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R33 Gts-t Series 2 : Good Springs?

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hello guys!

i brought the car up the mountains the other day.Found that on high speeds, it throws itself around the corners and doesn't have much stability. It's my bro's R33 GTS-T series 2 which I took over for the moment.

I am wanting to change the stock springs off. Any suggestions on what springs to buy?

As I use the car as a daily driver, I really do not want to have it a bumpy ride.

Also,just to check-lowering the car by 1 inch wouldnt make it unroadworthy,right?

my mech has suggested PEDDLERS springs over King springs due to insurance company recognition of PEDDLERS and also, of the quality. He is charging me the same for both brands -$600 fitted. What do you guys think? he's in Melbourne

Any input would be greatly welcomed,guys!


Rob D

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