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Wheel Id Regarding Brakes

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I want to buy a set of wheels.

I dont have big brakes yet but plan to upgrade in future.

The brakes i want i know will tuck under standard R33 17's, but I dont want to buy a set of wheels then need to change them again because the ID is not large enough.

Does the ID of the wheel change from manuactuer to manufacturer, or being a 17 inch that i want to buy mean it will clear (in circumfrence at least) the future brakes as the GTR 17's do?



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This is a pretty messy question to answer.

To fit inside a 17" rim (any 17 rim and any caliper) id say you will need to stck to a 324mm rotor. (Assuming the rim offset doesnt cause the side of the caliper to rub)

I use ot have two sets of 17" rims , AVS Model 6 and Weds. The Weds clear 343mm rotors with a big aftermarket 4 pot caliper. The AVS didnt. But given a different brand of caliper the Model 6 also swallowed the 343mm rotor.

So short answer is get the wheels you like, then play around with different combinations.

I ended up selling my AVS rims and bought a cheap set of 18" rims for road use...and when i get some more money will be upgrading my 324mm rotors to 343mm , possibly 355 rotors if i can afford a really good caliper to saddle the rotor and still fit inside the 17" Weds rim

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I am actually looking at a 4 piston AP racing kit with 343mm rotors. I wont be able to play around with rotor bombos, because it will come in a kit.

I think I may just get some 18 inch wheels to suit, but i am scared about rubber cost.

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I think you will find if you are running a forged or 3 piece wheel you will be ok wih the AP 4 pot and 343mm rotor. The few i have seen with clearance problems have been cast rims

Thats assuming the kit uses the CP5200 which is what the typical street combos do. Talk to a few different places as that caliper isnt recommnded with a rotor that size, althought some shops do make kits with it. Usually 330mm is ideal which will be sure to clear.

An alternative is the CSC 4 pot kit for Skylines that uses a 343mm x 32 rotor. The caliper doenst look too bad, but being a relatively new caliper to the market, figured id wait another year or two to see how the metallurgy copes with the repeated high temp cycles.

...and im talking out my a55 and am no expert. So be sure to talk to the experts. You also have to ensure you have sufficient clearance in case stones/pebbles get caught. Dont want to machine your rim in two.

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