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Std Ecu Vs Mines Etc


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Silly question time again.... since swapping back to the Std ECU from the mine's, i've noticed a few things and was after some answers!

The car is a R33 SII, '96. T3/4 Hybrid Turbo, 17/255's on the rear (Yokie Advan's) - Currently running at 12 psi boost, FMIC, Boxed Pod, Fuel reg.

Last dyno - 197rwkw, with the mines, running quite rich.

Ughknown exactly what the turbo is, will know next major service, and i'll have it out. Low mount, with what looks like a nissan badged actuator (goldish coloured)

The Mine's ECU seems to have the following :

No Speed Cut,

Way better tune,

Different Boost control,

Tuned for Japanese fuel.

My 'Standard ECU' - It looks standard, doesn't look like it's ever been opened, but...

Tame feeling at WOT (aka no major loss of grip in 1st, 2nd etc)

Runs rich,

Different boost control to the mine's (will explain in a bit)

NO SPEED CUT - Checked on private roads of course.

Tuned for fuel ;-)

As i'm missing the feel of the mines ECU, time to see if I can get it to stop pinging :-)

After my 100k service, I was getting a very slight pinging at WOT, if the fuel being used wasn't much cop, but this has gotten worse over time, leading me to swapping back to the standard ECU - Pinging has dissapeared with the Std ECU.

No pinging before the 100k, at all.

After speaking to the helpful ppl from Powerplay, their general advice was changing fuel pump, and then I *should* be able to go back to the mine's, after changing the crank angle sensor position, to retard? the timing.

does anyone have any good instructions for changing the CAS? I'm guessing it's very simple, but it's always worth an ask :-)

Boost control differences :

Std ECU - go WOT at 80-100km/h in 5th, boost builds, car goes (albeit slowly) - until in powerband. (at max boost)

Mine's - go WOT at 80-100km/h in 5th, all boost is lost, with sounds like a slow rasberry, car judders a lot... drop to 4th, or 3rd, holds the boost fine, off like a rocket.

I have a turbosmart manual boost control, aka the red tee, with the click control.

the stock solenoid has been bypassed.

Is the mine's releasing the boost through the actuator? - Is it meant to do that?

I think that's it for the mo, cheers,


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your Mines ecu doesn't control your boost.Boost is contolled by your turbosmart contoller. I run 14psi with my mines ecu and I have no trouble with pinging etc .My factory solenoid is also blocked off. Have a good look at everything,etc plugs , afm, filter, leaking hoses . remember use the KISS method for these things. It's usually a simple thing causing a problem

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