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Attesa-ets System Swap

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I wanna know what i need to swap the traction system ( ATTESA-ETS )

to another car ( 240sx with a RB26dett )

I have an ideal of what i need but im nut sure.

The engine et tranny with tranfert case / front differential

The center differential

for the rear i think if i take the rear differential of 300zx twin turbo i can work, but i not sure.

I does have an electronic controler to control the traction.

Someone can help me ?

/ edit / Ohhh hum anyone know were the system take is read to control traction

Is in the diffrential ? or some gear reparted on car ( ring gear on wheel )

And eumm, anyone know if thre GTR differential is stronger than the 300zx TT ( r230 ) or if the 300zx tt diff can hold the power of the Skyline Engine //

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240SX eh?, so that'd mean you're in the Yew-Ess-Ay?. Mate, in all reality, such a massive amount of re-engineering is likely to be so hard as to not be worth attempting, not to mention massively, horrendously expensive to do properly. What sort of budget do you have for mods? You'd probably be better off selling the 240 and seeing Motorex about trying to get you the car that attesa came in, and use that- i.e An R32, R33 or R34 GT-R. Or you could move to Australia and just buy a GT-R. Cheers.

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I think you've got most of the mechanical bits but maybe you need the whole front subframe and then work out how to mount it to the 240.

You also need the pumps from the standard diff and the lines and resovoir for the boot

Also there is the computer and wiring harness.

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