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Drivers Side Windows Regulator


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Being very new to skylines and also the the SE suburbs, I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice about Window regulators.

The window stopped working (i.e pressing the button doesnt make the window go down), some time ago, and now that its hot outside i wanted to get it fixed.

The last time i had the car serviced the guys told me that it was the regulator that was bust, and that it would cost me approx $200 to get them to fix it. Not having the money at the time, i declined their offer.

My question (s) is, 1) How do i tell if its just the regulator thats RS or if i need the motor replaced as well 2) I have some mechanical skills, so is this a job i can do myself, and finally does anyone know of a reputable place around the SE suburbs where these parts may be available from.

A lot of questions I know, but having looked around this community for a while now, i see that theres always lots of good advice...



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Try bringing it directly to an auto mechanic, instead of your normal oil change/dyno tune mechanics. It'll help if you remove the door trim prior to visit so they don't have to charge you the labour to do it. $70 mate's rate last time I fixed mine. public rate? not sure but I reckon around $100-ish.

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I've also had some trouble with my drivers window. I ended pulling everything apart myself.

This is what was happening: The window just decided to stop working altogether, although when I pressed the up/down button I heard the little click (coming from the box attatched to the door, near the handle). Upon further inspection (and unscrewing the bracket holding the winder motor) I unscrewed the motor and found that it still worked. After some playing around, I found that when the worm gear (the curly bit on the bit in the middle that spins) was pushed in towards the motor, it would cease working. If I pulled it out a bit again it would work. What this means, as far as I can guess, is that when the window is pushed one way (up? -as in window goes down but stops and motor keeps going) the motor stops working until pushed the other way for a bit.

What i found was that sometimes when my window goes all the way down, it doesn't always work, so I have to get my finger and nudge the window a bit to make it work.

One of these days when I have time to spare I'll pull it apart again and see if I can work out a permanent fix. At least I know a temporary one so I don't have to pull the door apart at the supermarket or somewhere public!

I presume it's an electrical contact in the motor, but it would involve a bit of an operation to fix...

Hopefully this might help a bit.

### oh yeah, a word of caution. When getting the bracket that holds the motor unscrewed, you'll have to be supporting the glass well, because when it's loose, the window goes down and the motor goes up. When I was trying to fix mine, it slipped a bit and the motor left a scratch up the inside of my window! beatch! If you do need to get the motor out, I think there are 4 screws you undo from your side, then reach around the back with a phillips head bit secured in pliers or something and undo I think 3 screws on the motor to get it off. There is very little room so I found it possible only after unscrewing the motor bracket.

Good luck!

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