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lads and ladies, unfortunately that time has come. after actively announcing the sale of my car a few months ago, my price has dropped and dropped and today, i took a deposit on my car. it will be gone by next week.

needless to say, of course, you can all come and pay your respects and love and affection and cuddle it for the last time under my ownership on friday night. youse all better bloody come out!!!!! :P

the car is, thankfully, staying in canberra with a new owner (who tells me he's pretty keen to get involved with you grubby fellow 'liners and sau when he takes delivery etc). he's a nice guy called tim. no doubt you'll be seeing him round the traps etc. i'm sure its only a matter of time before he introduces himself to everyone.

so now i'm left in this horrible position of trying to figure out what to do for transport. it needs to be cheap(er) than the line and somewhat cool/unique/fast etc. that rules out anything vaguely australian or american, but please fire your suggestions away! :O

i'm already missing my car and i've got 1 week(ish) left to bond with it and say my goodbyes. :D *sniff*


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I hear Diahatsu make some w34pon5!


Hmmm, decent looks and power at an affordable price? well, i'd go with a modified 180 or series 2 S14.

As far as other options go, i'd need to put some thought into it.

It looks like the "parting of ways" will be happening with a few of us over the coming year, but we will all be back with much more powerful and stylish cars in the future.

My next one is 2 years away.

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Damn dude, what a nice gtr it was too.. will miss seeing it on the way to school:(

Bigger and better things to come though? Sounds like the new owner will take good care of her, and gee he'd better:@ always loved your gtr.


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lol but nick redline's at 9000 tho.... ? so perhaps we should pull the fuse and smoke the rears bounching off the limiter in 2nd. waddya say :P *evil grin* i could never have such little mechanical sympathy tho... so tim if you're reading this, rest assured your baby is gonna be o.k. :P

no this week is gonna be a lot of finding suitable transport and... unfortunately... lots of work... so i'm not gonna have much driving chair time in her before she's someone elses. :blink: *sniff sniff*

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sorry to hear that its finally gone. :rofl: i bet most of us thought that you'd never sell it, well i did anyway!!!

i dunno, if you dont wanna spend too much, then maybe go something with the s13 base (modded of course!).....

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lol duncan. 200b's make wicked horsepower heroes so i hear :D teehee. and yeah i'm going to miss her so much :P hopefully it wont be too long till i park another gtr in the driveway.

actually, i think you should each buy me a lottery ticket as a farewell pressie for the car. waddya say? :)


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