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Transmission Places In Blue Mtns/penrith


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Happy New Year.

I'm trying to avoid taking the car across Sydney and was wondering if anyone had used a transmission place in Western Sydney? All the names I can think of are tuning places.

Hopefully the solution is simply gearbox out, replace stuffed bit, gearbox in - but I'd prefer to use someone who knows their stuff just in case it's more complicated than I think it'll be.

Any info/advice would be appreciated! :P Thanks guys.


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Give Kevin a call at Specialised Brake & Clutch (GavSport) on Glossop Road, St Marys (next to the hire place near the servo). He's very cluey with the Skylines and if his workshop can't fix it for you he'll put you onto someone reputable in the area.

He's done group buys in the past for SAU (clutches and brake gear) so mention you are from Skylines Australia.

GavSport: 0296730988

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Cheers Lanfoh, I might give Pauls a call as well and see if he is more interested in the work.

Ben dude, the closest thing to a 1/4 mile ET is the WSID carpark on the SAU drag day :) I was just wondering if you circuit times had been updated and thought the 14.009 sounded more like a GTSt rather than a GTR time.

Hey what time does WSID kickoff? I've never actually made it out there (only moved here in Nov). If you're just observing, what's a good time to get there? They run ever second Wednesday, right?

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Yup as NXTIME stated.

I've only missed 2 wed nite offstreet drags since the venue opened, 1 was coz it was like 40c and the other I was very sick. I've spectated at every other wed nite and raced on about 6 nites over the past 2yrs.

I usually get there at about 6:30pm and leave straight after the burnouts have finished (9:30pm).

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Cool, thanks very much guys.

Hey Charlie for your GTStt theme, I have a GTSt horn button if you're keen. GTR one pops right out, swapover will take 2 seconds. Let me know. I'm not after cash, it's just sitting in my garage, may as well have someone get some use out of it :nyaanyaa: I can bring it to the next SAU Drag Day if you like.

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