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  1. Hi All! Just a quick one - I am installing the OEM GTT triple gauge pod into my NA-T converted R34 however am having some trouble. I found a post on this website about how to do it, including the wiring diargam but I do not have the wiring loom for these gauges, especially the plug which goes into the back of them. If anyone has this plug/wiring loom I would be more than happy to purchase it off you so do let me know! Failing finding a plug, is there any other way to get these gauges to work? Any help would be hugely appreciated! Nihal
  2. Attached is an Excel document which I painstakingly put together by hand, as I found some R34 GTT diagrams out on the internet either completely unavailable (bodyloom/m53/f3 plug) or unreliable (ecu pinouts) Ive sacrificed an entire engine loom to get this mapped out correctly and Ive taken the liberty to add in all wire colours. The first worksheet in the document is of what I call the 'body loom' plug or 'M53' or 'F3' plug if you are familiar with other Nissan looms. This takes all input/output from the ecu to non-engine related things. In the case of the R34 this is things like the auto trans control, traction control, dashboard outputs and inputs and power/switch feeds and triggers. I required a pinout of this plug as when going a full wire-in aftermarket ECU, many of your connections will be made at this plug. Nowhere on the internet could I find a correct pinout of one of these for an R34 GTT. The second worksheet in the document is a standard ER34 (auto) ECU pinout, with all pins labelled as to their function and also the wire colour. Enjoy, I hope this helps anyone who needs it. R34Pinouts_Final.xlsx
  3. I have a Clarion Radio/Cassette in an Aus delivered GTR. It was fitted by Nissan Australia as OEM in 1992. Part Number PN9325I. I'm looking for a schematic for the radio as it has an internal problem. Tried Clarion in Aus and Japan. Drawing is of pin specs looking at the back of the radio. Any advise appreciated. Radio pin ins..pdf
  4. Firstly Hi all, I have my project C33 laurel which was running the RD28 motor doing a 25DET conversion. Pertty much everything is done except the wiring, I have changed fuse box loom (from RB20E A31 cefiro) and cabin/dash loom (from RB20E C33 laurel). I have mannaged to get power to the dash and interior (windows, lights, heaters etc) but not getting any power to my ECU. Anyone able to help or guide as to what i may possibly doing wrong? cheers
  5. Hi all. I have bought a wideband. Bosch 0 258 007 200. Its a 5 wire wideband, does anyone know how to wire it into a haltech pro plug in? Thought it would just be a signal, power and ground?? Any help would be great
  6. Hi, I've been searching with no luck around the web, I'm trying to find out pinouts on the f3 plug for an engine conversion if anyone can have a look or trace the ecu plug to the f3 plug just need vss speed/ revs/mil / dash temp and ignition might aswell put fuel pump for future reference for others just doing a engine conversion sold the main engine loom with the engine I am pretty sure yellow/green is speed and yellow/red is rpm not sure on mil light or temp any help would be wonderful thanks
  7. good day old chums so, if like me, you're running a few accessories like EBC, datalogger, knocklight, AFC, they will need tapping into signals like rpm and throttle, etc, off the ecu. Query is, if you run multiple taps into the ecu's rpm wire for example, does the signal strength weaken as it's run off to multiple sources, or will the ecu wire and all associated devices get a full strength signal? thank u
  8. Like the title says, ISO wiring diagram for the A/T R32 4 speed. I can't seem to find one anywhere. Since I can't find the harness, I'm going to see if I can just snip some connectors off of my old chassis harness and re-pin them for the various wires. If anyone's got a lead on the diagram that'd be amazing. Also, can someone throw up a picture of their fuse box? There's 4 plugs on the side for the autos, I want to see what plugs go where. I'm assuming 3 plugs are for the transmission inputs since there's 3 sets of wires, the other plug I'm assuming is either alternator or something else? Thanks!
  9. Need help: R32 GTS short circuit (car won't start) 1991 R32 GTS Manual I was cleaning up wiring in my car as almost all r32 wiring is molested, i had took off plenty of old wires that were already cut and not in use and when i finished my car wouldn't start, i checked my fuse box and my shift lock fuse had blown, i replaced it and it had blown again and i could hear a short circuit, i do not know what to do now.
