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R33 Four Door Pictures


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Gidday all,

Just was looking through my photos on my computer and I have no r33 four door pictures.

I performed a search and could hardly find any - just wondering if anyone can post up some pics? All the picture threads seem to be on r32's, r33's and r34's but not many at all on r33 4 doors.

Just interested in changing to a four door soon and would like to get some ideas.

Thanks in advance!

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Great stuff cogs and blue r32!

I really like that white one but it must be a mega job to get the gtr style quarters looking right!

They really suffer from (what I think) the problem like most 33's - it's hard to get the right wheel/tyre combo under them.

Don't know why - maybe the guards are that little bit larger than the 32's - 32 4 doors seem to be much easier to get to look good!

I think you'd need to get the largest/fattest wheels under the arches (especially under the rear) of a 4 door 33 - they do look maxima-ish from behind!


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The series 2 versions are the go, actually has a bit of a boot as the battery is relocated back to the front of the car, like the 34s

Here is my old manual sedan, have to admitt I am thinking of selling the GTR and if I do I wil be finding another of these. . . .






And sideways like all good family sedans should be :P I love the skidpan!!



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That's the nicest four door I've seen!

It just looks 'right' - no over the top body kits etc.

Did it come with the side skirts?

Those pics have made me really want one!


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Yeah, it turned out really well. Disappointed it isn't in my possesion any more. The 33 GTR wheels off my car really set it off well I think. They are all just standard Nissan Type M Skirts and front lip as far as I am aware. Was all plastic not fibre glass. Everything about that car is off the shelf Nissan....... I wan't it back :blink:

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This is my mates car, currently for sale at $18,500 if you are interested!! PM me if you're keen, it is an auto though, while I just whore this thread to let you know that :blink: It's awesome though




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Bugger it isn't a manual - I really want a manual.

Plus have to sell my 2 door r33 and it seems to be a really bad time.

I still like jlnewton's - it just looks right to me I 'spose!!!

jlnewton - what size tyres were you running on the 4 door?

I never thought r33 gtr mags looked so good on 33's - I don't think I've ever seen a 33 with 33 gtr mags.


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Just the standard 33 GTR size all round, 245/45. I had them sitting there in the garage as I changed the rims on the GTR as soon as I got it. I just thought I would give them a trial fit one day and they never came off :P On the GTR I think they looked a little small but on the sedan they looked really good to me.......

Manual sedans are pretty tough to find, I searched the auctions for a while before I landed that one. The manual sedans often fetch higher prices than the coupes too, crazy!

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