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Which Power Fc?


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I have an RB25det which I put in my s13. I am now planning to go GT3071R, 550cc injectors etc....

I want to use the apexi poweer fc as management, but I can find 3 different listings for the rb25det.

As far as I am aware, I bought the engine from an r33, its series 2 i believe.

Does anyone know whihc power fc serial number I would need?



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I don't think Apexi make three different ECUs for the three motors... (series1, series2, neo)

I guess someone can confirm definately, but i'm quite sure in my mind.

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Yes this is true...

3 pfc's....

Check you throttle body... If you have 2 connectors to your tps then its a series2 motor.... if there is only one connector there then its a S1 motor....

Pretty easy to rule out a neo motor too... not huge thingy (about the size of a can of coke) hanging off the cross over pipe...

Once you have confirmed which motor you have you can select the right ecu....

Also remember that tere are 2 different types for each engine... A normal AFM operated one and another one called 'D spec' made for big hp engine which use MAP sensors and ditch the afm.

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