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Rsea - Garage Sale Cleanout!

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Ok guys I'm moving to Townsville and I can't take all this stuff with me so I'm selling it off cheap. I can't believe how much stuff I've managed to horde!

Anyway the prices listed are what I want but if you can't afford to pay the amount make me an offer and if no one else buys it, its yours. I think you'll find the prices are pretty reasonable anyway. I'm in Newcastle so if you need anything sent it's no problem.

Ok here we go


Alpine 9835 Stereo Head Unit + Remote: $375

I bought this in Jan05 and it was an awesome head unit. Paid $700 for it when the RRP was $1199 and used it in my TT until I sold her in March/April. I was going to use it in my new ride but it already had a decent stereo, so its been in my Cupboard ever since! what a waste eh



Clarion SRW2541 10'' Single Voice Coil Subwoofer in Box - $40

This came out of my first Supra. I bought it pre-assembled in box for an amount I can't remember. It always sounded good and by chance its the perfect height to slip in place un the lip of the back seat in the boot.


Item #3

Supra Body & Engine Repair Manuals - $50

These could be worth alot more - I have no idea. These are the factory repair manuals with everything you'd ever want to know about the engine and body etc. They're both absolutely massive.



Supra Rear Window Shade / Visor - $90

I've had this up for sale twice before and had plenty of interest but no buyers. Anyway I advertising it before for $200 and as I said I just need this stuff gone so $90 is the new price. These look friggin awesome on MKIV's IMO.



Supra Front Strut Brace - $50

I bought this for my TT and it made a huge difference to the handling. I took it off before I sold the car to make the engine bay look more stock. It bolts straight on in about 2 mins. Even I could install this part without help!



Stock Airbox Upper Air Intake - $10

This is off my stock airbox in the TT and is used to direct air from under the bonnet into the airbox.


Item #7

Stock Airbox Lower Air Intake - $10

This is off my stock airbox in the TT and is used to direct air from under the headlight into the airbox.



Momo Millennium Steering Wheel + Boss Kit - $300

I bought this originally for my 1st Supra and it cost me an arm and both legs. They sell now for 400ish + 100 odd for a Boss kit. I used mine for about 6 months before selling the car and it's an absoluetely beautiful wheel of very high quality. I'd love to use it on my new car but because of the airbags I can't. I also can't take it with me so its gotta sell!


Manufacturer: MOMO, Millenium 350mm

Finish: Leather

Size: 350mm

Product description:

A cutting edge all black leather steering wheel with a brushed metal centre plate and a black leather horn button pad framed by a polished metal ring. 4 polished metal rings cut into the wheel at 2, 5, 7 & 10 o'clock giving this steering wheel a cutting edge modern look.




Toyota Supra MKIV Single DIN Pocket - $15

I got absoluetely raped to the tune of $50!!! for this friggin thing and I never even used it! Basically its the pocket for underneath your single DIN stereo. Most installers put one in when they install your head unit but I had a mate put mine in so I had to pay retail for it. Product is still bagged and is as new.




I paid a fortune for these speakers because I wanted the best sound I could get out of the stock door locations in the MKIV. I don't know if they are still the best money can buy but they are certainly a good set of speakers. I had them in for about 3 months with the Alpine Headunit and they sounded great.



MOMO F-16 Gear Knob - $50

I got this gear knob at the same time as my Millenium Steering Wheel. They look great together and the stitching on both is top notch. I only had them on for about 6 months so they are as new without any wear to speak of. These knob still sell today for over $100

A sharp aluminium gear knob with a colored leather hand grip with black top stitching.

Precision crafted in Italy using only the finest materials, MOMO gear knobs are designed to last and offer a perfectly weighted feel for precise shifting. Each MOMO gear knob is engineered and tested to provide a comfortable grip for any size hand.



Clarion APX400-2 Amplifier - $90

I used this AMP to run my Clarion Sub System in my 1st Supra. I only ran it for about 6 months before I sold the car.

Maximum Power Output 260 W (65 W x 4) specs at 12 Volts

Continuous Average Power Output 160 W (40 W x 4 into 4 ohms 20Hz-20kHz @ 0.08% THD)

Typical 2-ohm Stereo 65 W x 4 @ 0.8% THD

Typical Bridged Power 120 W x 2 @ 0.8% THD

Bass Extender Control 0-12dB

Adjustable 4-Channel 50Hz-200Hz, 12dB/oct. High/Low Pass Crossover

Mixed-Mode Operation

Bridgeable 4-, 3-, or 2-Channel Operation

Pulse-Width Regulated MOSFET Power Supply

Speaker Level Inputs



Mitsubishi Evo Rear Boot Relfectors / Garnish - $150

I bought these before I took delivery on my Evo TME. By the time the car arrived I was more interested in fanging it then installing reflectors so I never used them. They are as new in box as bought from Japan. I think I paid about $250 for them but now I just want them sold



Supra Passgenger Seat Plastic ECU Cover - Free to a good home

I took this out of my TT(can't remember why) but it covers and protects the ECU and other eletrical crap from the passengers feet. Like everything else I don't need it any more and I'd sooner give it away than chuck it away!

Thats all the stuff I can think of right now.

Please PM me enquiries and I'll get back to you as quickly as possible

Thanks for looking


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As far as I'm aware the APX400.2 is only a 2 channel amplifier, not a 4 channel as described in your original post. If it was a 4 channel, I would have taken it off your hands straight away. Still a great amplifier and awesome price you are asking for it.

Correct specifications for the APX400.2 should be:

- Maximum Power Output 380 W.

- Continuous Average Power Output 200 W (100 W x 2 into 4 ohm 20Hz-20KHz @ 0.05% THD).

- Typical 2-ohm Stereo 190 W x 2 @ 0.5% THD 1Khz.

- Typical Bridged Power 1 KHz 280 W @ 0.5% THD.

- Bass Extender Control 0~18dB @ 45Hz.

- Adjustable 55Hz-5.5KHz, 12dB/oct. High/Low Pass Crossover.

- Mixed-Mode Operation.

- Bridgeable 2/1 Channel Operation.

- MOSFET Power Supply.

- Speaker Level Inputs.

- Double-Sided Glass Epoxy PC Board.


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