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Hks Speed Limit Defender

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Item: HKS Speed Limit Defender (SLD)

Location: Sydney

Item Condition: Brand new

Reason for Selling: Was originally purchased for my R32, but ended up getting a power fc before i got around to installing it, so no longer needed.

Price: I am looking for $150 for it, these retail for $200+

Extra Info: Direct deposit only

This is still in the original HKS box that i purchased it in. It comes with all wiring and plugs necessary for installation. It is a piggyback system (plugs straight onto the factory computer) to remove the japanese 180km speed limiter in factory computers. No other modifications are necessary.

This is compatible with r32's, r33's, S13, S14, N13, N14, Z32. Im unsure if it will work with R34's, S15's or N15's as it doesnt say so on the box.


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