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Hey people...

Just came on to saye hello, this is my ride;

1997 R33 GTST Series 2

Body Kit (www.awcinfo.com)


19" wheels 275/30/19 on the rear :P

Carbon fibre Wing

3" SS Zorst

And looking to improve under the bonnet.

Are there many cruses from NSW members?

and looking forward to some good posting.

l8r all

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looks awesome.. Definately one of the best looking R33 gtst's out there..

How much was the kit and wheels if you don't mind me asking.

I am not sure what the kit retails for but you can find all the parts and prices at www.awcinfo.com

The wheels cost us $2300.00 including lock nuts, balance, tyres (Only Nankangs), Fitting and Wheel Alignment.


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hey jason, you might wanna tell adam not to use pictures of people's cars without some permission....people tend to get a bit upset about it....

he's used Kris' car ( a member on here ) 2 or 3 times...

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