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R33 Not Starting

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My car's been out in the sun all day today (40+ degrees) and it's not starting now :P

- Battery voltage was fine

- Car has been running good recently

- Fluids all okay

- Enough fuel

I managed to get the car running briefly, but it sounded rough, wouldn't hold idle and eventually stalled. The car is cranking fine, just can't get it to turn over.

I have an 040 that hasn't given me any problems before, but I suspect there's something with the hot day and the fuelling.

Any ideas?


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The 040s are known to not run well in the heat.

The seem to cavitate (sp?) and are unable to pump a consistent amount fuel.

What car is this for?

Do you have a fuel pressure regulator.

I was also reading threads yesterday, where people claimed it became excessively noisy, would not pump when fuel tank was below 12l, and was flowing inconsistent amounts of fuel, as well as frothing it up.

hope this helps.

My advice; wait for it to cool down, and next time try to leave it in a shady area. (I found this out the hard way yesterday.)

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R33 GTST, std fuel pressure regulator.

Yeah I saw that thread (link here). Since I installed my 040 I haven't noticed it to be a loud pump, apart from it priming when starting the car.

But, yeah, haven't noticed the car having issues in the heat before. Just found it puzzling..

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Thanks guys.

NRMA just came, had a good look at the car:

CAS fine, still has injector pulse and spark.

Fuel filter was fine.

Fuel pump fuse okay.

No fuel is coming through the lines so the fuel pump has to come out. I'll get the 040 tested and see if it's faulty..

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Update. Car had to be towed as I couldn't get the !@#!@$ lock ring off :)

Anyway, pump was pulled and it tested fine, no problems. What appears to have happened is that the EFI hose has weakened significantly where it attaches to the fuel pump outlet (and pressure is the greatest). To the point where it is expanding to approximately the size as my radiator hose :O

As the restriction in the fuel hose is removed, the pump is unable to supply constant / sufficient pressure.

I've only had the pump in for four months, and the lines were inspected when it was installed so it looks like it has degraded gradually over time due to the larger capacity being output by the pump.

Has anyone experienced anything like this before??

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