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ive decided to repair my rb25 block instead of going with an rb30 block.

im looking for a shop in syd that will hone my block by hand so i can repair my bottom end by just replacing that piston thats screwed so i can get my car back on the road asap.

in the meantime ill be building an rb30/26 slowly. i dont want to do it now as i need my car for work and uni, and theres more work involved in the rb30/25 than i expected.

so does anyone have any recommendations on anywhere i can go that will machine my block and balance my crank?

thanks guys

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Did you have a good look at the bore that the busted piston is? If you have score marks there you wont be able to hone them out , you will need a total rebore and new pistons .

If its not scored and it doesnt have a lip then a light hone will do the trick , new piston rings and one new piston. You will have to rectify the problem that made your ringlands bust though or she will be out again very soon .

I cant understand why you would want to use old pistons and a stuffed bore but you want to balance the crank !

Who will be doing the assembly ?

If you need a bore + hone job pm , i can get it done for you for about $150 , just a light hone you can do yourself .

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yeah i guess you're right. i wont bother with the crank.

the reason why it stuffed up in the first place was it was tuned for 12psi, and while i was doing a burnout at the beginning of my run im pretty sure it boosted (spiked) up to around the 18psi mark. im getting an ebc after i fix it.

me and my brother in law will be doing the assembly, hes a mechanic.

ill be taking the engine out next week and i dont really trust myself to do the hone myself, i'd rather someone else did it.

ill definately get back to you if i need it to be bored out.

thanks mate.

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If the engine is still in the car you are only guessing as to what you need to do .

Pull the engine out and when you take the cil head off you can see if the bore is ok . If you just want a quick , cheap patch up job and the bore is ok then a light hone , new rings and check the bearings for wear , more than likely you will change the big end bearings .

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