SEE Threebond Engine Condition Diesel 3B-DEC No CFC LPG Propellant Flammable Gas 2 INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Warm engine to normal operating temperature. Shake can well. Stop engine, remove a convenient vacuum hose from intake manifold/throttle body. Spray for approx. 15 seconds. Allow to stand for 5 minutes before proceeding to next step. Start engine and accelerate enough so that the engine doesn't stall. Empty remainder of can into intake manifold/throttle body. When can is nearly empty stop engine and allow remainder of conditioner to sit for a further 5 minutes. Re-attach vacuum hose. Start vehicle and run for minimum 2 minutes before road testing vehicle.
  18. Hi guys, I've recently bought a 2008 370gt v36 import and it's been running like a dream. Then earlier this week while sitting at a set of lights, this van in front of me starts rolling backwards towards me (moron didn't have the handbrake on and didn't realise he was moving backwards). I beeped several times but eventually his tow bar hit me in the center of the number plate. It looked like a small bend in the number plate (no apparently damage to the actual car) and I bent it back very easily, but since then the car just doesn't feel the same; slight hesitation off the mark; movement at low revs doesn't feel the same. It's fine if I punch it into the higher rev range, it accelerates smoothly once you hit it hard, but at low speeds something feels inconsistent. Does anyone have any ideas about whether there's a sensor behind that front number plate that somehow affects revs, and what (if anything) I can do to get things running smoothly again? Any advice appreciated. Mark
  19. Hi guys I've seen a couple of threads on this subject but none that answered my specific question. I've had my 2009 370GT (7 speed auto) sedan for over 3 years and 20,000km now and ever since I bought her I've only ever used 91 petrol (the same as I did for my V35 300GT) because I never did any investigating. I have never had any problems running on 91 - she runs smoothly and perfectly, does 0-100 in 5.5 sec, no pinging, rough running etc, and I can consistently get over 600km on a tank with a motorway, city, cruisy and wheel spinning mix of driving. It was only researching about doing an oil change myself (and downloading a US Infiniti G37 manual) that I came upon the concerns about using the wrong fuel. Is it okay to keep on going as is or do I really run the risk of damaging the car? Cheers
  20. Anyone keen on Buying a Prime example of - the V36 ? Pelase PM me.. We're moving to OZ..so sadly she has to go.. Regards.
  21. FM Stations Hi guys. As you know the stock V36 radio only covers up to FM 88.0 I get three more stations over '100', inc. 107 WSFM in Sydney via my HD TV receiver. I note that the TV 'stations' in Japanese are pre-set on the screen currently. Would it be possible to tune this item to get even more radio stations?
  22. v36 370gt SP 2012 55th Limited Edition - 44k Up for sale is my 55th limited addition Skyline 370GT SP model. This model was released to celebrate 55 years of skylines. See the bottom of the add for further details on the history. This car was a private import with all paper work including deregistration and auction papers to show the that it has genuine KM's. The car is in great condition, it has a scratch on one door and a black mark on the rear seats. I'm only selling due to getting a house deposit together and i'm not using it. Features: Limited edition Dark purple metalic paint. (The car appears black when in the shade but a purple when under light.) Limited edition 55th Anniversary red leather seats with Skyline 1957 embroided on them SP model 7 speed auto with paddle shift 19" Factory Alloys Sun Roof Bose stereo system with Bluetooth Rear and Side cameras Heated Seats 2 Smart Key fobs All paperwork from japan 44,000km's Price: $28,000 Write up on the Special Edition: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. (Yokohama, Japan) announced on February 10, 2012 that it will start sales on the “55th Limited” Edition of the Skyline coupe. This limited edition of the Skyline marks the 55th anniversary of the car since its birth in 1957. Nissan Motor Co., Ltd (Japan) also stated that a limited number of 55 units will only be available throughout the nation. The Skyline “55th Limited” edition will be released under the “370GT Type SP” with both automatic and manual transmissions. With the base of “370 GT Type P”, the Skyline “55th Limited” edition comes with an “Anniversary Brilliant Red” colored genuine leather seats (including heating function). Additionally, a key highlight in the interior is that the front seats have an embroidered logo “Skyline Since 1957” in them. This model will be sold exclusively with only 55 units and the timeline is set until April 30, 2013. However, if the orders received are greater than 55 units prior to this date, further orders will not be accepted. At the Nissan Ginza, Nagoya and f*kuoka galleries, Skyline 55th Anniversary events will take place exhibiting the Skyline “55th Limited” edition. Each day 55 lucky attendants stand the chance of winning presents through quizzes and raffles. For more information, please visit the Nissan gallery web site.
  23. Hi All, I needed a new door actuator as my central locking stopped working. I have a v36 2010. I decided to give Infiniti Sydney a call and they were most helpful. I was expecting to get ripped but their prices were reasonable and they know the V36 inside-out. I was also concerned that they might be anti-import, but that wasn't the case. They love the cars and want new business. I got them to service the car and put in 4 brake pads as well. They did a basic service for $350, but also took the time to fix some rattles and check everything was all good. All in all I was really impressed and I recommend them. There's no bullshit and they don't try and rip you. I asked them not to be telling me my discs needed to be rotored as they looked clean and they agreed it was not necessary. Anyway, if you want to book something in, just text the Service Manager Tony on 0438 888 140 and he will sort you out.
  24. Hopefully an easy one, I've attempted to change the time in my V36 however have been unsuccessful. I have followed: www.skyline-gt.com/filedump/v36-translation2.pdf but from what I have seen on the screen, only the gmt offset can be changed, changing it to 12 hr, or 24 hr view and turning off the clock entirely Does anyone know how to change the time? Cheers
  25. Hey guys, Just recently reached 100k on my 2006 V36 350gt Skyline. Motor is VQ35HR. Just wondering what is required for the Major service? Or if anyone has any suggestions on parts or where to buy? Thanks in advance
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