  10. Fuel pump not receiving power hey guys, so i have recently starting working on my 98 four door i have gotten it turning over with the starter but it is getting no fuel. i pulled the pump and have found a replacement for it, ready to go but decided to test the connections and found there is no power. i have traced it back, checked fuses, got to the relay and found there is only one relay and two terminals. so questions are: is the fuel pump relay in the boot behind the brake lights? the color of the cable running to the pump and to these terminals seem to be different how do i tell if a relay is working? i have a multimetre but i am only getting continuity on some posts. do both connections require a relay?
  11. Hi, If some one have/had gauge like this can tell me how to connect it properly? I have 2 connectors, 1 is for gauge and I connect all wires, 1 is for sensor and from sensor connector i have 3 free wire: gray, green, and brown. The problem is my Warning don't work, I set it from behind at 2.0 bar but when i test and pump over 2 bar the red LED doesn't blink And when i connect brown wire to black wire from gauge it blink all time. So my question is how to connect it properly ?
  12. Hey guys, been trawling through every forum trying to find diagrams and pictures to help with wiring an auto to manual conversion for my R34 GTT. Have done everything apart from wiring. I have read a thread but had no pictures. Think I've done all the gearbox wiring correctly, however, struggling to find the inhibitor switch. Anyone who's done this should be able to help me? Some are saying inhibitor switch is by the fuse box but still unsure? Thanks in advance.
  13. HELP! I've spent the past week trying to nut this shit out, but I'm getting no where. To skip over a lot of details and cut RIGHT to the chase. I am trying to complete my stereo install on my 1989 R31 GXE. I have re-run speaker wiring to doors/parcel shelf etc. I cannot for the LIFE of me (Without fear frying my head-unit) figure out which is 12V constant. And Which is 12v Accessories/Ignition. After looking on multiple pages/sites/forums, I now know that BLUE/BLACK are the Accessories/Ignition & WHITE/GREEN is 12V Constant. However, I have 2 white/green and 2 black/blue wires: Also I was told investing in a Voltage Tester would help. I have uploaded a picture of the one I have which works on 240V accessories but will not register ANY current on any of the wires on my car. Is this perhaps due to the type of Tester I have, as it doesn't have a "ground lead"? So ultimately, buying the tester has gotten me no further along with something that should be so simple. If anyone at ALL can help me with nutting out these last 2 wires, it'd mean the world.
  14. (R34 nissan skyline gtt) Hey guys, The question is, is there any ACC power supply, ignition, cables that run through the engine bay anywhere!! i can use rather then feeding through the firewall and entering the cabin to connect? This may seem a stupid question but i cant find r34 wiring diagrams anywhere! My clutch on my radiator fan has broken and my radiator is wrecked so im installing a new radiator and switching to thermo fans instead. Now i have wired all of my cables correctly using the davies craig wiring instructions so all im looking for is an external ignition cable, I dont know if there is one but if there is it would save me a bunch of hassle. Any help would be much appreciated! Also if anyone is thinking of doing the same i couls upload photos of what i have done and show you how. Thanks guys!
  15. Hi guys, I am fitting an RB25DET 3 pin pink label AFM to an SR20DET. The plug I have for the RB AFM is not an original RB25 plug and so the colours are different. Therefore I can't distinguish which is ground, signal and power as all topics online state wire type based on colours. I need to know in which position they are so I can determine how to wire it up on SR loom. Can someone please show me a photo of an RB25 3 pin AFM plug showing which colour is in which position coming out of the plug please? I could not find a clear image anywhere Cheers Ads
  16. Ok guys im new to this site and im in the need of help.. I need the pinout for the F3 plug on the wiring harness so i can complete my swap into my s13.... and if any of you guys have a write up or can point me the right direction that would be greatly appreciated... Thanks in advance
  17. Hi everyone, as the title states im after a r32 gtr rb26 coilpack wiring loom. I can pick up any day but before 1PM, or can pay postage. Preferably VIC but interstate willing to freight will also be considered. In a hurry so no time wasting, cash waiting.
