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Found 40 results

  1. If anyone needs the complete english Workshop manual for this engine i have it and am happy to share it with you, in pdf form. Cooling system https://ufile.io/7b31q Engine control https://ufile.io/ltv1r Engine Mechanical https://ufile.io/8ygvm Exhaust https://ufile.io/fny97 Lubrication https://ufile.io/ao98k Starting system https://ufile.io/znhl7 says it will expire in 30days let me know if you need it reuploaded. please keep it on the dl as not sure about the legalities behind sharing it.
  2. nm35 aftermarket front grill! Aftermarket grill to suit nm35 stagea, Not series 1, maybe series 2 and Autec Axis. I tried on mine series1 and the mounting holes (body clips) line up, the bottom part might need trimming to suit. Pick up Sth East Melb, $150 negotiable.
  3. Hi guys sorry but im new to the vq25 engine and the m35 stageas i had a series 1 stagea 10 years ago so my knowledge us very rusty.. Can anyone please tell me whst these are and what they do? Also as theres no stock boost gauge where is the best place to fit a boost gauge??? Any photo if possible would help dramatically
  4. Engine is running poorly, and OBD said that the signal from the MAF was 0.0. I replaced the MAF insert (22680-6N21A), and its still 0.0. Inlet temp sensor works with old and new insert. So either the problem is; 1. ODB misreporting MAF signal, and there's some other issue that doesn't trigger a CEL 2. new MAF is dead 3. wiring issue I'm starting with looking at #3.There's 5 pins on the connector to the MAF. I've measured resistance to ground with ignition off, and then voltage with ignition on. Pin - resistance - volts w/ Ign on 1 - infinite - 5 2 - 111 - 12 3 - 0 - 0 4 - infinite - 5 5 - infinite - 0 Does anyone know the MAF pinout? Where is the ECU? I've got an ECU pinout from here, so i could check the MAF to ECU wiring.
  5. Brendons M35 build Thought I'd create a mini build thread on my progress with my first foray into Nissan wagon life and also a place to ask questions/path to follow. I bought the car with f**ked coil packs so I picked it up cheap off some Indian guy. Put a new set of coil packs in and all was sweet for the next 6 months . . . https://imageshack.com/i/pnV0vOWcj https://imageshack.com/i/pltD8QHij https://imageshack.com/i/popQVxMsj I noticed an oil leak from the passenger side that was slowly getting worse and traced it back to the oil feed line. Ah well no biggy, just an easy fix or so I thought! Having not worked on a VQ before, it wasn't until later on I discovered you can't get the line off without pulling the whole turbo Since the car wasn't far off 200k and the turbo had begun the Dyson whine song, I frantically searched for a new turbo. Scotty to the rescue with a Billet Intense he had spare that got to me in 4 days. In the mean time while the car was off the road I set about fabbing up a 3" bellmouth dump pipe. Then followed it up with a 3"-2.5" intake pipe. (Still need to weld on BOV return bung) And this weekend just gone I fabbed up a 3" catless exhaust system to finish it all off. I picked up 7psi of boost without touching a thing, so it's stuck on 21psi with standard injectors and pump. I've hit up Christian to see if it's possible to run the car safely at this level on 98 with his flash tune, otherwise I will probably put a hi-flow cat in to drop the boost a little. I've got a few other things in the works but all in due time!
