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Genuine Impul 17" 2 Piece Wheels

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I have just replaced these wheels on my R32 GTS-t and am selling them very cheaply to make room.

They are 17" IMPUL RS Hoshimoto Racing 2 Piece rims and have a good 90% rubber on the rears and 5% (not legal) on the front

I originally thought they were to suit a Skyline but after taking them off found they had spacers / stud changers.

The numbers on the wheels are as follows:

Fronts (17 x 7.5 - JJ 25) - (93/3 - E/30)

Rears - (17 x 8 - JJ 38) - (93/2 - E/8)

The spacers obviously make them suit a skyline stud pattern and offset

(I don't really know what I am looking at with these numbers so if anyone could tell me I would much appreciate it!)

I have take HEAPS of detailed pics of them with a ruler to assist in determining suitability.

As I am not after much for them, I don't want to go to an awful amount of effort to ship so would perfer a local buyer (TAS) but will consider genuine interstate buyer if they were willing to do the running around.

Price: $400

Pics: http://pleasecome.bounceme.net/wheels.htm

I have attached a couple of pics of them fitted to my car to give you a better idea of style. Please contact me via PM or email: [email protected]






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