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What Size Rim For R32 Gtst


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Hi i was wondering if anyone could tell me what size rims could fit on a R32 GTST without having to roll the gaurds and without rubbing.

Also if i were to put big rims say 18" or 19" would i have to drop the springs in order for it nbot to look like a landcruiser.... would this effect the cumfy ride that my car has now with the 16 inch rims on it.



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What ride height have you got? What camber and castor? Are you willign to rip out inner guards?

There are plenty of variables, best pick somehting you like and start trying them...or do a search, bene asked plenty of times before

Plus guard rolling is cheap these days. Ask the place where you buy your rims from and they would mostl likely do it for less then $100.

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