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Found 40 results

  1. Just stumbled across this on YouTube. Looks both cool but also a little over the top.
  2. I got my exhaust manifold resurfaced so I thought I'd make a video of the removal process. Let me know if it's good or sh#t. I'm no mechanic or expert in RB's (or any motors), I just use google and use my mechanical mind... Tutorial was done on my 1998 R34 GTT RB25Det Neo (Hypergear Highflow turbo with stock exhaust manifold).
  3. THR34T

    Just finished up another video on a friend's immaculate R35 GTR! check it
  4. CRSKmD

    unsure if there is a better place to share this... But here is a video i put together of a very clean late model R32 GTR. Strongly suggest using good speakers or headphones. Enjoy!
  5. For anyone who has lived in Japan, or close to the scene, what do the japanese tuners think of the V35? There seems to be pretty limited application in terms of togue, drift and time attack from my limited research on YouTube/Internet. It would seem they get no love compared to their predecessors? A couple of interesting videos that I found: Drift: Time attack:
  6. So much OH MY GOD! Absolutely in love with this! It belongs to Sung Kang.
  7. Very cool little video with some meditation basics.
  8. This is awesome. I love the camera under the bonnet showing the suspension.
  9. Hi Guys, We made a short video that will be featured on our upcoming blog titled "Cars Food and Stuff". We wanted to interview people and their cars for their story so we started with one of mine! Its not perfect, but its a start. Please view it and share it (constructive comments are welcome in the forum). We really want to get this out there! Thanks so much!
  10. Nissan Australia has announced it will use a tribute livery on its Altima at Bathurst to pay respects to Jim Richards' HR31 win in 1990. (Super cool to see Jim Richards in his old race suit also.) Considering last year they ran with the 1984 Bluebird livery... Does that mean that we'll see the R32 GTR livery next year?
  11. This is nuts! Watch on your phone and turn the phone to change the angle of the video. OR, use your Google Cardboard for the best experience.
  12. Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone knows what format the V36 plays on the onscreen display? Tried .avi, .mp4, none of them work by the CF memory card playback, or would the screen only play when it is copied over to the Harddrive
  13. Do you love BTTF? I'm so pumped for 21st of Oct!!! This is so awesome.
  14. Calsonic R32 on-board Enjoy
  15. Precision 6266 .81 A/R T4 single scroll @ 17psi. Stock motor, stock cams. I'm hoping when I put my HKS Step 1 272 cams in it, will make a little bit of difference with spool up.
  16. Awesome "truck turbo" equipped M5 out runs Veyron.
  17. ssxRicho

    For future event dates see
  18. Within a few seconds you see that this guy is a knuckle dragging fool and needs a pickup, not a Ferrari.
  19. So there's a new graphics card announced... NVidia Titan Z "Nvidia has revealed its latest ultra high-end graphics card, dubbed the Titan Z. It packs two of the company's top-end GK110 GPUs onto a single board - the same chip that powers Titan Black, the fastest single GPU graphics card on the market today. We're looking at a mammoth 12GB of GDDR5 memory (6GB per GPU) married up with a total of 5760 CUDA cores - 2880 per chip. It's unclear right now exactly how fast the chips run: Nvidia's last dual-GPU product - the GeForce GTX 690 married up two GTX 680s onto a single board, but saw clock-speeds reduced in order to fit within a reasonable power/heat profile. Nvidia says that the Titan Z is rated at eight teraflops, while a single Titan Black ranks at 5.1TF, strongly suggestive of a downclock. However, while Nvidia isn't talking clock-speeds, it is known that the Titan Z uses the fastest 7GHz GDDR5 the firm has available."
  20. THR34T

    Hey guys, I've started producing videos every week as a hobby on mates cars, organising some big things to make some epic quality videos. This is probably by far the biggest one i have made yet. Thanks to a bunch of mates who are SAU members on here! They made what i wanted to achieve possible!! Apologises for the facebook link as it is the only thing i have uploaded it on! Please feel free to leave me feedback along with like/sharing the video Muchly appreciated!
  21. This is the NZ version, its being used by Transport NSW. Interestingly the first thing I noticed was the Stagea!! But, wow, this ad has some serious impact. I'm impressed that we're using ads that make a strong statement now and not ads like "Speeding? You're in our sights." puke. What do you think?