  6. Hey guys and girls, It's a sad day but I've got to let it go as I've bought a tow car and can no longer keep the Stagea. I bought the car from Northshore Prestige back in 2011 (65,000km). Been looked after and undercover all its life here, serviced every 5000km. it has 11months Rego and is priced to sell. $12,000. (204kw@w & 750nm - Still on stock turbo @ 16psi) I'll start off with the extra's: Freeway Dolphin vented bonnet $1000ono G37 Akebono Brakes $2000ono HKS F-con V-pro ECU with PnP loom $1750ono the following list comes with the car......... K&N airfilter with custom power duct airbox mod. Scotty's Custom 3" Dump pipe. Full SS X-force 3" exhaust with 100cell cat, resonator and muffler with dual tips. BC Racing Coilovers, Whiteline Swaybars & Underbody bracing. 17mm Phenolic intake spacer with ceramic coated intake & pipes. Transgo Shift Kit with B&M trans cooler and thermo fan. (80deg) HDi 3" Intercooler Kit. Mishimoto Radiator and 76deg Nismo thermostat. Scotty's Water coolant mod (opens up the rear water gallery on the back of the block) Daleo's Custom 2.5" suction pipe. Scotty's custom 16PSI wastegate actuator. Turbosmart Dual port BOV. 18x8" Koya RG-Tek rims with RE003's 350Z 3.08:1 LSD diff HKS? Sandwitch plate and B&M oil cooler with thermo fan. (80deg) Power steering cooler. Blacked out AXIS grill / Blacked out front headlights. AXIS body kit with flairs. Nismo rear tailgate wing. V35 Facia with Kenwood DDX4031 Cd player/ Sat Nav/ Bluetooth etc etc AXIS floor mats & leather everything. Rear boot mat with pull out cover. Service history summarized. LSD diff service and installed with new fluid 10/2013 Gearbox flushed 112,500km 4/2016 Rocker cover gaskets replaced 4/2016 Coolant flush & Oil/filter 112,500 4/2016 Spark plugs & Oil/filter 120,000km 4/2017 K&N filter (after the BMC filter died) 124,500km 10/2017 Brake Fluid flush 124,500km 10/2017 Oil & filter 129,000km 2/2019 the belts have been replaced haven't noted down when but lubed every 5000km O2 sensor & AFM replaced 2017 New battery in 2017. New front disc's in 2017. I have a new pollen filter which hasn't been installed yet. and if your still reading: 2011 - all mod's except ECU 176kw@w on the DVS dyno 2012 - it made 204kw@w on the DVS dyno with a guess of 750nm of torque. 2012 - WISD 1/4 mile - 13.9sec (i think it was at 140km/h) 2014 - SMSP South Circuit - 1:08 with Nitto Semi slick's Hopefully i've covered everything but feel free to email me or send a msg (can't answer during business hours) tmuuldriks at gmail.com 0412 zero seven three 215 Thanks Theo.
  7. Got a bit of an issue. 2 days ago I noticed my motor is making a noticeable 'clackkk' sound at 1500rpm, under no load. I only noticed it because I was standing beside the car, with the bonnet open, gently revving the motor. The 'clackkk' sound comes from the top of the motor (not from the front under the cam chain cover) and occurs whether I stab the throttle or increase revs gradually. It happens as it passes through 1500rpm. It's predictable and repeatable. I've never heard this sound while inside the car with the bonnet closed. So I don't know if it's happening while driving and/or with the engine under load. I thought, since it happens only at 1500rpm, that it might be the CVCT system. But that is Continuously Variable. So I'm thinking there should be no single point or RPM value at which the VCT 'switches' the timing. Car is an NM35 with VQ25DET, Hypergear turbo, all supporting cooling, exhaust, & fuel mods for 270kw atw, inc. lots of Scotty parts, and eManage Ultimate ECU. Can anyone help me with knowledge, experience, diagnostic advice?
  8. Not needed as I only wanted the surround for double din. No scratches or cracks on it. Not too sure if the boost and torque gauges work as my car is an AR-X, but the voltage and illumination works. $40 posted Australia wide. Contact Brendon on 0402 seven zero two 102
  9. As stated I have a used Scotty's dump and front pipe with 100cel cat to suit M35, NM35 Stagea. $700 pick up Sth East Melb Cheers
  10. Want to Buy. Looking for left rocker cover for Stagea NM35 VQ25DET. parts code 13264+A parts no 13264-AL611 Same part no. as for V35 Skyline (01-07), Y34 Cedric/Gloria, and F50 Cima.
