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R33 Ecu - Chipped...no Speed Or Rev Limiter

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Item: R33 ECU chipped

Location: Melbourne ish

Item Condition: It works fine!

Reason for Selling: Bringing car back to stock

Price and Payment Conditions: $150 + postage

Extra Info:

This ECU by RS YAMAMOTO can be used on both series 1 and series 2 Manual R33 GTS- T.

The ECU is pretty much identical (in looks) to the stock, bolts strait on, except one of the main chips inside is slightly larger, 'possibly' removable and tune-able.

From what i know of this ECU theres no speed limiter or rev limiter. so yes your car will go quicker and rev harder then if you had the stock ECU (if you want it to :))

This ECU is pretty much a stock ECU, but without rev / speed limiters. kinda handy sometimes.....

Contact Details:

Any questions feel free to PM me, or call on 0402914842

Regards, David

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