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I Just Got Car

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1990 metallic blaq r32gtst typeM

stock pretty much... imported... and its sexy as. its got a minispool? but my mate reckons u can put a minispool in one but.. he said "mechanical lsd" either way it acts like a spool...

im f**kin so rapt... geting it in a few weeks. deposit down

pics up wen i get it

14k for everything including rwc n the rest...

got it form a dealer.. and my uncle whos a mechanic came and checked it out... the guy even let him put it on the hoist and poke it around with a massive screwdriver coz my uncle thought they bogged it up n sprayed over the rust n shit

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14k is the max i would pay for a gtst so it would have to be very very clean.

trust me... wen i say clean i mean... f**k lol words cant explain clean. its as if the seats n shit were taken out and put in a plastic bag which then had all the air taken out... and then b4 i bought it they put it in... and i got new fresh metallic black paint that i wanted

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