  11. Just bought my first Stag and needs the valve stem seals replaced as blowing a bit of smoke on start up and on deceleration. I am quite mechanically minded and taken automotive classes at college etc and have mates that know a lot more about cars that can help me. Just wondering if anyone has any handy info for me (vids of people doing it, tips and general knowledge etc) that they would like to share to make the process a little easier. Even brands or websites you recommend to get the gaskets and seals from, or if i need any specific tools for the job? ( a valve spring compressor tool that will fit?) Thank in Advance.
  12. Standard M35 stagea apart from Bc racing gold coilovers.New discs and pads 3 months ago, serviced every 5k with penrite full synth.90k on the clock. Inspections welcome.No rego or RWC. 4.5k ONO Brisbane, Everton Hills area. 0418374472All offers considered. Cheers
  13. Hey guys, Just hit 240000kms and need to replace my turbo. (VQ25DET) I've enjoyed my Stagea for 7 years now and I'm not that keen to get rid of her just yet or spend mega $$$ I'm located in Sydney, does anyone have and recommendations or has been down this road? Any advice would be greatly appreciated Cheers
  14. Aftermarket Alloy Koyo Rad M35 Large Koyo alloy radiator. Comes with modded airbox, stock trimmed shroud and GTR clutch fan. Will not fit vq25det fitted m35 without using the above (may not require modded airbox if using a pod filter). $400
  15. Blow turdbo? M35 Hey guys looks like another victim of the dreded vq25det gremlins cars decided to chuck in the CEL which read as cam angle sensor (faulty plug that was retesioned until new plug arrived) car ran fine even with CEL on until one day when i parked it up, car started fine but had VERY min power and absolutely zero boost took to my auto elec and once again cam angle code came up and clearest but still no boost my question is does it sound like turbo if cars done 75,000km regularly serviced stock boost and no sign of mechanical failure while driving (no smoke or breaking sounds) also car still idles really smooth and drives fine minus boost !!! had a quick check over pipes except from turbo and they seem to be all connected HELP IM POOR and really don't want to replace turbo right now !! 😂😂😂
  16. How does NATS work? engine conversion ecu/bcm matching? Hi all have now got the VQ25det in and turning over and priming fuel off the key although no spark. still using the original key and ignition Barrel and BCM not from the donor M35. We have these items from the donor car but do not have a matching BCM to go with the ECU from the donor car. How does bcm matching work in these cars? does key/ barrel and bcm all sync to tell ecu not to immobilise? assuming it needs the key to match barrel and then both these to match the BCM and ECU? Has anyone had to get a new bcm and had it programmed? If the new ecu from the donor car doesn't match the original bcm in the car i assume it wont let the car start. Is it possible to reset or reprogram the original BCM to match the new stock ecu from the car the motor is going into? The v35 bcm and m35 bcm have slightly different pinouts on the bcm so am hoping either there is a way to have the old bcm communicate with the new ecu. essentially can a locksmith make this work/ programming or some kind of NATS block? Short of going aftermarket ecu im out of ideas with this f**king car haha.