  18. Hi, Seeing this is my first post, I better say it's great to be here. Sorry my first post is regarding a problem. I've recently been taking my interior more or less apart. Doing this, I found a KMH to MPH converter connected behind my cluster. This is what it looks like disconnected. Clearly it is AFM. Probably installed by the guy who had the car before me. I took it out due to two reasons. 1. I would like it in km/h if possible. 2. I didn't like the quality of the install. The green and red wire goes directly onto the cluster - Two screws securing it. They are located around the back of the speedometer. The blue wire goes from the black PIN-connector (Upper row, 2nd from middle). Original wire is grey with 2 red lines. Yellow wire goes from the bundle of cables which is behind the cluster. Also grey with 2 red lines. The converter says as follows: Red: 12v Green: Earth Yellow: KMH signal input Blue: MPH signal output I am not a 100% sure the yellow wire goes from the bundle and the blue from the PIN. Perhaps it's the other way around. If necessary, I will naturally make sure as soon as I am at the car (it's parked in a garage for the winther). I've had a voltmeter onto where the yellow cable was connected - With the engine running it occasionally gave a small reading. Note: It was only in idle. Is it possible to just connect the 4 wires (2 from the car, 2 from the speedo-cluster) to get a KMH signal, or should I just reinstall the converter? Furthermore, how should the 4 wires be connected to one another? Car spec: Skyline R33 GTST S2 Haven't been able to find any answer. I hope I'm not asking a stupid question. Any help is much appreciated.
  19. in need of some help... i was tapping into the two wires that go the the little light around the barrel and i had bumped the two together coursing it to arc out... since then my light dose not work after i have changed the bulb and checked all the fuses and there was none that where blown, where do these two wires go as i was wondering if there is a fuse down the line or dose it go to a relay i am now dumb founded and at ends with it frustrated and ready to burn it, iv tried to track the wires but loose the after about 4' coz it goes into the big loom with all the ignition wires any help will be a advantage P.S reason i was tapping into them was coz i was steeling the power to run my led floor lights as the light that gos around the barrel times out once the doors are shut
  20. Hey guys, as you can see there is a few quite alot of wiring action going on at the back the engine, Has anyone relocated these sensors/plugs or what ever they are ect? Im thinking they're in a vulnerable spot in terms of getting to hot considering they're jammed up at the back of then engine bay around the cam covers. any advice on how to get these sh**ts out of the way would be much appreciated Can anyone tell me where and how to relocate all these wires!? it just looks messy!
  21. so i got a AEM boost and oil temp gauge, can i use the old stock gauge wiring to wire in my new gauges
  22. Anyone know the colors of the wires going to the washer motor for the front window? Previous owner of my car have messed with the wirings and also moved it to opposite side in the engine bay and i need to get it to work properly else it wont get approved. Its a Skyline R34GTT
  23. Hey guys, I've searched and searched google and this forum, but have not been able to find what I'm looking for. Either it doesn't exist, or I'm just asking the wrong people! lol I'm trying to figure out some of the wiring in my R34 GTT, and cannot find pinout info for any of the plugs for the chassis, more specifically in the engine bay. There are two plugs attached to the fuse box, and I'd like to know where each of the wires goes. I've found some for the power steering solenoid, and for the oil light and battery light, but I don't know what the others do. I'm also trying to figure out where the signal wire for the coolant temp indicator terminates in the engine bay. Is there a plug somewhere, or does it go directly to the connector on the sensor? If anyone has pin information for the connectors in the engine bay, I'd really appreciate a share. Thanks!
  24. R33 Air Mix Door - plug wires Hi, Can some one show me correct/working plug pins in air mix door unit? I have swapped wires in my plug and cant adjust cold/hot air
  25. 2001 nm35 stagea Hi all i apologise if there is a post about this somewhere but im in a bit of a rush. Im after a wiring diagram or a photo of the wiring on the ccu-3072v navagation system, the ground wire came out of the harness and there is too many empty holes for extra wires it both plugs. Tia
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