  17. 2002 M35 Stagea ARX Four Nissan Stagea M35 ARX four. Has all of the nice features of an M35 such as full leather interior, VQ25 turbo engine, 4wd, HICAS, since it's an ARX four also factory MOMO steering wheel and 18 inch alloys. Has plenty of tasteful mods including: 3" dump and quiet straight through stainless exhaust, HKS type S intercooler, custom 3" stainless intake pipe, Garrett GT3071R turbo, cooling system mod and thermo fan conversion, LPG gas injection system, heavy duty tow bar. Awesome fast wagon and cheap to run on LPG. Just needs a computer and tune to maximize potential! 215000 k's Brisbane south side, Contact Lenny 0431 301 320 Negotiable at $8500
  18. NM35 VQ25DET Camshaft Rattle Post Senor Replacement Hi All Just replaced the 2 camshaft position sensors on my old mans NM35 Stage (VQ25DET) and now the car is getting a rattle at circa 2000RPM from what appears to be the camshafts. I have read that this can be caused by using oil that is too thin, or the spring return within the variable cam timing assembly failing. Prior to going down the path of the variable cam timing assembly, we will be trying an oil change but was also curious if maybe the replacement of the camshaft sensors requires a camshaft re-learn procedure and is there anyway to do this without a Consult 3? Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
  19. Underpowered M35 Hi guys, New to stageas (and turbos) just bought an axis M35 VQ25DET. I have noticed that the car has a rather rough idle, doesn't appear to be making any boost but don't have a boost gauge to verify that and tends to jerk around when driving. My guess is a blown turbo. Has anyone else had these symptoms? Going to take it in to get looked at when I have some time off. Thanks guys
  20. vq25det Nm35 Stagea vq25det stage 1 ecu reflash exchange. 23710-AQ806 This is an exchange service that requires your standard computer. Features: ⏺ Remapped throttle control ⏺ Remapped gear pressure targets for quicker shifting at wot ⏺ Rev limiter increase please (specify rev limit or will be set to 7,000rpm ⏺ Removal of 180km speed limit (no more requirement for hks sld) ⏺ Optimise evct timing. Intake cam timing is advanced harder and earlier and will continue until turbo is making boost. (Specify turbocharger size otherwise timing will be changed to suit standard turbo). ⏺ Increased ignition timing for stock-lightly modified stageas. (Exhaust, intercooler, dump pipe and 98ron). ⏺ Modified fuel curve to suit 98 octane improved high end fueling targets over standard. ⏺ Increased boost response and higher Quick turn around time For off street and closed circuit use only. itsrom@tpg.com.au
  21. Pearcey

    My NM25 build

    Now apart of the stagea family Hi all, Been apart of this forum for a few years now which has been very valuable after owning a couple R34s in the past. Times have changed and I need something practical for work, fun and wouldn't break the bank, so long behold I just put a deposit on a stagea! Car is in great nick and has a fair few goodies on it according to one of my mates that also own's an NM35. Only downside is that it has the dreaded turbo whine not excessively loud and still performs fine, which I expected from any M35 that hadn't had its turbo rebuilt at some point and allowed for in my budget. What i wanted to know is if someone could give me a brief run down on there experience and whats involved in removing the turbo without pulling the motor (special tools required, part removal sequence). Car also has one of scottys dump pipes. I haven't had a chance to look under the car yet to see whats required but when the time comes I plan on posting a detailed DIY seeing as no ones done it yet. Cheers,
  22. M35 VQ25det Impul ECU Impul ecu for M35. Rarely pop up for sale and correct for the vq25det. Picks up power everywhere in the rev range. Much better throttle control and response, meaty mid range and a good top end increase. Great upgrade. $950
  23. CHEAP M35 STAGEA MAKE AN OFFER!!! Imported in 2012 198,000km VQ25det 4WD Nismo Exhaust Nismo Bodykit (front bar, side skirts,read bar & spoiler) Brand new Hypergear Highflow turbo Front mount Intercooler RS*R Coilovers Dark Tint 18" cosmic venerdis (good tyres) OEM Tinted weather shields Sound system including: 2 Tv's,double din headunit,2 capacitors, Moulded speakers and sub, all pioneer done prior to importation. Currently not starting due to needing a new Body Control Module (~$300) MAKE AN OFFER!!! ALL OFFERS CONSIDERED!!! Worst I can say is no!
  24. Emanage map sensor woes So im trying to sort out this emanage and I cant get a clean map signal. I have read lots about what others have done on other cars however i am looking for what people have done soecificly on their vq's to rectify this issue. obviously the tune is loading multiple cells and not running properly. Fuel filters Plastic lines Snubbers Mig tips Long hoses.. What has everyone done? black is boost red rpm orange is timing
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